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  1. Camelot books just put up a matching # set for $8k which seems about right with no MM. They also have a few single #’ed and a couple Lettered Subpress AGOT.
  2. I've used them pretty frequently - bought several books from them including Coffin Edition of The Stand. I like Camelot Books a lot. Very personable and professional folks.
  3. becca i feel like youve posted an opinion on this previously (or someone did) but any thoughts on the number of complete sets lettered / numbered MM+SP?
  4. i got a numbered, but whats up with some not signing. not asking from a ' being annoyed' perspective...just curious
  5. agree. i am quite surprised.
  6. looks like theres one on ebay being auctioned to benefit the wolf sanctuary. worldwide shipping, andstarting bid of $600.
  7. 100% agree evogeler...that's where i was heading. Like with many things that are licensed out buy GRRM of good quality, am hoping he and his staff would want to keep the bar high whereas in this instance the high dollar cost isnt really matching with quality / expectations.
  8. Wow, a damaged book with no partial refund and only a PC copy replacement? That's disconcerting... Damaged box made me think back to the packaging, and I thought the packaging was adequate at the time. But, in hindsight the weight of the box relative to the amount of packing peanuts would not have prevented damage from anything but the most minor of drops.
  9. Here's a youtube link that shows the coins per Selmy's request, and I also point out the issues on the signature / numbered page + flip through the book a bit. If there's anything else someone wants to see, let me know and I'll try to post a video of it. (don't ask me to dub Tar-GAR-yen with Tar-gair-yen).
  10. I got my ultra box last night....#053...just unpacked as I still had family in town. Impressions: The box is pretty nice. Much better quality than the box from valyrian steel Nights Watch Dragon Set. Although I would've preferred the lid to have a grooved hinge or whatever you call it so that you had to slide it out rather than just pulling the lid off. Good construction, felt lined... the map of Kings Landing is really nice I think. the shire post mint coins come in a sealed plastic bag. Once you slice that open you get to the wax sealed envelope with the coins. Shire Post does good work. As expected, also nice. String Ornaments, and bonus ornament (see above) whatever.... Trading Card game...seems like a high quality item. I didn't open it, or the exclusive trading card. Dark Sword Miniatures seem fine. Not really my thing... T-shirt seems decent quality also in sealed plastic bag. Did not open. Dothraki language comes on a card with a code. Maester's journal seems good quality also comes sealed. I did not open. And finally, the book! Quite simply amazing. Really, really nice. My only beef with it is they f'ed up the signature page on the numbering like they made it 063 and wrote over the 6 extra to make it a 5. Should've been printed on and not inked by someone... I think that's it...let me know if i missed something. If I get some time I'll take a little video of the book and post it on youtube and link it here (especially if someone doesn't beat me to it).
  11. i have a feeling that much of that $600 will be the (future)value of the book. agree the ornament was kinda chintzy
  13. Only 32 of the Ultra's left. Via Chrome (either new or maybe its functionality that only works in Chrome), when you select the Ultra it tells you how many are left now....
  14. Could be negotiated rates relative to very large enterprises versus a small business?
  15. not bad for 3 days...