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  1. And now I have watched the second episode... and am indeed growing genuinely fond of it. It really has an interesting premise and I love how everyone in the institute knows how fucked up the whole Amadeus thing is. The atmosphere is so thick you could slice it with a knife. Also the American scientists are both fairly cool characters. Then of course, the way Okabe eyed the new girl's lab coat at the dinner party. They really are shipping those two, aren't they? I'm really looking forward where this is going. Nothing good in the long run, if the warzone opening is any indication. But I also severely doubt that we are going to get a time-skip that far into the future.
  2. I was watching the first episode of "Steins;Gate 0" lately, after anxiously waiting for Steins;Gate's sequel to finally appear. And so far... I am not entirely convinced of it. Something just seems... off. I remember Steins;Gate as being the Anime I recommend to people who can't stand Anime, because despite its setting in Akihabara, its Otaku cast and its curiously odd premise, it mostly kept itself free of intrusive fanservice and approached its time-travel thriller storyline with an unexpected seriousness (despite time being presented as somewhat... wibbly, wobbly...). I know that the original Steins;Gate's first episode was oddly paced, but that's not the problem this time. It actually is very well paced, the characters are great, I like the serious Okabe who has shed that mad scientist playacting, I like the matured Mayuri who is now the responsible adult dragging him to therapy and the interactions between Hotaru and Suzuka after all the revelations and character development are a treat. And yet... I can't help but think that they are going a fanservice path that wasn't there before. I couldn't help but notice that in this winter setting Mayuri and Suzuka are wearing jackets that are cut oddly in a way to emphasize their breasts, reinforced by a whole lot of low-angle cuts that seem less there to reinforce the tension of the dialogue and more to show off their figures. With the exception of some more infamous shots of Moeka, I am not recalling them treating any of their female characters this way before, especially not Mayuri... Also... what's up with Daru's ludicrously hot future girlfriend suddenly being a fleshed-out character that hangs out at the lab as if she was always there?!? I honestly did a double-take on that one.
  3. Why does every day have to start with me waking up, looking at the news and thinking "Oh for fuck's sake!".
  4. Nevermind.
  5. Huh? Why? I played the mod at first without any DLC's. As long as you stay in Westeros it works just fine, the DLC's are only needed when you start to gobble up the republics and horselords in Essos. Heck, even the Iron Islands are still playable, without Old Gods the reaving options are just limited.
  6. I generally found CK2 to be the most accessable of all Paradox Grand Strategy games. I failed multiple times badly to get into HoI, was bored out of my mind by Sengoku (since it's essentially a bare bones Crusader Kings) and needed a few attempts to get into Victoria 2 before stopping being atrocious. Crusader Kings 2, due to the role-play aspect, just felt right from the very first minute. I just advise playing some really small count first. It's fun to climb up the social ladder over several generations, and because your options are so limited there aren't that many screw-ups on your part that could wreck your game. You will just have to curse your stupid ass liege lord and his nonsensical wars.
  7. Oh my god. I just looked it up, thinking that this one of Steam's usual "play it this weekend, but you have to buy it afterwards" trials. But no, they are actually giving copies of it away for free! Everyone get it! Go for it! You won't regret it!
  8. When I first heard of it, my thought went to "Psycho-Pass", given that they also want to predict the likelihood of people committing a crime. Because that always worked so well in fiction... -.-
  9. As a teacher trainee not from the US, who has been dabbling a lot with the demands of political science classes (it's not my subject, but I am supposed to teach it anyways), I have been wondering whether Political Science teachers in the US are using this ludicrous proposal as a basis for student debates or whether they find it too cartoonish. I... would hope the latter, but dread the former...
  10. Yelling aside, the Byzantines calling themselves Romaioi doesn't count for you? Their language and culture may have been predominantly Greek, but politically and in their self-identification there is little doubt that they took pride in being Rome's direct successor. Especially when it comes to mere labels, like calling themselves Romans. Therefore I have to assume that if you took a time machine back to Constantinople to walk around and the call the people there Greeks, they'd just think you are a stupid foreigner of the barbaric west who has no idea what he's talking about.
  11. A human-sized Kyubey-cosplay to go around and tell everybody that this could have been avoidable.
  12. Mmh... the one I'd bring forward certainly doesn't (clearly) fall into the category of utterly unlikeable, given that I worship the ground she walks on, but she is still the most despicable character I ever got the blessing of reading of: Erika Furudo from Umineko When they Cry. What do you guys think a true Self Insert Mary Sue looks like? In that she's a young girl in a frilly dress with improbable hair-colour violently inserted into an already existing detective story to literally steal away the protagonist status (including the first person narration!) from the actual protagonist, only to then prance around like an insufferable bitch smacktalking all the characters and treat them like shit and to still be praised for her cleverness and good manners. Of course she's regarded as a brilliant detective far superior to everyone else, and she knows is it and revels in the attention. Everywhere she goes, like Jessica Fletcher, murders just so happen for her to solve, causing her to treat everyone around her as possible suspects even before any murder happen, going around gleefully awaiting the case to start and thus creeping everyone out. And then there's the fact that the Fourth Wall doesn't exist for her. She knows she is in a detective story and she knows all the tropes associated with them, and doesn't shy away to abuse them to her heart's content, even before she starts to make it a point to derail the story in order to screw with the writer. And the lengths she is going in order to win... holy fucking hell! My favourite scene was still this one in the sixth novel: Like... goddamn it... It's one hell of a twisted character when in a story about a mass murder, the killer ends up more sympathetic than this psychopath of a detective. And she's so gloriously over-the-top that at least I can't help but find her amazing, especially in the ways she just merges all Mary Sue tropes and twists them to their logical conclusion.
