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  1. Heresy 184

    Very true. Whaaaaaaaat! I remember in season 4 i think;when she found out that Thoros had "raised" Beric she kept saying "he shoudn't have that power,it was't possible or somthing to that effect. This has been one of my theories for a while that it is fact the GSs perpetrating as these gods. I find it interesting when Arya first meets Beric except for him having a bit of flesh his imagery was exactly that of Bloodraven .Then we have the same imagery in the form of TKM in the HOBAW .Ithink that was GRRMs way of indicating that there is no R'hollor just as there probably is no Great Other per se.Just very powerful Skinchanger(s).
  2. Heresy 184

    1.) Feather i don't think that Patche's statement can be seen as "the North" being upside down.This to me says nothing about "the North" 2) I don't see the the connection from Euron being reffered to as a squeaky hinge and him opening some hypothethical hinge. 3.Again its not the wind "itself" its "what" has the capaility to usethe wind as a vehicle. Thankyou BC!
  3. Heresy Project X+Y=J: Robert + Lyanna

    Let's go with your idea that Ned sent a letter to Cat.I'm going to go with your belief that Jon was at toj 1. The only point Ned could have sent his letter is after toj on the way to WF.Again this has no bearing on Jon's conception and birth. 2.So he mentions Jon do you really think Ned is going to go into detail? No way ! If he sent such a note( Cat never mentions Ned as the one who told her.Infact the tone of that sounds like its mode of transmission was not Ned).That note would be at best " Cat i want you to know that i fathered a bastard on a girl i met ......i'm very sorry." Again no indication at alllll that Ned was the source of this. RT we aren't getting anywhere with this.Nothing and i mean nothing in Cat statement or Ned's statement to Robert indicates that Jon was born at a particular time. This all hedges on the assumption by two people -Robert and Cat.To say that Jon was born at a certain time based on Cat's belief and Robert's assumption doesn't make sense. So again i will hold to my point that the percieved timeline held by some doesn't hold up and Jon could have been born way earlier and hidden. The myth puts Jon's conception at Harrenhal. the varied ideas about when and by whom Ned was suppose to have fathered Jonis something to keep in mind as further proof that Jon's origin isn't as simple as counting 9mths from Dany's believed birth. Jon's own ludicrous statement of him being a babe in arms when this summer began which would actually put him at 4 -5 yrs ( can't believe GRRM and his editor's are that BAD at math) is a dead giveaway. The fact that GRRM shows time and time again that people will believe whatever story a person it authority say or there's to much happening to notice crap is defintely something to consider. As to your later point.You are not thinking as a woman with a young baby who was born "so small",moving into a new home post war and trying to find her place. You are speaking as a person knowing there's a mystery seeing signs of a mystery and trying to figure it out. What would Cat be looking for in observing Jon? Let's say she notices something "off" about Jon which she did far from that woman's mind would be "Jonmust be older than Robb." Maybe it wouldwould be : "It was not Lord Eddard’s face he saw floating before him, though; it was Lady Catelyn’s. With her deep blue eyes and hard cold mouth, she looked a bit like Stannis. Iron, he thought, but brittle. She was looking at him the way she used to look at him at Winterfell, whenever he had bested Robb at swords or sums or most anything. Who are you? that look had always seemed to say. This is not your place. Why are you here? And we can tell from Jon that there was a point he was better than Robb at most anything.Might that not be an indication he was farther along until Robb and he reached a certain age where that wouldn't be a factor? I rest my case with this. Magic at work at Harrenhal? Not that i could see,or not that the characters acted in such a way.In the story when something looks like a magic ritual its is achknowledged by the characters as such.This is something a bit different all together.I totally agree with you on the seasons being magically influenced but again when it comes to the characters how many know that or believe that this is just the way things have always been. Rhaegar's death and his father's were fruit of the poison tree.Their deaths led to Robert's rise and the changing of a new era for Westeros.So it being a ways of from Harrenhall doesn't matter in this case. Now my explanation for Rhaegar's crowning has nothing to do with Robert as Jon's father.It has no bearing on anyone having sex with Lyann and having Jon unless you already have a belief that Rhaegar is the father and thus you percieve a certain interpretation of the crowning as being relevant to that.In this case no..As i said in my essay you are welcomed to believin his actions beingpolitical,a a result of manipulation or as i see it Rheagar making a jest;which is in his character. He just did it with a bunch of people who are known to not have that kind of sense in humor as Baelish and Robert pointed out.That kind of jesting gets a bas rise out of them. You say you wouldn't call him witty? Rhaegar took no interest in the play of other children. The maesters were awedby his wits,buthis father's knights would jest sourly that Baelor the Blessed had been born again(asos,Dany.Chpt 8) Its exactly what he was. I assume the Starks know the story because it is directly tied to how their line survived.There is no way Ned and they never heard of this.This isn't just a random tale,proximity alone to the Wildlings also gives that away.Them believing and achknowleding the story is a different matter.
  4. Heresy 184

