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  1. That wasn't a snap at people who don't like SRD. That was a snap at people who have never heard of it and think GRRM invented dragons.
  2. That's because the series is old and everyone in these forums seems to be a fucking 13 year old girl.
  3. It pains me to say this, but didn't the first few Runelords books sell like hotcakes?
  4. Yes. Yes we have. :(
  5. Tangent! The B&N by me doesn't even CARRY any Gemmell.
  6. Or for fucks sake, read the fucking first post.
  7. Just a few I didn't see that maybe have been mentioned already and dont have numbers. Too lazy to read the whole thing: Glen Cook, Kate Elliott, Gene Wolfe, Steven Brust
  8. I love you, Wert. I think this list may shock the hell out of some people here. Sometimes I get the feeling a few people forget that this isn't the be all end all of SFF fandom.
  9. Haha, you just used Side Boob in a semi review. +1000!
  10. There's a few. One in Tales of Dark Fantasy 2, one in Fearsome Journeys, and one in, oh crap, Swords and Dark Magic?
  11. You need to read the original trilogy for The Silver Spike to make any sense. It's been a while and I read them all in one go, but I think you'd have to at least Start with Bleak Seasons, other wise Soldier's Live would make no sense. I seem to be alone in having Water Sleeps as my least favorite of them all. Oh, and it's not over. Cook has stated he plans to write two more, a prequel and final novel set sometime after Soldier's Live. I think he's writing the prequel right now.
  12. I had a similar reaction to the first omnibus. I just don't get it. I think it may be in parts for me wanting to strangle Cordelia half the time, although I will say Barrayar is much better written plus, and forgive me if I spell this wrong, Borathi in the second book has a fascinating character arc. But oh my god, I get it, she's worried about her baby. Definitely plan to continue on to the miles books though. There is potential here.
  13. Abercrombie is Heavy Metal Fantasy. Think about it.
  14. Grimdark is never a complimentary term. It's what bloggers use when they're all pissy that their fantasy serious isn't filled with farmboys who are princes and magic swords.
  15. Publishing makes no sense. Robin Hobb's latest book has been out in , oh I think the Netherlands, but one of those countries up there, for over 6 months.