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  1. Heresy 193 Winterfell

    Nah BC, Bran is training to use what is already there.Way before Bran set out on his quest across The Wall he skinchanging and having green dreams.Him eating the paste had to do with him being married to the trees. I don't doubt your math VOTM imo such a thing cannot be applied specific when the speakers in general is saying greensers are rare. This where i think the connotation of Bloodraven's word's may be going unnoticed .IMO the narrative answers which is basically "greenseers are rare,there are now 5 greenseers and they are "unprotected" we need us to grab us some." Consider this: No, only a boy who dreams. The greenseers were more than that. They were wargs as well, as you are, and the greatest of them could wear the skins of any beast that flies or swims or crawls, and could look through the eyes of the weirwoods as well, and see the truth that lies beneath the world" IMO it is right there plain.All greenseers were Wargs and seers and there is also a hierarchy among greenseers. If you were the greatest of the greenseers you were the ones that could( its not a necessity to you being a greenseers) skinchange any beast and see through the weirwoods.If you were least among them ehhhh you probably aren't so varied in your hosts. All this to say the numbers are relative to the narrative and so ,is Bloodraven's words about the rarity of Wargs one meant to direct us to the numbers of the improbability? Or one meant to show what i posted to Black Crow? Magic is reaching it's zenith and there's a concentration of power.Meaning where there may have few,there's now a handful in one corner pocket what would the powers in the know do to snag one?Its the Fibonacci sequence man. I don't agree with this.The paste was just to bind him to the trees.He was already a greenseer. They just snagged themselves one to put where they wanted the Weirwoods. Someone else may snag another any marry him of her to ice or fire etc. I think this may qualify.
  2. Heresy 193 Winterfell

    6 Wargs in one household isn't strange.If we look at what makes a greenseer. 1. Bloodrave to Bran "Your blood makes you a greenseer" Bran isn't "becoming" one he already is one. If we look at what a greenseer is. Skinchanger who dreams prophetically.Then thus far that's Bran,Jon,Rickon..Can't rememer if Arya or Sansa is having any,but i think all the Stark kids are greenseers by blood.
  3. Heresy 193 Winterfell

    I'm a believer that all the Stark kids are "green" seers and i will throw in Dany as well. Greenseer is what the little tree huggers call their shaman or person who can skinchange AND have prophetic dreams.There are just degrees in ability when it comes to them.
  4. Heresy 193 Winterfell

    Well if we think about the un-explainable things i would say its a bit specific as well.The telepathic link between characters and the world around them via proxies is imo established and i think that because we are dealing with sentience with respect to the direwolves,the trees (on account of their link with the GSs) things could become very interesting.
  5. Heresy 193 Winterfell

    Happy New Year's Heretics....May this year bring prosperity,peace and happiness to all of you.
  6. Heresy 193 Winterfell

    The Old English,but again even in that etymology there a matter of perspective.Its more of an enclosure which depending on purpose could be seen as trap,protection or seal.So All could apply to Winterfell the Weirwoods depending on whatever the hell they were about. Which brings me to the point of what was the deal with these trees. I proposed a while back and still believe in a "first contact" situation with respect to the trees and creatures like the direwolves with foundation in the music of the spheres. I think the specialty lay in the blood of some of the people that came from Essos. Some of them could as we say "hear the music" so when the trees and creatures like the direwolves reached out in song,behold some men,heard because they could,understood and answered. I think when the first men came with their fire and their axes that's what happened-First contact and in so doing sympathetic humans were essentially made because of this psychic link. So i think the Weirwoods "infiltrated" the First men via those that were sensitive for the sake of securing their survival going forward in some capacity. Had this idea a long time just from the angle of infiltration vs trap.As i said it really depends on perspective.I mean hey living longer having godlike powers including hoping bodies thus allowing me if i was so inclined to partake in all manner of fleshly vices.All i have to do is contribute my special blood to a tree...Sweet deal to some. I've longed believe that nature itself is the trump card in all this.The trees the wolves they are all players possibly moving pawns to their own ends.
  7. Heresy 193 Winterfell

