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  1. Obi-Wan movie all-but-confirmed for 2020. No word on Mcgregor returning (although it would take the piss if he didn't) but Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliott) is in the frame to direct. I'm apathetic on prequels at this point, but I will pay top dollar to see Mcgregor playing Obi-Wan in a non-crap Star Wars movie. It could be a Tatooine spaghetti western. It could be Goodfellas with Jabba. It could have musical numbers in it. I don't care. Just give the guy a good script and the chance to cut some bad guys up with a lightsabre.
  2. I'd been a bit sceptical, but the Battlestar Galactica strategy game is sounding pretty decent at this point. Might give it a shot when it comes out.
  3. Adult website XHamster offers to fund the rest of Sense8. Like, the remaining three full seasons of the series. No word on the reaction of the Wachowskis, Straczynski or Netflix to the idea yet.
  4. Season 2, Episodes 1-2 Plus the first comic, which Straczynski used to help paper over the cracks of Sinclair leaving and Sheridan taking over. That's a really huge change and it's quite impressive how they ran with that and made it work.
  5. I'd hold off for a bit. There's still people out there who haven't read it. I'd say one more thread and then go for it.
  6. Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie
  7. Russia was effectively invited to join in. Russia-NATO exercises and communications were set up and employed quite successfully through the North Atlantic Cooperation Council and Partnership for Peace programme. NATO-Russia relations remained reasonable (despite the Georgia situation) until 2014, when they were suspended due to the Ukraine situation. So yes, NATO and Russia did have a lot of cooperation and success after the Cold War. The issues with Russia are based on its current behaviour, not historical issues.
  8. Why? Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania wanted to join and they were independent, democratic nations under the rule of law. In an age of realpolitik and spheres of influence (which 1989-91 was not), maybe it was not wise. Maybe NATO should have been renamed to something less historically juxtaposed against Russia. But the suggestion that sovereign states should not be allowed to follow a path of national self-determination in case it pisses off Russia is unworkable. Russia has to man up and deal with it. Or maybe not occupied those countries for decades and ruled with an iron fist and killed millions of innocent people, and perhaps they would have not felt the need for a massive defence treaty? Suggesting that NATO and the EU are morally responsible for the latest round of tensions and not a semi-impotent Russia trying to convince everyone they're as powerful as they were in 1980 is really not sustainable.
  9. Effectively, they have to, otherwise NATO collapses and Russia will then think it can press further forward without being stopped (shades of Germany after Czechoslovakia). More practically, there are tens of thousands of NATO troops in Estonia right now: if Russia invades, NATO troops will die and that will trigger a war regardless. A war that Russia cannot possibly win conventionally, so will be forced to fall back on nukes very quickly.
  10. It was a good con. I only made it to 1 panel (Robin Hobb's animals of fantasy) but I did spend a lot of time on the TitanCon desk and the dinners were great. Managed to sneak off for a day trip to Tallinn and another around Helsinki, which were both pretty cool.
  11. Fantasy Flight are releasing a Fallout board game. It looks pretty good. CMON's ASoIaF wargame kickstarter ends in a couple of hours. They're at $1.6 million, which is pretty impressive.
  12. This is a big deal and it's been a long, hard road. It should have been done a few years ago but the sore losers who didn't want the award in the first place threw every single bit of procedural bullshit they could at it to delay it. Fortunately - at least in one vote with the support of BwB members late-arriving to turn the tide - they were defeated and shot down in flames. There will be more shenanigans, however, as the award name is still provisional and needs to be ratified. Officially the name next year will be the "Best YA Book" or somesuch, with Lodestar only becoming official in Dublin if ratified in San Jose. If not another name will have to be picked and that then needs to be ratified over two years.
  13. This. North Korea loses the second it hits the launch button, because they've spent decades and billions of dollars to build up their military infrastructure and the second they start losing it, they cannot rebuild it quickly (the same argument applies to Russia, actually, but they have nukes and a much larger population and stronger economy). That's why North Korea would have to be very stupid indeed to initiate a confrontation. The main danger remains as it has been: North Korea decides to test another missile, or detonate another nuke, and this crosses an invisible red line and Trump orders a retaliation. Then North Korea retaliates against South Korea (and maybe Japan) and the conflict gets very big very quickly. That's why if the US decides to strike North Korea it has to be all or nothing: a thousand sorties on the first day hitting absolutely everything from the artillery pieces ranged on Seoul to the nuke facilities to the North Korea troops stationed on the border, and C&C facilities and lines of communication. It's the only chance to avoid massive civilian loss of life in South Korea, and the price will be an astounding death toll in North Korea. Make one misjudgement about NK's WMDs in all of that and the price is even more catastrophic.
  14. A 94-year-old RAF veteran wrote this, which says much the same thing. I would say that the world has a lot more interconnections and checks and balances which makes a world war relatively unlikely. But a major, region-shattering conflict with global ramifications is quite possible (most obviously in North Korea, but Iran/Saudi Arabia and Kashmir are other potential flashpoints). A world war would require a confrontation between the United States and either China or Russia. With China seems extremely unlikely: China is very aware of this danger and has been doing enough dancing to avoid that possibility in the short term (what they do in the result of North Korea heating up has also been made clear: they will leave North Korea to its fate if it starts the war, but it may occupy North Korea, or at least the border regions, if the US invades). A conflict with Russia is more likely because Russia may well overstep a mark by trying something in the Baltic States which they the US or EU will ignore, and then be proven wrong. However, the Russians seem to have woken up to the fact that Trump is unpredictable and have rolled back some of their provocations in that area.
  15. GRRM is extremely interested in this stuff. Indeed, it's part of the reason why he had big problems with AFFC and ADWD (and possibly TWoW): getting characters into the right place at the right time in a way that makes sense when it takes forever to get anywhere due to the limitations of c. 14th Century technology. Benioff and Weiss don't give even the slightest toss about it. I think probably a happier middle ground could have been found for the show, especially since a lot of the most egregious problems could have been fixed with a line or two of dialogue.