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  1. North Korea, claims they've successfully tested a Hydrogen bomb

    Followed by Generation Z. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/north-korea-likely-lying-about-hydrogen-bomb-test-experts-say-n491401 So they will be sending out drones to test air quality to help determine whether North Korea actually set off an H-bomb.  Current seismic events argues that a nuclear weapon was set off; just not an H-bomb.
  2. TTTNE 461 - A New Year, A New Moot

    As an active voter, I have a question that I would like for TheBlackBear and Lord Sidious to answer: How would you handle TTTNE members discussing brassieres?  Sizing them, washing them, wearing them?
  3. TTTNE 461 - A New Year, A New Moot

    HERE HERE!!!!  
  4. TTTNE 461 - A New Year, A New Moot

    Hmmm...neither RockSniffer or Honeyed Chicken have accepted the nomination.  I have a new proposal that may meet everyone's needs. I propose a new ticket to be nominated...Fragile Bird and RockSniffer.
  5. All of our Secret Santas are the BOMB!
  6. Update on the "Winds"

    It comes out when it comes out.  I would rather have a book that he put his heart and soul into his storytelling than a book written to appease a fickle fandom.  
  7. TTTNE 461 - A New Year, A New Moot

    What I want is royalty that isn't afraid to test the limits.  The TTTNE has been  into submission and has become...tame.  This is not what we are known for.  
  8. TTTNE 461 - A New Year, A New Moot

    My vote is also available for home renovation tips. First, if I didn't have a move and home renovations coming up, I'd run with you in a heartbeat.  Maybe next year.
  9. Don't buy V II!  I'm moving this month, so I'll pass it on to you! And yes, AK is still missing one gift.  Attempts were made to deliver the package, but ended up being returned to the seller. LOL!  I love that Birdie got the Sniffer! I still think that my SS was either Lany or Lily!
  10. Old People Forgetfullness

    Its not 'an old people thing'.  Its called complacency.  In the big scheme of life, little things like that don't really matter until they reach critical overload and you just can't stand it anymore.
  11. Everyone has a gift now except one person.  The item was shipped by a reputable company to the correct address; it is possible that someone five-fingered it.  We are attempting to resolve the issue now. Great gifts everyone!
  12. TTTNE 460: Because we lost everything since TTTNE 457

    Stopped to pick up seafood for the low-country boil tomorrow night and peeked into my bedroom at Mom's...I have a depressing amount of 'dehoarding' that needs to be done  
  13. TTTNE 460: Because we lost everything since TTTNE 457

    Bro, I'm glad that you had a good holiday visit with your folks.
  14. TTTNE 460: Because we lost everything since TTTNE 457

    Lany...Happy Birthday!  It sounds like you were treated like a queen    Rumor has it that Koba Baby has arrived.  I think we should devote the next thread to her.