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  1. Everything I hear about s6 sounds fantastic - I've only seen eps 1-3. Hope to correct that soon.
  2. bump (guess i was wrong about TWOW for this summer. )
  3. Thanks! Mindless fun is what I need right now.
  4. OK so the Shannara Chronicles which I never read is on YouTube - the first two epi.s of the MTV show. Does anyone have any opinions to share? Read the books or seen the show and recommend it?
  5. Happy Birthday First! There's more good to being an adult than bad in my experience. Shotgun. Nononononono! Kidding! Don't know where that came from. Traps always work on this side of the pond, but maybe you don't have peanut butter? A trap baited with pb is deadly.
  6. The only problem with this idea is that Ned knew the answer to the Jon Snow's parentage question (as well as other persistent mysteries - like who the heck was Ned & Lyanna's mother and why is she never mentioned or thought about?) and Ned was all over AGOT as a POV and as a character in other POV's chapters. What good did that do anyone? He revealed just enough to get the mystery ball rolling. Clearly Martin could write any character he wanted to as a POV or secondary character without a reveal. For example, Meera & Jojen tell us just enough about the Tourney at Harrenhal to let us know their dad was there and he told them about Lyanna & Rhaegar. She clearly knows a lot more about Ned & Ashara, and L & R than she puts in the story. In all likelihood she & Jojen know the truth about Jon from their dad. They could have put the whole thing to bed right then & there, but no, that would spoil the fun.
  7. I think I killed the thread. It was moving along so nicely before! I don't think self centeredness is all that high on the list of personality crimes. Certainly not any worse than narcissism in my book. And any way, since the subject was Rickman, I'm not seeing much attention paid here, so why bring it up? It's a non issue if you ask me.
  8. Hi everybody! Just a periodic drop in. Great tom see Koba has checked in. I see Qoth & Zabzie too. An unexpected surprise. Was expecting to see more about the passing of Alan Rickman, but there's probably threads about him in General. I came here, because you're the people whose opinions I care about and I know some of you were fans.
  9. How about motor oil, Bolts? I'm split. I want to vote for Pebbles & my friend First, but already changed my vote once from TBB/KT to Sniffer. And if Sniffer & FB are truly running together (she wasn't listed as a running mate in the tally above) then I definitely can't change my vote . . . and then there's the thing with the title . . . that would be cool. Aside from the small fact that I might have to do something to be worthy of it. Like some actual chronicling.
  10. I'm good with two years. But . . . if a bumping for ADOS thread starts right away, I will be there too. Speaking of ADOS, how many pages of ADOS do you think are written now? I'm assuming the way George interweaves his plots, he has to go back and adjust as he's going along - in other words, he has to rewrite everything.
  11. You just used the word "grok" in a sentence. You now have my vote (sorry KT & BB).
  12. I should have sussed you were the apolitcal type. Well, this is for you, KOA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOyV4kugyfM
  13. Aren't jeopardizing your mod standing a little bit? And while I've got your attention - what's happening with the abbreviations thread - I've rather dropped the ball there, I'm sorry to say. Ftr, I'll vote for Bear & KT. KT was a very good king and BB is as faithful a spammer as I have seen.
  14. And what will happen with this thread when the announcement inevitably is made? Will it magically morph into, "bumping for ADOS"? or must time elapse before that happens - and how much time?
  15. Those are banned - the scandals, anyway.