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  1. Choose Your Kingsguard!

    I also think this could be a fabulous line-up 1. Brynden Tully 2. Oberyn Martell 3. Renly Baratheon 4. Loras Tyrell 5. Jon Connington 6. Lyn Corbray 7. Hothar Umber Cheers. I wanted a competent, loyal and believable Kings' guard. As Oakheart's Head said, people often pick unrealistic options like Greatjon, Bronze Yohn Royce etc.
  2. Choose Your Kingsguard!

    He's not Dornish. Not even Stoney-Dornish. He's a Stormlander. It's confusing because March means a border. The Dornish Marches means the border with Dorne, but it's land from Dorne, the Reach and the Storm's Lands. All intersecting. House Caron and Dondarrion are another example of "Marcher Lords" but are Stormlords. Edit: Someone living on the Mexican Border (in the USA) is still a US citizen. In Mexico someone might live on the US border. If that makes sense.
  3. Choose Your Kingsguard!

    This I tend to think would have been a much better Kingsguard for Robert Baratheon. Lord Commander Brynden Tully Ser Barristan Selmy (I would give him the option to go to the Wall with honours or remain as a Kingsguard not Commander his choice) Ser Lyn Corbray Ser Balon Swann Ser Richard Horpe Ser Rolland Storm Ser Cortnay Penrose Ser Godfry Farring as a spare if Barristan decides to go to the Wall.
  4. Tyrek and the Lannister inheritance

    Robert could just as lawfully retained both castles for his sons, and made Joffrey the Prince of Dragonstone and Tommen the Lord of Storm's End - GRRM in a SSM "Storm's End is [Tommen's] by rights, since Lord Renly left no heir and Lord Stannis is attainted. In time Casterly Rock will pass to the boy as well through his lady mother. He will be as great a lord as any in the realm" - Arriane Feast for Crows It appears to be tradition for a lord or King not to hold more than one seat, rather giving it to a son, but it isn't a mandatory rule. It looks like Tommen gets first pass at Casterly Rock.
  5. Tyrek and the Lannister inheritance

    Tommen being King does not remove him from the line of succession for Casterly Rock.
  6. This forgets that the Westerlands is essentially the equivalent of a large medieval nation micro-managing that is a job in itself. That and sit in his oppulent castle, make money, subtly bang whores, etc.
  7. Stannis should have gone to Bitterbridge after Renly died

    Oh I agree. I don't think he should have gone for bitterbridge too. Going for Kingslanding is the better option (just 2weeks earlier) that way he can cement their loyalty and damage the Lannister's prestige.
  8. Stannis should have gone to Bitterbridge after Renly died

    There's not much evidence of this in the book. Stannis was camped there for 2 weeks. He's going to notice an 80k sized army eventually. They only managed to sneak up him because of the Mountain Clansmen. A significant number of Reach Lords. We know Hightower, Rowan, Tarly, Oakhart and Redwyne don't back Stannis. But there are a number of houses that do. Florent. The Fossoways (Green and Red). Crane. Willum. Varner. Meadows. Mullendore. Probably not a majority but a definitely significant chunk The Following is some loose speculation. We know Renly had 20k cavalry. 20% leave with Loras and Randyl. Leaving 16k with Stannis. Lets assume Renly took every available Stormland cavalry he could. We think the Stormlands has about 30,000 men. We know most armies (Renly's combined host, Robb and Tywins) have a horse to foot ratio of 1:3. So of that 16k, Renly could have a maximum of 7.5k Stormlord Cavalry That means at least 12.5k were Reachmen. 4k of whom left with Randyl and Loras. So Stannis had at least 8.5 mounted Reachmen. Lords, Knights and their assorted men at arms. If the Reach has a max forces of say 80,000. Their amount of Cavalry would be ~20,000. So Stannis may have taken at least over a third of the Reach's Lords and Knights with him. If the Reach's overall power is smaller than 80,000 that proportion increases to Stannis' benefit.
  9. Stannis should have gone to Bitterbridge after Renly died

    I don't know if we know enough variables. 2 men can ride faster than 4000 using dismounts. 4,000 can move faster than 16k because of the foraging required. Stannis could have still pursued them to Btterbridge only to find the army already in Randyl and Loras' hands. Then he has to force his Reachmen of untested loyalty against their Lord-Paramount. I've often suggested Stannis should not have waited outside of Storm's End so long (2weeks). That if he moved faster and possibly missed the poor weather that delayed his ships he could have seized Kingslanding weeks prior to any Lannister Tyrell forces meeting in the field. But again I don't know how long it took to reorganize after Renly's death. That 2 weeks may have been a convenient excuse to cover gathering supplies, repairing ships, resting animals etc. The most unbelievable thing about the battle of the Blackwater is the timing. The Lannister arriving at the perfect hour to catch Stannis mid assault. Had they been earlier/delayed by a few days they may have met Stannis with an intact army in the field or Stannis who holds the walls of Kingslanding. Other battles are realistic because they usually involve one army in a known place for a long time (Riverun, Oxcross, The Crossroads Inn etc) being attacked by another coming to find them. This strains credulity at times.
  10. Randyll Tarly at Bitterbridge

