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  1. Well I ain't got time for a long discussion this close to Christmas on the other points. But I'll agree this is the truth. Had he just taken loot, hostages (the Stark boys, Freys and Reeds), burnt down the castle and booked it home, Theon would have stepped into history as one of the greatest living Ironborn and been a shoe-in for King again.
  2. Here for this Lothar Brune is wildly under-appreciated in and out of universe.
  3. I tended to think that Tywin's dream plan for the Seven Kingdoms went a bit like this; Joffrey- King/Crownlands Tommen - Lord of the Stormlands Jaime - Lord of the West Cersei - married to the Lord of the Reach Wyllas and having his children Tyrion - Lord of the North through Sansa Myrcella - Married to a Dornish prince Gemma Lannister - Married to Lord of Riverun/Riverlands Lancel Lannister - Lord of Darry/Riverlands Basically Lannister blood ruling 3 other major kingdoms (Reach, Stormlands, North), his true line ruling Casterly Rock and the West. Lannisters having major influence in the Riverlands and some influence in Dorne. I imagine if he could he would have married Myrcella to Sweetrobin in the Vale instead to get some influence there. It all fell to pieces bit by bit, but I think that was the master plan.
  4. He only had one ship silence until he won the Kingsmoot. But he could always still turn up and murder his way to the top of the Iron Throne. So many variables. Yeah you could end up with 4 kingdoms. If Aegon gets Dorne and manages to beat Renly/Stannis with loyalist support. I agree the Red Viper is a much better option to send to meet Daenarys. He's world-experienced and probably would go well seducing her (look at her types really?).
  5. It's revenge, which can be a form of justice but it's not pure justice. But 163 for 163 is sloppy, it means most likely one of two things, she executed "innocents" (innocent of the Crucifixions, not of the shitty culture) to make up the numbers or she let people off. Westerosi justice would be finding the specific people who ordered the crucifixions of the children and those who carried out the crucifixions and executing them. Rope for the commoners, axe for the highborn. If this means only executing 40 people or executing more like 400 so be it. In Modern standards collective punishment is a war-crime which is what she did.
  6. But why would the Ironfleet show up if they're under Balon allied with Robb, sacking and conquering the West? Tyrion who probably is being set up to be an important adviser is probably dead or captured in the Riverlands or Kingslanding depending on how it all plays out. It's hard to predict Daenarys' plot line if things change so drastically for Westeros. Her storyline doesn't all hinge on Westeros but there are some things that influence it greatly. Though I imagine Barristan still makes it to her. Does Doran send Quentyn if the Red Viper is alive. Or does he send the Red Viper? So Daenarys and her dragons are definitely on the board. But who knows if they'll actually get around to attacking Westeros in her lifetime or would she build a New-Valyria in Slavers bay and her descendants return to harass Westeros? Aegon at least getting a the Golden Company and ships then harassing the new Kingdom Renly/Stannis rule (Especially if Aegon is allied with Dorne) is more straightforward conceivable.
  7. Though who knows what might happen if the Iron Fleet and Tyrion don't turn up in Slaver's bay? She might never leave. There's still Aegon as well I guess.
  8. I didn't think of that. But no it would be more of a "Peace of 5 Kings". At least for a generation or so. Once Robb had punished the Lannisters and secured his borders (including the Riverlands and whatever he takes from the West), I don't think he enter any further conflict unless provoked. Stannis/Renly isn't his King, but neither his foe. Stannis/Renly and their descendants would be pissy they weren't king of all of Westeros, but they wouldn't be able to match a North/Rivers, Iron Island, Vale coalition while they united. Especially if there was a degree of infighting before whomever of the two took control. Especially if they have to worry about Dornishmen raiding as well. Eventually the grand-alliance, might start to break down and squabble. The Iron Islands raiding the North. The Vale wanting more territory. But probably not right away, at least while Robb and Theon had close ties, Catelyn-Lysa etc.
  9. I always thought if the Vale and the Iron Island entered the war as newly independent kingdoms allied with Robb that you would end up with Robb as King of the North, Trident (whatever he kept of the Riverlands) and Golden Tooth (whatever amount of the Westerlands his kingdom swallowed up). Balon as King of the Iron Islands and Rock (whatever chunk of the West's coastline he absorbed) and Sweet Robin as King of the Vale. There'd likely be Stannis or Renly as King of the South (crownlands, Reach, Stormlands, whatever small chunk of Riverlands/Westerland they could take/keep) and Dorne an Independent Kingdom again. So a reasonable shake up to the status quo resulting in not 7 kingdoms or 1 kingdom, but 5 kingdoms of varying size and strength.
