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  1. Share Your Fan Site

    For any Polish fans reading this board, I have just started a blog with news, longer texts, funny stuff and reviews:
  2. The Most Annoying Phrase

    What is dead may never die WTF is that even supposed to mean. I used to love "it is known", but the show, particularly the actress playing Doreah, kind of ruined it for me.
  3. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    Sansa's and Tyrion's wedding night, when she describes his body in her head thinking how everything is so deformed and horrible and then she thinks of his penis as also being weird, but the description sounds like a normal erect penis: I can't help but laugh and think "Girl, hate to break it to you, but that is what they look like". She's just bound to be dissappointed again with that approach.