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  1. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    From my perspective in Germany, sitting in a Europe with insane populists on the rise on all sides and watching the current meltdown of Erdogan into a namecalling manchild drunk on power, I believe I can safely say: Nah. The insanity won't stop. I may be an idealist, but I'm not an optimist. Something bad, really, really bad is about to happen, I'm afraid. I just hope there is still some way to steer the rudder around in a way that it won't get apocalyptic. On the other hand, it has become a great time for comedy:
  2. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    You know, speaking more eloquently than Trump is a very, very, very, very low bar to step over. Like seriously, I can't even listen to this guy. My English teacher used to joke about how simple Bush jr. puts his words, but she's likely shaking her head in disbelief listening to the nonsense he sprouts. But I guess that's just the way his base needs their hate-speeches.
  3. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    I just realized that the USS Enterprise was decomissioned during Trump's regency. The symbolism, I tell you, the symbolism...
  4. German politics xth attempt

    I don't know anymore whether I should find the increasing childishness of Erdogan and his lackeys funny or be horrified by it. It's like all the would-be dictators of our time make it a competition to look as much as a caricature of themselves as possible. I mean, he got something resembling of a point when he criticised Germany of allowing the people he likes to persecute and drop bombs on to make a rally against his version of the Ermächtigungsgesetz while his lackeys are not allowed to get a platform to advertise just that. And then his lackeys ruin it by getting baited by the BND chief. Sure, it might have not been the most prudent decision during the current tensions for a secret service chief to call Erdogan out on his blatant lies when it comes to painting Gülen as a scapegoat. Not that we didn't all know that before. But now trying to paint a conspiracy theory in which German spies caused it, really? As a sarcastic quip I might have given that one a pass, but Isik's wording doesn't make it hard for Erdogan's more rabid supporters to take this one seriously. What's with Nazis and their fucking conspiracy theories?
  5. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    I feel not bad at all that I read the players in all of those with the voice of Trump...
  6. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    Don't forget China. Or Australia...
  7. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    Exactly, this is what makes my head spin as well. I believe he wants to further increase the already bloated military budget as his own little vanity project to make himself look like as 'strong' as his big idol Putin in spite of it not aligning at all with his stated goals to dial back on US commitments to long-standing allies. Which is, I think, why the word 'isolationist was used in reference to his stated goals - not because he wants to cut trade (for once I believe him when he says he is a friend to free trade [at least as long as the numbers look fancy and he gets away with circumventing regulations of his victims), but because there is no telling in whether he would intervene if an ally gets attacked or just stand at the sidelines and watch. His promises to Merkel ring hollow to me, especially when I look at people like Bannon whispering into his ear. Selling out the EU to Putin would be this guy's wet dream come true.
  8. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    For funsies I took a glimpse at Trump's twitter to look what his take was on his meeting with Merkel. Well, he's again harping at the all-caps 'FAKE NEWS' and that his meeting was actually very successful. Oh wait, this word is too complicated for him to spell. Of course it was 'GREAT'. And he proves that by declaring that Germany owes money to NATO and the US. Just to be clear: Does Trump know that these 2% BIP Merkel has promised to spend are for our own military budget and won't go to the US? The way he worded that makes it sound like he expects Merkel to make amends for Germany being an export nation and the US importing stuff under the pretext of repaying the US military for their dominance in NATO. I get dizzy trying to get his train of thought... Well, it's not like Merkel has been giving him a large boon with her promise in exchange for Trump's own hollow promises to respect treaties. The defense budget was supposed to be increased anyway, especially since the Bundeswehr complained quite a lot about their desolate equipment situation. And we may need them in the near future, if only to look flashy, with such an unreliable 'ally' as Trump.
  9. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    Well, now she was quite amused about the whole healthcare bullshit. Really, it's absurd when the day is about the US foreign policy and even the hand-picked reporters of his only ask about Trumpcare. But I really like how Mrs. Merkel handled the situation. Trump: Hammering on democrats and Obamacare to make himself look better. Merkel: Gently reminds him that politics are about working with people, even those you disagree with. She couldn't really wave her healthcare card into his face, could she?
