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  1. Atlas of Ice and Fire

    Historical Map 11: The Conquest - The Fall of Harrenhal and Storm's End
  2. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    Apparently there's some talk of doing this if the first one is successful.
  3. Nobel Literature Prize Speculation - 2016 Edition

    The Guardian points out that Dylan is not the first songwriter to win the prize. Indian songwriter Raindranath Tagore won it in 1913.
  4. F1 2016

    It depends. Next year is a lot of new rules so Mercedes may no longer be on top, especially if (as is possible) teams like Williams, Ferrari, McLaren and Renault have have focusing on 2017 for a while. In that case, yes, Hamilton may be tempted by Ferrari and Vettel by Mercedes. Vettel's pissy behaviour is something that other teams are probably aware of and a hard question would have to be asked if he is really better than Rosberg (a couple of years ago I'd have said yes, but this year it's much harder to say).
  5. Atlas of Ice and Fire

    Ah, there we go. In WoIaF it states that Argilac suggested to Aegon that they conquer the lands between Gods Eye and Blackwater Bay, from the Trident in the north to the Blackwater in the south (effectively all of the Crownlands including Crackclaw Point), and that Aegon can then control them afterwards. Aegon points out that all of this territory is under the control of Harren the Black, so Argilac can't offer it to him. That suggest that Crackclaw was, again maybe only very nominally, controlled by the ironborn at the time of the Conquest.
  6. map matters

    The planet is either the same size as Earth or slightly larger. In my Atlas of Ice and Fire project, I made out that the planet is around 8% larger than Earth.
  7. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    As far as I know, Straczynski is still very much hands-on on Sense8. It's not scriptwriting that he's dropped, it's working in comics. Looking at tweets and interviews with the cast, he's been on-set and on location a reasonable amount, and they've been able to reach him whenever needed so it sounds like he's still fully engaged. In fact, given his crazy writing speed (which seems to have picked back up since his eye surgery), writing "just" 12 episodes a year (remember he did 22 a year on Babylon 5) probably leaves him lots of time for other projects. This is a recent interview where he still seems full-steam ahead on a load of projects. Interesting. JMS has an autobiography out with several publishers next month and he's also writing his first novel in 30 years. He's also doing the Rising Stars movie project. Something that didn't come up is the status of Red Mars. I get the impression that when he quit, the project basically collapsed. A shame as he'd be a great fit for it.
  8. Atlas of Ice and Fire

    That's a bit of a grey area. They say that, but then it's also said that when Aegon landed all of Westeros was united as the Seven Kingdoms, with Crackclaw presumbly being part of the Isles/Riverlands. Harrenhal isn't that far from there. Reconciling it with the region's historic independence, I suspect if the Riverlands did control Crackclaw, it was only very nominally (as with the North and Skagos). Most of the Crownlands probably was in a similar position, acting more as a buffer between the Stormlands and Riverlands.
  9. F1 2016

    Vettel has been mouthing off about how much progress they've lost compared to Red Bull and he's also been very critical of team orders. He's also developed a habit of jumping on the radio and blaming everyone around him for his own mistakes. Vettel's petulant whining (always a key character flaw) has been pretty high this year. He's also been outdriven by Raikkonen way too much, given Raikkonen's probably only got a couple of seasons left in the sport and everyone agrees is past his best. Ferrari said just a few weeks back that Vettel will have to earn any new post-2017 contract, which was widely taken as a warning that he needs to get a grip and start delivering better, at least compared to his team mate, and stop blaming everyone around him when something goes wrong.
  10. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    I was reading through cast interviews. The cast pointed out that there is one central character in each location and that person and the characters that directly interact with them have shitloads to do. The rest of the cast then appears intermittently through connections, but they have a lot of time off, during which they go partying and sight-seeing together. That's why they love the job and also why they formed such a close bond.
  11. Atlas of Ice and Fire

    Historical Map 10: Westeros Before the Conquest
  12. F1 2016

    Kvyat had a few good performances here and there, like that podium, but Verstappen clearly blew him completely away in terms of quality. Hulkenberg was seen as the next big thing a few years ago but he's never been able to quite delivery. He had that pole position that he lost (although that was always a big ask) and Perez has comprehensively outshone him with the same equipment and scored those podiums which Hulkenberg has not been able to convert. Perez was also the first choice of Renault and if he'd said yes, Hulkenberg would be staying put. Perez is clearly eyeing the long game though: if Raikkonen retires after next year or if Vettel completely destroys his Ferrari relationship (entirely possible), Perez is clearly high on their list of people to recruit and I think he'd suit them down to the ground (as is often the case with drivers who couldn't fit in at McLaren).
  13. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    Negatory, they wrapped on 20 September. The Sense8pics twitter account (which isn't the official one) has just been posting pictures from all over the production.
  14. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    It looks like there was some griping, as there was an unusual delay before they renewed it. I think it was solely down to the cost: Sense8 is by some considerable margin the most expensive show on Netflix's roster (possibly excepting House of Cards, but if HoC is higher that'll solely be down to the cast fees, not the actual production fees). It's budget must completely dwarf something like Luke Cage or Orange is the New Black. I think that's probably the reason for Netflix's hesitancy, plus the fact it didn't pick up the blanket coverage a lot of their other shows have. However, I think there's a very good chance that Season 2 will get a lot more coverage now people have more of a handle on it. According to JMS, he and the Wachowskis worked up the basic idea of a show based on human connection and empathy together. However, I think the inspiration was the telepath storyline in Babylon 5, which showed that JMS was exploring many of the same themes 20 years ago. The Wachowskis were also clearly inspired by Cloud Atlas which had some of the same notions going on. So they welded the two concepts together. What I think made the show fly is that JMS is great at plot, structure and worldbuilding, which the Wachowskis suck at, and the Wachowskis are great at atmosphere, framing a shot and action, which JMS isn't so hot on. I think a lot of it is also down to JMS being a better writer: his dialogue is more naturalistic in Sense8 than in Babylon 5 and certainly the humour is much stronger in Sense8: the 4 Non Blondes moment had me in stitches, and there's several other really great comedy beats in the show.
  15. Errors in the WOIAF

    Not an error, but a point of clarification on the date of the Doom. In the WoIaF it reads thusly: I read this to mean that the event that's being described - Aenar leaving Valyria for Dragonstone - took place in 114 BC and thus the Doom takes place in 102 BC. This tracks with all previous dates given for the event (which was along the lines that the Doom took place a century before the Conquest). However, looking online I see that about half of people agree with this and another half choose the interpretation that the Doom itself takes place in 114 BC and Aenar and Team Targaryen left Valyria in 126 BC. That's an awkward way of wording it - the event at hand is the Targaryens leaving, so the specific date being mentioned should be linked to that - but I can see how it can be read that way. Do we know for sure which date is correct?