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    The Dagger of Bran's Assassin
    I finished Clash of Kings recently and am already ~170p into Storm of Swords now. I posted my question here, because I don't want to see spoilers that might be included in the SoS sub-forum.

    One of the most interesting things for me is the question about the assassin that tried to kill Bran but was stopped by Catelyn and the direwolf.

    Could you please sum up (and quote) the references to the dagger we have till the end of Clash of Kings?

    But PLEASE don't spoil anything. I know that basically it is forbidden to place spoilers in these "still reading" forums, however, I already found out both minor and major facts, because some people get into these forums (with their knowledge about later events) and place more or less obvious "hints".
    Sorry, if I sounded too offensive, but I think people that are at the same early stage of reading know what I mean
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