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  1. I have little doubt they are manipulating Bran's humanity but its a good catch the isolation of Bran from the others.I get the feeling that their are factions of COTF and green seers.I think that label is a limiting as well so i can't wait to see when different players come on the scene.
  2. My theory and money is on (2).(1) may be the mechanism which makes it possible.And it is. Have you ever heard of a drug called Scopoalamine? Its from a tree in South America called Borrachero ( don't trust me on the spelling).I was cautioned about this when i went to Columbia.Locals would sometimes put this in drinks of visitors and or blow a powder form in peoples faces( Devil's breath).Its said to take away free will and make coercion very easy.Girl's would give up themselves not remembering anything.People would give away all there money just because they were asked. Crazy crap.
  3. But i think he cleverly did though: There does seem to be some chemical alteration going on.We see a gradual progression especially in terms of the emotional association which serves what purpose? If Bran is already a greenseer because of blood: I think the answer lay in marrying Bran to the trees.This not a natural union per what happened with the wolves,seem less and fluid.They needed a chemical agent to make the marriage occur in this case.It don't matter if Bran was consenting it wouldn't work without the paste or seed (like i said in the past Bran is the right type but wrong person for that chair). So it comes down to whats the effect of the seed? Or it could be a typo and it was really "she" then someone should ask GRRM if that slipped the editor.
  4. I believe Bran will be able to or he did. “And he loved to listen to the Direwolves sing to the stars. Of late he often dreamed of wolves .They are talking to me brother to brother, he told himself when the Direwolves howled.He could almost understand them.Not quite….almost……as if they were singing in a language he had once known and somehow forgotten(Bran,ACOK,pg.71)…………..If I were a true wolf I’d understand the song. Now to categorize it as "this " singing is interesting.In that moment,no but where he would in time... It depends,it still the same would one know that the action in this case is your own or not? Bran is half way down the rabbit hole when it comes to being a sympathetic player.
  5. That hidden signal was a genius find to add.I was telling @Matthew this a few days ago but to save time, my theory on the greenseers broad in my post to Lynn.I think by the process @JNR described the hidden signal scene indicates how the greenseers are maneuvering the WWs. Lynn,i have longed champion the idea of the greenseers or should i say BTB with the help of the COTF are snatching bodies to extend his life and i believe the intent is to pull a V6 with Bran except Bran will allow himself to be taken without a fight because he's basically becoming sympathetic already. I think you found the clue with the above. I'm also going to reference my theory of the greenseers being behind the dead and the white walkers.The mechanism of how they were doing it in my mind is akin to @JNR s shadowbinding theory. And so in addition i am going to jump to the post by Ravenous
  6. Yep,if we think about they don't have to fade when death comes a knocking ,all they have to do is find a way to ensure that subsequent bodies are skinchangers so they don't lose the gift.As i put it many threads ago who would know.....Thistle was really V6,Hodor was really Bran and the dead man in the tree was really BTB. Hell i'd do it.Nearly,if not all these supernatural factions have one thing in common.... 'Oh death where is your sting our resurrected king rendered you defeated.' 3ec did cross my mind as another Skinchanger of that caliber (greenseer level) who has been trying to snag a Stark. Ooooo Matthew the going south part opens up a lot of possible shenanigans.Me likey that train of thought.
  7. This would be awesome!!! It would be crazy that the reason he hasn't shown up because he literally can't leave. If i was Howland i certainly wouldn't be telling this story...Either way it comes down to him allowing others to fight his battles for him if it wasn't him. However,maybe someone did and he felt he needed to redeem himself by accompanying Ned the toj. Or as you said maybe the point of Howland's story was a teaching point for his kids.Maybe the point of it was so each listener could be the judge. Same question like below.Was it sufficient enough to make her good enough to do this? Is it a subtle nod,or is it that the belief that Lyanna is tkotlt already that makes us believe it is a nod.Right or wrong the social conditions for Elia are different. Who was training Lyanna in secret; to the point where she got good enough to beat 3 dudes who could train openly for hours on end day after day? I think the Summer king and Winter king positions are reocurring,but they haven't been corrupted. I long believed that the two versions of this myth is being utilized to tell one story. In one version one person with the face of summer and winter Second version two brothers;one the winter king,the other summer king. Ever since the prologue in Dance and seeing what Bran does with Hodor i have come to believe BtB is the Summer king and he is still kicking it in the weirwoods.When the physical body is close to death, he with the help of the little tree huggers draw another person to the grove....Tree dreams draw them..seed paste binds them to the trees and through some sweet retraining of their worldview it makes it easy for him to take their body when the time comes. To quote Osha "winter has no king" it needs one ,but i think as in the first version of the Oak and Holly king myth.We have a two faced king playing both roles....Until we have a true winter king to take his place opposite the wheel.IMO this will be Jon. Hmmmm,i have never once considered Jamie to be a contender.It's an interesting notion.You did point out a con that is problematic.How would he have known about the incident with Howland ;unless these idiots were shameful enough to boast about it.That i doubt.
