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  1. Given Kirkman's new deal with Amazon, is he even still involved in the show these days?
  2. The Disney/Fox deal is done. Should be announced Thursday or Friday. $68 billion for pretty much everything, including 20th Century Fox, the FX networks, most of the TV properties (although some apparently will remain with the core Fox Network in the USA) and Fox's stake in both Hulu and Sky TV in the UK. Interesting fact: Fox only have a distribution deal for Fantastic Four, not production rights. That lies with a German company. But given that that company can't release an FF film on their own, they're pretty much over a barrel so will likely go along with whatever Disney want.
  3. I'm hoping the Disney/Fox deal means that the future movies come out under the Fox banner and we can have the fanfare back at the start.
  4. Punisher renewed for Season 2. That seems to confirm that Netflix can keep renewing shows even in the wake of the new Disney streaming news.
  5. I still need to watch Season 7, let alone 8, but couldn't avoid this spoiler. It seems a bit weird. Isn't the whole point of the story that Carl is growing up in this world, adapting to it and will be one of the first of the younger generation to take over from Rick? This seems weird, especially since there is an expectation that Andrew Lincoln and maybe Reedus probably don't have too many years left in the show before they'd want to leave/become too expensive. Given how ludicrously penny-pinching AMC is with this show, I'm surprised they haven't let them go already (but maybe that's too big a risk for them). Riggs' father was also very clear-cut. Apparently Gimple confirmed just a few weeks before the shoot that the current plan is for the show to run another 3 seasons (so up to Season 11) and he wanted Carl in the whole show up until the end. He apparently changed his mind for shock value. I guess he's concerned about the ratings tanking and he won't get that long to wrap everything up in.
  6. Some non-fiction this time around.
  7. I'm installing it now (got it ages ago). I have to wrap up my Homeworld franchise replay, but I'm like 2 missions from being done with it, so that'll be done easily enough.
  8. Excellent! You can get Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (which a lot of people seem to rate as the best one) for free for the next few days from Ubiplay. You can also get Grim Fandango Remastered (one of the best adventure games ever made) for free from GoG for the next few days as well.
  9. Voyager I is currently 141 AU distant and travelling at 17km/s, so operating at that distance is no problem. They should definitely go for this, as we may never, ever get another chance to study such an object.
  10. Yes, they're going to be scanning it for radio transmissions starting tomorrow. Presumably it would have already detected our radio transmissions on its way through, if it was looking and wasn't dormant. Assuming it is artificial. It's almost certainly natural and gained that shape through billions of years of interstellar travel (although how is another question).
  11. Meh. You spend two games, like 75 hours, with Triss as Geralt's lover. It doesn't make much sense (to me anyway) to ditch her for Yennefer. I still need to play The Witcher 3, actually, but I thought 2 was so mediocre it's seriously put me off the series.
  12. All of which sounds great but you have the problem of people being more and more reluctant to retrain as they get older, especially if politicians are pandering to them (as they are also more likely to vote as they get older). A programme to get thousands of ex coal workers retrained for new industries is going begging in the USA because they believe Trump's horseshit that coal mining is going to make a comeback, despite the fact that even if he is right about 60% of the jobs previously done by humans in the industry are now automated and 20-30% could go in the coming years.
  13. BABYLON 5 Rewatch: Season 3, Episodes 17-18 The ham-fisted time travel shenanigans continue into War Without End, Part 2 before we get back on track with the actual storyline in Walkabout, a pretty decent episode.
  14. More information on Thrones of Britannia, including the campaign map and some of the factions. I think Creative Assembly have made a big mistake here. Clearly no-one knows what the hell "A Total War Saga" is and a lot of people have written it off as DLC for Attila. They should have just called this Britannia: Total War.
  15. The Fallout board game has started showing up in the UK, but with a £100 price tag. Given the US RRP is $70, that's fecking ridiculous and a rip-off. I'm putting it down to limited release stock, hopefully it'll drop as more stock arrives in the country.