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  1. Why would you think that the establishment of an oligarchy of any kind is good? They are a bane of democracies and workers which need only be viewed with their effects on the Ukraine, Georgia, and Russia in the 90's. The definition of oligarchy is that the only real power held in a state is by oligarchs. This is no proverbial swamp that you are proposing but an actual one; its the reign of big business being the only brokers of power in government. The same businesses that created the issue of less and less jobs in the US by shipping them to lower paid workers. You assume the good intent of a system without recognizing the context only on the promise that Trump could keep its direction, assuming he is not inclined to undercut his vague promises in his campaign. The most you promise is four to eight years then, until it asserts itself at great cost. Thus America is still not great. Seriously, "nationalist oligarch" ruling a "content population". The thing is that those lower tier politicians also have a number amongst them for fighting tooth an nail against corruption, and the others must address it the issue if it is brought to the public or they may lose their elected positions. You counter though that a removal of the "middle man" will result in assumed result of national oligarchs working for, and ruling, the country. And don't tell me that you are not assuming. A vague idea that believes that stimulating an oligarchy is the answer to everyone's problems in society. It ignores the history self interest of such systems. When do oligarchs hold themselves to a standard other than self interest? The answer is that they typically, and almost certainly, don't. By definition, oligarchs subsume institutions and power for their exclusive interest, and it is not national.
  2. Hiring one proverbial elite over the other is just signifies that one one is out of favor, but the "oligarch" has seeming access to the reigns of power. Who needs to appeal to lower tier politicians when when you essentially sit the dog at the table to eat? The very fact that you suggest that it would be a good thing if they were part of a politicians inner circle is ignoring the fact this is very much establishing a true oligarchy, and in nature is a tremendously corrupt system. Edit: Just to be clear, I am responding only to the logic that you are applying in your post.
  3. Any comment on this?
  4. Would it be okay if I said that nothing actually truly begins or ends save for that which we perceive?
  5. In reality it was Yukle that sabotaged that roll, and left the seat up which caused CB to fall into the toilet.
  6. Do you mind if I change the subject? What the hell happened this week?
  7. I know there are a few guys have reviewed Forty Creek on youtube, so if your interested on getting an idea of the flavor then I'd suggest taking a look at it. Though I would doubt its something that you'd find on your side of the border. I've had trouble finding it in some of the more remote parts of BC but I've never had trouble finding Crown Royal, which is a shame when I visit some of my relatives.
  8. Its not bad at all, though I'm shit at describing flavor. Its a Canadian whisky and a bit smoother than others.
  9. Chose the Forty Creek in the end, and I honestly forgot how much I missed this whisky.
  10. Funnily enough I have been able to consume a fair bit before inebriation, though I haven't drank like that in a year so I could be a bit lighter on that scale, but my hangovers are usually no big deal. I only really drink once every few months and its getting to be around that time again. I've avoided the bottle for the past few days though because I wanted to sober for my reactions to the politics in the world. Well now it comes down to "fuck that noise". I have two bottles that are near empty. Generic rum and Forty Creek whisky. One or both is getting finished off tonight, the only question being is what should go first.
  11. Right, I was reading about that today. The irony being lost on her is pretty incredible. As a noteworthy politician that was welded onto Harper's government as a minister for the status of woman (and other posts, but this is the noteworthy one). I heard that her former secretary lambasted her for this and rightly so. Furthermore, her whole spiel against "elites" is pretty funny since as an MP, a doctor, and coming from a pretty well off family one might think that she were talking about herself. I'm more centrist in my views but I can't stand hypocrisy like this, see it too often from the right.
  12. I'm less surprised than you I think, but I think that we would both mirror each other in our thoughts. I'm somewhat despondent if not surprised, and the huge question looms as to what this means for the countries that border the USA. For Mexico they have a saying by one of their presidents: "Poor Mexico, so far from God so close to the USA.". A militarized border is likely to follow, but will someone convince him out of the vanity project of a giant physical wall. For Canada, my country, how far will Trump take the rhetoric of tearing up agreements with other countries? The US has always influenced us disproportionately (worse for Mexico), but rapid deterioration in the relations of many allies simultaneously is never a good thing.
  13. To put it into perspective, the KKK, and some other shitty groups never did really go away but where considered fringe elements. Even had Trump lost it would only have mattered to an extent, they still have said that whatever the result was going to be there were implications they would feel emboldened. If we look at the results of the Brexit vote, we see a number of groups that come out and then target varying groups along ethnic and religious lines with violence and discrimination. Because they feel they received validation. Violence and discrimination such as this would still be illegal, but its still possible.
  14. This topic comes up every now and then, and inevitably there is a comparison between Melly and Moqorro and who can read the flames in a more accurate manner. Usually the consensus is that Moqorro is the one as he does seem to have a better track record on getting his predictions right in the one book he is introduced than Melisandre has in three (ACOK, ASOS, and ADWD). However, she does have a proven track record of predicting dander to herself and Jon Snow. in fact there is a relevant tidbit from Davos that Davos theorizes: "Maester Cressen tried to kill her, and she knew at once. From her flames, I’d guess. It seems to me that she is very quick to sense any threat to her own person, but surely she cannot see everything. If we ignore her, perhaps we might escape her notice." This was the time that Davos was attempting to spirit Edric Storm away from Dragonstone, and indeed he was right that she didn't notice his efforts or that of his cohorts. Basically, here GRRM shows a weakness to the visions other than that the interpretation might not be accurate, it also shows that perhaps the visions from the flames are most reliable depending on the simplicity of the question and the content on what is being asked. If she asks to be shown "What threatens me today Master R'hollor" then she can reliably keep her self safe from danger. If she were to ask "what are the treasons that your cause (Stanni's fight) faces today my lord" then I guess the content of the visions changes markedly, in addition to being harder to decipher. For Moqorro, it could be be that he is just shortening his reach. "What is a safe way to get to Meereen?", "Which route will take me there alive?" rather than "What path must be taken that will take me to the mother of dragons, Azor Ahai?". Ultimately we don't know the exact words that he uses when peering into the flame, but we don know Melisandre's words. Her POV chapter reveals that she is asking to be led to Azor Ahai, her gods chosen avatar and chosen one (supposedly supernatural forces that are at play that a human mind can't comprehend), and other complex questions with even more complex visions that she receives in return from the flames. It is seemingly much easier to find out that Jon Snow appears to be in danger though. The content of her visions border on indecipherable, but almost anyone would be able to figure out what the skull imagery meant when she witnessed it.
  15. CB once ripped the tag off a tag off a mattress, mixed darks and whites in the wash, and leaves the TV on all night rather than turn it off. Obviously this makes him one of the most evil people in the world today.