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  1. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic The Dashing Lord Snow   

    I do think he is handsome, in a rough way.
    As people have said before, Jon never thinks about his own looks and he is mostly surrounded by men that don't care much for looks either.
    The women he does meet, do find him attractive. Which imo says enough. Jon is a handsome guy.

    Besides, If you believe R+L=Jā€¦then he had two very attractive parents which of course is no certainty that he turns just as good-looking but it makes it a hell lot more likely.
  2. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic Mentioned Only Characters That You Want to See or Know More About   

    well duh, Howland Reed.
    But I would like more on Selwyn Tarth or at least an interaction between him and Brienne.
  3. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic which is the most beautiful female character in the tv series?   

    Natalie Dormer, Lena Heady, Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke
  4. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic Which queen is the fairest of them all?   

    1. Arianne
    2. Dany
    3. Sansa
  5. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic 5 most intelligent and stupid characters in asoiaf   

    Uhm this is hard, because people can be smart in many ways.

    So lets first do the book smart:
    1. Maester Aemon
    2. Maester Lewin
    3. Sam Tarly
    4. Rhaegar Targaryen
    5. Tyrion Lannister

    Strategic Smart:
    1. Tywin Lannister
    2. Randyll Tarly
    3. Doran Martell
    4. Robert Baratheon

    5. Wyman Manderly

    Street Smart:
    1. Varys
    2. LittleFinger
    3. Lady Olenna
    4. Davos Seaworth
    5. Arianne Martell

    Then the stupid:
    1. Vicatrion Greyjoy
    2. Joffrey
    3. Viserys Targaryen
    4. Lysa Arryn
    5. Gregory Clegane
  6. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic The Iron Throne as GRRM Pictured It   

    Yeah the thing is huge and monstrous but only the outlining looks that way. I mean, the seat in the middle looks like a proper little seat and not something you cut yourself on.

  7. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic [Spoilers] Osha & Rickon Adventure?   

  8. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic [Book Spoiler] As A Book Reader...   

    I love the way Cat looked when she heard the Rains of Castamere. She immediately knew something was really wrong. Michelle did a great job with the facial expression.
    The Talissa stabbing was cruel and very graphic. I was kinda prepared for it tho because someone on the forum predicted it (not that I believed it then) so it didn't come as a total shock.

    I think they did a great job with the red wedding! The only thing I kinda missed was the whole Arya axe in the head. In the book I seriously considered she might be dead as well (i went through the book to see if she had any more chapters, only to be relieved she did). It would be kinda nice if the TV-show only viewers thought Arya was dead as well and to find out next week- to their relieve- that she is alive.
  9. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic Roose Bolton in TRoC (book spoilers)   

    Hm never really been a fan of his Roose portrayal. Book Roose scares the shit out of me, this guy doesn't. Thinking about book Roose makes me shiver, in a bad way.

    I did kinda like that he looked at his sleeve and went like: See what i'm wearing, see what's going to happen to you.
    The stabbing well... idk. After someone here called it a 'drive by stabbing' i can't look at it anymore without laughing loudly.
  10. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic Michelle Fairley. The Emmy is hers. (spoilers)   

    She deserves an Emmy for sure.
    I loathe Cat in the books... and I've said this before, Michelle truly made me feel guilty about hating Cat.
    I started reading the books years ago and never cried about Cat's death or for Cat's pain when loosing her son, but when I watched last night's episode I did. I admit it. I cried, loudly.
    She is one hell of an actress, I truly felt her pain.
  11. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic Dany has Drogon ?=Rhaegal ?=Viserion   

  12. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic If half an onion is black with rot it is a rotten onion.   

    I noticed it as well.
    I just interpreted is as: Even tough the onion is half-black with rot, you still need to eat to survive.
    And that goes for Craster as well. Even though is is a bad person, they still need him to survive in troubled times.

    This tells us: even tough something or someone is rotten, you might still need that person, or you need to do things that are not purely good in order to survive.

    And it's also a nice touch. GRRM does not believe in good or evil. The half-rotten onion reflects all the grey characters in the series, and yet the two characters that are considered good by most readers have to deal with a rotten onion, literally and figuratively speaking.
  13. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic How Is The Realm In Debt?   

    Because it's the only thing that gives them power over the crown.
  14. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic Where will Daenerys take us?   

    Westeros, I hope.
  15. Warrior Queen added a post in a topic Dany has Drogon ?=Rhaegal ?=Viserion