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  1. Heresy 185

    Mace my friend i'm a bit phobic talking about this even in spoiler on here.I got one warning point and i don't want to give the mods cause.Bring this question to the show section.BC started a show thread there.
  2. Heresy Branch Office E05

    I think they probably want to use CGI budget on the Dragons which,let's face it carry greater wow factor tv wise.Who don't pee their pant when those things appear. Hahaha on the last one..true,true. I don't think you are reaching at all.One of my theories regarding this is that BTB's been body hoping for 8,000yrs and Bran is the next in line for a body snatch.Much like what Bran does with Hodor and Varymur sixskins attempted to do with Thistle.No one would know that it was really them in the bodies of these people walking around.This to me explains why CH's reffered to the 3eyed crow as the Last Greenseer,which would only make sense if we are dealing with one person,be it our Bran or BTB. So i'm thining BTB was the first human GS and his was a voluntary one.What strikes as strange and maybe they are keeping it vague because they don't know or they do.But has the figure in he tree copt to being Brynden Rivers? When i binged watched the episodes i swore in like episode two he said he's been waiting 1,000 yrs which makes no sense if he's Bloodraven.
  3. Heresy 185

    Thanks Mace....I missed Redrose
  4. Heresy Branch Office E05

    Glad to see we are up and running here. Lastnight was a tough episode i'm still reeling that they killed another freaking Direwolf.I'll bitch about this forever Per the origins of the Others.This is Greenseer level magic there's noway just a regular COTF pulled that magic out of the hat.there's a reason why the Greenseers were called the Sorcerers and the Shaman of the Children. The visual though did make me think of something else someof ys had talked about on Heresy and it was also highlighted in the Worldbook and that was partnership with some factions of humans or "sympathetic humans" and the COTF.This is where i think the Direwolves,Crows and the weirwoods came in,reaching out to individuals of the FM who were naturally inclined to being contacted telepathically.It may very well have been a first contact situation where language was a problem then over time those humans began to identify with the natives a bit. Despite being tied to the weirwood,there seemed to be no resistence from the guy being sacrificed so i'm wondering if it was voluntary?
  5. Heresy 185

    So just to clarify we are up on the show forum right? I 100% agree with this..... Welcome back Redriver,Toccs and Tower of Joy...You guys have been missed.
  6. The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    Yeah...There's a no fly policy when it comes to that.It's absolutely forbidden.
  7. Heresy 185

    Val is the only female built up this way naturally,though Mel seemed she wanted to "force" the issue at one point in time. We have yet to see this element even take a turn in that direction with Jon and any of his sisters.With two books left i don't know if this is something to be developed enough for there to be an actuall relationship for Jon and any of his sisters.As i said to me anyway the only way i see this happening is with Arya, and as an accident of some sought where there is lack of recognition between them and that's if she develops as a Faceless man and is really far gone not to care.That is a longshot and a crackpot but as it is in the series now i don't even see this heading of in that direction. It therefore,could be one of the things he has changed.Bran and Jon on opposite side,that element is still in play though. I agree with this...It is easy to see what elements of the existing story being still in play but i think there's also some aspects of it that we can be sure GRRM did away with.
  8. Heresy 185

    I never considered Jon and Arya hooking up before the synopsis but i do think Arya will make it to the Wall wearing Daeron the singers face and boots.That coupled with how Arya was frequently taken for a boy and the appearance of an Arya Flint on the Stark family tree leads to believe that Arya may have a similar experiance on the Wall. I don't know how long we have to go in this series,if its enough to establish any kind of relationship between Jon any of the Stark girls.Plus mentally this is a trip going from thinking this person was a sibling to a love interest. If Jon does have a love interest in this i'm looking at Val.I doubt they will live happily ever after though.
  9. The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    Thank you Feather.
  10. How Tywin Took Lyanna with the Porcupine Knight

