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  1. Video Games: Doing Archaeology With A Shotgun

    New Vegas is definitely a main series entry, but it's not a numbered release because it was a modest iteration of the previous tech rather than a decisive move forwards. Fallout 4 was considered more of an important step forward because of the "switch" to the Creation Engine and the introduction of the settlement mechanics. Same logic as why Vice City and San Andreas were definitely main series GTA games even if they weren't numbered as they were iterations (if much bigger and superior) on GTA3. I agree outsourcing Elder Scrolls is unlikely, but not impossible. Obsidian had discussions with Bethesda about new Fallout or Elder Scrolls projects a while back. More likely, Bethesda may have developed a new team (in fact, I think they did announce a while ago a new division of the software development team had been established) to do the donkey work whilst the main team was working on FO4. However, if the FO4 model is the same system Bethesda will use going forwards - announcing the game 4 months out from release - then I can't see how ES6 will be announed at all. Unless they decide that didn't help them with FO4 and are going back to announcing games 1-2 years out from release.
  2. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    So, with 9 novels in the series does that mean the TV show is going to go for 18 seasons? Or are they going to ramp up the pacing massively? I'm guessing they chose this pace so they could: The original fascination with the books I think began because Daniel (and occasionally Ty) posts on the board, both are part of the greater GRRM fan/writing community and because Daniel, certainly, was under-recognised in the genre after writing one of the best fantasy series of the last decade. And the Expanse books are good. Not outstanding, not brilliant, but very solid with some good characters and a fairly unusual, original structure for a space opera. The TV show, to my mind, is much better than the books (and the books are pretty decent to begin with) with some very clever juggling of the plot ingredients from the books to make the story work better as an ongoing TV series. In particular, they've done some clever stuff with overlapping elements and characters formerly restricted to just one novel to open up the universe more. Also, we haven't really had a decent space opera TV show since BSG ended in 2009 (and the way it ended with pretty shitty), and certainly not one that nods to real-life physics as much as this since at least Babylon 5 ended in 1998. That makes it a reasonably big deal. There are a few more space operas coming down the pipe, most notably the Foundation series on HBO, so we'll see how The Expanse stacks up over the long run.
  3. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    I actually quite liked The Bureau. As a third-person cover shooter it was perfectly adequate. As an XCOM game it was subpar, but a great game in the franchise followed by a fairly middling one is standard for how it goes. Have you read the story behind its development? It's completely barking mad. They're lucky they ended up with something as playable as they got.
  4. UK Politics - a new thread for the new board

    I was paid monthly. There was a 3-month trial period, after which we were supposed to be on 1 month's notice (from both sides) but a paper contract was not provided. Apparently my MD was saying to other staffmembers (but not to me) that my trial period (during which time I could apparently be let go without any notice period at all) was extended by another 3 months, but this was a flat-out lie. Certainly I never agreed to that and there's no evidence of that. According to the union rep, it doesn't matter even if that was true, because after you've been employed for 1 month apparently you're entitled to 1 week's notice period regardless.
  5. UK Politics - a new thread for the new board

    I need to find out. My union thinks there is a case so we can force at least 1 week (if not 1 month) more of wages out of him. The big problem was that I was only there 6 months and that he never gave me a written contract. However, apparently that should still default to the 1 week's payment or notice if employed for 1 month or more.
  6. UK Politics - a new thread for the new board

