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  1. I feel that the setting for this meeting is very reminiscent of the fighting pit in Mereen. I don't think Ms. Stormborn is going to be caught unawares this time. And Tyrion will absolutely know there is something brewing. Not that she listens to him, but he can use his own precautionary measures. I honestly want to see the interaction between Jon and Cersei. That bitch has been so sheltered on a throne with all of her Kings Landing folks for so damn long. Everyone she's matched wits with in the last few years has been a courtier/ lord/ family member/ religious zealot. Jon is rough around the edges. I think he will intimidate her the most, believe it or not. Those who inspire loyalty are stupid to her, but she recognizes their power. Also please Gods let Sam show up with his mic drop news!
  2. I keep hearing Qyburns voice of "I'll give you something" or something along those lines as Jamie walks in. Was it intended for Janie to overhear? There's definitely an attempt to manipulate . I also agree that being seen in bed with Jamie was 100% strategic, whatever the plan.