    It is true the view is incomplete but incomplete or not some people will remain in the dark because they will not see.Now we could argue why that is ad they are many reason;manipulation by others through magical mean or no,or internal and external biases. I haven't seenthe episode but that quotation by BR which echoes something Patchface said seems to be a caution against succuming to the enticements of visions.Dany was similarly tempted in the HOTU,but that's a far leap from Westeros being flipped because some hinge is open. Another question i haven't had time to peruse the site(s) to find out what happened but from what i gather Jon Snow is back and what the "coldwinds" raised him? Hahah validation for my "cold theory' if that is true though i'll wait for the books to see if that works itself in there. Nahhh the cold winds aren't a separate entity...The same entity is "using" it to raise the icewignts,Beric,the stone men etc. There is no ice magic or fire magic or wind magic which have nothing to do with raising the dead.Its justGreenseer(s) are riding the winds baby If the show did allude to the Coldwinds raising Jon,then i'd be concern ifit isJon in his body.
  5. Heresy 184

    I agree more or less that the battle will be won in Westeros i just don't think the common man knows or will ever know what and where the real battle is.I expect to see political and religious motives being pivitol in "a" battle or should i say a battle that the regulars believe is important and from their point of view it is. Dany and Aegon may go at it.The Lannisters and Aegon or Dany may go at it.Throw in the North and their nonsense and we will be seeing a lot of battles.All of these people are fighting for a title because they think they have "a right" to rule the realm a piece of land etc.This is something entirely different. If you are speaking along the same lines in terms of "the war" then yeah that is something that would never end and as i've said before the war is neccessary it what keeps the world turning;though i think that "War" got wrapped up in the political. Some yes i agree but the common man on the street noooo. We get alot from Melissandre if you remove her own bias and errors we get a lot of info about the world and how it works.It would have been interesting to get a POV from someone like Bloodraven,a Maesteror even a character like Leaf.But i still say for the most part the characters are looking at the world "eyes wide shut" or to quote Syrio who reiterates another theme streesed in this story "they look without seeing." Barring the height thing which we really don't know as you stated.Would Ned have done such a thing.You think he had it him character wise to do so?
  6. Heresy Project X+Y=J: Robert + Lyanna

    The day reminded me that i missed answering this post.This is an author connection.As i stated in the essay he wrote the ritual as part of the story.The characters themselves have no idea they enating such a ritual,it is for us the readers as some would have recognized it for what it was. So the ritual didn't go wrong it as it was suppose to with eveyone playing the role they were to. The tourney itself happening when it did.The atmopsphere remenicient of in mordern terms of couples going " A maying" hooking up in the woods and getting it on. The figure of the goddess and horned god engaing in the sacred marriage.Except again they are not aware of such a thing they are just two people who got swept up in everything that was going on and had sex. Rhaegar the poor sapWicker man who ended up getting sacrificed because his ratting out Lyanna started a chain of events that led to his death.
  7. Heresy Project X+Y=J: Robert + Lyanna

    HA! Ned could have reasonably had sex before they were married indicated by the story of the "fisherman's daughter." According to some he did....and that puts Jon as being older than Robb.Which goes to a wider point.Nobody cares unless someone makes it care worthy. The following clarifies that Cat doesn't know she is drawing her on conclusions based info she got there's no window of time.When Ned joined the fighting is much ado about nothing.The campaign started when Arryn called his banners. And to my other point if you believe that Ned picked up Jon from the toj and took him to WF from there that proves my point even more.You do realize that don't you? What she believes has no bearing on when Jon was actually born. You cannot use her statements to to determine Jon's cnception and birth because it doesn't compute even when you eyeball it. You and alot of others over and over again said no other theory is viable because of the timeline.That has been the single hinge thrown.I've shown quite clearly that is false. Happy Beltane everyone!
  8. Heresy 184