    Huzzzzzah! I was made redundant last week, so I had to sign on to our old tried and tested system for Jobseeker's Allowance (whilst also applying for everything in sight). Except of course that JSA no longer exists in my town and has been replaced by a system called "Universal Credit". My application went thusly: 1) Sign up for JSA online. Be told that JSA no longer applies in my postcode and to use the Universal Credit website. 2) Sign up for UC online. Fill out all my details to be informed that I do not qualify for UC and I should apply for JSA. 3) Went through Stages 1 and 2 several times before concluding the system was fucked. 4) Ring up the JSA helpline number. They took the exact same information as on online and concluded I had to apply for UC online. I explained it was fucked. They tried it and confirmed that it was fucked. They transferred me to the UC helpline. 5) Spent about 15 minutes going through interminable phone options which screamed "SIGN UP ONLINE, SIGN UP ONLINE, DO NOT EVEN THINK OF CALLING US IF YOU CAN SIGN UP ONLINE, WHY ARE YOU NOT SIGNING UP ONLINE PROLE PEASANT SCUM," at me. 6) Got through to phone advisor who politely asked when I was not "SIGNING UP ONLINE" and hey, I could "SIGN UP ONLINE." I explained the website was fucked. He tried it and confirmed that it was fucked. 7) The phone advisor took the exact same information already given in 1, 2 and 4 and then we seemed to get somewhere. All of the benefits that used to be handled separately are now handled together, so that would have been more efficient if it hadn't taken five times longer and giving my details four times than just making two calls under the old system but hey. 8) Hoorah! I was signed up! I should receive my first money on, er, March 11th. I pointed out that this was seven weeks away. He agreed. I pointed out that I had been made redundant with no notice, so I have absolutely no money coming in at all this month. He sympathised. I asked how I was supposed to survive an extra three weeks beyond what would have been my next pay day. He said "No idea," and signed off. So...yeah. That's this government for you. Spend millions on a new system that's supposed to be more efficient and faster than the old one and come up with something slower, less efficient and will cause untold misery for thousands of people. In the meantime, I'll be eating beans on toast for the next month and keep applying for jobs like mad.
  7. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    The Lego Star Wars Force Awakens trailer is quite funny, riffing off the main trailer for the actual film.
  8. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    XCOM sold a fairly mediocre number of units on console and they had to deal with the hassle of going through 360 and PS3 approval for updates and content (which you still have to do for mods on the new consoles, which is why they haven't taken off the way some people were expecting). Apparently they also got flak for the way Enemy Within integrated with the original game, effectively forcing console owners to buy the game a second time instead of melding (pun unintended) the two at a cheaper cost. For XCOM2 the attitude of Firaxis has been, "Fuck it," and to focus on PC instead. There maybe an iOS port, as I belive XCOM did do quite well on mobile, and they'll look at ports for PS4 and XB1 if the modding situation improves. XCOM2 is focused a lot more on the modding scene, with "official" mods from the makers of the Long War mod launching on release day. Meanwhile, the patch notes for Crusader Kings II: Conclave are more than a bit hilarious:  
  9. Nitpicking: The Next Generation

    The title reminds me of Phil Farrand's epic Nitpicker's Guide to Star Trek: The Next Generation books from the 1990s. Those were great fun, if a little too nitpicky.
  10. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    XCOM2 has been getting outstanding reviews, all labelling it as being superior to its predecessor. Given that the previous game was probably the best game of the last decade, that's very impressive. It's a first person shooter, but this game looks like it will emphasise melee combat, crafting and survival much more heavily than any previous titltle in the series. I suspect it's going to be a small-ish game, though maybe 10-15 hours, so not as big as its predecessors. This game in particular will likely lose the more notable comparisons to Just Cause (no guns or explosives, so presumably no explosions).
  11. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    RPS has an excellent article on Hostile Waters, quite possibly one of the greatest video games ever made (and, more to the point, probably the single best-written strategy game of all time). A Kickstarter for a sequel/remake of this would be very, very welcome at this point.
  12. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    Just finished StarCraft II. WHAT THE FUCK BLIZZARD. The writing department at Blizzard needs to be burned to ground and the very earth salted for all of eternity. Holy shit.
  13. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    Yeah, I agree. It's a very fine game, stacks up well to any RTS from the last few years (not that there's been loads). With regards to the spoilers:  
  14. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    XCOM2 out next week as well
  15. Fallout 4

    Nothing concrete, but Bethesda said there should be news "soon" just a couple of days ago.