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  1. If the main brush is "a Vale army reaches the North" I wholeheartedly agree with you. But I severely doubt Littlefinger is actually leading it. It'll be Sansa's rally cry more likely than not. I'm not really rebuking your main point though. I just wanted to relativate that a 'plot point' according to D&D is apperently nothing more than 'character is actually in the correct geographic region' and nothing more. Everything else varies completely.
  2. I can't see them doing that either, sorry. They insist again and again that the ending will be the 'same'. We have have seen what that word means to them in the hilariously faithful season 5. EVERYTHING will be changed beyond recognition and every ounce of meaning will be forcefully stripped off the story... and yet somehow through some miraculous asspull the same butt will be placed on the Iron Throne. And yet, since I personally think that the Iron Throne will be abandoned by the end of the books and the Seven Kingdoms will once again fracture into smaller kingdoms, I assume for the Ds that means EVERYTHING is once again possible. Because if George told them the realm falls apart, to them it neither matters how it crumbles nor which pieces there are left afterwards. So all we gain from the show is some kind of assurance whether there will be an Iron Throne with a royal ass on it or not. Everything else will still be up in the air.
  3. And don't forget madly in love with Carol... ... oh, and a Kinslayer (for no good reason) since season 2...
  4. I'm a bit irritated about 'Bad Spock'. As far as I can remember his goatee was the only difference to ordinary Spock, that's why he turned on the Empire in the end. If just a single GoT character would behave like his book counterpart...
  5. CARVED! Not painted! The Stark sigil is difficult enough to see as it is since it violates the heraldic color rules. It needs real contrast to have any use. Luckily the Cyanide once again shows how it could look like: You see here Mors with the equipment of a Stark Man-at-Arms. Since the game happens to run parallel to AGoT you can find a lot of ownerless Stark equipment at some point at the Red Keep... Sadly my google sweep didn't net any pictures of a Stark helmet.
  6. Oh yes, Kingdom of Heaven! Awesome movie! And I also loved how during the shots in Jerusalem the sigils of the major players were everywhere. Like when Balian charged Saladin's outriders outside Krak de Chevalier with his houshold knights, I liked how striking and yet smoothly the heraldry of house Ibelin was put into the picture. Outside of merchandise I am rarely aware in the show that they even have them. Even when someone bothers to wear his sigil  it is all grey and difficult to see, like with that ridiculous breastplate of Stannis. Seriously, has nobody told them that the purpose of heraldry is it to make it visible for everyone from miles away? In a medieval setting this is kind of important! These lords and ladies and kings and queens should wear clothes invoking their house colors as much as possible! I also want to reinforce how awesome the Cyanide RPG in that regard it. Let me shortly explain that picture here and how the house sigils are actively used in the narrative: In this picture you see our two protagonists, two knights of the Westerlands. Both of them start the game without any house color, but both of them have an awesome scene gearing up in which they decide to wear it and it is kind of made a point. The left one is Alester Sarwyck. He is the eldest son of a minor Lord in the Westerlands, but after he obeyed an order that disgusted and dishonored him, he went into a self-imposed exile to Braavos where he became a Red Priest. Upon learning of his Father's death, he returns to Westeros only to find his hometown in grave danger. His younger brother is on the run as a wanted kinslayer and his sister is bravely running the place as Lady of Riverspring, only to be screwed over by an intrigue of Cersei Lannister and Alester's bastard brother Valarr Hill. Alester then finds his old armor in a chest and it is in top condition representing how his father took care of it, hoping for the day of his return. So when Alester puts on the colors of his house in a badass montage, he makes a statement: I am a Sarwyck! This is my home, this is my family. And I am back to make things right again! The right one is Mors Westford. After defying a direct order from Tywin he voluntarily joined the Night's Watch in order to escape his wrath. During the game it turns out that a promise that was the base of him joining the NW was broken while he was out in the North. He then finds a chest with his battered old armor, with his surcoat being in a horrible state after 15 years of neglection. So when he dons the armor, he makes a statement. He distances himself from the NW since the entire foundation of his oath is shattered. And yet the sigil is blackened by dust and dirt. This represents how he still clings to his vows, being aware that he is still by all means a brother of the Night's Watch and cannot escape his duty to the realm (it is supposed to be a blue field with a silver dog's head).   Sigils matter! It means something when people don them. No Darth Sansa outfit in the world can replace how much house colors and sigils mean to those wearing them.
