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  1. How would you rate episode 307?

    Great episode! Rated 8. Melisandre and Gendry PoV was a nice surprise. I don't recall that occurring in the books! Dany is stepping up her game. Drogon's ferociousness made me jump! Robb Stark confirmed to have a son!? Woah! Poor Theon... he should have stayed soft :frown5: "You know nothing, Jon Snow" Seriously looking forward to these final episodes!!!
  2. Is Melisandre scared of Patchface?

    Notice how he always meantions "Under the sea". Being under the sea reminds me of darkness. And after those three words, some weird and twisted line follows. I think one was "Under the sea, the fish eat the human" or something like that :P
  3. Thoughts about The Red Wedding...SPOILERS!

    God know if the last page is still talking about this initial post or went on a tangent but... I saw this coming. Back in a Clash of Kings when Dany was in the House of the Warlocks (or was it Undying?) she had a bunch of visions. In one of those visions she saw a dead king with the head of a Wolf in a bloody hall full of corpses, or something like that. When I read that, I thought the Others were going to eff up one of the Starks, but I never imagined it would be Walder Frey killing Robb AND Cat. I seriously wanted to cry of anger after reading Cat's final chapter, but damn it made for a great story!