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  1. Nezzer added a post in a topic New Tommen   

    They could just make him a very immature teenager. He still looks 12/13, and I've known many people of that age with the mentality of a 9 year old.
  2. Nezzer added a post in a topic Watch the Foreshadowing   

  3. Nezzer added a post in a topic (Major ASOS, Show and Foreshadowing Spoilers) Season 4 Chronology: Jon   

    I doubt it. In the trailer we see Alliser Throne giving a speech, so I bet he will still be leading the Watch in the battle.
  4. Nezzer added a post in a topic Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).   

    Haha I love it how Stannis is the only character that is judged by his words instead of by his actions. If he started to say he's the most handsome man in the history of Westeros, the Stanstans would start ot defend that claim.

    The biggest irony of the Stanstans is that they refuse to follow Stannis' most basic rule: a good act does not wash out the bad, nor a bad the good. Just because Stannis did a great act of heroism, his fanatical fans forgive all his wrongs. He's my top favorite characters still, but I don't understand why people want their favorite characters to be perfect. Perfect characters with no faults are no fun at all. Jaime fans do the same thing all the time, even going as far as defending the attempted murder of Bran.

    Renly's death was deserved, but it was a very dishonorable act. Stannis most likely knew what was going to happen, but he refused to admit it, both to Davos and to himself. He offered good terms to Renly because he knew Renly would never survive until dawn anyway, which was the deadline for his acceptance. If Renly accepted his terms, he would still have died. How does one cancel a shadowbaby? Melisandre was already "pregnant". Could her make an "abortion"?

    I still defend Stannis's tactic in that case (although he should've been smarter to wait until Renly captured KL). However, I completely despise GRRM's usage of the shadowbaby, introducing a deus ex machina to the story we'd never heard about before in the precise moment where it would change the story completely. Every other usage of magic was built up with a lot of foreshadowing. GRRM might as well had made the red comet crash right over Renly's army.

    Back to Stannis's honor, the one thing that almost made me truly dislike him was the Cortnay Penrose situation. Now that was a real cheap and cowardly move of his part. He refused to fight an old man in single combat and sent a shadowbaby to do the job for him without giving Penrose a single chance to defend himself. I bet that if Tywin were the one to off someone like the Blackfish with a shadowbaby to capture Riverrun, people would be use that against him in this board.

    I won't even enter the subject about his hypocrisy, otherwise this post will never end. At any rate, Stanstans might think my arguments mean I despise Stannis, but don't get me wrong, because they are the exact reasons why I love him. He's a hypocritical asshole who saves the realm, that's why he's so much fun. Before saving the Watch, though, he was just another asshole with valid reasons me.
  5. Nezzer added a post in a topic New Tommen   

    The pic for those who haven't seen it, between Tyrion and Cersei:

    He doesn't look like the same actor who played Martyn Lannister in S3, as the rumors said. It's probably him, but he looks very different. Looks young enough to me, even though he's a year or two older than the previous actor. No idea about his characterization, though.
  6. Nezzer added a post in a topic Game of Thrones Featurette Due February 9   

    Davos appears twice in the featurette. Behind Stannis (in that same clip shown in the official trailer) and walking into Stannis's room.
  7. Nezzer added a post in a topic Game of Thrones Featurette Due February 9   

    And Roose is looking like David Benioff's older brother now. He looks great with it, but I'm still not sure if it fits his characters. We'll see.