  10. Would he be seen as the true heir? Nah probably if anything he makes Joffrey look more legit. A mix of children looking like mum and dad more than each other is not unusual. (Example the Stark kids all look like Catelyn except for Arya who looks like Ned) Though if he was very much like Robert people might back him in a plot over Joffrey and a rumour (actually true) might be made up. Kind of the like Daeron the Good rumour. Especially if Joffrey is a little shit Would Stannis and Renly back him? Renly will do whatever furthers he and the Tyrells agenda. Stannis will whoever he believes in the true heir. So if Stannis suspects Joffrey is false he will back the hypothetical kid. If he has no reason to suspect he would back Joffrey even over the hypothetical kid (ironic I guess) Or would he be seen, if he decided to press his claim, as trying to leapfrog the line of succession, as Renly did? True or not. There'd be some who would level that accusation at him. His argument would be more legit than Renly as Renly was bypassing Stannis/Shireen as well and didn't know they were bastards until later.
  11. The problem is what do you compare with? Our world realism. Or the in-universe case-series where castles keep being taken easily. I think GRRM should have had Jaime sabotage the Red Keep's drawbridge or something to explain his father's easy capture of the Red Keep. Perhaps compound his guilt about Rhaegar's children by making him even more responsible.
  12. Good points. It's why I suggest above Stannis should have left the early. The timing of the Blackwater battle is one of those things I really have to suspend my disbelief for because as you say GRRM wanted this particular siege to go down. The only thing I have with the strength of the Red Keep is that Tywin seems to have managed to take it in a day during the sack of Kingslanding with 12,000 men while it was defended by "several thousand loyalists". I don't think it was guile either. He started sacking as soon as the gates of Kingslanding were open to him. And once the Red Keep was breached Maegor's holdfast was able to be scaled by Lorch and Clegane.
  13. Yes. I think especially if he moved quicker after Renly's death. He spent 2w eeks waiting around Storm's End and then was delayed by Storms for 2 weeks with the fleet. I imagine there might still have been storms and some delays organising an army. But it's possible he could have had a month head start. I would have not wasted an animated shadow on Cortnay Penrose. Rather accept his challenge of combat and pick the beast killer in my army to fight him (Bryce Caron, Rolland Storm, Richard Horpe, whoever is the best). Cortnay Penrose is an older man and I think Davos is correct in assessing he wants a way to surrender/die with dignity. If we lose we could use the shadow overnight. Call it's R'Hollers divine justice or something. But I don't think that's a problem. I would have kept Melissandre on the leading ship into the Blackwater. Probably have Lord Velaryon command the Navy. I don't think Imry did much wrong and I think Davos isn't as smart about naval battles as the fandom thinks. But Velaryon is likely an experienced Naval Commander and has been loyal from the start. Melisandre is good at predicting threats to her own health. So putting her at the tip of the spear proverbially is a good plan that she might avoid that danger. I don't think sending the pirates first is a good idea. Their ships are smaller than the Royal Navy and there's still a good number of ships that might be able to defeat them. And if they started to withdraw that would confused the entire battle. The rest is pretty straight forward. Stannis was winning afterall despite the Wildfire and chain. No surprise arrival of the Tyrells and Lannister. I take the city. Secure Sansa Stark for the North. Execute Cersei. Keep Joffrey prisoner so the Lannisters or Martells can't crown Tommen or Myrcella. Have the Hobber/Slobber to leverage old Paxter Redwyne. There's time for my men to rest and recover. Repair gates and build further fortifications. The Lannister/Tyrells either arrive and I call a parley and then have the remaining Shadow kill Mace and Tywin before I arrive. Use the chaos to seize control of Reachmen and Stormlords in their force and crush or bring the Westerlands men to heel. Before negotiating with Robb. Or if the Tyrells decide not to join the Lannister and Tywin stays in Harrenhal, I send Joffrey and the Twins to Dragonstone, leave a garrison in Kingslanding and march into the Riverlands to confront Tywin, while relieving the Riverlords and seeking Robb's fealty through negiotiation. Using Sansa as a bargaining chip. And...I'm writing fan fiction again.
  14. I don't disagree with you that the fandom enflates their importance. I think it was as you say an appropriate level match, BUT that might also have some use if in the future there was Reach trouble. Robert was a slacker but that didn't mean Jon Arryn was. As for the above house Hightower is directly tied to Tyrell through Mace's wife. Less likely to turncoat.
  15. All these people scoffing at only 2,000 bannermen. How many bannermen do you have? In any civil war/rebellion, subtracting 2000 men from your enemy and adding it to your actually means a difference of 4000 men. And the Florents might bring some other houses along for the ride. Like the guys we saw jump over to Stannis, Meadows, Mullendores, Fossoways etc.