    To your first query,yes with a bit of clarification:Brandon and Rickard's execution became known .Its more or less linked to Aerys calling for Ned and Robert's head.We can even use Lyanna's deathbed request of wanting to come home and rest beside them as indication that word on "that" incident was out. However,putting aside what Ned said about why the reason for the rebellion- Went to win a crown and rose against the Targs to stop the murder of children those were the reason for the rebellion.You can even go to Ned's recollection of his arguement with Robert about Rhaegar's kids he said he left in a cold rage to fight the rest of the wars alone.Again no Lyanna. Even more strange are accounts such as these: “Be that as it may. My father sat where I sit now when Lord Eddard came to Sisterton. Our maester urged us to send Stark’s head to Aerys, to prove our loyalty. It would have meant a rich reward. The Mad King was open-handed with them as pleased him. By then we knew that Jon Arryn had taken Gulltown, though. Robert was the first man to gain the wall, and slew Marq Grafton with his own hand. ‘This Baratheon is fearless,’ I said. ‘He fights the way a king should fight.’ Our maester chuckled at me and told us that Prince Rhaegar was certain to defeat this rebel. That was when Stark said, ‘In this world only winter is certain. We may lose our heads, it’s true … but what if we prevail?’ My father sent him on his way with his head still on his shoulders. ‘If you lose,’ he told Lord Eddard, ‘you were never here.’ ” “At the Trident, those brave men Viserys spoke of who died beneath our dragon banners - did they give their lives because they believed in Rhaegar's cause, or because they had been bought and paid for?" Dany turned to Mormont, crossed her arms, and waited for an answer. "My queen," the big man said slowly, "all you say is true. But Rhaegar lost on the Trident. He lost the battle, he lost the war, he lost the kingdom, and he lost his life. His blood swirled downriver with the rubies from his breastplate, and Robert the Usurper rode over his corpse to steal the Iron Throne. Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly, Rhaegar fought honorably. And Rhaegar died.” I don't think these people knew Lyanna was missing and Rhaegar was said to have taken her.I would think that these highlords wouldn't be gungho supporting to taking of a highlords daughter just like that.It would be cause for concern.But look at the connotations for whch the refer to Robert and Ned...Rebels seemingly without a cause. Next if it was well known that "Rhaegar took Lyanna another's bethrothed in that manner would he be seen as fighting nobly and honerably. As i mentioned elsewhere 12yr old Petyr had the "cohones" to challenge Brandon to a duel for Cat's hand.That's honorable,that't nobly. To these people Robert and they were in open rebellion and whatever the cause was at the time no one knew.After it was all said and done it seemed better for the songs that all this was done for a woman.Sounds better than the gruesome nature of what really happened. Which was Aerys called for Ned and Robert's head,Jon Arryn wasn't having it and called his banners....Then it was essentially on.
  11. How Tywin Took Lyanna with the Porcupine Knight

    @Slywren: Awesome write up on this.One of by favorite proposals of how Lyanna went missing next to it being and "inside job" and by inside i mean Stark involvement.I also love that you touched on the other theme in the Bael story and that is of a dude getting back at a highlord for running his mouth about him.I said this on Feather's thread that we have a story that utilizes more or less the "Trickster" archetype( I'm actually doing an essay about that as we speak) to cause the "CCs-Chaos and change predominantly to suit there own ends.We have been privy to people not being who they are in order to enact the aforementioned i.e. Loras in Renly's armour helping Tywin with the Stannis situation (Though it was really Tyrion) and Ser Gregor for what he pulled off in the Riverlands while wearing no identifying arms.I wonder who gave them that idea..hmmm. I don't know how "in the know" Rhaegar was.Tywin IMO may have given him the impression that he was player when he really was a pawn and in this Littlefingers lesson to Sansa comes to mind. “Always keep your foes confused. If they are never certain who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are like to do next. Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you. Remember that, Sansa, when you come to play the game.” “What . . . what game?” “The only game. The game of thrones.” Did Tywin have any allies in this really or was anyone who wasn't a Lannister and enemey or better yet an interest. Tywin took/usedRhaegar as far as he could as best served him and then he just hung back.But something in Rhaegar's tone in his last conversation with Jamie and much of the verbage of people during that time tells me the whole Lyanna going missing was a later addition and no one outside of a few people knew she was gone.I don't think Rhaegar knew Lyanna was missing .In everybody's mind this was a rebellion,a resistence against the ruiling monarch. Could it be that Tywin's plan was ultimately to use Rhaegar to a point and leave him out to hang?
  12. Heresy 184

