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  1. Edric Dayne, Why aren't we talking about him?

    I always imagined it something like this. Arthur procures Wylla from his household when Lyanna falls pregnant at the Tower of Joy (or even earlier if they're actively trying). As a wetnurse she likely also has midwifery skills. Wylla and Lyanna grow close in isolation. Lyanna has Jon Snow. Wylla is aware of the parentage. Ned kills the Kingsguard. Lyanna dies. While Ned tears down the tower to bury his friends (with controlled fires and multiple horse power), Wylla breastfeeds Jon. They travel to Starfall and he returns Arthurs sword. Wylla returns to the dayne household. Ned and Wylla agree that she will claim to be Jon Snow's mother and he the father. Timeline doesn't work but she's been away from home enough time to have a child. He leaves her behind and takes Jon North. Rumours of "Wylla" reach Robert (see aGoT). Catelyn hears rumours about Ashara Dayne. Draws the wrong conclusions. A couple years later Ned Dayne is born and Wylla is his nurse-maid. He grows up hearing the story line that Wylla was Jon Snow's mother.
  2. His sons while overweight still manage to ride and fight alongside Robb well enough. As others have said 14 years is a long time to let yourself go. We see how unfit Robert became and he was arguably one of the greatest fighters in Westeros. Wyman at his peak was probably quite the hefty man. We see this in real life, with figures like Henry VIII. He was actually quite fit and active in his youth, when he spent days hunting or jousting. Being a knight and Lord is a high intensity career. But as mentioned also above the injuries stack up. Both from wounds and probably from Osteoarthritis and other chronic impairments.
  3. Military strengths of the Houses of Westeros

    I agree that the Mountain Clans probably don't line up with the rest of the Northern soldiers. The Clan leaders, sons and champions will have mail byrnies and greatsword of steel. But the rest have sling or ash-staffs, wearing furs or at best studded leather. Where most of the northern foot would have some mail armour. We see this in a few descriptions. They might however have more horses per man, needing them to get around in the mountains. But these aren't war horses, they wouldn't be useful for charging just for mobility. You don't really want to take this guys south of the moat except as scouts and scavengers. Despite their bluster, these guys would have a big disadvantage against cavalry, archers, pikes etc. But they are who you want to fight Ironborn, Wildlings or Skagosi in the North.
  4. How would the Watch fare with no RR or GR?

    The causalities of war on the Smallfolk probably isn't big enough to effect recruitment. The North has million of peasants. Some of which might join up if food gets too scare in Winter. Most lowborn in the south probably don't join the NW unless there is a recruiter or they committed a crime. However peace makes it easier for men like Yoren to recruit safely and travel to the wall. Also during a war, a lord is probably more likely to execute a criminal rather than bother to send them to the Wall.
  5. How would the Watch fare with no RR or GR?

    Neither. Peace is better than a major war. But constant low level war is best for the Watch. Back when their was 7 kingdoms there were 7 kings who could send their political enemies to the wall, as well as hostages who can't pay their ransom and captured lowborn enemy soldiers. This way a King or Lord wouldn't have to butcher surrendered enemies but also wouldn't have to fight them again. Peace means no prisoners of war, but at least starving northerners and second or third sons might still join. But majors civil wars are a disaster for the Watch. Large swathes of commonfolk die, so there's no population pressure at home. One side usually forgives the rival lords or executes them, so less are sent to the watch. Then many nobles die. So second sons who might join the watch might die, inherit or gain lands as a result of the conflict. Aside from those few Tywin sent to the Wall, it seems no one in RR was sent there. None I can name in the Greyjoy Rebellion. I think if neither had happened the watch would have been better off from surplus second and thirds sons.
  6. Uncle Benjen, shouldn't you be at the wall.