    As a prison...I can see that and i want to go deeper in that.It also strikes me how much Winterfell is like a stone tree.We can switch roles and superimpose what we grasp when it comes to the greenseer and weirwood relationship. We had spoken of this i believe a while ago.How possibly the weirwood itself depending on how you look at the relationship can be seen as a prison for the greenseers. So maybe,like a heart tree must have its greenseer (a person of a particular blood) A Stark must be in the stone tree of Winterfell. ETA. Its going into the weekend .Weed is legal in California, so i maybe tripping just a tinsy bit right about now. So i don't know if what i just said is making some kind of sense.In my head its perfect.
  8. Heresy 193 Winterfell

    Or another alternative presents itself .I come at it from a different angle.What if Jon's body doesn't die at all and he is in a coma. I think its possible that the Wall's magic itself will preserve Jon. We have allusions of this as in the case of Maester Aemon as you recall. The wall could preserve him just as cold preserves.How many times have we had characters on the Wall say "it is cold" .Of course i don't think this saying is just a throw away comment. To come back to my premise about Jon not having to die to go through his transformation.V6skins experiance when dying shows us a few things. Up until "That was his last thought as a man" V6 was alive and outside his body.Affecting and and being apart of the environment and those in it around him. I believe as i pointed out Here the greenseers have been using the wind as a vehicle to get around and raise the dead.Their bodies are preserved some where magically cold. Could be Blooraven's (dead man in a tree) crew or another(dead man in ice),but we are dealing with the un dead raising the dead.What all have in comment i believe is the ability to skinchange and thus use the elements as conduits.Not just any elements one that can preserve so they live longer. Where does that leave Jon.He may float in and out of Ghost,but he doesn't need to die.His body just has to remain via magical means and its linked to the Wall.I think we have a foreshadowing to that . There is similarities here with Bran seeing Jon dying,his body becoming hard and pale ;like a statue.Coincidentally? I don't think so.The Shrouded Lord's transformation is Jon's.
  9. Nominations and Ranking Thread 2016 (with results)

