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  1. Stannis humor

    “I am not without mercy,” thundered he who was notoriously without mercy. Love that line.
  2. If Jon Snow becomes king who will be on his council and kingsguard?

    Considering the targbillies felt it necessary to convert to the Faith even when they had dragons I'm guessing people thinking Jon will be king are expecting him to officially forsake the old gods and publicly worship the Seven?
  3. References and Homages

    HA. Finally got the joke. Frodo got Samwise for a sidekick to do the heavy lifting and Jon gets Samwell who won't lift anything that isn't made of mutton.
  4. The Bear & the Maiden fair

    The septa is eating the honey. Sansa is feeding Lady bacon. “I’ve never seen an aurochs,” Sansa said, feeding a piece of bacon to Lady under the table. The direwolf took it from her hand, as delicate as a queen.
  5. Ice and Fire Assessment...Theory (Long Read)

    I've been thinking about this lately and one idea that I had is that the cotf gifted some of their powers to the men that first parlayed with them on the Isle of Faces. “The Pact began four thousand years of friendship between men and children. In time, the First Men even put aside the gods they had brought with them, and took up the worship of the secret gods of the wood. The signing of the Pact ended the Dawn Age, and began the Age of Heroes.” So in this idea not all First Men would have these abilities but only the men that were there on the Isle and their descendents with the true events being forgotten as the blood became diluted and the facts becoming distorted legends of heroes doing amazing things. It could possibly explain why a family as old as the Boltons seem to have no history of warging but rather their imitation of what they saw their rivals suddenly blessed with.