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  1. Rickon, the Black Wolf.

    Like King Robert Baratheon with his team to make sure all the ends meet while he does his thing. But Robert goes away before his story is done and we are left with a mess lol.
  2. Rickon, the Black Wolf.

    Reading several pages of this thread and loving it. Then I come about the part of Shaggydog and GRRM as a troll. Shaggydog story: I am really starting to wonder if we aren't all being massively trolled by GRRM, and if asoiaf isn't one massive shaggydog story. It fits the definition. I really think he just writes whatever comes into his head at the time and has helpers read through a new manuscript to edit inconsistency for the sake of continuity. I am wondering if the readers don't put more thought into the story and characters than grrm himself. Somehow, sadly, in the end I can see him rich, fat, and happy laughing his ass off about all these people who put their money and thought into something that he finished as anti-climacticaly as possible. It would make him a legendary troll. After Ned got axed GRRM might have said to himself, "holy shit, not only are these idiots still reading, but they are clamouring for me". I can imagine him having drinks with a buddy and he says, "I'll bet I can cut off Robbs head and have his wolves head sewn onto his body with a crown and these fools will still read my books and be more involved than ever" and his buddy says, "No way, your crazy, no one would read your books again after something like that.." and then he did it anyways and here we are. I don't think this is nescessarily absolutely true, but the possibility of it is strong enough to make me think twice about investing so much thought into this story.
  3. Thoughts about The Red Wedding...SPOILERS!

    Still I think the war is won or lost with the twins, and if Stark couldn't "own" the twins in some way or another, he should have just consolodated everything north of the neck.
  4. Thoughts about The Red Wedding...SPOILERS!

    I was under the understanding that House Tully pledged fealty to the Starks as Kings. In either case, Frey needed to bend to Tully. An assault would surely be difficult, but such a strategic location can't be left in any doubt what so ever in a war. The war would be won or lost ultimately at the Twins, better lost in a failed assault on the twins, and consolodate everything north of the Twins (at least at The Neck), than to lose it due to something like the red wedding. As far as the Greyjoys- there is a lot he could have done. Some understanding of Balon would be a good start. Sending Theon back was a collosal blunder.
  5. Thoughts about The Red Wedding...SPOILERS!

    I knew what was going to happen (read ahead in the wiki) but I still think I would have felt a sense of foreboding if I haden't. GRRM is has fataly realistic story arcs. Before I read ahead even, I knew Rob could never be ultimately succesfull. Mainly because he tolerated the likes of Frey. The Tullys being a Northern House, and the Freys being bannermen of the Tullys, Robs first order of business should have been to offer Frey an opportunity to pledge fealty to the King of The North. Failing that opportunity, Rob should have done whatever was nescessary to take The Twins, and utterly annihlate House Frey. Likewise he should have secured fealty from the Greyjoys. You can't expand your power without consolodating your base. Robb is a fantastic tactician but piss poor at strategy and ultimately a terribly failed King. As far as what was going on from the Stark point of view immediately prior to the rw, I think the characters felt a lot of tredipation as well but really felt like this was their only opion and so put their fears aside and hoped for the best. But, to me, it was absolute idiocy to trust Frey, ESPECIALLY given that Frey knew he was their only option.
  6. ^^^^ I am near the end- the last thing I read about Sam was his leading Bran and company hrough the Black Gate. Cold Hands? hmmmm
  7. Daeny is awesome and I thoroughly enjoy her chapters. Maybe I am corny but I find many of them to be pretty touching. Can't wait to read on about Sam.
  8. Samwel Tarly. I am only about half way through asos. I did not like him at all at first- he wasn't boring, just pathetic- but after the retreat from the fist, his insight about 'dragonglass' combined with his use of it makes me delight in the evolution of this character.