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  1. Haskell, is it worth learning?

    Okay, never worked with Mongodb, but good luck with Spring. I worked with that in a recent project and found it far, far more difficult than anything Haskell-related. And good luck finding a decent tutorial that actually works with what you have in mind (even though I have to admit that having to work on an existing website with no knowledge and barely any help at all might have shaped my opinion there).
  2. Haskell, is it worth learning?

    Even if nothing else, you learn an entirely different approach to programming and that is certainly always helpful to keep yourself from getting too attached to a single programming style. I myself had to learn Haskell during my first semester and found it a lot of fun, even going so far as to incorporate the language in my bachelor thesis.
  3. Attempted Coup in Turkey

    That really depends on the political leanings of the person you are speaking with. This wholesome gobbling up of Erdogan's propaganda seems to be mostly confined to immigrant Turkish with lacking integration (so those who have few native friends and collegues and seek comfort by keeping among other Turkish). It seems that Erdogan gets quite alot of support among Turkish outside the country by building up some kind of Turkish identity and contrasting it with the culture they actually live in. With that in mind, living in Berlin I have quite a lot of Turkish acquintances. Most of them are young, well integrated and pursue academic careers. And pretty much all of them were horrified by the things happening in Turkey, one acquintance even got an uncle of hers arrested (a military officer who is now threatened with execution). They also explained to me that there is a rift between the first generation of migrants and the second one. Those who arrived in Germany and have still strong ties to Turkey (and rely on Erdogan-controlled newspapers) seem to be more likely followers of Erdogan while those raised in Germany are often baffled about the excuses they make when it comes to his politics. Then again, my Turkish acquintances are only academics, so keep that in mind...
  4. The final! France - Portugal

    Well, Ronaldo did his best to stay on the pitch regardless of being able to play or not, so there is that. I guess it is a fair win. I couldn't stomach the smug face of Ronaldo if they had won with him, but I can live with his teary face after they proved they don't need to rely only on him after all.
  5. The final! France - Portugal

    Yeah, wrong phrasing on my part. I didn't mean nasty in terms of malicious intend, more nasty in terms of "ouch, that really hurt". Anyway, what the fuck is going on with all those moths pestering the stadion? Better grab a couple of Swiss shirts to divert their attention.
  6. The final! France - Portugal

    Agreed. I wanted to see France defeat Ronaldo, not to see them sending him to the bench. Seriously, that foul looked nasty...
  7. Well damn, I rooted for Iceland just for the sheer audacity of it. While I kind of always expected a clear victory for France, this is just humiliating. Well deserved, they are clearly the superior team, but humiliating nonetheless. And the English must feel incredibly foolish right now...
  8. Really? "For Ned"? I have expected "For your father", actually.
  9. Yeah. I'd say Ukraine showed in the last quarter of the first half that they have a very good offense and for most of the second half that they have a pretty good defense. Germany presented it itself plexible as usual and showed that their defense only consists of Neuer and Boateng. As usual. Just my worthless two cents...
  10. Yeah. Shock for the shock's sake, that's what the show is running on. And the villains get rewarded for everything due to this constant lack of consequences! Yay for revenge! Yay for kinslaying! Nothing will have any repercussions whatsoever. Take for example these two clips from Fate/Zero. The first one is an insanely cruel twist that I consider similarly depressing as the Red Wedding: Taken outside of context, it looks like nothing more like an extremely superbly scripted massacre that punches you in the gut hard. Especially considering that we have followed the part of Diarmiud, Kayneth and Sola-ui from the very beginning and have learned to know them as very multi-layered characters. This resolution to their tragedy comes down hard. But it doesn't stop there. It is immediately followed up by the following discussion about violence as a means to an end. A discussion in which Kerry's action is thoroughly deconstructed and their relationship finally falls apart: And despite neither of them is framed like they are right, it doesn't just drop the matter like GoT did. Imagine similar discussions after the Red Wedding in GoT. The horror and disgust of honorable Saber is awfully similar to the condemnation of the Freys in the books. But of course, in GoT the North needs to be reminded... There are both immediate and long-term consequences of drastic actions. I can see how D&D would love to portray Kiritsugu as Lawful Neutral if they ever get their fingers on Fate/Zero. But doesn't change the fact that he is a hypocritical anti-hero who justifies his atrocities with nihilism in a way not unlike a certain other 'Lawful Neutral' we know.
  11. I can't believe show!Stannis and Meli-sans-bra treated the shadowbaby better than Shireen:
  12. On bullying in school