  13. Bloody hells. For the first time in ages I got a tangible dream and it was an odd one at that: I was beginning a lesson in class and when I was checking the attendance, I noticed that there was one more student in the classroom than scheduled. So I went through my list and checked every single face until I found the one that didn't belong to the class, but the moment I opened my mouth to ask where he came from, the kid just vanished as if he was a ghost and everyone else wondered with whom I was talking with. Confused I checked the number of students again. And again something was off. So I went through the rows of seats once again and this time I found a girl not belonging to the class. Once again I asked what she's doing here and once again she vanished, with everyone else mumbling whether I have gone crazy. Slightly freaked out I checked the attendance a third time and this whole ghost student thing happened a third time again and then I woke up. I'm slightly puzzled what my subconscious is trying to tell me. After the dream I noticed that this was essentially a far less murderous version of the plot of 'Another'. So shall I watch that show now or will it become doubly creepy now?
  14. For a change I'm not gonna complain about my own issues, well outside of a certain sense of helplessness in how to be of the most use. Here's what happened: Yesterday I sat down and made up plans how to address the issues of my most difficult students. It is my last month before I quit my job as a study lab tutor and yet I had gotten quite a number of new students at the moment. And as if to mirror the current global climate, I noticed that among them were as many cases of children with depression symptoms as I had never had before. In fact, before that in nearly 5 years of work there I only once dealt with a boy who was struck with depression, but now among only 26 students there are four cases. One of them deals with it the same way I usually do when life takes a shit on me: By throwing herself relentlessly into work until she collapses. At least there I can relate to with my own experiences and give some encouragement. It's the other three cases where I am extremely worried about. Thing is, they just freeze up most of the time, are totally lethargic and not responsive at all. When I take my time to talk with them alone, I get barely anything out of them when it comes to what their issues are and how to build up their confidence. Okay, in one case I am fairly certain it's related to bullying, but since I am not a teacher at her school, I can't tackle the problem at its root. The two other cases however... I am at a total loss at what to do and end up fearing for their health. Except those attempts at talking about this with them themselves, I only informed the studio administration and hope it can be brought to the attention of the parents this way. I'm also thinking about asking the little sister of one of those cases to be a bit more attentive to her, but given how hostile they are to each other most of the time and how she herself has to deal a lot with her own attention disorder, I'm not sure that can't backfire. Bloody hells... and here I thought the attention disorder cases are the worst challenges, but through stupporn try-and-error attempts I now have a set of personal agreements and self-study schedules I can use to reach out to those. It's certainly not enough to replace medication, but at least I don't have any trouble with them being uncooperative anymore at the moment. But now students that are trapped in a vicious cycle of total lethargy... there I feel totally unprepared. I'm not a therapist, but as a teacher I have to help in every way I can, and here I am a little iffed that during my studies this wasn't talked about AT ALL. There was endless preparation for how to work with students of migration background and one single hour in which attention disorders were mentioned as an issue (without giving any tips of how to deal with it whatsoever, only that it is troublesome -.-). Depression and other psychological problems were never even mentioned, now that I think about it. And it vexes me to no end...
  15. I appreciate the effort, but I think my year was far too shitty that I could answer any of these questions in a way that isn't depressing. Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah. For giving me at least a few chuckles when my instincts tell me to just be terrified and done with the human race. Never. I actually learned just how hard it is to appreciate any of my accomplishments. The university library? Good times, good times... Can't remember any moment in the entire fucking year. Well... Some of the pupils I'm tutoring made decisive progress when it comes to their marks. That's something, I guess. I also hope that some of my political rants made people reconsider voting for right-wing populists with shitty answers for made-up problems and even shittier core values they hide beneath all the shouting. ... ... News don't make me feel, except when that feeling is being terrified. .... Had to look up what 'expletive' means. I guess my English isn't as good as I thought it is. I don't drink, but I'd say Bourbon. Because it makes every Colbert reaction shot even funnier. ... ... I think there must be something... but I can't for the life of me come up with something. 2016 at least had that whole Pokémon craze, but this year I just kinda survived. I am ashamed to say that I didn't, but honestly that has more to do with the fact that I'm not on that good terms with people in general. I'd like to say that I try to say comforting things to my mother whenever she's close to a nervous breakdown, but usually I'm not getting anything accomplished with that. Nah, for the same reason as above. ... maybe the ending of the Umineko episode 8 manga while Queen's "Teo Torriate" was blaring into my ears. Left me a sobbing wreck, in a good way of course.