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  1. Ned was just an idiot though. Too dumb to live, too dumb to inspire loyalty, told his kids dumb braggy stories about how he killed the best swordsman who ever lived with his wrong hand while whacking his dick with his good one. Sometimes I wonder whether these people actually read the books. They clearly do not understand the characters in the slightest.
  2. Marg using sex to try and manipulate a child (actually how old is Tommen meant to be? He still acts like 8 year old book Tommen, which is what trips me out) into doing what she wants, which involves essentially handing over his kingdom to her family. The fact that she is so transparent and obvious about it to Cersei, and even tries to have her sent to Casterly Rock make Cersei's attempts to protect her child from said abuser kind of understandable really. Couple that with her being forced to do a shame walk for having sex, season five really just seems like Cersei's struggle against the evil patriarchy. Which is definitely not the story Martin was telling. I'm definitely not saying I liked this narrative, but they definitely unintentionally made Cersei the protagonist and HS the clear antagonist, by removing Cersei's most appalling features and by kinda making the Faith a lot less of focused on the poor and more into smashing wine barrels and beating up gays.
  3. "I know, we'll fill the screen with actual shit for two minutes and these idiots will lap it up!" "Genius, David, genius!! Give us all the Emmys" I know I'm cynical.
  4. Seasons 1-3 I was fine with, even though I think they didn't do the Red Wedding as well as they could have. Season 4 was up and down, but for like two or three scenes Pedro Pascal was electric and they still had the solid bedrock of Charles Dance to anchor proceedings in Kings Landing, along with the Jon-Ygritte dynamic up north (I still really think action scenes and Rose Leslie brought out the best in Kit). Season five with the character assassination of Stannis done in the most emotionally manipulative way possible along with the dumbest fucking plot of all time aka Winterhell Wedding and the other fucking dumbest plot of all time aka Dorne, coupled with Cersei's unintended heroism in protecting her child from a sexually manipulative abuser (how do you make Cersei the reasonable one? How?!) plus significant glances and Olly reaction shots at the Wall every thirty seconds killed me. Also bad pusssssaaaayyy. Then season six, where the only change in Jon after death seems to be a haircut and newfound stupidity. Rickon is killed in the most emotionally manipulative way imaginable. The Sand Idiots somehow convince the entire Dornish palace to murder their Prince and install a bunch of bastards and the rest of that sandy wasteland is okay with it and Deadpan Stormborn trains her dragons without ever actually seeing them. Also Helm's Deep lite. These last two seasons have been rough and I think it shows that these idiots are just writing to try and shock their audience as much as possible.
  5. Probably another little fuck you to book readers. I know it sounds dumb and paranoid but I'm pretty sure Dumb & Dumber hate book readers.
  6. That Emilia only had one line. It was beautifully merciful.
  7. A lot of the actors seem to be just be phoning it in at this point I think. Dinklage for one, Coster-Waldau another. I'm not even sure what exactly Aiden Gillen is doing. Stephen Dillane phone it in for four seasons but he was just lucky that fit with his character perfectly (I kid, he was great).
  8. To be fair, Jon wasn't all that great at winning allegiance either. Davos smooth talked a ten year old and Jon's best mate Tormund won over the wildlings. All the rest joined after the battle as best as I can recall (correct me if I'm wrong, I really dont want to watch it again). Of course she's a hypocrite, she's five different characters in one person's body! Some of the most inconsistent, idiotic, poorly conceived writing in this entire show (which is truly saying a lot) has been thrown at that character to the point where you have no idea how she will react to anything at any given time.
  9. Why is it empty? I just don't understand, its a hugely valuable piece of strategic real estate why didn't somebody grab it between season 4 and now? Like they literally forgot it existed. Pity for Loras he died in the fire, would have been pretty damn easy to storm that castle. No oil whatsoever
  10. In comparison to TV Stannis bloody Zapp Brannigan is a military genius.
  11. Being at court for a couple of years is experience Jon doesn't have. Interacting with nobles when she's with Littlefinger is experience Jon never had. All that shit counts as politics especially when the closest thing Jon has to that is sitting around with a bunch of crusty old dudes bitching about how cold it is. I'm not saying she's correct or that Jon should do exactly what she says exactly when she says it, I'm just saying that someone with Jon's track record shouldn't put a red line through his any of his advisors who have experience he doesn't have. He can listen to her without doing exactly what she says. I'm not going to sit here and debate the morality of punishing children for the crimes of their fathers, all I'm saying is that her suggestion of rewarding loyalty and punishing rebellion is something that merits consideration, especially given that it generally is standard practice. Jon isn't good enough at his job to be just throwing advice away willy-nilly. That being said, it definitely should have been a conversation had between the two of them, in private, before the meeting with all the Lords.
  12. Yeaaaah okay, I never said she was smarter. All I said was that she told Jon not to fall into a trap and the first thing Jon did was dive headfirst into it. I'm not saying that Jon or Sansa are particularly good at communicating, but just that Jon should recognise the fact that she may have something to offer based on her unique experiences. He ignored her unique experience of Ramsay's sadism (vague though the warning was) and now he's ignoring her experience in terms of politics (I think that's what she's meant have anyway, the show doesn't convey things very well). I'm just not entirely sure why a leader, who's previous experiences at leadership consisted of being stabbed, losing most of his army through his own stupidity and being yelled at by small children would tell anyone with even a skerrick of experience to go to take a hike.
  13. I was thinking more of when she told him not to fall for Ramsay's traps and then he concocted the brilliant, on-the-go battle plan of "charge". I mean yeah her advice was pretty vague, but he did go against it by doing the most literally obvious thing in the world.
  14. How does Jon not know to listen to Sansa yet? Does he forget how ignoring her advice last year cost him the vast majority of his army? How long was Arya dressed as Walder for? Did she just wait around for a few weeks while the dozens of Freys from all walks of like came home? How did she logistically get poison into every single drop of wine at the feast, yet manage to avoid any collateral damage whatsoever in the form of wives, servants or cooks swilling some of it out the back? Also, wow, there was an empty Dragonstone sitting there the whole fucking time since season 4 and not Cersei or Jaime ever thought that taking it was a good idea or use of resources? "How do we get allies Cheryl?" "Well fuck Larry, I dunno, maybe we'll give them this big ol' island sitting within spitting distance?" Especially glaring in an episode where Sansa specifically says that giving people castles to make them loyal is something she learned from Cheryl. How this show has won awards for writing post season two is fucking beyond me. At least Emilia's one facial expression and monotone voice was appropriate for her scene tonight. God help her if she has to look surprised, angry or aroused this season though.
  15. The fire was the signal for Tormund et al to attack, as discussed in 3x04. But the WW idea is a cool added bonus.