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  1. My ideal Rhaegar would be played by model Jason Morgan.
  2. A young Robert would have been played to perfection by Chris Sullivan, who played Cleary on The Knick. Rhaegar would be played by model Jason Morgan.
  3. The Baratheons are not from Valyria.
  4. Good but not great, he should have had a long beard with long fingernails.
  5. I'm very glad you like it, while I don't have Bran powers I think I've got an eye for casting Thrones characters. I don't know if she can act but I thought Kato the Steampunk model would have been good as Dany (in terms of looks), she'd also be great as Shiera Seastar. BTW, I LOVE your screen name
  6. I thought Imogen Poots would have been a much better choice, she's a very good actress and I think she looks more like Dany should (IMO).
  7. Interesting, I've never heard that before.
  8. Brandon Stark would bang his sister? He's a Stark, not a Tararyen.
  9. I've been watching "the Knick" lately and found a magnicifent candidate to play Rhaegar. Give Eric Johnson the same hair/makeup they gave Lee Pace and Orlando Bloom and you have Rhaegar ready to go! And to play a young Robert we have Chris Sullivan, he pulls off an amazing Irish accent, he looks like he could be a young Mary Addy but he's physically imposing, stanfding 6'4.
  10. For a nobleman it might actually make sense, men don't have the same expiration date that women do, finding the right match is the key, look no further than Willas Tyrell.
  11. the son of Rhaegar? Supposedly, I actually want him to be the son of Lyanna or Ashara, not Elia.
  12. Vincent Regan (300) shall play Rickard Stark, it is known ;)
  13. Sorry but Malcolm McDowell is going to be Aerys, it is known :)
  14. Beautiful = a handsome male with long flowing hair.
  15. "Scientific attraction", in and of itself, is actually irrelevant to the topic at hand, it's about casting an actor to play Rhaegar based on his description and how people reacted to him. The problem with the examples you chose is that they're celebrities, I once had a female swooning because I told her I was the right Guard for the New England Patriots, that was pretty funny. Plenty of straight males in ASOIAF were impressed by how handsome Rhaegar was. Strictly from a dramatic perspective, the casting choice has to be manly enough for the audience to take him seriously as someone who could actually go toe to toe with Robert Baratheon. Also, you might want to be a bit less combative in your posts, if doesn't make your point and more or less valid. Finally, I have NEVER seen ANY male, straight or otherwise, praise Tilda Swanson's looks, not a single one, I do see PLENTY of males who go nuts over Christina Hendricks womanly curves.