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  1. Well, she must be able to do some glamoring given that she only has Walder's face and yet her hands were just as old... I didn't see Walder-Gloves in her bag.
  2. Why do people assume that someone has to be killed to use their face? We saw Jaqen use Arya's face in one of the earlier series and she wasn't dead. There has to be more magic at play...
  3. For me, it's not that people don't want to give Sansa credit, it's that we want her to manoeuvre against LF--we're expecting it--but the writers are doing an injustice to whatever scheming she might be doing... It's just not clear or manipulative enough
  4. I kind of like the idea that if Bran really is the NK, getting lost in his warg-warp, and that if Jaime *had* have succeeded in killing him as a boy by throwing him from the tower--thereby ending the cycle--then Jaime would have been the saviour of the Kingdom again!! The people would have once again hated him for an action that probably would have saved thousands if not millions of lives.
  5. Whoops. Not sure how I triggered spoiler in my post!
  6. I don't understand those saying that the FM couldn't use Arya's face because it hasn't been removed. Didn't we see it being used at the end of last season, when she was in the hall of the faces?? Doesn't that mean some other kind of magic is going on, not just rip someone's face off to use it as halloween mask?
  7. Though I liked the scene well enough (and Clarke is always a much better actress when she's shouting in Dothraki), I thought the whole thing a bit pointless. The Khalasar was already hers after the burning. And she doesn't have ships to get them to Westeros, so what was the point of the pep talk? They're all psyched up with no outlet. Even if it was to use express her power and to show them her dragons - why now? Did she just take the opportunity because Drogon turned up? It seemed so forced, as though it was just a way for the episode to end of a powerful note.
  8. **Crazy theory alert** I always idly wondered whether the Stark's can control the WW's like the Targ's can control the dragons. Each side has a magical sidekick. Ice and Fire and all that. The NK is a little like Drogon - the big boy!
  9. Listening to the visions again and it definitely sounds like "Burn them all" is being spoken in two voices; one of which sounds like Blood Raven. Also, I thought Hodor went mad because of the link between present Hodor and past Hodor - not because Bran spoke to him. Ned has heard him previously and didn't go mad so I can't see why BR couldn't be whispering to the Mad King over time, driving him slowly to the paranoia and madness we know him for instead of Hodor-like immediate madness.
  10. I've heard the same rumour; that Syrio is one of Jaqen's faces, all of which are leading Arya to the FM. Tutoring her. Developing her skills. It makes sense when you think that Syrio was a Braavosian, which is where the FM are based.
  11. I get the feeling that Mel is going to create uncat, not a Thoros.
  12. " So in summary, Patchface could be: -A supernatural creature (the jester transformed or replaced) -A human who lost his mind and has occasional random prophetic visions like the Red Wedding mixed in with his normal babble -The Drowned God's prophet, meaning that a supernatural being / force is controlling or guiding Patchface toward some purpose " Can I add another one (forum newbie here....) ? Patchface could be a Faceless man. What if PF isn't the true Pf? What if he has been replaced by a faceless man during the sinking, who donned the original Patchfaces face (convoluted much?). That could explain why he was lost at sea for two days with no explanation? It could also explain why Melisandre sees him as such a threat. Perhaps somebody has prayed/ paid for a death at the wall (Jons? Stannis? Melisandre herself?) Also, a sidenote, is there a metaphorical/ symbolic reason for Maester Cresson donning Patchfaces antler hat? It seems an odd thing that Stannis allowed such a bullying tactic of a life long advisor. Harsh and unyielding he might be, but Stannis is loyal to those who serve him. And he is not a bully. It seemed wrong that he allowed it.....