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  1. The Dashing Lord Snow

    I do think he is handsome, in a rough way. As people have said before, Jon never thinks about his own looks and he is mostly surrounded by men that don't care much for looks either. The women he does meet, do find him attractive. Which imo says enough. Jon is a handsome guy. :blushing: Besides, If you believe R+L=Jā€¦then he had two very attractive parents which of course is no certainty that he turns just as good-looking but it makes it a hell lot more likely.
  2. I figured she was just testing on how cruel/monstrous he really was after the whole conversation with Sansa. The way Joffrey says Yes, reminds me of the Mad King getting aroused by burning people alive. Joffrey seems gets aroused by killing. The way he looks at Marg at that moment... Jack Gleeson is an awesome actor. But the foreshadowing part, you might be right about that. And making being gay punishable by death scared the hell out off me. This just gives the Tyrells one more reason to get rid of Joffrey.
  3. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    LOVED reading this! Thanx! I have a ADWD Paperback (purchased it in June 2012) and the gift chapter in there is the Theon chapter.
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