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  1. The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    She's definitely alive currently (I believe that may even have been confirmed by Martin at some point but I have no definitive reference). She's definitely currently leading Jaime into a trap under the orders of Stoneheart. I don't see either one of them dying at the end result of this altercation. I feel like this pending altercation will lead to a story arc and closure for Catelyn rather than Jaime or Brienne. When all is said and done I believe Jaime will die but it won't be there. I actually see Brienne making it to the end of the series in some capacity.
  2. The Winds of Winter is Going to be a BLOODBATH

    In the end everyone will be dead except Mance. He'll be perched atop what's left of the wall playing 'rains of Castamere' with Mromont's raven on his shoulder.
  3. The Winds of Winter is Going to be a BLOODBATH

    I personally see no reason why any remaining Starks need to die. The whole first part of the series has been them getting pooped on, to me logically that makes them the safest (if there is such a thing in Martin's world). The remaining part for the Starks no revolves around their 'return to glory imo. Bran: Takes over from Bloodraven and becomes the new "last Greenseer". Rickon: Probably becomes the new lord of Winterfell once the dust settles to continue the whole "A Stark must rule the north thing". Sansa: Somehow 'defeats' Littlefigner and will have a marriag to another noble house to rebuild the unification of Westeros. Arya: In all honesty I have no idea where her story ends, but if I have to pick I'd go with ending up with the wildlings as a warg with Nymeria. If I had to pick a remaining Stark to die it'd be her to to the gutwreching response it would create amongst the readers. Jon: Personally I'm in the camp that thinks he turns out to be a Targaryan at not a "Stark" at all, but I'll include him here anwyay. I think he goes on to become 1 of the 3 dragons. As for the rest of our GoT cast: Boltons: Crushed by Stannis and the northmen. Freys: Crushed... probably by everyone really since they've made no friends on either side. Stannis: Dead, after he wins the north he'll be the landmark victim of the others. Davos: I like him, I'd love for him to live but with his dedication to Stannis he could very well end up dead too. Though this mission for Rickon which seemed a death sentence could ultimately prove his salvation as it's separated him from Stannis. Mel: I see her dying. Probably as a means to save Jon, either via his revival (if he dies) or as a means of protecting him when he engages the others. Jaime/Cersei: Dead. Jaime will fullfill the valanqar propechy and kill Cersei, likely somehow dying in the process himself. They enter/leave the world together. Tyrion: Lives to rule Casterly rock, maintaining/rebuilding the Lannister name, may even find his old wife to rule with him, though that seems a little too sugarcoated for Martin's style. Theon: Will die in an epic blaze of glory and redeem himself. Asha: Will live to sit the seastone chair and rule the iron islands. Victarion: Dead. So many ways this could/will happen so I wonèt even begin to guess. Euron: Dead. Meddling with dragons he goes somehow. Maybe Victarion does him in before he himself dies. Tommen/Myrcella: Somehow dead, again fullfilling the prophecy. Selmy: Dead. But will die happy knowing he protected his queen. Daeny: Alive, 1 of 3 dragons. Aegon: Same as Daeny. JonCon: Dead, either in battle or the greyscale. Littlefinger: Dead, he wonèt make it out of the Vale. Tyrells and co. Mostly dead, I'll say Willis or someone like that lives to rule the Reach. Doran Martell: I predicted him being Arya's future target, even if not he will still die somehow. Arianne: Lives to rule Dorne. Sam: He lives. Killing him would be like killing a kitten.