    wws smite walkers,once that cold wind gets pass the wall its a done deal as the greenseers will ride that all the way down. Melissandre has the best idea on getting through a structure that has spells woven in it where no shadows can pass.Go under it.Aren't there tunnels under the Wall? Or,if they reopen the tunnels they filled in during Mance's assault then all they got to do is bust down the gates and they can go through.
  13. The Heresy Project: Tywin + Lyanna = Dead Girl

    I disagree Ygrain the description is in the visual as well and the under pinning to that whole bloody bed is that men take place as a result of the battle field.That's the bloody bed,it was their bloody bed.Women acting the role of soldier in the case of Asha and Brienne were told that their bloody bed shouldn't be on the battle field in should be be the birthing bed. That's the foundation what the bloody bed should be and who it was initially attributed to under what circumstance and a minority subverting it causing the initial meaning of it to be changed because they are not conforming to gender roles. Per MMD i read that very different. I think context is everything: "They passed through a series of anterooms, into the high central chamber under the onion. Faint light shone down through hidden windows above. A few torches burnt smokily from sconces on the walls. Sheepskins were scattered across the mud floor. "There," Mirri Maz Duur said, pointing to the altar, a massive blue-veined stone carved with images of shepherds and their flocks. Khal Drogo lay upon it. The old woman threw a handful of dried leaves onto a brazier, filling the chamber with fragrant smoke. "Best if you wait outside," she told the rest of them. "We are blood of his blood," Cohollo said. "Here we wait." Qotho stepped close to Mirri Maz Duur. "Know this, wife of the Lamb God. Harm the khal and you suffer the same." He drew his skinning knife and showed her the blade. "She will do no harm." Dany felt she could trust this old, plainfaced woman with her flat nose; she had saved her from the hard hands of her rapers, after all. "If you must stay, then help," Mirri told the bloodriders. "The Great Rider is too strong for me. Hold him still while I draw the arrow from his flesh." She let the rags of her gown fall to her waist as she opened a carved chest, and busied herself with bottles and boxes, knives and needles. When she was ready, she broke off the barbed arrowhead and pulled out the shaft, chanting in the singsong tongue of the Lhazareen. She heated a flagon of wine to boiling on the brazier, and poured it over his wounds. Khal Drogo cursed her, but he did not move. She bound the arrow wound with a plaster of wet leaves and turned to the gash on his breast, smearing it with a pale green paste before she pulled the flap of skin back in place." (She gives Drogo instructions,he gives her bravado then) "Before," Dany said to the ugly Lhazareen woman, "I heard you speak of birthing songs …" "I know every secret of the bloody bed, Silver Lady, nor have I ever lost a babe," Mirri Maz Duur replied. That her reference to bloody means birthing bed...I wouldn't be so sure. Its kind of redundant don't you think? If she bloody bed means exclusively birthing bed,there's no need for her to say she's never lost a babe if she knows all the secret of the birthing bed. Lastly,can you link where GRRM said it was Lyanna's name Rhaegar whisphered.Even though there's no context to analyze i would still like to see where he said it was definitely her name Rhaegar whisphered.
  14. The Heresy Project: Tywin + Lyanna = Dead Girl

    I know,he wasn't a fool,disinterested with being a King yes,which by the way is something he never indicated he wanted.I think this one is background future books will reveal.The rebellion was already inplay i think the right catayst occured and it was literally on.Ned said the intention was to "win a crown" and the rose against the Targs to "stop the murder of children." So it would be interesting to see what was the plan.Had the plotters decided it should be Robert or did he just fall into that role. Alot could be because Robert had Targ blood himself.
  15. Heresy 184

    I certainly agree with Winterfell being central to the resolution of what's going on at least magically what i was trying to do was have a mental pictue of certain markers attributed to the COTF and BTB.I'm more and more convinced he is still in the game not physically solid but as a shadow that won't go away. The Wall? How so?