  7. Why am I suddenly reminded of HBO's Rome and how the actress of Atia was gushing over the awesome clothing in the bonus clips. But honestly, those were both authentic and practical. The armors and clothes in GoT however... I found them silly more often than not. These Lannister armors with these oversized helmets most of all. Just in contrast, look at what they did to the armors in the GoT RPG which was developed before the show aired and was written with high involvement of GRRM: Lannister Household Guard Cersei and Gold Cloaks Red Priest and Brother of the Night's Watch Another shot of Alester in his Red Priest garb. It's all quite bulky, but I rather like how much emphasis there is on the heraldy. Every armor has striking surcoats, even mercenary groups:   House Sarwyck and House Westford armor House Castlewood Men at Arms   How come everyone in the show is grey in grey instead?
  8. A bit too strange for my liking. He is one of the few POVs I really can't grasp the purpose of. I must admit I therefore find him quite boring, but oh well, it is a possibility.
  9. I somehow doubt that because it gives too much away. Just look at his last chapter: It is nearly certain that his first TWoW chapter will be after facing Lady Stoneheart (I'm assuming that the LSH chapter itself will be from Brienne's POV because it is her moral dilemma after all). Damn... too many cliffhangers in ADwD... There aren't many POVs left. Tyrion, Barristan and Victarion would give away the battle of Meereen. Another Theon or Asha chapter would give away the battle for Winterfell. Cersei would give away the Trial by Combat between FrankenQyburn's Mountain and Lancel. Jon and Melisandre would give away his resurrection. I'm also assuming Bran will give away a huge twist regarding the intentions of the CotF. Maybe a Griff chapter instead? Or a Dany chapter with her wrecking Vaes Dothrak? Or Sam and Sarella's wacky adventures at Anti-Hogwarts? Who else is left?
  10. Which is just totally odd, you know. I thought the whole sleeping with a thug to get what she wants thing would be totally how they like to write women. Maybe Carol is just too old for them to work like a typical Madonna...
  11. You mean 'your sister', the worst woman ever? Nah... that's not badass at all.
  12. Ah thanks. Well, I thought it sounded somewhat German, but considering that the only similar-sounding word means the exact opposite of what it actually means kinda cought me off-guard.
  13. Okay, I don't want to go off-topic, but what do you mean by verklempt? Is that even a word?
  14. Difficult to say. I belong to those people who don't judge books after their adaption at all. So imagining that an atrocious season 1 would have been advertised as aggressively as season 1 was and built up the same hype, I might have sought the books to find out why. Ridiculous series or not, the scale of the world would still be something intriguing to me. Come to think of it, I had already made up my mind about reading them after reading a plot summary of the TV show, so even before I saw how it turned out after all. *shrugs*
  15. Ha, I have felt the same towards the show! I was unsullied watching the first season and also thought I might like the book. But I was also never a rabid defender of each and every scene. Much the opposite... it were the books that have turned out to be masterpieces. Come season 2 I was really bored out of my mind and didn't pay all that much attention because I saw what a lifeless adaption it was. You could really see how the show improved when they happened to include book-scenes, but everything felt just... disconnected. I still wonder how I managed to bingewatch it till season 4 until I had enough and call the show horrible entertainment. But yeah, that it is an adaption in fact is one of the problems that leads to everything being so disconnected. That they still try to tick off plot twists without any build-up and characterizations feels forced and defies all logic. If they want to do tell their own story they should do so, but they are hellbent to ignore all butterflies, even if they were opportunities to surprise the watchers with some unexpected developments based on the show!characters. But that's not happening and never will be, because they keep insisting that their characters need to have vaguely the same plot the book!characters have. Different paths, same ending, my ass. It's more like they storm off into the wrong direction only to get magically teleported at the correct destination in the last moment. That's not storytelling, that's lazyness! Ugh... the alternative would be just to tell the fucking book-story instead, but we all know it is already too late for that. All that budget, all that acting talent! They could have created a daring masterpiece of character-driven TV, but instead they played safe and went for cheap shocks and OMG-Youtube-moments. Oh well, I still hope for an ASoIaF-Anime that keeps to the true spirit of the song...