    Interesting thread. Especially for a prospective teacher like me. I am still not quite sure how I will be able to counter bullying when I will come across it (like always, it will highly depend on the situation and my relationship to the pupils I guess). I only know that I want to act against it wherever I go, because my own experiences are in fact part of the reason why I want to go back to school. My own experience is interestingly rather similar to HelenaExMachina's. In my case the whole root of being bullied was my best friend from primary school days who for some reason from one day to the next decided that he needed to be a 'cold-blooded ghetto gangster' (which I found at first utterly ridiculous due to him having been a rather nerdy white kid with glasses) who wanted to boost his social status by bullying a lisping kid and others who were easy targets. My only fault was that I tried to reach out to him from what I thought was the moral high ground, trying to convince him that he didn't need to sink so low. Well, the result was that he likely perceived me as condescending and felt betrayed, so the friendship turned to blind hatred in no time and he made it his life-work to set the whole tiny village we lived in against me. At least until he got kicked out of school (for his terrible grades, not the bullying, mind you). And then seven years of constant emotional and physical assaults came to a screeching halt, with only the status as a social outsider remaining (of course only among those who knew me from school - the difference in behavior compared to my current peers is annoyingly obvious). Due to my experiences I am especially critical of the schools I went to, since they were responsible for allowing things to escalate like they did. Since I saw how fast active hostilities stopped, I can quite confidently say that I could been saved at any point if this guy with the vendetta was just shot down (figuratively, of course). But mine and my mother's repeated attempts to get authorities to listen just worsened everything. The primary school was a playground for low-key-corruption. Parents could buy grades with favors and presents etc. and of course the parents of this guy and his followers were on great terms with the whole school staff, so they brushed everything off with 'it's just boys playing rough' even after I had to be brought to the doctor with a severe concussion after a dozen people had ganged up on me in the schoolyard. Middleschool wasn't better due to the school having a strict 'no bullying'-policy. Which means that the school administration prided itself in the 'fact' that there is no bullying in their school. And if they had intervened in my case, that would have meant to acknowledge that there is bullying and you can't have such a contradiction, can you? Of course with schools like these everything only worsened, because dragging attackers towards the authorities only showed them that I was the one looking stupid and they had to fear no repercussions whatsoever. Well, now since I am going to work from within the system, I'll be alert for all the signs. Even though my greatest fear is to end up with a school administration which refuses to strike hard when it has to like the ones I went to. I am just so sick of fighting against the system, for once I just want to fight alongside it, taking pride in my school and my colleagues that they take the fate of their pupils seriously.
  13. Haha, it is kind of memorable, isn't it? But I must admit that among all these examples I brought forth Dany and Barristan is still my favourite. Just imagine a genuine smile of Emilia when she enters the throne room and finds that Barristan took a sarcastic remark of hers so seriously he drowned her throne in cushions. When I read that Dany chapter, I somehow felt giddy about so much good intentions (*cough* and immediately thought up a scene about the hilarious results of trying to do that with the Iron Throne *cough*).
  14. I'm not entirely sure I want to continue with my watch. Especially when I look back and realize how happy I was that the recorder crashed and I missed to watch the white saviour Deadpan striking again. Up until then, I was utterly and thoroughly bored to tears. Seriously, I couldn't even appreciate the scenes between Jon Sansa due to how disconnected everything was, how the setup, the execution and the underlying messages were ranging from extremely clumsy to downright offensive. The way they were addressing all those elephants in the living room (Shireen's fate, Jon betraying his vow, Littlefinger throwing Sansa away, the Tyrell's having an army) by bringing them up and then either interrupt them only to drop it, people shrugging it off or by being swept up by the someone who really shouldn't fix those problems. Then there is the entire atmosphere that drags me down. It was really noteworthy to see Sansa smile and even this is tarnished by the awfulness of her situation. It's like there is a deeply rooted lethargy in the story D&D tell, one that is caused by their depressingly nihilistic world view. Everything is darkly lit and miserable. Everybody is shitty to each other. Jokes are only of the offensive kind. Everybody just shuffles onwards with a grim expression. It really doesn't feel like a world you can really live in. It sure as hell isn't the one GRRM created. Westeros has a lot of darkness, but beneath there is still humanity to be found. It is the world where Arya plays her lying game with the waif, the world Tommen plays with his kittens, the world in which Garlan Tyrell is penpals with the Red Viper, the world in which siblings always remember each other even when they are apart, the world in which an entire kingdom rallied to save Ned Stark's daughter. The world in which Tormund loves his kids and makes his boastful jokes. The world in which Thorne still needs to train Ghost how to juggle, the world in which Barristan went out of his way to acquire his queen a pile of pillows after a throwaway line about iron cheeks. It's those moments I miss and which simply can't be replaced with fratboy humor. And then there is the way the plot related dialogue is written. The game of thrones in ASoIaF is actually rather simple. You have a lot of players, each one with a backstory that gave them a certain ambition. The complexity is only created through the sheer number of players and the way their respective ambitions are clashing with each other. The dialogue in itself therefore is either exposition to give a glimpse upon what exactly someone wants and where this comes from, or he actively pursues his goals and moves chess pieces. In Game of Thrones you might think the approach should be similar. But instead the dialogue is more or less just meaningless rambling about the way the world is, or saying which person/subject a character likes, not likes, which position they belong to. Considering how much those viewpoints switch between scenes, I can't honestly say that there is any suspension in that whatsover. It is like a soap-opera that needs to be stretched over countless seasons and in which the writers just throw new situations at the actors, forcing the characters to change just to make the drama possible. It is lazy. It is pointless. And it makes your head hurt as soon as you start to think about it for a second. Ugh... I just needed to get rid of this rant, sorry. This show is such a travesty. Such a big missed opportunity...
  15. Not sure it wasn't already posted before, but that was so sure to happen: Bonus points for how much the lightsaber's highlight how terrible the choreography is. Special mention goes to the two idiots with the green sabers (the guy with the Stark shield and the one in Dornish garb). The way they are striking the air or running into nothing while the others are busy hacking at each other is utterly hilarious.