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  1. your top 3 most subscribed to theories

    I mainly believe only the really obvious and not-stupid ones like: R+L = J Sarella = Alleras Sandor = The Gravedigger
  2. No Arianne Martell?

    Normally I'd be considered a "book purist," and would advocate loyalty to the source material over all, but your arguments made complete sense, and now that I think about it I agree. I would rather have something that is absolutely fantastic TV at the cost of loyalty to source material, than quasi-loyal to the source material but only average TV (which GoT is right now). Some of my favourite films have been quite unloyal to their source material, such as The Shining and Children of Men. I too think a smaller focus would have allowed for much greater characterisation and subtlety.
  3. No Arianne Martell?

    Meh, still better then Daenerys' Qarth storyline.
  4. No Arianne Martell?

    Renly didn't matter as much as Stannis in the end, and they kept him :dunno:
  5. No Arianne Martell?

    I'm already getting ready to hold back vomit when they do a scene of Trystane visiting Myrcella after she's got her wound, telling her she has a shit memory and that he loves her no matter what :ack:
  6. No Arianne Martell?

    Heh yeah, I'm jumping back and forth between them, trying to remember what I posted in each :lol: Arianne may not be in the show, but she's awesome enough to have two threads 'round here for her.
  7. No Arianne Martell?

    But the Sand Snakes and Areo Hotah aren't disposable? I'd argue they are far more so than Arianne in every way.
  8. No Arianne Martell?

    Lol obviously I was being sarcastic, she's one of my favourite characters. But from the point of view of the showrunners there's little else of importance to Dornish female characters than sex and nudity, just wait for the Sand Snakes.
  9. No Arianne Martell?

    It seems likely we will be mourning the loss of her infamous nipples :(
  10. Elia Martell Casting

    Lol I coincidently made a pic of Cruz my avatar just a few hours before seeing this thread :Lol: As gorgeous as Cruz is, I think she's a bit too attractive to play Elia, since wasn't Elia described as 'sickly?' Also, Cruz is a bit too big of a name for the show, although I guess that isn't really a problem anymore.
  11. How would you rate episode 410?

    5/10. The most disappointing episode of this show. Ever. I guess I just have one question for the show writers.... Why change things that are so perfect in the books...?!?! There is a reason people obsess and love this book series, it's cause George is a damn good writer that crafts fantastic scenes of dialogue and character development. The show does none of this. I'll save my complaints to the nitpicking thread, but seriously, I don't think I've ever been more disappointed in a visual adaptation than Tyrion's entire final scene this episode. That chapter was an absolute masterpiece, and the show watered it down and changed it and fucked with it so much I have to wonder if the people that make this show ever LIKE the books in the first place. So yeah, I heavily disliked this episode, and season as a whole. Oh well though. I'm just a book purist I suppose, so don't take what I say seriously.
  12. I loved Jon's crossbow then kick to the face take-down of Tormund. Easily the most (only) badass thing Jon has done so far in the show.
  13. How would you rate episode 409?

    6. I was gonna give it a 7 while I watched it, but I wasn't that impressed. Yeah, I know, they did the best with the budget they had, but I just wasn't very excited. I never felt like there was any tension, and the deaths didn't have any emotional impact on me (except making me happy that Ygritte is finally dead). There were some cool moments, sure, and I was never bored. I really enjoyed the Sam/Aemon chat, but I would have preferred it was in episode 8, maybe, instead of, you know, NO FUCKING STANNIS ARRIVAL. I checked, and this has been the shortest episode of Game of Thrones ever. They had ten minutes already left to put Jon's meeting with Mance and the arrival of Stannis, and they could have taken out the dumb Jon/Sam talk about sex. That would have given them almost fifteen minutes extra time! I understand that the battle spans over more than one night, but when you spend eight bloody episodes building UP to the battle, I expect that was done so the episode could be a complete package, not have some cheap and lazy cliffhanger at the end. The battle ended suddenly, and there was no proper climax. Now the result of this dumb decision is that Stannis' most heroic and cheer worthy moment will just be an afterthought, quickly wrapped up so we can get more Khaleesi and the funny dwarf, cause gods forbid Stannis gets any meaningful time dedicated to just him. Seriously, sometimes the decisions this show makes just piss me off, I'm sorry.
  14. [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    Omg, ouch, that passive-aggressive burn really put us in our place lol