  8. This was an interesting tidbit to me to.Not even the Reed kids know. Me to i was sure he was a Ninja...lol. But 'weaving words' in addition to some of the things Howland is credited with does seem to indicate 'glamouring.' I think Ned is a candidate as well seeing as: 1.He could have heard Howland's prayer as Howland was bunking with him in his tent. 2.He has the skill But as to the sigil itself i believe you are correct.It didn't have to go that far when a plain shield would do.So i wonder if the knight was going to appear no matter what.I mean to be honest to use a Weirwood there's only a few people who were going to be blamed.Anyone who held the Old gods.Be that true or not.Someone could have just been trying to raise suspicion.
  9. I don't know LynnS.It seems more person than thing.Also,given the series that follow also signify persons it seems off to start with a thing and end with symbolic people. It could be Lady Dustin for all we know.
  10. Heart, Lungs and Robert's hammer .Its not a version of physics.The force wielded by Robert would be immense.That vision of Dany is not realistic to that event. This vision isn't as it seems because we have no idea where in the time steam this is. As i pointed out earlier upthread we don't know if the person Dany saw is Rhaegar.It could be,but her lack of "Awww,same dude in the bedroom with the kid just got the shizar knocked out of him" should give us pause. She recognized the harp player as Rhaegar,but in the same stream the guy in the water isn't identified as him? Plus,the lack of Lyanna name drop after we more or less get the story doesn't make sense.The story has been told with regard to what people think about the events.We know Dany has a version and she knows the players.We the readers also have that version and know the players.It makes no sense to hide it.So if this guy was Rhaegar and he did utter Lyanna it would be consistent with what some characters in world think.No harm no foul right? But no, he made that a mystery.He was intentionally concealing the name like he did with the identity of "The Prince". So to craft it that way ,and in X amount of years disclose that in an app!!! Nahhhhhhh.I'm sorry but that doesn't fly.Our perception is being messed with again.Too many events from the past are repeating to be certain it is something that did happen vs something that will,or never happen. Again look at where there is ambguity...Its in a place it shouldn't be if it's what we think. The OP brought up the possibility its Aegon.Just as likely to me.He seems poise to want to redo past battles where they lost.Why not try to do the same on the Trident.
  11. I didn't realize this until now,but the pronoun used to describe "pale mare" is "her." If these cryptic symbols mean people who could she be?
  12. I pointed this out on the other thread as well and it was skipped over,but to me this isva rather pedestrian mistake to make.Given who the author is and the themes in this book when it comes to perception.I think this is one of those where readers are seeing what we want to see.Rubies flying,water and calling the individual Prince is bound to have readers thinking that it is Rhaegar and the setting was the Trident. Very few people would ask why the disconnect from Dany if she's seeing the same person.It could be a future event.It could be the past. He could be messing with the fans a bit here again to.Concealing this at this juncture doesn't make sense.I'll bring up this point again.By the time Dany has this vision,we the readers already know the rumors.If the vision is true its anti climatic and a waste of time to hide what was said,have people wait X amount of years and reveal in an app the name was Lyanna. The amount of supposed mistake GRRm has made us startling huh!
  13. That isn't the smallest part of the text.That's a description backed up by Physics.Rhaegar got his chest smashed in and there aint nothing coming out of his mouth except a whole lot of blood. But hey, if you want to bank this on a vision that represent something that may or may not have happened.... If you want to believe the hypothetical woman's name that was uttered was Lyanna and it was done so lovingly based on rumors of how Rhaegar may have felt go for it. At the end of the day Robert...The only witness wasn't like "That bastard Rhaegar had the gall to utter her name after what he'd done." He said nothing about Rhaegar saying "Lyanna". Lastly, if true and GRRM concealed the name only to reveal it was Lyanna said with love in an app. Its crappy writing and an even more a crappier reveal. Hey you spent X amount of dollars on the books and these little mysteries sprinkled here and there get them for X amount in the app. If it wasn't a mystery yet constructed like one then still crappy writing.You just don't do that.
  14. Rhegar wasn't just dealt a deadly blow.His chest got caved in my Robert wielding his warhammer. Died at my feet = the way people talk.. I've heard the same thing on several tv shows ,other books and gang bangers in Oakland CA. Also,as the only witness on the scene Robert never mentions having said Lyanna.
  15. I'm on my phone so bear with me guys.Lynn thanks for posting this. I don't doubt in all honesty that the dude is Rhaegar.But i think Dany's time there is an excercise in things aren't what it seems and what we believe to be so. I asked this question when we debated the app.It saying Rhaegar died with Lyanna's name on his lips is a big reveal and easily confirmed as something GRRM actually said as being the case. Context could be argued after the dude could have said her name in response to a question. Lyanna?