    Sorry about the long wait but i wanted to get back to this.I'm working on two points here but to answer you directly.We are given two visuals that if we remove the elemental difference is exactly the same. We see some of the COTF all plugged into the weirnet in BR's cave.Then we compare that toanother vision. "Bran looked down. There was nothing below him now but snow and cold and death, a frozen wasteland where jagged blue-white spires of ice waited to embrace him. They flew up at him like spears. He saw the bones of a thousand other dreamers impaled upon their points. He was desperately afraid." I believe this is the ice version of BR's cave.Dreamers plugged into ice instead of the Weirwood and from Bran's point ov view he may have thought they were dead and maybe they were.But the bones remember do they. I will tie this back into the whole casting a shadow and what exactly is that but a representation of a person.Bran cast his shadow/likeness unto the tree and Theon saw it.We know that a Skinchanger can inhabit pretty much anything from v6's little tour before he died.What if the same is going on ice side from such an abode.Casting their shadow/binding it to the ice. Now the shadowbinding aspect of JNR's theory is what i find plauisble.It doesn't have to be sex oriented like Melissadre,just someone who is able to cast through certain means and in this case Skincganging. Also,Happy Beltane to everyone! Yeah i agree and i think its always prudent to consider what the characters know and don't know and what we the readers can put together because we have a more broader view and several account to look over and draw a conclusion. Cold equal's alot of things but this a matter of what's causing what which is the point of the riddle and the connotation of the many breadcrumbs regarding the ww......They are'nt in control they are being driven and created by someone else.... I think both points are correct.We can't put them into the evil/good category.They are tools to be used yes but they have a level of complicity because they are able to affect the person they bond with. Drogon was able to reach of out to Dany as an egg he initiated the bond with her.Put her through the test of song and fire and she passed.We can speculate the magical implications but from a scientific point of view the ability to bond on such a level with another creature and a creature that is at the top of the chain as a predator( man) is a great means of survival for Dragon and Direwolf.They have an advantage over any other 'animal' because they can do that.And this can be a problem for man or a help depending. However,as i've pointed out elswhere nature selected Dragons to sleep and do so for a long time because it wasn't their time.They are out of their era any how you slice it. They have to have space to grow and given that they can and will grow huge.They are going to hunt and crap might happen.They will tip the ecological scale .Orrrr you cage them which affects them negatively.Lastly,they tip how warfare could be done.They are nukes and someone is going to want to create a better nuke.Its going to be crazy.For the story i can't see how any's Dragons will survive this story. I think Dany is a Skinchanger for sure and i've always seen Mester Aemon's riddle as a moment of realizing that is is probably the only way the Dragon/union could work.I get the sense that the other variances in skinchanging "Faceless man,Sphinx" etc were all attemps or a longing by Certain cultures to be one with the world around them.So they sought means to do it,expressed desires in art,philosophy,religion to obtain it.But it at the crux it was always and infringment on their part as in they "trying" to by their means.I think with regards to Dany and the Stark kids and what BR's lesson in the cave revealed.Trying in their own strength is a rape of the natural world.You have to be invited,chosen. You don't force yourself upon these animals,animals that a more than just that.They have to choose you. That would sure be a Homer Simpson moment. Oh man this isbeautiful and a certain person comes to mind And this is where i belive Melissandre in how she addresses this and it's gone back to our favorite myth. ""The war," she affirmed. "There are two, Onion Knight.Not seven, not one, not a hundred or a thousand.Two! Do you think I crossed half the world to put yet another vain king on yet another empty throne?The war has been waged since time began, and before it is done, all men must choose where they will stand. On one side is R'hllor, the Lord of Light, the Heart of Fire, the God of Flame and Shadow. Against him stands the Great Other whose name may not be spoken, the Lord of Darkness, the Soul of Ice, the God of Night and Terror." Its been a theme in this story that the inhabitants of Westeros really don't know what's going on.They see legions and don't understand that they are dealing with two figures/aspects.It really depends on how Geore is going to to conclude it.I think that the War between these figures as Mel says is "The War" only Westeros won't see it,not really.That battle won't take place on the battlefield.You won't see two figures circling eachother. You'll see and army of Wights kicking the shit out of the humans and below the ground where there'll probably beno humansto witness two wolves ( Black and white) duking it out Jedi style.Then above ground all of a sudden when all seems lost a guy (popular or not) with a flaming sword is going to start hacking Wights to shit.The Wights will begin walking away leaving to little minds of Westeros to think the "hero" and his magic sword did something. Unknown to them the battle below ground had just concluded andone of the wolves had fallenand the other took control of the Wights and made them leave.Westeros get's their hero and thr truth is witnessed only by the trees.
  9. A Weirwood Ghost

