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  1. Rhaegar Targaryen

    Whoever it is/would be, i hope he has curly hair. I can sort of see HBO making up for the lack of blue roses etc. by showing Lyanna as well with straight, dark hair. That way, show-only fans could maybe connect the R+L=J dots in a Joffrey/Tommen/Myrcella sort of way by applying real-world genetics.
  2. Emeralds

    Firstly, awesome thread! :bowdown: To everyone involved in the whole jewel-symbolism thing, it's something i never even considered and the presentation of all the ideas is great, along with the obvious shit-tonne of research. Secondly, what do you think of the lack of diamonds in the series? Considering the abundance of jewels, it strikes me as odd that non-black diamonds are mentioned only once. When they are mentioned they're worn (ironically enough) by Cersei: So here, diamonds are associated with innocence and purity. It seems fitting that, in such a corrupt world, they're hardly ever worn. The rest of the diamonds mentioned are black, and worn by Renly, Alayaya, Jaime, Shae and Theon- the corellation here being that two are whores, two are worn by people who are having sex with people they shouldn't (Loras and Cersei) and the other… well, Theon is no virgin. They're also worn by Cersei, for whom the same goes as Jaime. They're mentioned again in the Myrish Swamp Scene: To me, this suggests that black diamonds = corruption and sexual infidelity, whereas white ones mean purity. Any thoughts on the meaning of diamonds, both white and black? I wonder if there is anything in the black diamond scenes that connects them all... Anyway, sorry that this was kind of off-topic. Again, great thread and great theory :cheers:
  3. The Most Annoying Phrase

    Dugs. Just... dugs.
  4. The Most Annoying Phrase

    Okay, i'll retract the statement that it's useless- that was a bad choice of wording on my part. Rather than useless, i'd say her actions in Essos are, in relation to every other character, irrelevant. It would have made more sense for her to stay with Illyrio for longer, then have her story fast-tracked starting at about ASOS so that by the end of ADWD, she's essentially right where she is now but without so much dawdling in Quarth and Astapor. Aside from meeting Quaithe and going to the HotU (which could have been moved to Meereen or somewhere that doesn't require so much trekking through the desert) nothing happened in either of those places apart from making more enemies. But couldn't that have just happened because they didn't want her and her shackle-breaking antics in Essos either? In ACoK she literally spends an entire book going to a haunted house and having some visions, which she has thus far payed next to no attention to anyway. In ASoS she got her Unsullied and captured Meereen... but if she was just going to use Drogon to effectively steal an army, couldn't she have used him to steal a ship? I don't understand why, if she'd been so determined to get to Westeros from the start, she never even thought of just using her dragons to steal a ship in Qarth or something and head off from there. In AFfC she literally didn't do anything, and in ADwD she just exemplified her incompetence as a ruler. All in all, it would have been a lot less frustrating for the readers if her arc had begun in ASoS and moved more quickly towards Meereen so she could do what she was put in the story to do, and actually interact with other characters from Westeros. Anyway, this isn't the point of the thread. I respect the fact that you like Dany, as a lot of others do and i can understand why. My point is just that it's not invalid for some of us to hate/dislike her, or at the very least get pissed off that she's made no progress towards Westeros over such a long period of time.
  5. The Most Annoying Phrase

    :lol: I suspected that would raise some eyebrows. IMO, even though she's sort of a crazy bitch, Cersei's a strong woman because of the way she holds onto her pride and doesn't let the opinions of others phase her in her Walk of Shame, and the way she protects her children at all costs. Mean? Yes. Manipulative? Yes, even if she's not that good at it. Psycho? Definitely. Alcoholic? Probably. But she's not weak, i don't think. Just... prickly and very, very proud. Then again, you could also argue for her having become unhinged because she couldn't take the pressure, so you could well be right. To each their own, we'll see how our wine-guzzling bitch ends up :)
  6. The Most Annoying Phrase

