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  1. the problem with this is that "Aegon/Young Griff" is a full year older than Jon
  2. well Jon could very well be Ned or Brandon's kid by Ashara and i suppose Lyanna could ask Ned to promise to keep her baby (in this case young griff) safe. could also make sense that Varys/JonCon would just say he was Aegon, as his death had ambiguity and nobody knew about Rhaegars second son. having said that, R+L=J is more plausible for sure.
  3. they wouldn't ransom Aegon to Elia or her family anyway though
  4. hiding him in the middle of nowhere dorne with 3 great kingsguard knights seems like more a precaution than assuming he would win on the trident. he had to have known if he lost then King's Landing would fall, and at this point Robert had declared himself king and would likely rid himself of any rival claimants to his throne (Aegon). they are useless as hostages if the rest of the family is dead.
  5. i believe R+L=J but why would Rhaegar go to such extremes to protect his second son (Jon) and not his actual heir (Aegon)?
  6. [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    i feel like they are almost saving too much for next season
  7. How would you rate episode 310?

    not bad but it obviously could've been so much more
  8. that is just the character of Sansa in King's Landing. wooden, reserved, sure to choose her words wisely, trying to bury her emotions.
  9. bypassing the bloody mummers or saving them somehow? surely Bolton won't take Jaime's hand
  10. Best/Worst Named Characters

    i like a lot of the names, mostly those with nice rhythm but i'll name a few Best: Arya Stark Renly Baratheon Beric Dondarrion Garlan Tyrell Rhaegar Targaryen Theon Greyjoy Tywin Lannister Qhorin Worst: As said, most Slaver's names Samwell (sorry, love the character) Tygett Qyburn Aerys Euron
  11. The Most Annoying Phrase

    as useless as nipples on a breastplate
  12. Best and Worst POV

    Best: Jaime/Bran Worst: Brienne
  13. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    i havent gone back and read the last chapter in a while, but does the text say the paste tastes like blood when he first eats it? or that it looked like blood? we know he definitely tasted blood when he witnessed the sacrifice, but couldn't that be unrelated to the eating of the paste since he did that long before he saw the vision?
  14. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    Concerning Meera's quote about Jojen of "He wants to go home...He will not even try and fight his fate. He says the greendreams do not lie" If Jojen knew he was going to die in the cave, wouldn't wanting to go home be fighting his fate? Clearly Jojen has accepted he is to die, so doesn't the wording of of this suggest he dies at Greywater Watch and knows it? Also, it was Jojen who insisted that the group continue with their journey to the 3 eyed crow when they are discussing whether or not to trust Coldhands. If he knew he were to die in the cave, this seems like an odd choice no? While Jojen had become weaker and weaker as the journey went along, iirc he was never downright depressed until well after they had been in the cave for a while. Again, if he knew he was going to die and was scared/depressed about it, why is it that he never showed any signs of it? I think it is more likely Jojen is upset that the 3 eyed crow isn't exactly who he thought he would be, and that he may be more sinister than what he imagined with his whole "It is not you that should be scared" bit, since Bran is on Bloodraven's side so to speak.