    The night's watch is both pragmatic and resource hungry at that point. You send Benjen to Ned, because he will gets results. He can use his relationship and goodwill to get resources. I can't remember exactly but I'm sure after that feast where Jon leaves with Benjen, he also takes a bunch of horses and stuff back to the wall.
  7. Mallister's are rather awesome

    Only 8 ships makes sense. It's probably enough to patrol their small coastline and as much as they can afford to maintain. If they sight large Ironborn navies they race back to shore to warn the Mallisters. But if there's only one or two long boats they can chase them down with numerical superiority.
  8. Doran's plan

    A lot of people are noting that Aegon comes before Viserys by law of primogeniture. But there is also case law both in Westeros and our history for laws of proximity. Basically an heir closer connected the deceased. This is what happened in the great council where Viserys I become Jahearys heir, over Laenor Velaryon.
  9. What's a Holdfast

    My understanding it's a similar word to "Keep". It can either refer to the most defended part of a castle. Like Maegor's holdfast. Or it can refer to a smaller structure used for defence, Like the tower in the compound Yoren shelters in. Or a castle itself in it's entirety.
  10. Incredibly variable and little information Braavos probably has quality professional marines. And we see Bravos are explicitly mentioned in aGoT alongside sellswords. Sellsword vary from extremely professional like the Golden Company to trash like the Brave Companions. Some will be completely mounted like the Storm Crows and Second Sons. Others will have foot like the Company of the Cat. These are similar to westerosi forces in armor and equipment. The Norvoshi have bearded priests. Who if Areo Hotah is a good example would probably be decent soldier. Slave soliders yes but not castrated and more like the Mamelukes or Jannissaries of the Middle East. Qohor uses unsullied. There's a lot of debate here. A lot think the unsullied aren't as good as their reputation, Volantis has slave tiger soldiers. Not much info. There's a mind numbing menagerie of dumb soldiers (chained together, stilts etc) in Slaverys bay. The citizen solider of New Ghis might be decent enough. But they have outdated equipment and tactics.
  11. Why did Balon declare war on the North

    Fair enough. Though what Balon failed to do was wait until the last or second last turn to seize the Reach and Northern castles thus squeezing onto the finish line as victor. We did try a house rule once where you could request transport on neighbouring fleets. That lead to some crazy scenarioes. Stark armies cut off in the Reach and other things. But overall it was too unbalanced.
  12. Why did Balon declare war on the North

    But half the game is threatening, bluffing and scheming? Seems odd to kick you. I used to play it a lot in real life with a group of colleagues then I moved. But I should rope in some friends up here. It's a truly fun game. I invented an alternative universe reason for the commander cards and setting. That Ned Stark never went south and Renly supported Stannis losing the Tyrell support. It's the one way I reconcile it. The Stoney Sept donut defense. Yeah it's great. 3 knights in their for most the game. Lannister is the only truly land based force in that game. There's a reason my friends and I called it "Game of boats". The expansions are pretty neat. ADWD adds new cards and powers. Puts everyone into conflict immediately. And the 4 player AFFC is a faster different style. Competing for points not castles. Umm... to keep this relevant to OP "Balon was mad, Aeron is madder, and Euron is maddest of them all"
  13. Why did Balon declare war on the North

    Such a good game. It's a shame a lot of the heroes cards don't make sense for faction. Why isn't Patchface's card Melissandre? That would make far more sense. I wish there was an easy way to add the Arryns from the expansion too.
  14. Why isn't Moat Cailin built up?

    Taxes aren't always logical. The book suggests the tax-collectors in White Harbour sent things straight the the King. As windy as he was vast, he began by asking Winterfell to confirm the new customs officers he had appointed for White Harbor. The old ones had been holding back silver for King’s Landing rather than paying it over to the new King in the North. The impression I got about the Twins is that it's not on a major road like the Kingsroad. Which would have some expectation of being patrolled or maintained (mainly bridges) by the Royal Family (though in reality not so much). Rather it is a short cut through his lands using a private bridge his forebears threw up. He likely gives the Tullys the dues from the lands he owns, but pockets a lot of the toll money, because it's a profitable side business. That's why they're so rich. My point is that while it may profitable in the long run to look at something like a toll at moat caitlin, the politics and bureaucracy might be enough of a deterrent in the short term. Why do it when you're already on top of things?
  15. Why did Balon declare war on the North

    My own experiences of the game is if Lannister and Greyjoy fight neither has a chance to win. They bog each other down in such petty fighting for the whole time. Greyjoy can take but he can't hold well. But if the two unite they're quite a power block. I need to play this game again.