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  1. Important Detail?

    wait until Cersei finds out...
  2. Azor Ahai (Spoilers)

    born amidst salt and smoke, not reborn there will be salt and smoke at the TOJ next episode!
  3. First Use of this word in the series

    in season 1 Robb Stark has a conversation with jon Umber about oathbreakers... remember?
  4. Episode 3 teaser

    yes but what about the ingredients... noone is so close to Ramsey to have the emotional impact that one should expect
  5. Promise Me Ned (Spoilers)

    Ned is theOathbreaker THIS
  6. What does the title mean?(Possible Spoilers)

    my bet is on something about Ned an Lyanna and his promise...
  7. How would Davos know what happened to Shireen?

    wait until he finds out...
  8. Il Davos doomed?

    davos is going to be Jon's (sort of) hand
  9. [spoilers] What You Liked/The Positivity Thread

    bran, ghost and euron
  10. What did CoF say to Meera outside the cave?

    she simply calls him by his full name"Brandon Stark"
  11. Will Jon recover from his wounds?

    I hope he becomes evil and merciless and beheads all those fuckers, especially that little shite of Olly
  12. Disappointing Revival?

    I didn't like 2 things: - Davos asking Mel's help in that way - Jon opening his eyes at the end of the episode, it looked too much like the Bella's revival scene in Twilight
  13. How would you rate episode 602?

    8 I didn't like the resurrection scene...
  14. Cursed is the kinslayer/Shireen's Revenge

    now we know for sure that the lord of lights doesn't give 2 shits about sacrifices
  15. [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    9/10 not as good as hardhome, but one of the best episodes this season... we could change the title into cliffhanger, since everybody ended in a ciffhanger