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  1. Brujeria! Pocho Atzlan
  2. I'm really enjoying DARK SOULS 3, I think it's a lot better than DS1 and DS2, which may be good games for storylines and graphics, but in the end they're a great PITA... don't get me wrong, I actually do love a good challenge, but sometimes I felt like those games were simply frustrating, just difficult for the sake of being difficult (but I'm a stubborn dude, and I finished them both more than one time).
  3. See comment above!
  4. Sword of truth! Great series... and the legend of the seeker was a great show as well! Too bad it was cancelled!
  5. Anyone?
  6. Volbeat! New album
  7. I'va always assumed that both in the books and in the tv show (but especially in the latter) Cersei blames Tyrion for Joffrey's poisoning because it was the most convenient thing to do: basically she had the chance to get rid of him and she took it. But: - do you really think that she believes Tyrion is the actual culprit (take a look at her facial expressions during the trial for instance)? - I don't think so, then I'm wondering why she is doing nothing to discover who really did it. I mean, doesn't she feel endangered? - same for Jamie... he knows Tyrion is innocent... - and what about Tyrion himself, or Varys? Do you think Lady Olenna will eventually tell them the truth, now that they are allies? How would they react?
  8. Thanx for all your contributions to this thread! Btw the valyrian steel blacksmith theory is indeed really interesting...
  9. anyone?
  10. Do you think we are going to see Gendry again in the tv show? If yes, I thought about 3 possible scenarios: - enrolls in Dany's army as a blacksmith (just to give his contribution to a serious Lannister ass kicking) - shows up at Winterfell: knock knock, the Starks are the only ones that tried to help me somehow, so I'm here to help - shows up at the Wall, because basically anywhere else there is somebody that wants/tried to kill him
  11. Gettin on with her little list
  12. She will become lady stoneheart and lead the bwb to the North where the real threat is
  13. I hope so, but IMHO i think she's gone for good
  14. I smell trolls
  15. maybe bran will try to warn him about the white walkers: burn them all!