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  1. Do common families of Westeros have surnames?

    There is no rule that says a commoner can't have a name. It's just the majority never need one in their life. They might have descriptors like Big Wat, Wat the smith or Wat from Penny-Tree. But anyone can claim a name. You could invent one like Slynt might have. Or claim a distant relation. Lother Brune got turned away from the Brunes of Brunehollow but it's not like anyone stopped him from using it. But if you claimed to be a Lannister while wearing rags you'd be laughed away from anywhere.
  2. Stannis's role in the death of King Robert Baratheon

    As bastards technically they aren't even heirs to that. Edit: Darn phone somehow quoted the wrong person and I'm struggling to fix it.
  3. Can Someone Explain Rowan's Attitude?

    I thought this was going to be about Mathis Rowan...
  4. Stannis's role in the death of King Robert Baratheon

    A letter from Ned sent through Pycelle obvious Lannister stooge. Great idea.
  5. Laws of Inheritance?

    Most people don't truly understand or know Stannis in the Seven Kingdoms. I'd say through Cressen and Davos we have a much better picture than many. Had Stannis wished to claim the throne solely on being Robert's eldest brother and not a Lannister stooge he could have acted much faster rather than attempting to present the incest and allowing time to pass.
  6. Laws of Inheritance?

    If Robert's kids were true he would have backed them in any civil war, complaining, quipping and grinding his teeth the whole time.
  7. Why didn't Tywin get Joffrey to release Jaime from the Kingsguard?

    I'm really confused by this thread. He pretty much was just about to and Jaime refused.
  8. Stannis's role in the death of King Robert Baratheon

    The only evidence for this is either Varys or Littlefinger's word I can't remember which. Both have established clear alternative agendas by now.
  9. Let's Find The Swords

    What I meant is that she hasn't heard any rumours about in in that scene. Butyou're right if his is a paedophile it is in his best interest to hide it. Satin is 18 older than Jon Snow and this is what Septon Cellador says: This comes off like I'm pro-Lyn Corbray or something. I just don't think there is enough evidence to make any sort of assumptions.
  10. How come Jon Arryn had no kids before?

    Argh. You're right. I don't know how I let that slip into that part of my brain.
  11. How come Jon Arryn had no kids before?

    That's my point though it could be both. Two people can be fertile and still have issue. Stannis couldbe rhesus positive. Selyse Rhesus negative. During the first pregnancy Shireen, Selyse is exposed to rhesus antibodies from Shireen. Then when another rhesus positive pregnancy occurs the body responds to it and causes a miscarriage. Stannis and Selyse then don't have sex that often and the few pregnancies are miscarriages by poor luck (i forget what the odds are O+G isn't an interest for me). Edit: As they have had Shireen they are both "fertile" but as I say, there's a lot of factors that can go wrong without modern medicine.
  12. Stannis's role in the death of King Robert Baratheon

    A lot of people in book suggest he was sulking but that's the trouble with their perception versus reality. A lot of people don't know about the investigation. Not being named Hand means he has even less power to act on the conspiracy. I address this in my link up there. There's a lot of reason Robert might not believe him. Even Jon Arryn was hesitant to immediately approach Robert and he was his de facto father.
  13. How come Jon Arryn had no kids before?

    There are many reasons for couples not to be able to have children or to have miscarriages in a medieval setting. For example they have no knowledge of rhesus incompatibility. Where often a couple can have a normal first delivery and then subsequently only have miscarriages. This could be the case with Jon Arryn and Lysa and Stannis and Selyse. But likewise people can be barren due to pelvic infection gumming up their fallopian tubes or have misscarriage second to bacterial contamination in food and milk. Things were pretty tough back then. Even for nobles.
  14. Stannis's role in the death of King Robert Baratheon

    Glad to see my old thread referenced. You tell the second most powerful man in the Kingdom that the King's heir may be false and he then dies of a summer fever. It's hella suspicious. The only problem being the Lannisters are more obvious than LF and Lysa.
  15. So... what if more of Ned Stark's companions had survived?

    People seem to think Lyanna would have spilled the beans of eloping to all there. I'm sure Ned would probably spoken with her alone, explained Rhaegar was dead and that the party line was she was the victim of kidnapping and rape. Then he tells the surviving lords there is a bastardchild (even if they did marry). Explains his concerns about the child's safety and swears them to silence. He tells everyone the child is his bastard.