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  1. Cursed is the kinslayer/Shireen's Revenge

    now we know for sure that the lord of lights doesn't give 2 shits about sacrifices
  2. [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    9/10 not as good as hardhome, but one of the best episodes this season... we could change the title into cliffhanger, since everybody ended in a ciffhanger
  3. Do Targaryens warg their dragons?

  4. Best videogame soundtracks

    Crusader kings 2 and the elder scrolls scrolls saga (morrowind, oblivion and skyrim)
  5. [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    so in the end Valyrian Steel does kill white walkers!
  6. fuck it all, I'm totally pissed off, "that" scene was as useless as it was disgusting
  7. Metal Thread Vol. VIII -- The Angry Red Planet

  8. How would you rate episode 501?

    things I liked: dark Sansa and LF
  9. Metal Thread Vol. VIII -- The Angry Red Planet

    on the album, yes, she could rerecord her parts a million times, but live she basically can't reach high notes, was often out of tune, made a lot of mistakes... I saw them live a couple of times with Tarja and a couple with her, totally different story. I think Flor is the best singer they've ever had
  10. Metal Thread Vol. VIII -- The Angry Red Planet

    they made him sing a lot on Imaginaerum because of Annette. the less she sang, the better
  11. Ice Dragon confirmed?

    does an ice dragon spit ice?
  12. Metal Thread Vol. VIII -- The Angry Red Planet

    not bad at all
  13. Metal Thread Vol. VIII -- The Angry Red Planet

    what about the new Nightwish album?
  14. The 100 - someone had to start this thread

    sorry but I didn't like the show at all!
  15. Game of Thrones Episodic Game Released

    awesome game, but the second episode was too short!