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  1. Arya Stark’s plan and the Twins theory

    I do wonder though, whether Arya will be reunited with Nymeria. Considering that the direwolf is alive and well, it would be sweet to see them reform a relationship. The likelihood is unclear however, GRRM has not written books purely for adventure and fantasy reasons, these novels and chapters must all be realistic as life is. Therefore, it is hard to determine something we wish to see happened. But for arguments sake, lets say Arya finds Nymeria or the other way around, together they will shed blood for the cause of Starks. That much is certain. They both want revenge, for Catelyn, Robb, Grey Wind, Lady, Ned Stark and all northmen that has died in this damn war. We as readers want to see the enemies of Starks bleed. What will it take? The iron born are almost already repelled from the mainland. That leaves Lannisters, Freys and Boltons. First and foremost, bad things are starting to happen to all the Lannisters (Tyrion exempted). Hopefully, Stannis will crush the Bolton host and take Roose and his bastard son alive or dead. The Freys are a key enemy, with no class or any honor. Dont know how likely it is for the Twins to get sacked but it would be a pretty nice read if it does happen. They are the main enemy of the Tullys. Arya witnessed the downfall of her beloved North at the Red Vedding. That is the last thing she remembered before heading of to the free cities. If she comes back, with bitter tast in her mouth she will think back to her own mothers mutilated dead body as the last thing she saw when at the Twins home the freys. Question is, when will she return back to Westeros and how well will she be trained? Impossible to say, hopefully and probably she returns soon before she is 16 years of age. Maybe she will be a powerful assasin by then. It is possible that she just might play a huge part in turning the tide of the war, or simply ending the war. So far I have not found her to be a character of impact, this might change in the upcoming books. Jon Snow if alive is the only Stark that is a warrior and therefore is the most important of Ned Starks relative. Sansa Stark might become a player in the game, and therefore a character with means to determine the outcome in favour of the Starks. Bran and Rickon can become important, but they're just children despite Bran being a greenseer and warg. And then there is Arya, filled with rage towards her enemies, it is my hope as a Stark fan like most of you that she will become deadly and unleashed upon their enemies in uncharacteristic GRRM chapter to bring redemption to all Starks by wanquishing the Freys in a horrible painfull bloodbath. It would simply be too good to be true. Probably not likely, but it would certainly make things as interesting as if it were not too happen. Bring back the direwolf Nymeria and let her have a bite at old walder freys troath, that would be satisfactory to Grey Wind's head being put upon Robb Starks body. Still makes me mad. All freys must suffer painful killings. Better they die through a wolf's teeth then a sword I predict.
  2. Arya Stark’s plan and the Twins theory

    I hope Lord Walder gets a painful bloody death, he doesnt deserve dying of old age or something comfy. .
  3. Arya Stark’s plan and the Twins theory

    This is a long one. I wonder about Arya’s plan and a theory about the Twins. With in mind as how it can do the most damage to Starks and even Stannis enemies, and particularly the Freys since they are situated right by the rivers. So from a Feast For Crows and Dance with Dragons we know that Arya is being trained to become a Faceless Man or woman. We also know how Arya feels on avenging her father, Robb, her own mother Catelyn and countless others. She starts praying the names of the people she wants to kill or be killed. Cercei, joffrey, lannisters, the hound etc... This is natural for her because she is a Stark and she cannot simply let it go that she is a Wolf by nature and heritage descended from the First Men and therefore she needs revenge and justice as she sees it fit. Important to note, Arya has witnessed a lot of blood and seen her own mother mutilated by the Freys at the Twins that night she and Sandor Clegane were closing in on the Red Wedding. So Arya is not afraid of the consequences from the point she leaves Kings Landing till she leaves Westeros in order to find the FM in Braavos. Now if all goes well, Arya will become an assassin of the Faceless Men. Our impression of FM is that they don’t seek glory or fortunes, and they are not people who dwell on things in the past or things in their own personal life. Seemingly they don’t own a private life and are simply devoted to their Killer God of Faceless Men. I believe Arya will never forget or discard her identity as a Stark and Wolf, and rather she will use her new identity as a Faceless Man to exact revenge and pain on the enemies of her house in Winterfell. Her experience with Jaqen H’ghar made her see the ways of a killer and assassin, and how easy killing someone is for a Faceless Man. Arya knows this power is what she needs and yearns for. So here is my theory of how Arya will return back to Westeros and the North. I believe her future is linked with all the Direwolf sightings in the Riverlands. In book 3-5 we hear rumors of a large pack of wolves lead by a she-wolf of monstrous size that kills people around the river lands, including Freys. In a Feast for Crows, a Frey reports that there are hundreds of wolves that keep attacking trade roads and baggage train leaving from the Twins. We also suspect that this pack leader which most likely is a Direwolf to be the same direwolf as Arya’s old Direwolf, Nymeria. This wouldn’t come as a surprise as we can assume Nymeria is probably alive, and in addition could with her 5 puppy siblings (Summer, Ghost, Lady, Grey Wind, Shaggy) have actually been sent by the old Gods to help the North tear up invaders or simply some other reason. In Storm of Swords, when Arya is in the woods away from the Brotherhood of Banners and searching the Riverlands. She sees or hears this pack of wolves howling around in the woods. Arya is not killed or hurt, which I find interesting because a pack of wild animals would normally attack their prey but they didn’t. This leads me to believe that the pack of wolves are somehow following the guidance and judgment of the Old Gods and therefore they are not inclined to follow their hunting instincts and instead sees Arya as something else then an enemy to hunt and to be killed. It is revealed that Arya feels this connection with the Direwolf leading the wolf pack, and the Direwolf feels no sense in hunting Arya and killing her. Anyways, I presume Arya will return to Westeros within the next 2 books, Winds of Winters and a Dream of Spring. She will most likely be a trained assassin, with powers that only the Faceless Men holds. I expect her to once again search the river lands, this time in hopes of locating this pack of wolves and to possibly be reunited with Nymeria. Arya will carry her agenda with her motives being to unite these wolves at her command with her Warg powers, so that they can together strike their enemies in and around Riverrun. The plan being: sacking the Twins with only blood and all the Freys in it. Arya will find the Twins heavily guarded, as it has always been throughout the ages. However, Arya will be a faceless man and she will change her face into someone that will enter the Twins. After entering the Twins, Arya will wait till Dark before she exacts her plan. When everyone in the castle is sleeping she will summon the wolves closer to the castle gates of the Twins. At that moment Arya will use her assassin skills and kill the standing guards, so that she can open the gates and let her wolves enter the castle. From this point, Old Walder Frey and all the big and small Freys will be slaughtered alive by all the wolves that are entering the castle and keep on entering till no man or woman is left alive. With one stroke, Stark and Tully enemies, the Freys will be vanquished in the most horrible way possible. This will be satisfactory for Arya, and also to the cause of North. I heard this theory from my dad who also reads A Song of Ice and Fire, and I thought “this would simply be too great of a plot not to happen”. This is little bit of wishful thinking on my part but could also be considered as plausible actions that might happen if Arya is going to have an effect on the Civil War in the Land of Seven Kingdoms. But I am not sure of how it would work with Arya being ready to do something like this, shes only in her early teens. Who know how many years it took Jaqen H’ghar to become a fearless FM. I think it might take a long time to fully grasp the powers and training of the FM. Let me know what you guys think! Might be that someone has already discussed this theory in which case send us some links. Hope you liked this theory, even though it was pretty long. Thank you for reading