    Thanks! Kingmonkey. You were a great participant and a big part of the project's success.Thank you for your conttributions.I look forward to it again in the "Heresy X+Y=J Reveal thread" when WOW comes out.
  10. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    I have to agree with BC somewhat on this.I think its about the characters and how they deal with the environment and the others around them that share it.What decisions they will make,how they will grow,change etc.But i also agree with Feather in that its also a tale of the larger aspect that involves a extinction event and (i will change this part) how Westeros will look after it has happened.What the knew age will be. This is where i disagree with Feather.The event is going to happen in fire and ice and after the world be a different place for good or ill.Alot of people are going to die.The landscape might change a bit but its coming.
  11. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    Going from memory,somethings may have gotten cross,but i think you got the gist of it which was old Baphy wasn't the original.
  12. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    Ohhh i feel the need to correct this. Baphomet isn't the original Horned god.The archetype is way older. In fact its as old as when Man began to til the ground and work with nature in that way, basically when he became an "husband." Knowledge supposedly obtain by one of the "Watchers." Eliphias Levi who was the originator of making the association with the Knights Templar did so on account of the name being closely related to the name Mahomet and mysticism in Arabia. What's different when in comes to Baphomet is that he is most related to hidden knowledge and enlightenment. Anyways its a long way of saying he isn't the original.He is a horned god yes,but even his role is different from the others. Oh i know you aren't saying one is good or bad.But what i'm getting at is the characterization of it as an inversion.If we are basically seeing the same cycle with different faces to the same roles happening the same way how is it in reverse? When it come to the cycle aspect as i said i think we are seeing one cycle and in all truth we don't know what the next cycle would bring for this world. They may remain as they have for 8,000 years or they for the first time they may make some kind of progress. If as i believe this begins and ends with the greenseers then the way the cycle looks depend on how much involvement they choose to have .Now if some powerful characters are using conduits like the Weirwoods,flames and glass candles to influence people's choice. I can see that as a breaking using the elements.For me the only way for them to progress. If the cycle is a wheel then working in reverse or counter clockwise is the bad way to go. The cycle moving forward is for the GS to do a reset and fade away;giving footing to a more natural occurrence of magic vs sorcery which is what's going on. Which brings me to your final question and thoughts.I most definitely think that events are happening again,same archetypes and roles playing out.Why? Because that's the cyclical nature of things.What is important imo is the ability of some to use sorcery via elemental conduits like the Weirwoods,glass candles,dreams,flame etc to stand outside of time and make adjustments and influence choices to as to always maintain the status quo in every cycle. A true inversion to me wouldn't be to go back and fix no? The inks dry on the past.It would be for the roles to make different choices.If the COTF or some of them want the next cycle to be different they would have to urge certain people to make a different choice than the cycle(s) before.
  13. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    Oh i do believe that one use of the thematic repetition is to give it more depth,but i'm mainly on the side of it being cyclical in nature.If you are familiar with the concept of "extinction cycles" in our world you can see the same tell tale signs in this story. I've longed believe amidst the many themes in the story is us witnessing another cycle coming to a close.The messed up thing about this story and we have spoken about it before is the lack of progress made in Westeros. I mean they have made no gains at all as a culture.They are exactly the same today as they were 8,000 yrs ago I think that this cannot be stated enough.As far as Rhaegar was concerned his son was part of something and if we include what Mel said.It is the same song that has been around since the beginning of time.What i think is interesting is the perspective of the individuals and ours too.Why are some of us in the mindset to see things as fire being good and cold being bad.This is where @Feather Crystal inversion may come in.The whole cold as bad and fire as distinctly good.Could it be some place in the middle where as we've also talked about good and bad being fought in the heart. Reminds me of that Cherokee proverb except in this case the identity of which wolf is which is kept hidden. Ohhh i like this,i like this a lot. The Santa/Satan analogy lay in line with something talked on here a lot...The Oak and Holly king two side of the same coin,both battling for the rule in their turn within the Wheel of the year.In some myths they are the same with two aspects. In others two brothers. Renly and Stannis are very good examples of this.With Renly the green,youthful being opposite to Stannis who is older and more cold. It is one of my theories that we haven't yet scratched the surface when it comes to who the man in in the weirwood throne is.If we use what VSixskins was going to do to Thistle and take into consideration that him loosing his gift to skinchange was based on Thistle the possibilities are immense. What if BR isn't BR but Bran the Builder with the help of the COTF luring those with "the gift" and taking their bodies so he can essentially live forever.How this relates to this topic lay in the ultimate meaning behind Ouroborus "one is all" and i'm not sure @Feather Crystal " labeling your findings as inversion does it justice.We are talking about a cycle being played out with different players but ultimately the cycle is the same.The goal for some is the same..Immortality. I like this.And i can't help but think of the story of Esau and Jacob.Jacob who tricked his father into thinking he was his brother stole his blessing as the first born.Fast forward years later when he is with Laban working toward marrying Rachael Laban purposely gave him all the spotted livestock (seen as bad) and kept the ones without blemish.Joke was on him because the spotted multiplied and produced livestock without blemish anyway. It may be an inversion because spotted from a biblical sense is not worthy of sacrificed as its seen as unclean. The book of Enoch actually gives the reason behind this aversion to "spotted and blemished" in a parable. God had a farm basically with white live stock and during the night a thief broke in with his livestock and had them mate with God's flock creating the spotted. Some say this was a story really about the angles coming down and getting freaky with the daughters of men mixing the bloodlines of two things that should never be. I truly love this passage.I think George has incorporated the music of the spheres here.The Starks and the Direwolves are corresponding notes.So to possibly are the Targs to their Dragons. Interesting take on it. A drowned prophet with horns
  14. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    The inversions angle is something i'm not convinced is happening either. At least,not in the way or as meaningful beyond the repetition of the cyclical nature of cultures.There would be conquerors,signs in the skies,climate issues,wars,some supernatural stuff,a "big bad" and a messiah like figure(s) to make things right as rain again.This to can be embodied in te meaning of the Ouroboros which represents the perennial cyclic renewal of life and infinity.Its about the concept of eternity ;the everlasting return of things .All in all another representation of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. What we are seeing is Westeros in its cycles.The possibility that even though the ages may change that cycle will still be there.Different conqueror,climate issue,wars ...etc. I do love the listing of parallels though...More on this later.
  15. Heresy 192 The Wheel of Time

    I like that .Also, the origin of the word which in Celtic means "strength,power and force" and in Hebrew means " Father of a multitude."