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  1. Is Melisandre scared of Patchface?

    That's a good point, I wonder why she hasn't. After all, if he is truly a threat / danger, then you would have thought, given how powerful she appears to be around Stannis and the Queen, that she could engineer steps to remove him. Who would mind a fool being replaced by another? So I think either we overestimate how influential she is (surprising) or she "keeps friends close and enemies closer" and so she keeps Patchface around to get to know him better.
  2. Is Melisandre scared of Patchface?

    me too and I agree that either he is being warged, or a God/demon from below the sea is using him
  3. Stannis humor

    Yes! That I agree that Roose Bolton also has a certain humour in him, and so a conversation between the 2 would be epic. Hopefully I'll get that wish at the beginning of TWOW. Unless Roose escapes...
  4. I think the Pink Letter may be a sign that Roose Bolton is indeed planning a retreat, as he faces a military commander that will not die. Roose, cunning as he is, has probably anticipated the scenario where the Karstark move doesn't work out for him. So what can he do? He knows that eventually he is doomed in Winterfell: the castle is too hard to defend (thanks to his son), and the armies inside are not trustworthy. So Roose wants an escape route back to the Dreadfort. The Dreadfort is intact, it is a notorious hard castle to storm (the Starks took ages when the Boltons and Starks were at war long ago). So Dreadfort it is then for Roose. How can he achieve that? He needs a clear route, supplies and time for an orderly retreat for his men. The retreat must start before Stannis has time to place his forces for a full siege. Roose knows that he has time as Stannis is nowhere near ready to lay siege to Winterfell. But Roose cannot start his retreat while there are many armies of dubious loyalty inside Winterfell: essentially he needs to be able to completely isolate his own men from his allies' men, but laden them with supplies so the retreat has to start from Winterfell. So all other armies have to be out. How to do that? By creating a diversion that will extract everyone out of Winterfell. This is the pink letter's purpose. Roose knows that, written the way it is, Jon will try and read between the lines. Jon will know it is from Ramsay (some stuff only Ramsay knows, and the rest can be obtained out of torturing Mance), but there's enough dubious statements in it to make Jon think that Stannis has not been defeated (7 days of battle?), however the letter is angry enough to convince Jon that Arya has escaped. The Reek references are there to show him Ramsay is mad, and a mad man can be defeated hence offering Jon some hope that he can defeat Ramsay or at least bargain with him (should Jon find Reek before Ramsay does). Essentially the letter says: Arya's escaped and I am hunting her. See if you find her before me. (incidentally an interesting parallel to Ramsay's hunts: he normally lets a poor girl escape the castle, gives her the night as headtstart and then hunts her: here, "Arya" has escaped the castle, and Ramsay means to give hunt) Anyway, how does that create the distraction that Roose needs? Well, it draws Jon towards Stannis with a host of wildlings. This can create the distraction that Roose needs on 2 accounts: - armed wildlings encounter northmen (and Southron knights): this can seem counterproductive to Roose's cause, but in fact play for him as there are potential flashpoints between those factions. - Jon will talk to Stannis and argue that they need to find Arya. The Northmen in Stannis's host will agree that finding Arya is very important, since she is heir to their rightful lord. So no siege of Winterfell, but Stannis' meagre forces might focus on finding Arya. Roose hopes this will create the diversion he needs. That's a theory anyway - please feel free to pick its (many) flaws!
  5. The "Bittersweet" Ending

    Not reading too much about the bittersweet comment by GRRM. It simply means that whoever wins, will not do so without sacrifice/loss It could be Sansa winning, but losing Rickon Or Jon having lost Val Or Dany having lost Daario (aaargh! only kidding!!) Or Ramsay having lost Reek ...
  6. Best/Worst Named Characters

    Dagmer Cleftjaw - you just wouldn't want to mess with someone named like that I like the name Baratheon for a badass Royal House - it fits. Many names are actually good: Lannister, Stark, Targaryen, Tyrion, Cersei, Daenerys, Victarion, Tommen, Podrik Payne, The nicknames are glorious: Coldhands, the Blackfish, Whoresbane, Reek, Many names are kinda average but I guess it reflects that many of us have names so common they become meh too: Robb, Bran, Robert, Some place names are great: Skagos, Qarth, Sothoryos, Asshai, Braavos, Volantis, Valyria, Sunspear, Pyke, Highgarden, Winterfell, Last Hearth, Deepwood Motte, Moat Caitlin, the Dreadfort, Harrenhal, Dorne, ... It must be very hard to have to come up with soooo many names (his fault: a lot of characters) and also so many place names, all made up.
  7. The Most Annoying Phrase

