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  1. Your 1st point is an opinion though.You assume that him killing 7 people while he was injured is anything more than survival.He was injured and men were trying to kill him outside.He was being moved from place to place just ahead of Jon Con's forces. Die on his feet or stay inside and wait to die on his back.I very much doubt bedding the entire brothel was on his mind. Additionally,supposedly he screws all these women just before Ned's shows up while his sister was missing and Ned is mum on that? Nahhhhhh. Plus Bella only has black hair but her having black hair which was common enough for Arya to say "loads of people have black hair." In the weeks leading up to Bella's conception you know how many men Bella's mother slept with? You know how many of them probably have black hair? Robert being in proximity to a brothel doesn't mean he fathered her. What Robert became after Lyanna died was a far cry from what he was.From Ned's own testimony we know that Robert changed. At the point of their bethrothal Robert had one child that is it. How kids and women he slept with after is irrelevant.Lyanna died and Robert changed that was the moment it went belly up for him. Again we have a thought from Lyanna at a moment in time when she found out about marrying Robert. You get no argument from me that Robert to me became a loathsome individual.But he "became" that way.He wasn't always that way. As to Gendry he is a console baby.
  2. I think what the OP is getting at is there seems to be a disconnect when people debate ;stuff gets thrown out as fact instead of thrown out as assumption.Especially where characters are concerned.OP is correct.One can't state character guesses as fact. You are indeed correct.I am with you he most likely is younger. Lyanna's initial doubt doesn't equate fact as to how Robert would treat her and why. Don't get me wrong she had every reason to doubt after hearing she was to marry him. The man did father a bastard on some girl in the Vale.That may very well have played a part in coloring her thoughts on his fidelity. My mother who is from the Caribbean would call that a "second hand man" side eyed glances would have gone his way. However,Lyanna's thought reflected one moment in time; when she is told she is to marry someone who already had a kid.One moment in time which doesn't reflect any point after.We know how she felt about him at "that" moment. Another point when it comes to this arguement...Are we really to think Lyanna who squinted her eye because Robert ,unmarried Robert fathered a child is going to find a man who is married with two kids suitable?
  3. Bella claims to be Robert's bastard based on a rumor that while he was running for his life and injured he slept with an entire brothel. I don't believe Robert slept around on Lyanna while believing she was missing.There is no indication that he disrespected "her" in that way at all.His love for her and for Ned would have ensured that. IMO when Bobby B found out about Lyanna being dead Gendry's mom was the first in a line of many consolidating moments. Given that she was a tavern wench in KL and Robert was in the capital after the sack.Probably there when he heard the news...perfect storm.
  4. Cudoes on catching the observation made by Brienne...That was indeed a nice find.Its one of those little hints scattered in this series that lets us know that things aren't what they seem. You are right to question them.Arya's guess is just that,a misguided guess based on Gendry's size. The statement by Gendry's handler was the red flag to doubt."He is strong for his age" was the indicator that Gendry's perceived age is not what most think. However, there isn't anything wrong with Ned saying Gendry was of an age with Robb.The ambiguity of that statement is the point.He could be with a difference of about 3yrs and still be of an age if he's in his teens.
  5. We can only hope Voice to bring Papa Crow over to the Dark side
  6. I think this is right he can be an active participant.However,as that incident showed it was in real time.And I have no doubt that because they can glimpse possible futures they can nudge individuals in directions they want them to go.However,to quote ehem "Bloodraven" "The past is already written and cannot be changed" There would be a serious problem from a writing standpoint if Bran could change the past. There would be no such thing as a real history.How would we know what was ever real? Bran would just be changing things trying to get a result that he could never change.Oy vey!!! It doesn't matter how many eyes he has, and how long he does it.There is no way to skillfully manuvere every detail over eons across time and space to ensure one possible outcome amongst gazillions of other possibilities. What would happen is an endless loop.Names and places may change but each generation will be doomed to continue the loop unless the greenseer pulling the strings gets taken out and the loop stops once and for all.Fading into the trees as he should. Lastly,there should be evidence of Bran changing history because again it doesn't matter how many eyes he has across past, present and future it still won't be enough to discern every bit of detail. Present manipulation to achieve some future glimpsed through the trees yeah. But changing somethings in a past that we can never be sure was in the first place? That's The Matrix wrapped up in some Cloud Atlas type concoction with Terminator 1&2 as sprinklings man.That is the worst kind of prison....For us to.
  7. Hahaha the guess is what makes it cool.I will mull it over some more.
  8. Ahhh yes,i think I recall that Addendum above.
  9. Ok not Robert....Ummm, Jamie? When Mamma and Papa Mountain gives birth to The Hound they tell themselves they have a suitable heir.They 1.Throw Clegane down a well and his cries eventually draw the attention of a mummera troop.They take him on as part of a show.He swears sweet revenge on the establishment.Like Stewie ,plots to take over the world.He so good he is soon performing in KL.Doing little side jobs for Varys. 2.He's gets so good eventually he forms his own Dwarf troop,employing about 30.The McNugs are in high demand.He forgets his plans of revenge because he's find a family and a purpose. But when crap hits the fan and Cersie starts collecting Dwarf heads the members of McNugs are slaughtered. Revenge is back on and his ire is aimed at Cersie.Using the passageways he learned from Varys;he sneaks into Tommen's room and takes him out. After grief sex Cersie convinces Jamie to seize the throne.
  10. I may be misremembering but what was it Aerys thought Jamie disobeyed him about?
  11. In a world where Gregor Clegane is born a dwarf. 1.The Mountain never hurts The Hound,seeing as the Hound doesn't see his height as a hindrance.Plus,The Hound would kick his butt.But Clegane ensures his brother is successful and have a close relationship. 2.Without the burns The Hound is not only fierce but he's a good looking chap without those scars and continues to kick ass in battles. 3.He is loyal of course to the Lannisters being Joff's right hand man and his brother accompanies him to WF when Robert goes to meet Ned. 4.Meets Tyrion in a brothel and they hit it off.Tyrion aches about how Cersie hates him. 5.Clegane instantly hates Cersie.Notices Jamie and Cersie sneaking off and follows them.He's a dwarf and is pretty good at not being noticed.Sees Jamie and Cersie banging.Sees Jamie push Bran instantly sneaks out from his corner and raises the alarm. 6.Jamie and Cersie are pretty much caught with pants down.As well as trying to kill Bran. Robert goes great ape.Jamie demands trial by combat.Robert says "Mofo you got caught in the act" Jamie and Cersie heads roll... Robert is still King.
  12. Dragonsbone hold on we don't know if this is what Mankytoes have in mind. Plus,I think there are other options...Remember a few guesses ans the closest guess wins next turn.
  13. This is funny.The answer is correct so I will accept it.Remember though it has to be in the vein of what's different.In a nutshell: In a world where Howland Reed doesn't go to the Tourney: 1.The KOTLT doesn't make his/her appearance.Tourney continues on as usuall. 3.Lyanna gets crowned. Mankytoes you have the next counterfactual my friend.
  14. I wasn't thinking of him...But I am so curious and I have a feeling you might split my side....Defend that some more just because I would love to hear it.
  15. This is really cool Weasel Pie.I love your insight with the Marvel/Asoiaf connections and I can't wait to see more.