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  1. For the love of god, why can't I change my profile pic???

  2. To be honest, if Yara frees Theon and then they get captured by Stannis, it absolutely destroys Theon's amazing ADWD arc. I hope this isn't the case, especially since D and D named Theon their favourite character. So it makes no sense as to why they would exclude his best arc in the series.
  3. Comment of the week. I wish there was a 'like' button that I could spam for this post.
  4. That he did know, to his relief. “Yes, my … m’lord. You met his mother whilst out riding and were smitten by her beauty.” “Smitten?” Bolton laughed. Roose Bolton laughing would seem like an extremely detached sort of laugh, devoid of all happiness and pleasantness.
  5. This is about 2/3s of A Storm of Swords. Bran's ASOS arc ends with this episode, and his chapters from the following books will feature next season.
  6. could just be that because the scenes were shot in Morocco, it's probably easier to get Moroccans for extras, who are coincidentally brown. As soon as I saw the scene, I knew that people would complain about racism and colonialism. I don't think it was the intention at all. It's the same thing as the show using a George W Bush head on a spike in season 1.
  7. Gendry asking Davos if his son's life was better now was even more soul-crushing than Robbwind for me, personally. Liam Cunningham has taken a likable character and made him into one of the most realistic and genuine characters in the show. Davos feels like a real, living, breathing person, and hats off to Liam for that.
  8. I didn't expect the epilogue to take place, just her resurrection with the episode ending as her eyes opened.
  9. Well, in that case, the problem lies with either the source material or HBO for not having the funds to make more episodes.
  10. Except they pretty much did everything they could do to try and make it a complete season. The only way the ASOS arcs would feel truly complete is if they used the actual endings from the books, which they obviously can't for season 3.
  11. How was this exactly a bad episode? Sure, it could have been better as a season finale, but it didn't do much wrong, and wrapped up everyone's arcs just fine. Jaime: reaches KL, which was his goal this season. It didn't happen this early in the books, but they can't seriously have NCW offscreenf Tyrion: learns about the RW Sansa: learns about the RW(although I would have liked to see her get a letter telling her about an escape plan) Davos: frees Gendry, learns about the threat beyond the Wall Arya: witnesses Robbwind, stabs a Frey soldier savagely. They can't have the Inn at the Crossroads incident now, because it's too early Sam: reaches the Nightfort and meets Bran Bran: goes beyond the Wall Jon: flees from Ygritte, setting up the conflict for next season. I really don't see what the problem is. Anyone that seriously considers this a bad episode is off their rocker. The only gripes in terms of plot development is not showing Catelyn's resurrection(which would have made for a PERFECT season finale) and Yara's new quest to save Theon. As for the complaints that it didn't feel complete, no shit, it's because they're adapting HALF A BOOK.
  12. 9.5/10 if that rating was applicable. Otherwise a 9. This was surprisingly well-written, although it felt a bit rushed like GOT season finales generally are. I loved the birth of Reek, but categorising Stannis as a villain and not properly showing his inner conflict really irked me. It didn't affect my rating though, but it's something I really didn't like.
  13. BB definitely. I love GOT, but Breaking Bad is on a whole another level in terms of artistic integrity and depth.
  14. Truth. That ending is just perfection. Speaking of which, I was dying to see Michelle Fairley channeling her inner Walter White and going insane while laughing and sobbing at the same time just before her throat was slit. Maybe they decided not to do it, out of the fear that it would look too camp? If so, they're probably wrong. Fairley is an excellent actress, and she would have been able to nail it. Or maybe they decided not to do it, since it might appear too similar to the ending of Crawl Space? IDK.
  15. Clearly the showrunners ship CaRoose.
  16. Fucking Benioff and Weiss and their character assassinations...(skulks off and grumbles)
  17. What the fuck is the show doing with Roose? Did anyone else see the way he suggestively had his arm right next to Catelyn? Why was the show teasing an attraction between Roose and Catelyn? The actor does what the script says. Roose was leering at Cat and had his arm next to her in a flirtatious manner. That suggests that they deliberately wrote him as perving over Catelyn. /sarcasm.
  18. The funny thing is, you are literally the only person I have seen across several websites that saw Barristan as being drunk. I didn't even see noted critics like Sepinwall interpreting it in the same way, or even mentioning it, which puts you in the minority. So you're saying that you only one of a select few who correctly judged the showrunners' intentions, and anybody that doesn't agree with you clearly wasn't paying enough attention? Yeah, okay. Unfortunately that generalization would encompass about 99% of the people who watched the episode, and that's a strawman I really don't like. The show is not known for its subtlety. If it wanted to make clear that Barristan was drunk, it would have done so in a more explicit manner.
  19. My eyes rolled so hard they've become permanently lodged in the side of my head.
  20. Implying that I didn't already rewatch the scene twice. There's simply not enough time given to Barristan to suggest that he's drunk. I'm afraid I must end our delightful discussion. As entertaining as nitpicking about the mannerisms of a character that was on screen for 25 seconds is, there are bigger things about this episode that need to be addressed.
  21. shrugging = wasted top lel. The guy had about 5 seconds to say something before Jorah arrived. It's a huge stretch to assume that he was drunk.
  22. One cup of wine = drunk, apparently. And how would talking about Rhaegar fit in that scene exactly? Although I must admit, I thought Barristan was going to talk about the sack of KL when Dany asked how long it takes to sack a city.
  23. Well it kind of has to now. But revealing his identity and the truth about who burned Winterfell will pretty much result in a "well, duh!" reaction from the audience. Had they done it just before the massacre, that would have incited a big "holy shit!" reaction.
  24. I was thinking of giving it a 9, but caved in and gave it a 10. I pictured the RW to be more climactic rather than climactic, so I expected a huge massacre in the camps. Plus I pictured Robb's death to be far more out of nowhere than anything else, complete with the music speeding up to a crescendo and stopping right as Roose twists the blade. I also pictured Cat's breakdown to more insane, with the only sound being her laughter. I envisioned a silence like the one in Ned's beheading just before the axe fell, and Grey Wind to put up a fight. But I digress. Great episode, all around. My heart was pounding and I was on edge for the entire last 10 minutes. I like how this week and last week have been much better focused and focusing on a few storylines, rather than cramming in about 8. But I do wish Stannis' arc was better developed this season. My main gripe? NO REVEAL OF RAMSAY. Seriously. The Unsullied are going to feel Theon's arc has been a complete waste of time. If they had showed his reveal right before the massacre started, it would have all seemed worthwhile. I can't help but feel D and D fucked up big time by not having Theon and Ramsay's last appearance in this episode.