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  1. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    A British Muslim schoolteacher was prevented from travelling to the USA from Reykjavik on 16 February, despite the travel ban being lifted, British people supposedly being exempt and the fact he had no links to the seven selected countries. Discrimination is possible. Maybe the combination of him being Muslim and Welsh sent the border guards over the edge?
  2. Atlas of Ice and Fire

    Yup, and that adds to the difficulties of trying to make the geography make sense given that both castles are vassals of the Rowans and the Rowans' lands seem to extend north and east, away from the coast. At the moment I'm thinking that ironborn raiders may have slipped up the Mander to raid deep inland, putting Little Dosk on the river rather than the coast (Little Dosk is not on the map due to size issues). If that's unworkable I'll think again about redoing the map.
  3. Red Dwarf definitely still stands up when it is mining the characters for humour and pathos, with a little bit of the maudlin loneliness of being trapped in deep space (Seasons 2-5, basically). Later on the show fell back on catchphrases and recurring stock jokes, some of which were amusing but really did not add much depth. Episodes like Thanks for the Memory and Marooned, which are nearly 30 years old, have not aged nearly as badly as most of Seasons 7-8 from ten years later.
  4. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    Sweden and Swedes executing some masterful trolling of Trump over this, including the Swedish embassy formally asking the White House to explain themselves. I imagine the Swedish government will be calling in the US ambassador as well. Comical aspects aside, you can't just have the American President making up shit about an ally. It's damaging to the country's reputation, business and tourism. "You're going to Sweden! That's crazy, they had that terrorist incident there." "Jeez, I know it wasn't a great Eurovision entry, but that's a bit strong." "What?"
  5. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    There's still a difference between crime in general and carrying out terror attacks. Trump did seem to be referring to a specific incident. The highest-profile things that happened in Sweden in the last two days are that the country chose its Eurovision entry and a male moose had repeated intercourse with a fake wooden moose ornament in the front of someone's house (although there was an allegation this may be #fakenews since it may have happened in November).
  6. On the other hand, with the prisons, trains and NHS in meltdown, it risks looking like weak leadership. And the talk at the moment is of all the amendments the Lords are tabling on Brexit and what May does if it gets kicked back to the Commons again, Labour's utter lack of profile means the media isn't really interested in them at the moment (next week, when the by-elections kick off, will be a different story).
  7. Authors who vanished from the face of the planet

    Stover has been clear that the Acts of Caine series has really not sold very well, and it's getting tougher to convince publishers to take a chance on them. He may self-publish future books, but he needs to build up a good career elsewhere to pay the bills. Unfortunately, I don't think Stover is the sort of writer who can churn books out for money. He only did Star Wars because he wanted to subvert it and put his own spin on it, which was fine for the 3 or 4 books he wrote but he can't extend that to churning out tie-in books forever for the money, although I do think of how amazing the Aftermath books would have been if Stover had gotten them and not Wendig. WotC I think are struggling with Forgotten Realms. They know they monumentally fucked up the setting in 4th Edition and I suspect they really want to forget that ever happened and roll back to how the setting to how it was at the end of 3rd. The Second Sundering was supposed to do that, but people haven't been buying the novels in the numbers they used to even ten years ago, let alone during the setting's mega-heyday in the late 1980s and early 1990s (when every single Realms novel sold 300,000 copies, minimum, in its first year on sale, far more for a Salvatore or hardcover special). My suspicion is that WotC are going to put things on hold, see how the movie does and then try to tie in with that.
  8. How do D&D decide what to keep/cut..?

    My understanding is they have a large dartboard with characters' faces on it, and they swap them out for storylines. They throw darts at random to determine which characters and stories to keep and which to not.
  9. The Wheel of Osheim by Mark Lawrence

    Mark is very active on both his Facebook page and on Goodreads, as well as Reddit. I think he does flybys on other forums like SFFWorld (maybe SFF Chronicles as well?). George MacDonald Fraser. There's actually a separate, highly influential and important fantasy writer just called George MacDonald who wrote one of the very earliest fantasy-as-we-know-it novels, Phantastes, in 1858, which was hugely influential on CS Lewis and Tolkien. Both are certainly worth reading.
  10. She appears to have disappeared for the last fortnight or so. An interesting tactic.
  11. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    He's standing up there spouting utter horseshit for what feels like longer than the extended cut of The Return of the King, not to mention repeating lies that have been shot down multiple times. It's taking away from the rather cute fact that Trump clearly just wants to be loved and told he's great, and as long as people are doing that he's happy.
  12. Atlas of Ice and Fire

    Geographic Map 10: The Reach
  13. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    But it hasn't so far, and it's had decades to do so.
  14. Taboo: Tom Hardy's historical drama (BBC1/FX) [spoilers]

    I see the show as a spectacular example of trolling by Tom Hardy. The writing and plotting are pretty poor and the show is getting a lot of mileage out of moody cinematography and Tom Hardy acting the most Tom Hardiest he's ever been. The rest of the cast is pretty good (especially Jonathan Pryce, who is one of those actors who is Always Good In Everything) and the production values are pretty decent. Considering the entire series cost the same as one episode of Game of Thrones, they've certainly made something that looks impressive, although they saved an enormous amount by not employing any lighting technicians. I'm wondering if Taboo could be the encapsulation of a new genre, "grimcamp".
  15. Neil Gaiman working on NEVERWHERE II (finally!)

    The American Gods TV series will apparently take 3 seasons to cover the novel and will then cover Anansi Boys, so Gaiman likely figures he has a couple of years to write the AG sequel. Assuming The Seven Sisters is a short(ish) novel like American Gods, I can't imagine it will take very long to write.