    Nothing from Dany but: - must needs - excessive use of the word wench, even when no dismissiveness (is that even a word?) was needed. - soldier pines - any other sort of pines in Westeros, George? - nuncle is fine in a Iron Island context, a bit weird otherwise. - the seed is strong. Doesn't really make sense to me as you don't specify whose seed. Surely not all seeds are strong? - it was all he/she could do to..... dunno why but I' don't like this turn of phrase for some irrational reason.
  8. Actually I think the books will all come before the TV show: March 2013: start showing ASOS1 March 2014: start showing ASOS2 March 2015: start showing AFFC March 2016: start showing ADWD1 March 2017: start showing ADWD2 March 2018: start showing TWOW1 March 2019: start showing TWOW2 March 2020: start showing ADOS(1?) So as long as there are 2 seasons each of ASOS (we know that) but also of ADWD and TWOW, then assuming a release date of first half of 2015 for TWOW, then he can delay the release of ADOS to early 2020. Still gives him 4.5 years to write it. Of course, this assumes that it is his last book! It might not be.... I just can't imagine the TV series overtaking the books. This would mean that any suspense finale, any surprise ending (who ends up on the Iron Throne? Who marries who? etc.) are revealed before he publishes it!? Unthinkable...
  9. From mislike to like: Jaime, Samwell, the Martells, Tommen (turns out to be an OK boy, so far anyway) From like to mislike: Tywin (thought he'd be more noble than he turned out to be), Walder Frey (well, never quite liked him, but at first I thought he'd be a harmless old fool, whereas he turns out to be a c**t of the first order!), Jorah (disappoints on all level I think), Shae (betrays Tyrion although I agree she may not have had much choice). Always liked Sansa, Arya, Bran, Robb, Stannis, Melisandre, Dany, Beric, the Hound, Kevan, Tyrion, Bronn, Jon so no change by end of aSoS, and never liked Theon, Balon, Asha, Cersei, Joffrey, Gregor, Janos Slynt, ser Alliser, Ramsay, and that hasn't changed either by the end of the book. Roose Bolton is unclassifiable as he is quite evil but in an interesting way and I love reading about him.
  10. Introductions

    Hi peeps, I'm Lemmy from NZ and I love the Hound. Currently nearly finished aSoS. Love the forum! Hard to be disciplined enough to avoid the spoilers though :dunno:
  11. Thoughts about The Red Wedding...SPOILERS!

    There has been some pretty bad events (for us readers) in aSoIaF but the Red Wedding takes the biscuit!! Up to then, whatever happened, we always had this beacon of hope that was Robb, especially with the bonus of him proving such a capable and skilled commander. The Lannisters might win the political battles, the Night Watch might be in trouble, villains like Gregor Clegane, Vargo Hoat, Ramsay Snow and others might still commit their atrocities in the field, but there was always Robb, and with him the hope that whevener he would have the opportunity to attend to those villains, they might get their comeuppance (spelling?) But now with him dead.... that hope has died. And everything seem much darker these days. R'hllor followers might have their "Prince that was Promised" to save the day but for us Stark fans, it was always Robb that fulfilled that function. Now it's like we believed in this religion, and have just been told that the God we believed in doesn't actually exist. Killing Grey Wind also makes it worse - if we feel that the direwolves are in some way mystical protectors of the Stark children, then there is truly no way back for Robb. He is dead and will never come back. I guess we have to pin our hopes on womeone else now, Jon, Arya, Bran, Rickon, Sansa, or maybe a non-Stark dude like Jaime or Dany. We all need a hero and much as I like the Hound, we need someone a bit more pure and good-hearted than him. But it will never be the same again, we have been hurt, and being in mourning, not ready to love again in a hurry. No one can truly replace Robb right now. Probably a bit over-dramatic (I know, I need to grow up!) but that's what these books do to me!!! Am I the only one?