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  1. KFC lovers are being urged not to call the police over the fried chicken "crisis".
  2. She looks like trouble.
  3. He is learning from the best.
  4. Good grief.
  5. Why should I? I mean, look at the state of 'em. The plastic is literally flying about all over the place.
  6. It looked to me like the Wigan fans invaded the pitch to celebrate and congratulate their own players. And if players like Aguero can't take a bit of well-deserved (let's face it, they were utter shit) banter, then that's their problem. Regardless, no matter what was said, you can't go around chinning the opposing team's fans. Hope he gets a long ban. And how do you know that the ref changed his mind? Are you Derren fucking Brown all of a sudden? And even if he did, he's perfectly entitled to do so, at any point, regardless of any outside pressure. And please don't tell me that City fans never try to influence a ref. They all do it. Every single team does. So just don't bother going there.
  7. LOL.
  8. From Guardiola having to be restrained in the tunnel at HT, to all the crybaby bullshit at FT. Bunch of entitled, pathetic twats, the lot of them.
  9. You'll never see a more plastic rabble of morons.
  10. nvm
  11. The 'benefit of the doubt' was given to attackers purely because there was was no way for linesmen to make a real-time definitive call. That has now changed. Anyway, I think ALL offside decisions should now be deferred to Hawkeye.
  12. That was an embarrassment. I genuinely couldn't believe what I was seeing. The only explanation I can come up with is deliberate sabotage.