    What did i miss? Did it change? I know the Hierarchy and pretty much agree but what i'm saying is i don't think the "Others" will turn out to be anything that we haven't seen or introduced to in the story.
  10. Heresy Project X+Y=J: Robert + Lyanna

    I will come back to answer these in more detail and then i think we should move on to some other aspect.However i want to point something out that puts this whole Cat sitaution to rest.What eveyrone believes is eclipse by how everyone knows and the person...the only person who is in the know hasn't devulged anything about Jon for obvious reasons. Now RT your assertion hedges on Ned sending Cat some letter at RR right? And from serveral talks here and elsehwere i know you believe Jon was born at the toj.Which means he found out about Jon then and there.So according to you he picks up Jon and he heads to WF so your implying that sometime after picking up Jon and heading to WF he sends Cat word.Its the only time she could have found out after the toj........Now you see the whole problem with this.You can't use Cat's info my friend. Now going back to our favorite quote: Many men fathered bastards. Catelyn had grown up with that knowledge. It came as no surprise to her,in the first year of her marriage, to learn that Ned had fathered a child on some girl chance met on campaign." The above quote again proves my point and thank you for finally achknowledging that the first year of their marriage Cat "learned" about Jon not that it had anything to do with his birth. Back to the quote,Cat arriving at WF and finding out about Jon then would fall within that time. Additianally,my statement again still stands Cat has to much on her plate to be inspecting Jon and what is she inspecting him for? These people don't think in terms of Piaget.Its not going to be Jon's head is up Robb's is down aha Jon is older.Its going to be Jon's a bastard what do you expect. These people's go to reaction when a bastard is doing well or better than a trueborn is always to make a positive about them into a negative.Cat's doubts about Jon was always protected by Ned not legitimizing him.The moment Robb wanted to look at Cat's train of thought.When it comes to Jon she's always ....Never been sure. Jstar: Again that doesn't prove when Jon was born,Cat's entire thought processes prove she doesn't know..there's no way she could know that...That's the point.Her beliefs are based on everything else besides the "the fact" of which she doesn't know because Ned didn't tell her. Again i suggest we move on because neither side is buddging.Let readers make up their minds and let the books indicate the truth.Plenty more to talk about.
  11. Heresy Project X+Y=J: Robert + Lyanna