  10. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    And now the chancelor looks irritated as hell during his speech. For me it seems she's confused about his sudden focus shift on economy after a lengthy discussion about NATO.
  11. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    Press conference is about to start. This is going to be fun. In the pictures from before their private talks Trump looked like he really, really wants this day to end.
  12. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    Watching the experts squirm about Trump is funny as well. Today morning when I switched on the TV the first thing what appeared was a spokeswoman of the foreign affairs squirming under the journalist's question whether it is even possible for Merkel to sway Trump with something as stupid as facts when it comes to his economic ties with Europe. She settled on "Well, it might be possible to convince him that he's made a 'great deal' with which he can brag in front of his followers." Not so sure about that, by the way. I mean, of course Trump is an inept tool who will say whatever he thinks makes him look successful, but he's a vindictive tool with a council of Batman villains whispering into his ears, so whatever meaningless promises Merkel will get from, he will drop them as soon as Bannon waves something shiny in front his eyes.
  13. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    In addition to this, the Social Democrats organized themselves in the 1860s and their core aims were improving the conditions of the German working class who were exploited during the Industrial Revolution (which happened quite a bit later in Germany than in other countries). And yeah, I have to admit that worded myself a bit awkward earlier. Of course misguided economic policies were one of the factors that made living under communist dictactorships miserable. Doesn't change the fact that they didn't use social market economy.
  14. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    What Stalin, Mao and Hitler had in common was that they were leaders of autocratic dictatorships and it was their inherent goal to suppress any kind of opposition, expansionist policy and other, more complicated factors which made them horrible regimes to live (or die) under. It certainly wasn't their economy. What you may fear is the Soviet model of planned economy like it was used in the GDR: Look at the part that says that it isn't equivalent to socialism. It was one attempt to brute-force a socialist solution, one that had quite a large part in the collapse of the eastern block. Pretty much nobody on the left wants such a system, because it's far too rigid to work under real life condtions. I believe what most people who argue for more socialism in the US want is this here: Look, this is the system used in Germany. A free marked with checks and balances to put dow the major flaws of rampant capitalism. If you still insist that such a system is inherently evil, I just point at our GDP and laugh my ass off.
  15. I know this is being off-topic, but I have to make an aside note to that: Your appearance and your interests have absolutely, 100% nothing to do with bullying. Looking for why they pick on you is pointless and self-defeating. As you have seen in my anecdote, whether I did well in sports or not was entirely irrelevant because I got the boot for both. For a time I also worried a lot about my nerdy ways and how I was perceived by people and tried to make myself as grey as possible in order to starve them of opportunities. Until I noticed that it doesn't make any difference. Because most of the people picking a fight with me were just as nerdy, they were just more at ease with it. In fact, the reason I was attacked so frequently was because of my former 'best friend' who fought a weird vendetta against me and in his hatred used up a considerable amount of time with nothing but slandering me, inciting the entire class. It was a personal conflict that made people join in for no specific reason. And the moment he dropped out of school after middle school, the climate changed drastically. I was still an outsider, but active bullying stopped immediately. The finishing moment was talking with a new transfer student who witnessed exactly this break. He was pretty much the stereotype of the cool kid, being the outgoing lead gitarrist of his own rock band and actively working to make a living of that (the only crack in the picture was him playing the Warhammer Fantasy tabletop game in his free time, painting miniatures and all). And even he noted that the whole bullying thing had absolutely nothing to do with any personal trait of mine in a tone that suggested that he had assumed the norm to be an underlying flaw of the victim before. But I assure you, this is likely to be wrong in most cases. Grudges that spiral out of control with a lot of bystanders joining in and of course a school climate with a willfully blind administration that refuses to intervene decisively; that's what usually happens. Therefore there is no need for worry in any case, no need not to be true to yourself, only a need to get a better school...