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  1. Actually,a correction the same things are said of the wights.Sam after Fist of the First Men asked that question. Indicating as you say that The Cold brought them. Shameless plug again but old heads know my Cold theory.New heads you can check link in my Sig for it.
  2. It could be he is an agent of BR,it certainly is possible.However, he strikes me as having more agency.Could be they are a scratching each other's back Being the uber Skinchanger BR is,he doesn't in truth need such an agent when he could wear someone else and accomplish the same.He could have taken over some weak and lost soul unfortunate to get lost .
  3. Another interesting tidbit...Let's say we believe CH's.He tried to pass the Wall before and realized he couldn't.Or he never tried because ......One things for certain."He knows" which is the interesting part,that the Wall isn't just a wall of ice and snow.Spells and such are woven into it.
  4. It is possible he could have given it only to Beric but that is neither here nor there. However,what's even more is Thoros affirmation that it wasn't him that raised Beric that is was R'hollor that did it not him. I have no magic, child. Only prayers. That first time, his lordship had a hole right through him and blood in his mouth, I knew there was no hope. So when his poor torn chest stopped moving, I gave him the good god's own kiss to send him on his way. I filled my mouth with fire and breathed the flames inside him, down his throat to lungs and heart and soul. The last kiss it is called, and many a time I saw the old priests bestow it on the Lord's servants as they died. I had given it a time or two myself, as all priests must. But never before had I felt a dead man shudder as the fire filled him, nor seen his eyes come open. It was not me who raised him, my lady. It was the Lord. R'hllor is not done with him yet. Life is warmth, and warmth is fire, and fire is God's and God's alone." Something even more interesting is this statement by Thoros. "The Lord of Light has woken in my heart. Many powers long asleep are waking, and there are forces moving in the land. I have seen them in my flames." So,Thoros again may well have tapped into the powers that were asleep and now awake.But I agree with him when he says...It is not him but R'hollor(I would say again, nothing but the old powers of the land casting on the guise of the Red lot's god.The Ogs gave "life" to R'hollor.They made him manifest. So it wasn't Thoros, the old powers hijacked a R'holloist funerary ritual and brought Beric back.
  5. I don't think so BC.To reiterate what FreyFamily reunion said.Thoros would have been giving last rites to a bunch of men after that battle.Yet,Beric was the only one who rose.Pixie dust being selective? I don't think so. That reeks of intelligent design. This!
  6. Word!I second that request. Or Thoros provided cover for what was.Mummer's ford is in the Riverland's no? I have to disagree, intent is a lot in these things.All that ritual was,was a funerary rite.All he did was what Red priests have done thousands of time before;including Thoros.So if he done it before,other priest did it before and nothing like that happened.It ain't them and it ain't what they've been doing.
  7. That is a nice catch Lynn.Your right the only parallel I had seen was the Jon and Robert behavioral mirroring across the hall.But that was a cool catch. I won't say Ned is the the connective component because the same imagery appears with the Kindly man.I have said the underlining connection seems to be the Old gods who I believe are perpetrating aspects of the Red lot and the faceless men.....It is all the Old gods imo who have essentially hacked these religions with their magic. Their reach maybe a bit more far reaching because of where weir wood pieces end up. I don't believe either of them are special but what's going on in the world is.I mean specificslly a lot more keys(Dragons,direwolves,trees and crows) finding their locks(Dany and the Stark bunch).
  8. I have to say... 1.Bran 2.Mance
  9. I've been trying to get on here for like 2 days now. @Black Crow concerning Cold hands.Thistle's wightification kinda needs looking at.She was alive in bad shape but alive before she was killed by the temp.I think whereas she was able to resist a weaken V6 from taking her;she couldn't resist The Cold. What if Cold hands did,and was able to reclaim his body after an attempted wightification? As far as the Red lot goes we need to consider a couple of things. Raising the dead ain't there thing.What happened with Beric completely threw Thoros.He did a funerary ritual that they have done many times before.It was a send off not an intent to raise. Which brings me to the connections that the author chose to make. Faceless men,weirnet and red lot have one figure emerging and that figure looks awfully like the dead man with one eye and impaled by weirwood roots. A man behind a curtain is starting to look rather good.
  10. Word! That's a great way of putting it."Its seeing the Skinchanger within." Bran himself identifued V6 as a Skinchanger to. On the COTF and their link in all this,many discussions occurred on how much agency the greenseers have in all this? If true as the worldbook says about the greenseers being the Shamans and wise men of the COTF; then it opens up the possibility that the relationship dynamics may not be as we think. That question is opened to the thread on a whole. Manipulated hostage turnned sympathetic,or a more skilled manipulator taking advantage of the beliefs of COTF?
  11. I agree with BC this is interesting but for me the interest lay elsewhere.The fact that Thistle has no eyes and it is in fact the flame that allows her to see.Again as if someone was peering and operating from behind those blue flames. This I can see happening first. Colour of the flames withstanding it goes toward the magic inherently being the same. Another point about "smell.When Mel whammied Ghost didn't he start smelling her?I know most of us concluded that Mel somehow glamored herself like Jon.Maybe she made herself smell uniquely like him and masked Jon's smell?
  12. Ah yes forgot that .True,true
  13. 1.He married Cersie on Jon Arryn' s advice that it would keep Tywin loyal.Cersie would have still been Jon's step mom.Weather they had kids or not Jon would have been legitimized and a threat. 2.Your missing the point.It doesn't matter what you think its what Ned thinks and his thought on the matter is clear. 3.Cersie is not irrelevant it doesn't matter Robert would have to marry someone.Plus social and religious ethics would put Jon in a sticky situation were he to be in the capital.You think Cersie would act any different to put "her" kids on throne.Cersie would have killed Jon.She said if she were Cat she would have done so.You think she wouldn't if Jon were her step child??? Ned has viewed the South as a den of Adders.No way he would want Jon in the midst of that. He would be better off in the North.
  14. Are you implying for the perceived or true visage of a FM in general? I mean that would be pretty convenient for Arya to encounter a skinchanger in FM form.Unless its a member of her family by then the gig would be up. How you think it would play out ?
  15. 3 reasons all explained by Ned. 1.He would be shunned 2.Because of Cersie none of Robert's bastard have been seen at court. 3.If he were legitimized by Robert he would be a threat to Cersie's kids.