    Though Genna was actually annoyed he got the safe no male line left Darry rather than Riverrun with the spectre of Edmure's line. But you know I don't disagree with you. You're right that attitude about these things will determine your happiness or sadness in life. That Kevan has had probably a happier life accepting his circumstances. It still doesn't mean it's wrong for Stannis to gripe about Renly getting Storm's End. I've met people who were the carer for their eldery parent for decades until they died, while a sibling lives on the other side of the country. When that parent dies they leave the contents of the will to both the children equally. That carer-child didn't care for the parent out of expectation of rewards, but none-the-less feels that they deserved more than the other for their time and sacrifice, maybe they've put their career or plans to travel whatever on hold. And this can make people incredibly bitter. Where as if they'd accepted the windfall not thought about it and moved on with their life, they'd be much happier. Doesn't stop their concerns from having some validity. That's Stannis in this situation. He does everything Robert ever asks of him and does it reasonably well. Then Robert goes and gives Renly Storm's End for no clear in text justification. Even though he is already one of the most powerful men in the Kingdom already, he feels "hey, I deserve that not Renly"
  11. Randyll Tarly at Bitterbridge

    Yet he is happy enough when Tywin made his eldest son Lord of Darry. There is nothing wrong with having some ambition/sense of entitlement. Especially after great upheaval like civil war. Even though I'm a big King Stannis fan, I agree that Dragonstone is more than enough reward for his service during Robert's Rebellion. But that if Storm's End was going to be given away by Robert, Stannis should have been considered before Renly due to his service in subsequent years and his higher order in succession. But ultimately I think Robert should have just kept the Stormlands for himself at the same time as being King.
  12. Randyll Tarly at Bitterbridge

    I certainly agree that giving Renly Storm's End was a big mistake. As soon as Robert is dead and without any suspicion of incest, Renly decides to skip Robert's three children (of whom only one is a huge dick), his elder brother, his child and decide he should be King. Stannis on the other hand, I tend to think if he didn't have suspicion of incest would have been a strong supporter of Joffrey. Oh he'd complain plenty, but he'd do his duty. Even if you view Stannis in an ambitious light, his best interests would be backing Joffrey for possible rewards (like Storm's End if Renly rebelled). If I was Robert I would have probably still given Stannis Dragonstone. It is a reward for his service. It's not particularly powerful and they did need a strong lord to keep any possible loyalists in line. But giving Renly Storm's End was folly. I would have kept it for myself, making Joffrey Prince of Storm's End when he came of age, to give him a chance to rule before being King. Like the Targaryans did with Dragonstone but with much more power kept close to the Throne. Agreed. Balon should have had the black or execution. Even if his house was allowed to remain. They wouldn't be Lord Paramounts. I'd give that to another family like the Harlaws. Whoever bent the knee early and has enough strenght and history to rule the Iron Islands. And yeah that was crazy. Two of his Kingdoms were practically at war and he's like "Durr durr lets hunt some boar"
  13. Randyll Tarly at Bitterbridge

    I agree we have the benefit of hindsight. But that doesn't remove any future-planning responsibility from Robert. Splitting the power of the Crownlands and empowering a lesser branch GRRM describes "careless generosity" on Robert's behalf. The distribution of Robert's land was careless and even without his untimely death and the incest, could have lead to significant conflict. Stannis was his heir-presumptive. Not his heir-apparent. Giving him Dragonstone permanently was a poor move. He split the power of the Crownlands by giving the Narrow Sea Lords to Stannis. Previously Targaryan kings could rely on both the Narrow Sea Lords and the surrounding Crownlands forces. Not a huge force compared to a whole Kingdom but still a source for directly loyal soldiers. Now the Baratheon of Kingslanding Branch who have the best claim are weakened. There's now a Baratheon of Dragonstone branch with a decent claim to the throne as well that could challenge them. Especially if his heirs are weak or upset the great houses. Next the Baratheons of the Stormlands could make also make a claim to the throne and have the whole power of a region to back it up. What happens in a generation or two if this Lord wants to be King? It's not just about his transition. It's about the future of the realm. What happens when he's created three way civil war when Renly or Stannis' kids or even grand kids challenge his own. Incest Situation While it's not likely one would think incest would happen, it's something that basic decency might have prevented. Robert could have perhaps tried to ensure he had a legal heir by actually being a decent husband to Cersei, reducing her chance of having affairs. Infidelity (unrelated to incest) is an obvious concern too. Then he could have actually consummated his marriage more frequently and soberly enough to actually know he was having sex with his wife (Cersei tells us she used other tricks when he was drunk). He could have been an attentive father and perhaps noticed that hey his kids didn't look like him one bit.
  14. How would Robert treat a Dornish Princess?

    No worries. Glad to help. If there's any more questions you could post or pm me.
  15. Randyll Tarly at Bitterbridge

    Robert was as bad as Visery II and Aegon IV. All three of them had reigns with long periods of peace. But they all screwed up creating a situation where their death resulted in a succession crisis and huge civil war. With Viserys and Aegon it was the Dance of Dragons and the Blackfyre Rebellion. With Robert the War of Five Kings. Robert created a situation where his wife would cuckhold him, giving him no true heirs. The situation with Storm's End and Dragonstone too. He gave the younger ambitious brother more power and the older rigid uncompromising brother who might be his backup less. Part of being king is ensuring your inevitable succession is smooth.