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  1. So I guess it is just a matter of time before we have Daenerys and Yara in bed together, with Theon forced to listen to his sister "fucking the tits off" the Dragon Queen. Perhaps Tyrion will provide some cock jokes. With the quality of writing on this show, this scene is actually a real possibility.
  2. Ah, the books... One of mye greatest hopes for my little children's future is that when they become adults, they wille be living in a world where "The Song of Ice and Fire" is a completed book series
  3. I guess so. And again, that is a complete butchering of "The North Remembers" theme of the books.
  4. It is actually unbelievable, when you think about it, that the showrunners had the magnificent "The North Remembers" theme of book 5 at their disposal - and they get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OUT OF IT! Nothing! They actually dump that theme altogether, and instead goes for "The North Forgot" theme, along with the "How the Vale conquered the North" theme. How is it possible to get something so awful out of such great source material? Can anyone explain this to me?? So what happens now? Littlefinger/the Vale forces (which I guess are loyal to him now, lol) have now conquered the North, so I guess Littlefinger will be calling the shots? Will he order Jon executed for desertion, perhaps? Then marry Sansa, and have his way with her, before the weirwood tree? Lots of possibilities, I guess. And what about Manderly? Will he show up after the battle? Late Lord too-fat-to-sit-a-horse? To think about what could have been, if D&D had at all grasped what fabulous souce material they had at their disposal. But this is what we got, I guess we just have to make our peace with that.