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  1. What will Arya do now

    Gettin on with her little list
  2. Melisandre's Fate *SPOILERS*

    She will become lady stoneheart and lead the bwb to the North where the real threat is
  3. Lady Stoneheart (Spoiler)

    I hope so, but IMHO i think she's gone for good
  4. is Jon Snow turning into villian?

    I smell trolls
  5. [Spoiler] "Burn them all"

    maybe bran will try to warn him about the white walkers: burn them all!
  6. The End of Summer, Winter is coming.

    nice thread title!
  7. Bloodraven's last lesson: Win

    sounds fine to me
  8. Red Priestess

    she's so hooootttt
  9. The Kingsmoot

    if euron is going to offer his services to Dany, then Asha and Theon are going to the help her counterpart, the other targ which at the moment is in North the armies are building up, expect a clash of ice and fire by the end of the series!
  10. Hold the Door!

    absolutely fucking brilliant never saw it coming!
  11. An Old Foe Makes a Comeback

    walder frey!
  12. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    solid 9, best episode of the season so far being a book fan, I liked everything about it
  13. Trying to Understand the Umbers move

    LF said "it's time to join the FRAY" not "the FREY"
  14. Boltons in Sansa's bag after Ramsay dies

    there will be no bolton army after episode 9
  15. at this point I think she totally subverted Dothraki rules and customs