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  1. How to indicate "spoilers"?

  2. Drawing Blood From a Bolton

    Love this theory! I'm so glad we've got forum masterminds such as yourself working on the Song as well as the Game, because sooner or later they're going to have to cross paths. Also, something you mentioned really briefly that i loved- when Winterfell and Joramun joined forces to free the Watch, just like how now the Watch and the Wildlings are joining forces to free Winterfell. It's nice to see that the North does indeed remember.
  3. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    The fact that the publisher let there be not one but two characters called Aenys.
  4. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    I found Ramsay's letter to the Wall hilarious. He basically told Jon that he had killed every ally the Night's Watch had, put it in an envelope and wrote "Asshole" on the front. "Dammit Lord Commander Snow, I WANT MORE PUDDING!"
  5. Stannis humor

    Nobody, including any of us, has ever given Stannis the credit he deserves for out-sassing every other character and doing so with a completely straight face.
  6. Rickon, the Black Wolf.

    I just really, really want Rickon to be the one to kill Theon and, ideally, defeat the Ironmen. At the very least, in true Ned style, Theon should be killed by the family he betrayed themselves. I like to imagine that Jon would be too busy and too Ned-like, Sansa too much of a wuss, Arya too fond of leaving people to die and Bran too kind, too off-with-the-pixies and otherwise occupied with his trees to bother. So it would be left, in a nicely ironic twist of fate, for Baby Stark to be the one who does the dirty work. He seems to be the most pissed off about losing Winterfell, and even though he was quite young when it happened, the North remembers.