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  1. One rather obvious spoiler (you can work it out by looking at the cast lists): Sigh.
  2. BR2049 has officially broken even - it just went past its budget - but of course it won't really go into profit until it makes back the marketing as well. But the film has another ten days to run pretty much unopposed before another big movie comes out (Thor) and it'll score big on home media release. So the film definitely now won't be seen as a flop or a failure. Given the box office of some of the movies the Oscars have rewarded, I'm not too sure on your thesis that they only financial success, as they've snubbed it in the past. Still, Best Picture may be a long shot but cinematography I think is quite possible, since there will be pressure to give to Deakins as a career award as well.
  3. Britain is half a trillion pounds poorer in foreign assets than everyone thought it was. Interestingly, the Telegraph (who are rabidly pro-Tory) have led on this story, which is not good for the government, and the Mail has followed them up on it. Other papers and TV seem to have been very careful to not comment on it today, possibly because exactly what it means is still being determined (nothing good).
  4. I'd be shocked if BR2049 didn't get and win cinematography. Nothing else released for years can even compete. Visual effects might also be a tie-in, but we haven't seen the next Star Wars movie yet (or Thor). Best Picture is a bit more of a stretch, but I can easily see a nomination happening, especially after Arrival. Shit, I didn't even think of that. Excellent catch.
  5. The mentioned Kahless quite a bit in the two-hour pilot and a couple of weeks back. This episode was solid. It was good to get rid of the tardigrade (well-played or not, it was kind of ridiculous) and they got some good action sequences going. Also a very good performance by Rain Wilson as Harry Mudd, even if I didn't buy this was the same character who'd turn into an avuncular buffoon ten years later. Nice nod to continuity, naming Robert April, Jonathan Archer and Christopher Pike as three of Starfleet's greatest captains. The ending was also really good. A nod to the Mirror Universe, I'm presuming. Also, wasn't it a bit blindingly obvious that:
  6. Empire at War stole it from Homeworld: Cataclysm, which was inspired by BSG, so in a way it's come full circle But the more immediate inspiration for the battle cam was the battle cam used in the BSG TV series itself, which predated Empire at War by a few years.
  7. BABYLON 5 Rewatch: Season 2, Episodes 15-16 And Now For a Word: Babylon 5 doing Fake News before it was cool. Knives: The last episode of Babylon 5 written before J. Michael Straczynski's ego gained complete creative control of the series.
  8. The battle video uploader for BSG Deadlock is pretty cool. In this video two Manticore-class gunships and the Jupiter-class battlestar Athena, aided by four Viper squadrons, take on three Cylon Nemesis-class light cruisers. The video is pretty good for the way it replicates the CG camera from the show itself. Pretty smart stuff.
  9. Started playing the Battlestar Galactica strategy game Deadlock. It's really, really good! I was surprised as I was pretty down on the Battlefleet Gothic strategy game from last year which was similar, but Deadlock is much better. It takes a lot of cues from XCOM as well as channelling a turn-based Homeworld approach (including the third axis!). There are a few problems. The fleet cap feels too small. It feels a bit pointless building larger ships as they turn into massive targets and get obliterated too easily (in a BSG game there is no point to building Battlestars, which feels wrong). Unfortunately I think I started playing just after a patch nerfed the Adamant escort carriers, previously reportedly the most powerful ship in the game. Now there's no point building them, they are destroyed within seconds of the battle starting. It's actually more worthwhile now building Manticore gunships and using the shipyard's Vipers. Vipers are really powerful. Once you destroy enemy Raider squadrons, they can take down quite powerful warships by themselves. The best bit is playing the battles in turn-based mode but then after the battle is over you can watch the battle in real time and they do a fantastic job of nailing the CGI battle choreography from the TV show, complete with familiar camera angles. Overall, very impressive, but it's a bit cheesy that every second character in the campaign is an ancestor of a BSG character.
  10. Geographic Map 19: Ibben and the Bone Mountains
  11. Still one of my favourite games of the last few years. Went back to try to do some of the tougher missions on the hardest difficulty level and ha ha nope. Elite I liken to either Metropolis or The Jazz Singer in terms of their importance to cinema: Elite may be the biggest quantum leap forward gaming has ever taken, or ever will take. The first proper 3D game (as in it allowed you move around properly in 3D space, not just around a very basic maze which looked 3D but wasn't), the first proper open-world game, the first space combat simulator, the first game that really let you set the parameters of what you wanted to do and fulfil that. It's mind-boggling they fitted it into 32K (!) of the original BBC Micro version of the game. Very few other games that are 33 years old are as playable, even if of course it is limited by modern standards.
  12. Geographic Map 18: The Dothraki Sea
  13. "Book 1isms". There's a few of these in WoT, just as there's quite a few in Gardens of the Moon (for Malazan). Authors develop their ideas as they go along and sometimes things that seem like a good idea in the flush of writing Book 1 seem to be a bit dumb five years later and quietly get dropped. AGoT has a few as well (like Tyrion's implausible tumbling antics).
  14. Huh, mine too.
  15. We need to discuss this urgent possibility: Did the replicant rebels eat Deckard's dog?