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  1. Which military unit would you most want to belong to?

    In the current books yes. But over the years Lannisport probably has a bigger threat of Ironborn raiders due to it's proximity. Though really both are likely to be mostly safe, because the Ironborn would raid the less protected areas of the regions.
  2. Which military unit would you most want to belong to?

    Firstly Stickland has a famous name. You probably don't. Plus a mercenary company is a for-profit organisation. Having a banker type making decisions is important. He likely defers to his sub-commanders for all important work. But there's more to mercenary work than fighting. There wheeling and dealing your clients. Working out logistics. Conflict resolution. 
  3. Which military unit would you most want to belong to?

    Do City Watches count? Because being a member of the Oldtown City Watch would be good. Get all the benefits of living in a big city. I can probably rise with time to some senior position. Avoid big wars, crackheads, take occasional bribes and retire into some sort of trade when I lose my fitness. Like run a tavern or brothel. If not that, the Golden Company. Because they're the best and probably don't fight a lot (most mercenary companies probably don't do as much fighting as people think).
  4. Magnar of Skagos

    From a human seeing it from a Wolf's perspective. So might be distorted.
  5. How are westeroi armies recruited

    "Three days later, the vanguard of Roose Bolton’s host threaded its way through the ruins and past the row of grisly sentinels—four hundred mounted Freys clad in blue and grey, their spearpoints glittering whenever the sun broke through the clouds. And at the rear, more Freys. At least a thousand, maybe more: bowmen, spearmen, peasants armed with scythes and sharpened sticks, freeriders and mounted archers, and another hundred knights to stiffen them." This is the quote you mentioned. So the Freys have at least 1500 men here. 400 mounted knights and men at arms in the Vanguard. Providing Roose Bolton's rear is another 100 mounted knights and men at arms. Then there is the at least a 1000. Even here GRRM mentions bowmen, spearmen, freeriders and mounted archers as well as peasants with scythes and sticks. It's not a mob of peasants with improvised weapons, it's a force of professional soldiers with peasants as well. What proportion we don't know. The peasants while armed might not be there to fight, but rather as camp followers, digging latrines and what not. They're armed because they're going through hostile territory, but Roose and Aeny's Frey might not bring them to any proper battle. Furthermore this is at the end of the Riverlands conflict. The Freys have still taken some casuatlities fighting on both sides and left men besieging Riverrun and presumably to defend the Twins. So they are likely stretched thin on the ground as well. Having what ?4000 men I think as their estimated forces in total. So that could be why they're bolstering their number with freeriders and peasants.
  6. Who should Robert have chosen for his Kingsguard?

    Y'all know Addam Marbrand is heir to Ashmark? Dude isn't likely going to be a Kingsguard or sworn sword.  You know I had never thought about Cortnay Penrose (second son, brave and probably competent) and I immediately assumed Ser Barristan had to either be Kingsguard or removed from his position. I forget he wasn't the Commander until Robert made. I'd change my Kingsguard to Lord Commander Brynden Tully Ser Barristan Selmy (I would give him the option to go to the Wall with honours or remain as a Kingsguard not Commander his choice) Ser Lyn Corbray Ser Balon Swann Ser Richard Horpe Ser Rolland Storm Ser Cortnay Penrose With Ser Godfry Farring as a spare if Barristan decides to go to the Wall. I'd be very happy with this group guarding me. Corbray is the only wildcard, but with proper supervision he can be made into a decent KG. Mostly from the Stormlands but that's good for loyalty for this generation at least.  
  7. Who is your favourite "tough" female character?

    Probably Asha. She basically ignores all the women in a man's world complaints that Brienne and Cersei have and mixes it up in fighting, f***ing, sailing, reaving, giving zero shits.
  8. How are westeroi armies recruited

    Yes and no. These peasants I'm talking about are only wealthy in comparison to other peasants. They have just enough to push them past the subsistence living of their peers. But plenty of wealthier common people sit out wars, especially in towns or cities. Merchants, craftsmen, etc.
  9. Why did Ned bring Ice to King's Landing?

    We don't really know enough about the fight to say much. It wasn't "honourable" single combat it was a 3 vs 7 skirmish during a war. Dayne may have suffered wounds before Ned and he fought, who knows? (Howland I guess) Howland could have done anything. It could have been conventional fighting bravery, distracting Arthur momentarily for Ned to find a gap in his defense. It could have have been use of unconventional weapons (like a net). It could be stabbing him in the back. It could have been outright magic. 
  10. Why did Ned bring Ice to King's Landing?

