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  1. I usually hate people that say this kind of thing but I'm pretty confident I could've written a better episode than this. I don't understand how Arya is outrunning anyone. Or why she was apparently such a retard last episode. I don't understand the point of Tyrion, Grey Worm, and Missandei scene. I don't understand why Jaime couldn't have just stuck to his book dialogue and why they made it about Cersei. I don't understand how the BwB even knows about White Walkers. Why would you have the Blackfish die off screen? So much disappointment. The show no longer makes any sense. Worst episode of the whole series. I guess 3/10.
  2. Not only is that the case, but the episode titles almost always have multiple meanings anyways.
  3. Most people just take issue with those who constantly complain about how much they think something sucks but yet insist on watching it just to go on the internet and complain about it. It would be like me going on a Taylor Swift forum to complain about how much I fucking hate her music.
  4. I liked basically everything. This season doesn't feel slow compared to S4 and S5. Even when things are being set in motion, it doesn't just feel like filler and build-up. Things are actually happening, and people are ending where they need to be rather than having episodes of traveling around and doing fuck all until episode 8/9/10. I thought Sansa was great, and Tormund was hilarious. Love Jorah in the show, and I'm glad Dany's story didn't take all season to develop. I'm not sure why people hated that final scene at all...I thought it was pretty badass, and fit in pretty nicely with the book prophecy of "To go forward you must go back." I don't know how people expected her to get out of that shitty situation without a miracle, and the show has always emphasized her fire immunity.
  5. How else was she supposed to get out of that situation? Either Drogon comes and roasts the Dothraki or she pulls off another miracle. How do you think GRRM is going to have her survive the Dothraki horde confronting her? With her wit and incredible leadership? The story set her up for another one of these moments, and thankfully she didn't just have Drogon come and rescue her again, something that happened 5 episodes ago.
  6. I'm dreading it, actually. I quite like the show but this is easily my favorite passage in the books. Unfortunately there's virtually no way they can do it justice. The passage is more like poetry, really, and we barely get the backstory behind guys like Dayne/Reed or the true prestige of the Kingsguard. Based on how the young Ned actor delivers the line "now it ends" I already know I'll hate it, which is fine by me because I never expected the show to even come 1/10 as close as the books did for this particular scene.
  7. Fairly certain that was from a highly questionable random 4chan user claiming to have seen the whole thing. Definitely wouldn't put much, if any, stock in it.
  8. Why do we need Theon to reintroduce the Ironborn? We just saw them without him.
  9. The NW is not very much respected at all. Ser Alliser Thorne was laughed out of King's Landing. No Southern Lords ever listen to their pleas for more help. Barely any Northern lords do either. Only the Starks seem to really give enough of a shit. The entire theme of Jon's story in book 1 was accepting his new misfit family of dishonored men, thieves, and rapists. If the NW were so respected people would willingly join them often, rather than having them recruit the riff-raff from dungeons and have the occasional 4th son or bastard of a Lord be sent to take a position of command.
  10. What does Theon even have to do in Pyke from his perspective? He went home once, his dad treated him like shit, his sister wasn't friendly, and everyone mocked him, and he ended up ruining his life. I can't imagine he'll want to go back to his father who basically disowned him, and as far as the story goes why would Theon even want to participate in the Kingsmoot? Perhaps he will indeed return "home" to Winterfell and end up being the Hooded Man. I can't quite see him going anywhere else right now.
  11. Well, since Melissandre literally brought him back from the dead, it would stand to reason that he will believe in her power. When she says that she saw Jon in a great battle at Winterfell, he may be more inclined to believe her now and heed her council. We know from Beric Dondarrion that being resurrected makes you lose some memories and parts of your past life, so I would assume after only 1 res he would be mostly the same person...So slightly skeptical and stubborn, but still begrudgingly aware that Melissandre can be useful to him. I'm not sure Melissandre will immediately assume Jon is AA...But it's possible. She's seen him in her fires, so watching him return from the dead may lead her to re-evaluate everything she saw and piece it together. My guess is she'll start to suspect it, and then perhaps have a vision confirming it.
  12. Given that Tommen is aged up I thought this was a good way to handle it. He's a teenager so it doesn't make sense for him to be playing with cats and acting like a clueless child, so instead they make him an angsty teen who still needs his mom to help him. It works better this way, and sets up the coming conflict between the Faith and Lannisters better.
  13. poll

    8/10. I was worried about this episode/season because the beginning was pretty questionable, but it really got much better and gladly a lot of things are actually happening as opposed to just setting up future events. Things I liked: 1) Ramsay offing Roose. Perhaps it's not going to happen in the books, but it felt like something that was bound to happen. Roose has been known to make questionable choices that almost seem intentionally disastrous by nature, so him keeping around Ramsay isn't a surprise. And Ramsay reacting that way is pretty in-character knowing his life was in jeopardy. 2) Final scene. It's hard not to like some confirmation of Jon's resurrection and I was sitting in suspense despite being 99% sure he would be revived. I liked the parallel's between Melissandre and Thoros' lack of faith and the Lord of Light answering their call. 3) Tyrion freeing the dragons. I would've expected to dislike this because it's so different than the reality of what happened, but it was a pretty decent plot device that allows them to skip the Quentyn Martell idiocy. It's good to establish Tyrion's love for dragons as GRRM has made several references of it, and there is foreshadowing of Tyrion even being a dragon rider. The fact that Tyrion easily took off the collar bolts was a bit ridiculous but it's a small thing I can suspend belief for. 4) Theon's admissions of guilt, particularly for betraying Robb, and declaration that he can't face Jon or be forgiven for his actions. Sansa's reaction was a bit odd to me, given that Theon's actions directly influenced Robb and his mother's demise, so I'm not sure forgiving someone should be that easy. I would've liked to see more of a conflicted but still cold response from her. 5) Jaime versus the High Sparrow was a nice scene. I also liked Tommen and Cersei's exchange...Cersei is about to go off and it sets up the Lannisters vs. Faith conflict quite nicely. 6) Euron. I just loved this scene despite it not being confirmed canon. Euron delivered his lines well and should be a great character. Things I disliked: 1) The wildling coup seemed a bit rushed and anti climatic. There was virtually no setup for it. I like not being spoonfed a plot but I think one scene of Edd meeting Tormund would've been better. 2) Bran's visions were cool but I can't help but feel there could've been a more compelling vision to him before the TOJ one next week. Bloodraven is also not creepy or intriguing enough. He just seems like an old professor. 3) Some of the dialogue is not clever still. Tyrion is much more witty than having to make a no dick joke every chance. Asha's words after Balon's death were cheesy. There's some good writing but just some corny and bad stuff mixed in which throws me off.
  14. The best we can hope is that they just totally couldn't handle cutting down the two books and finding interesting plots for TV, and that the future seasons being based on single books will be more focused especially with the book plots (hopefully) being more direct. My issue is what's going to happen with no book material to follow and quote...I'm actually terrified despite the fact that I assume the final two books will translate better to screen.
  15. Benioff's work is decent After the show came out I ready City of Thieves which was actually better than I expected. I guess Weiss wrote a couple novels but I've never heard of them. I guess he came along in the package with Benioff.