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  1. A thousand manuscript pages. That's about 600 pages in hardcover, probably around 750 in paperback.
  2. Quite decent. You create a character, including your background and affiliations, and these come up in the game through the XCOM-esque "back at the base" stuff between missions. You can roleplay as a ruthless martinet or an all-out hero if you choose, and it's up to you what missions you perform. As your reputation increases you can bargain for bigger payments and so on. It's not an outright RPG, but you can see Harebrained's RP experience from the Shadowrun trilogy coming in there. Worth noting that Polygon are gushing about the game in their in-progress review, and they barely ever gush about anything.
  3. The alternative choice, and the one favoured by anyone with an understanding of economic theory greater than George Osborne's (which includes sea urchins and some types of rock), is state reinvestment to grow the economy, which has been the solution to most major depressions and downturns larger than a standard recession. Osborne and Cameron's approach was to take advantage of the aftermath of the 2008 downturn to justify a mass cutback in government spending for ideological purposes, the erosion of workers' rights and the resulting crippling of our military and NHS, the mass-reduction in policing, the meltdown in the prison service, the mass explosion of homelessness and the appalling situation in education is the result. One alternative to austerity, for example, would be making sure that companies paid the damn taxes they're supposed to, which would have made up a large chunk of the "living within our means" gap by itself without the need to start dismantling the country. Austerity was a deliberate political choice, not one borne of necessity, and the way it was handled did long-term damage to the British economy, as can be seen by our poor recovery compared to just about every other country affected by the recession (apart really from Greece, and their problems were much deeper-rooted and systemic).
  4. Played a fantastic mission (I think it's the first big plot-advancing one) where you have to retrieve a crashed starship. Extraordinarily tense as the enemy base is heavily defended and you have to move around the periphery trying to take out turrets and tanks. Managed it, but I took a fair bit of damage in the process. Arriving at the retrieval site, an enemy lance jumped my wounded mechs and I had to play cat and mouse with them around buildings and rocks. Managed to take them down, only for a tougher enemy boss to jump into my midst. My Vindicator promptly one-shotted it with a fluke critical from its main gun (it had to take serious heat damage in the process, but it was that or die). All four of my mechs made it home, but I think they were held together with rubber bands and paperclips at the end. As tense, exciting and gripping as any XCOM mission.
  5. Re: BattleTech I've played the first few missions now and I see where RPS is coming from, but didn't find the pauses in battle to be as bad. The second mission (the first after the tutorial) got a bit laborious with moving your mechs around but the next few seemed to go a lot faster. I didn't notice any major problem with the animations: they seemed to go about as fast, if not faster, than XCOM 2's (especially as usually only 1 unit per turn has a hero shot, unless you're destroying a mech). I do wonder if the game would be better if it had a Divinity: Original Sin/Wasteland 2 approach where you can move in real time when not in battle but go into turn based in combat. The real dead air in the game comes from the bits when you're not in combat and moving your mechs one by one, turn by turn with no-one shooting at you. That gets real old, real quick. I can also see where future updates to the game are going to come from. A big thing I think will be putting more voices in the game. It's kind of distracting on the ship to be reading all this text (on the battlefield it doesn't seem as bad) and people standing there, staring at you blankly. Yeah, I know, money and it's not that important, but it does feel like the biggest compromise to the budget. I also had a CTD in the first 90 minutes of the game, which was annoying, but I have a feeling it was my virus checker (it didn't add the game to the protected list until afterwards). No problems since then. The music is also phenomenal and the opening title sequence does a great job of setting up the story and backdrop. Right now I'd say the game was a solid 7/10 and could go higher. Oh, and I think they must have changed the weapons thing between the review build and the release version, as your weapons do all fire at once now. That makes a lot more sense.
  6. I'll give it a go later. Pretty much every other review has been very strong and Harebrained has a superb track record so far. Whilst I also generally rate RPS as a review site, the same reviewer was also not very keen on the three Shadowrun games, whilst I thought all three were excellent, and was also down on the Banner Sagas, which are two of the finest fantasy games of the last decade, so I know this is a reviewer whose opinion I respect, but also diverges from mine in many key areas.
  7. BattleTech reviews coming in. Very strong reviews so far, although RPS cautions about slow unit animations slowing down the game.
  8. Oh FFS. Labour is running around scoring own goals whilst the opposition is beating each other up, falling over and leaving their goal wide open to a concerted attack.
  9. Frostpunk is out tomorrow. It's the follow-up to This War of Mine, and interestingly spins the premise around. You're now in charge of a huge city in the freezing wastes and have to keep the population alive by making morally tricky choices for the entire population. Sounds pretty decent.
  10. It is typical Williams, so slower-paced than most epic fantasy, but quite a lot happens as the story picks up. It's also comfortably superior to Shadowmarch on ever level. If you liked MS&T you'll like this.
  11. It's been front-page news here for the past few days, it's certainly stirred up some anger and outrage and it has led to an apparent freeze on these deportations. So in this case the outcry has been effective.
  12. Sales of the Malazan Book of the Fallen pass 3 million.
  13. This of course is problematic when b ) will directly result in c ) shrinking catastrophically, which is something else we are starting to see happen, with, so far, no constructive suggestions from the capitalist right (i.e. those who are causing the problem) on how to minimise or mitigate it.
  14. Or maybe gaining free and unimpeded access to the mass market of more than half a billion people, and through their formidable trade and negotiating strength, quite a large part of the world?
  15. Some of the stories are mega-short, so they may combine them. They may also be going for focus: the main story of the saga revolves around Geralt meeting, raising and training an apprentice named Ciri, and Ciri only shows up in the second book of short stories, so they may be cutting to the chase and just focusing on that and discarding everything else. The showrunner also said that she hadn't signed off on the statement that the first season will be based on the first two books, so that may have been inaccurate.