    I think it is relevant seeing as GRRM himself tells us that they don't understand DNA but they have their version which is "blood will tell" and again that will not work some of the time.I'm not trying to explain it with real world science.Its pretty simple we have limited information ( purposefully so) when it comes to who Robert fathered children on.The author was specific and deliberate in what he had characters observe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9En4f_SHdx4 Let's look at that statement by Cat in its totality: "Many men fathered bastards. Catelyn had grown up with that knowledge. It came as no surprise to her, in the first year of her marriage, to learn that Ned had fathered a child on some girl chance met on campaign. He had a man's needs, after all, and they had spent that year apart, Ned off at war in the south while she remained safe in her father's castle at Riverrun. Her thoughts were more of Robb, the infant at her breast, than of the husband she scarcely knew. He was welcome to whatever solace he might find between battles. And if his seed quickened, she expected he would see to the child's needs.He did more than that. The Starks were not like other men. Ned brought his bastard home with him, and called him "son" for all the north to see. When the wars were over at last, and Catelyn rode to Winterfell, Jon and his wet nurse had already taken up residence. -AGoT, Catelyn II That bolded is the point of reference and should be the point of reference because it indicates first and foremost ambiguity by the author concerning "chance met on campaign"....................So you quantify that "chance met on campaign" for me .You can't because "chamce on campaign is sooo broad,based on the bolded the rest of the sentence makes sense. She doesn't mean that Ned fathered a child in the first year of their marriage.She means she "found out" the first year of their marriage thatNed had fathered a child.......Not in their first year but on campaign. The Fisherman's daughter story falls in that to and it is a story more wildly known and it was when he went home to call his bannars. Another interesting point.The second bolded.This indicates Cat isn't sure she is going by what she heard via the rumor vine. The author wrote Cat to to display to thoughts here that isn't cohesive but it doesn't matter but serve as a distraction to the point that Ned didn't tell Cat anything about Jon's origin. Nothing in Cat's statement says she found out about Jon at RR. He had a man's needs, after all, and they had spent that year apart, Ned off at war in the south while she remained safe in her father's castle at Riverrun. Her thoughts were more of Robb, the infant at her breast, than of the husband she scarcely knew. He was welcome to whatever solace he might find between battles. And if his seed quickened, she expected he would see to the child's needs." She is speaking about what Ned might be doing ( as in cheating) in relation to her taking care of Robb. Cat's belief doesn't matter it doesn't affect "facts" I'm not arguing her belief.Her belief is clear, she doesn't know xactly when her statement shows she doesn't know and that she's working on bits and pieces of info she heard here and there.So no again her belief has nothing to do with the fact that she has no factual basis for her info. To which i will say again there is nothing in her statements that indicate she found out about Jon at RR.She could have,but one must ask ourself from a plot point what's the point ( if you believe Jon was brought to WF) of Ned bypassing RR going to WF and leaving his wife and new born only to have the show up any way? Which brings me to me second point this whole development point and Cat noticing and i will repeat this again with a rhetorical question.When would Cat be in the mindset to notice Jon.We already got her mindset.When Ned was off at war she wasn't thinking of him she was thinking of her duties to Robb. So what makes you think when she has Robb to deal with still,a new household to set,paying respects to the dead that she would notice Jon whereever in that "big ass castle" he may have been with his wet nurse. Noticing Jon would be the furtherst from her mind until he was old enough to be about and she couldn't avoid him. The question as to wouldn't Cat notice if Jon's birthday occured before Robb.So what nobody can't lie about that and it became a habit just celebrating Jon's birthday a fourthnight after Robb's As to your last point about them not getting married...Umm 16 year old girl finds out she's pregnant.She and her bethrothed commited a cardnal sin and now she's preggers with a child born out of the marriage bed whom the gods would frown upon.A tomboy who realizes her clothes are no longer fitting right and her moon blood has stopped coming.Ned called he a child woman so he knew she had flowered already. What are her choices and what do you think she's most likely to do? 1.Be mature face the music and tell her dad? 2. Hormones increasing the fear about what could happen caused her to pull an Arya and run? 3. Let someone take the fall in a horrific way by crying rape? You choose.I choose she freaked out about things that included religious and social implications for her and the child and bolted like a Bolton. If i were her and thinking clearly which we know is not likely to be the case given her condition i would have told daddy so that he could send a letter to Robert and speed up the wedding.If i were thinking clearly.
  12. Heresy 184

    Ohhh good thank you for bringingthat up that was lost in the melee. Ok lets start with these "Is the brave Ser Onion so frightened of a passing shadow? Take heart ,then. Shadows only live when given birth by light, and the king’s fires burn so low I dare not draw off any more to make another son. It might well kill him.” Melisandre moved closer. “With another man, though…a man whose flames still burn hot and high…if you truly wish to serve your king’s cause, come to my chamber one night. I could give you pleasure such as you have never known, and with your life-fire I could make..." A couple of things here we know how Melissandre makes the shadow babies.She draws light from them to cast their shadows as assassins.She goes on to say that she's not going to draw anymore from Stannis because his light(life fire ) is low and it might kill him.Coincidentally this is evidence againt the blue eyed king in Dany's vision being Stannis.Stannis still has some light left to make another son though it might kill him.The king in Dany's vision has no shadow ergo he is already dead, thus his shadow has already been used up.We have seen how they are used in this series (Shadowbinding) "Glowing like sunset, a red sword was raised in the hand of a blue-eyed king who cast no shadow." ( Armstark i'll be ack to finish this,but i wanted to keep this here so i won't forget.) Editing in process: JNR if you are reading can you summerize your theory for a bit of reference.
  13. Heresy Project X+Y=S+L=J