    I don't really know enough about metalworking to say... Not great doesn't mean terrible. He was average. Which being a noble means still better than the majority of the soldiers in Westeros. An average fighter still benefits from having a decent weapon.
  11. Why did Ned bring Ice to King's Landing?

    If that is true, then whoever made the sword was dumb. Sure you could use magical steel for ceremonial purposes only but combat is were VS shines. The move to turn it into 2 arming swords while disrespectful is pretty practical. As an arming sword can be used from horseback and be worn on the waist day to day.
  12. How are westeroi armies recruited

    This. Weapons and armor were expensive. But they were in excess of a large quantities after a battle and lasted for generations. A man might have the coat and coif of mail his grandfather wore, of course a large number of rings might have been patched and replaced over the years. He goes off to battle is lucky to be on the winning side and not wounded, so he loots a couple more coats, maybe an take a good axe head and a dented helm. He keeps the helm and refits the axe head, keeps a coat to salvage rings from, but doesn't need the other coat, so he trades one to another farmer who doesn't have one, perhaps someone whose great uncle never came back from a war and the family lost their articles of war. That farmer doesn't need the coat urgently, but neither does the original so it likely gets traded for below it's value to be produced. Chickens and what not. Things impossible to trade for in a big city or castle but in the middle of nowhere, it's supply and demand. This other farmer who has a pike a few other things he has gathered too, then would make a deal with his landed knight or lord to drill occasionally and be ready called to arms in exchange for hunting rights or reduced taxation. A good short term deal as wars are often infrequent. These farmers are slightly wealthier than their peers to afford to do this in the first place and prosper with the benefits of their deal. So you have a class who are peasant levies. But are not rabble with pitchforks and rags.
  13. Why did Ned bring Ice to King's Landing?

    Despite the perceived Danger I don't think Ned truly thought things would ever get as bad as they did. Otherwise he wouldn't have just left Ice at home, but would have left his daughters or at least Arya. nor planned for Bran to come before his crippling. As for using it. I imagine he did in combat. It's a misconception about how heavy great swords were. They usually didn't way more than twice a normal sword and you had both hands to use them. Valyrian Steel would mean it would be even lighter. Neither are they unwieldy. Medieval combat had techniques to use with a great sword for close quarters, half-swording where you grip the blade and stab like a spear and options like striking with the pommel. In really tight quarters men would use daggers or grapple. I imagine he commanded from horseback with an arming sword by his side. But if he had to enter the fray, a man at arms playing the role of squire (because Ned would have men to do squires duties despite not being a Knight) would be carrying the sword and give it to him after he dismounted. It was very common for knights, nobles and even kings to fight dismounted, despite the perception of knights always on horseback. You can inspire your men. But also it's less likely you'll end up over extended and cut from your side, or have your horse killed under you. You can surround yourself with the best bodyguards and fight in quick bursts, taking breaks guarded by your men.
  14. Who should Robert have chosen for his Kingsguard?

    He killed Lewyn Martell (albeit wounded) and led a counter attack that broke the Dornishmen. He and most of the Vale act like he's incredibly dangerous. Even if he isn't 100% of his reputation he is probably very good and I think Kingsguard standard.
  15. Who should Robert have chosen for his Kingsguard?

    1. Re: Lyn Corbray. We don't know exactly whether he is a paedophile or simply homosexual. Boys is used to refer to both children but also young men like Jon Snow, Robb, etc. We know that he well known to not favour women, so it's not a hidden vice. Furthermore you want someone who is good at killing for a bodyguard job. So I don't see why being a low-key psycho is a problem. He's a second son and has a distinguished Valyrian Steel sword. A great pick for a Kingsguard post Robert's Rebellion, where also his leaning probably weren't known. 2. Horpe is a Stormlands born and pretty loyal guy. Again you want killers on your Kingsguard.  3. Arys Oakheart's situation was complicated. He was disillusioned by Joffrey and attempting to crown another member of the Royal Family. But at the end of the day he was able to die bravely (albeit stupidly), which is a job requirement. 4. Preston Greenfield is a Lannister stooge. But you need to throw them a bone and you can watch someone obviously in their camp. Also the Lannister are meant to be your allies. I think you're underrating his actions. Dude singly handily waded into a rioting crowd to try and rescue the equivalent of a Pope. You need that blind following orders and dying for a Kingsguard. 5. Yes Robert's Kingsguard was terrible. I don't think mine is a collection of the best or paragons. But realistic practical choices within the limitations at the end of the Rebellion.  Whereas others are like. 1. Bronze Yohn 2. Randyl Tarly etc. People who wouldn't give up a lordship to be Kingsguard.