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  1. R+L=J v.163

    I do get it but i am following the processes to its natural conclusion.Ok to make it simple ,what was the something? Again,such things as whether or not a thing is a hint or and implication is subjective.What you may deem not a hint might be a hint.So my point overall does stand. So what was the something you think wasn't implied or hinted at?
  2. Heresy 197 the wit and wisdom of Old Nan

    Hence my allusion to Mel and how's she described by Jon.Sooo not zombie but whatever type Mel may be and but certainly comfortable enough to engage in coitus without freezing dude's member off. True dat.Happy to be back. Haha.I remember.
  3. R+L=J v.163

    Oh i got your point i'm saying the using belief of people who add nothing more than their belief isn't proof. Or the fact that Grrm repeatedly have chatacters believe a certain way comes under the same thing.Case in point Grrm repeatedly have characters believe Jon is Ned's bastard son.See what i mean?
  4. R+L=J v.163

    Doesn't negate what i said.His statement is true to what the realm believes.
  5. Heresy 197 the wit and wisdom of Old Nan

    I tend to think she was somewhat of a Melissandre contemporary but the reverse.Better yet how Val looked when she returned. We have to achknowledge when a story teller embelishes a bit.Or suffers from bias based on what they want us to think about a character. Was this woman really ice cold? the NK's poor dick.Story tellers wanted to make a strong association to the Others that they did.Old Nan just followed suit.I think it would be more pleasant to stick it to Mel than ice queen 2.0.
  6. Heresy 196 and a look at the Wall

    Just got back in and trying to answer questions.But i agree Jon as a continuation of the Horned god seems to evident.Thus he needs to have come from the stead of one that fulfils that.None more explicit than the crowned stag and king bastard maker himself...Bobby B. As to the other,that entire situation has always struck me as odd.Especially when you consider Mormont's crow didn't rouse him,but only chose to make noise when Jon entered.It was there the entire time and its racket easily woke Mormont but not until after.
  7. R+L=J v.163

    But again these people have no first hand knowledge.These are thoughts floating around with no one being able to give anything other than shallow musings. Absent forensic evidence what Robert and Bran said can't be taken as proof of sex via rape.If we look at Robert's statement to Ned it isn't what he "knows as fact".Anyone would think if a man kidnaps another's betrothed what else would he think but the intent is rape?Surely,Robert wouldn't be thinking the intent is to play Chess. Its the same reason some underline thought is Rhaegar ran off with her because he loved her.For why else would any man do that? No one is thinking romance may have nothing at all to do with entire thing.
  8. Heresy 197 the wit and wisdom of Old Nan

    It's great to be back.GRRM is killing me with these delays.I got back yesterday and just trying to catch up things.
  9. Heresy 197 the wit and wisdom of Old Nan

    Nice to see we still around Time to read up.
  10. Heresy 193 Winterfell

    Nah BC, Bran is training to use what is already there.Way before Bran set out on his quest across The Wall he skinchanging and having green dreams.Him eating the paste had to do with him being married to the trees. I don't doubt your math VOTM imo such a thing cannot be applied specific when the speakers in general is saying greensers are rare. This where i think the connotation of Bloodraven's word's may be going unnoticed .IMO the narrative answers which is basically "greenseers are rare,there are now 5 greenseers and they are "unprotected" we need us to grab us some." Consider this: No, only a boy who dreams. The greenseers were more than that. They were wargs as well, as you are, and the greatest of them could wear the skins of any beast that flies or swims or crawls, and could look through the eyes of the weirwoods as well, and see the truth that lies beneath the world" IMO it is right there plain.All greenseers were Wargs and seers and there is also a hierarchy among greenseers. If you were the greatest of the greenseers you were the ones that could( its not a necessity to you being a greenseers) skinchange any beast and see through the weirwoods.If you were least among them ehhhh you probably aren't so varied in your hosts. All this to say the numbers are relative to the narrative and so ,is Bloodraven's words about the rarity of Wargs one meant to direct us to the numbers of the improbability? Or one meant to show what i posted to Black Crow? Magic is reaching it's zenith and there's a concentration of power.Meaning where there may have few,there's now a handful in one corner pocket what would the powers in the know do to snag one?Its the Fibonacci sequence man. I don't agree with this.The paste was just to bind him to the trees.He was already a greenseer. They just snagged themselves one to put where they wanted the Weirwoods. Someone else may snag another any marry him of her to ice or fire etc. I think this may qualify.
  11. Heresy 193 Winterfell

    6 Wargs in one household isn't strange.If we look at what makes a greenseer. 1. Bloodrave to Bran "Your blood makes you a greenseer" Bran isn't "becoming" one he already is one. If we look at what a greenseer is. Skinchanger who dreams prophetically.Then thus far that's Bran,Jon,Rickon..Can't rememer if Arya or Sansa is having any,but i think all the Stark kids are greenseers by blood.
  12. Heresy 193 Winterfell

    I'm a believer that all the Stark kids are "green" seers and i will throw in Dany as well. Greenseer is what the little tree huggers call their shaman or person who can skinchange AND have prophetic dreams.There are just degrees in ability when it comes to them.
  13. Heresy 193 Winterfell

    Well if we think about the un-explainable things i would say its a bit specific as well.The telepathic link between characters and the world around them via proxies is imo established and i think that because we are dealing with sentience with respect to the direwolves,the trees (on account of their link with the GSs) things could become very interesting.
  14. Heresy 193 Winterfell

    Happy New Year's Heretics....May this year bring prosperity,peace and happiness to all of you.
  15. Heresy 193 Winterfell

    The Old English,but again even in that etymology there a matter of perspective.Its more of an enclosure which depending on purpose could be seen as trap,protection or seal.So All could apply to Winterfell the Weirwoods depending on whatever the hell they were about. Which brings me to the point of what was the deal with these trees. I proposed a while back and still believe in a "first contact" situation with respect to the trees and creatures like the direwolves with foundation in the music of the spheres. I think the specialty lay in the blood of some of the people that came from Essos. Some of them could as we say "hear the music" so when the trees and creatures like the direwolves reached out in song,behold some men,heard because they could,understood and answered. I think when the first men came with their fire and their axes that's what happened-First contact and in so doing sympathetic humans were essentially made because of this psychic link. So i think the Weirwoods "infiltrated" the First men via those that were sensitive for the sake of securing their survival going forward in some capacity. Had this idea a long time just from the angle of infiltration vs trap.As i said it really depends on perspective.I mean hey living longer having godlike powers including hoping bodies thus allowing me if i was so inclined to partake in all manner of fleshly vices.All i have to do is contribute my special blood to a tree...Sweet deal to some. I've longed believe that nature itself is the trump card in all this.The trees the wolves they are all players possibly moving pawns to their own ends.