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  1. 5/10. The most disappointing episode of this show. Ever. I guess I just have one question for the show writers.... Why change things that are so perfect in the books...?!?! There is a reason people obsess and love this book series, it's cause George is a damn good writer that crafts fantastic scenes of dialogue and character development. The show does none of this. I'll save my complaints to the nitpicking thread, but seriously, I don't think I've ever been more disappointed in a visual adaptation than Tyrion's entire final scene this episode. That chapter was an absolute masterpiece, and the show watered it down and changed it and fucked with it so much I have to wonder if the people that make this show ever LIKE the books in the first place. So yeah, I heavily disliked this episode, and season as a whole. Oh well though. I'm just a book purist I suppose, so don't take what I say seriously.
  2. 6. I was gonna give it a 7 while I watched it, but I wasn't that impressed. Yeah, I know, they did the best with the budget they had, but I just wasn't very excited. I never felt like there was any tension, and the deaths didn't have any emotional impact on me (except making me happy that Ygritte is finally dead). There were some cool moments, sure, and I was never bored. I really enjoyed the Sam/Aemon chat, but I would have preferred it was in episode 8, maybe, instead of, you know, NO FUCKING STANNIS ARRIVAL. I checked, and this has been the shortest episode of Game of Thrones ever. They had ten minutes already left to put Jon's meeting with Mance and the arrival of Stannis, and they could have taken out the dumb Jon/Sam talk about sex. That would have given them almost fifteen minutes extra time! I understand that the battle spans over more than one night, but when you spend eight bloody episodes building UP to the battle, I expect that was done so the episode could be a complete package, not have some cheap and lazy cliffhanger at the end. The battle ended suddenly, and there was no proper climax. Now the result of this dumb decision is that Stannis' most heroic and cheer worthy moment will just be an afterthought, quickly wrapped up so we can get more Khaleesi and the funny dwarf, cause gods forbid Stannis gets any meaningful time dedicated to just him. Seriously, sometimes the decisions this show makes just piss me off, I'm sorry.
  3. Omg, ouch, that passive-aggressive burn really put us in our place lol
  4. Jon specifically mentioned Eastwatch and the Shadow Tower in 3x5, when talking to Tormund about their numbers, and Jeor mentioned Cotter Pyke in passing in 1x10, so they do technically exist, but whether we'll actually see them is a different matter.
  5. Oh don't worry, the now sure-to-be rushed as fuck finale will more than make up for it. I hope we're allowed to catch at least a small glimpse of Stannis walking by next episode, what with all the Daenerys and Tyrion bullshit we'll be subjected to.
  6. Well fucking fantastic. So Stannis' ONE BIG ACTUAL HEROIC MOMENT is just gonna get shifted in among the other 12 important events that will happen in an already stuffed to the brim finale? Well...... great. Good job at the pacing D&D.
  7. Wait, so I haven't watched this episode yet, but...... what is this I hear about Stannis not arriving at the Wall yet? What the actual fuck???? Someone say it ain't true. I seriously do not want to have to wait another week to finally see Stannis again.
  8. Agreed. According to my IMDb profile, I've only rated 14 things a 10... ever. And Game of Thrones doesn't even begin to approach their level of quality.
  9. I don't exactly want to give any episode of Game of Thrones a low rating. I want to love them, since I love the books and season 1 was absolutely amazing. The show has potential. That's why it's disappointing when it doesn't quite reach the level of greatness it can. I don't find it appropriate to give a disappointing episode of Game of Thrones a 10, when I give the same rating to masterpieces like There Will Be Blood and Apocalypse Now. When an episode of Game of Thrones genuinely wows me, I'll be the first person to give it a high rating and praise it endlessly. Until that point though, I've got to be honest with myself and give it an honest rating.
  10. Did you even read what I wrote??? I specifically outlined my reasoning behind that statement. You clearly are getting worked up over someone having a different opinion. Don't worry though, I'm done with this thread and trying to explain my arguments. Clearly it's causing too much angst.
  11. Nope, even when some people offer valid reasons for not liking a scene, they get shut down and attacked by those that love the scene. Accusations of "nitpicking" and "book-purist" are almost definitely gonna get thrown around. I could outline a very long and detailed essay of why I disliked this episode, but what would that achieve apart from offending the sensitive people here that can't accept someone else's opinion?
  12. Clearly my opinion has offended you somehow. I never said anything like "filthy casual," I only said that those that haven't read the books are obviously not going to have anything to compare the scene to, unlike those that have read the books. I suppose I just am less forgiving of the show not doing justice to scenes I love...? Your attitude seems a bit over-the-top for what is simply a differing of opinion.
  13. Well good for them. Unlike them I've actually read the books, and loved them, and even with my (much lowed) expectations I was still disappointed. Frankly I don't give two shits what the non-readers think, cause it doesn't make me any less disappointed or frustrated.
  14. Heavily underwhelming and poorly handled episode, in my opinion. A 5 out of 10. Everything was just.... not good. It's easier to list the things I didn't hate, and that would be.... Littlefinger's reference to dying on the privy? That was kind of amusing, I guess. Pascal also gave a good performance. That's...... kind of it, though. Everything else just sucked. I honestly don't even have it in me to keep complaining about this show. It's just so beyond what my worst fears would be. Everything feels so underwhelming and rushed and generic. *sigh*