    Oh, and RE Dany Hate: Suzanna Stormborn, i'm a girl and not even far from Daenerys' age, and i can't stand her. That's absolutely ridiculous to say only males dislike Dany and that it's only because she's a "strong woman"- so do they hate Arya, Asha, Cersei, Brienne and Val, too? A great degree of the hatred for Dany is also because she, for a great deal of the series, isn't a strong female character. She is completely incapable of standing up for herself in any way until she has a dream that somehow miraculously alters her personality and perspective. She's good-hearted, yes, but also effectively... well, useless. She literally spent four books faffing around in Essos doing absolutely nothing productive, relying on her looks and dragons to be offered a place in people's homes. Do you think Xaro Xhoan Daxos liked her for her personality? Do you think Hizhdar Zo Loraq wanted her to be his wife because she didn't seem like she'd be a nice, tame queen? Burning people doesn't make you strong, it makes you ruthless. Being unnecessarily uppity and imagining insults isn't brave, it's stupid. That irked me beyond belief. But... you... you just... you just said not two minutes ago that you were but a young girl and didn't understand war. So why, pray tell, is it suddenly insulting to be called a woman? Surely he's just reiterating exactly what you called yourself in a more respectful way? There's nothing "strong" about biting someone's head off for insulting you when he didn't. I don't care if he was being an asshole, she was too. Doesn't that whole passage suggest she's got some weird ideology where it's good to be a girl when it suits her, but nobody else can point out her gender without it being sexist? Somewhat like your viewpoint, methinks. I'll grant you that Dany is not an all-round terrible character. She's fierce and sometimes very brave, and determined to try and make the world a better place. She's genuinely kind-hearted and i believe she means well... but that doesn't make her altogether likeable. You can love her for her good qualities, and others can hate her for her bad ones. But you really can't accuse anyone who dislikes Dany of being sexist, that theory is completely disproven by the fact that: 1. Many people who dislike Dany are girls. How can that be sexist? 2. They, along with the male Dany-haters, do like other "strong" (as you call her) female characters, and 3. Again, most people who hate Dany are annoyed by her indecision, how terrible her decisions are when she makes them, and her obsession with 50 Shades of Daario. That's not to say that we don't like her because she's a sexually liberated character- i for one really like Cersei and Arianne. The reason the Daario thing annoys a lot of people that is that she's always harping on about being a Queen and doing what's right for her people, but she can't even stay loyal to her husband for the sake of a peaceful marriage.
  7. The Most Annoying Phrase

    Mayhaps- it's one of those stupid words like "playwright" where they can't decide on "maybe" or "perhaps" (like "write" or "right") so they just smush them together and use neither. Nuncle- i genuinely thought for a long time that it was only meant to be applied to Aeron, because he was like a male nun and also Asha's uncle. Thus, nuncle. Turns out there is literally no explanation for why that term was necessary. "I am but a young girl and know little of the ways of making up my fucking mind as to whether i'm a stupid little simpering fool or the blood of the dragon, haver of a ridiculous amount of titles, mother of dragons blah blah blah" I could tolerate Dany until she started vacillating between telling everyone she was a badass bitch and whimpering that she needed a big, stwong man to come and help her claim her thwone. And this isn't really a phrase, but i'm 100% convinced we'd get TWoW at least a year earlier if GRRM stopped describing food and Dany's Quartheen gowns. I can understand a little foodporn, but not more overall description of onions than Aegon, for example. I can appreciate a passing mention of what a character is wearing, but seriously- we get it. Dany has one of her tits out.
  8. How to indicate "spoilers"?

  9. Is Sansa going to die?

    For some reason, it has never even occurred to me that Sansa might die. I suppose it's because she's never been in a position where her death is all that likely, save for her little moment with Lysa and the moon door. It would be strange to have her character develop this much, only to die. She's becoming the mother that the remaining Starks need, especially since minus Jon (and somehow i doubt he'd like having MiniCat as his new mama anyway) she's the oldest now. And besides, enough people still hate Sansa for GRRM to keep her alive. Am i correct in assuming that part of the case for Arya's death, as it was with Robb and Ned, is that everyone likes them too much? We've got a cruel, cruel author here.
  10. Drawing Blood From a Bolton

    Love this theory! I'm so glad we've got forum masterminds such as yourself working on the Song as well as the Game, because sooner or later they're going to have to cross paths. Also, something you mentioned really briefly that i loved- when Winterfell and Joramun joined forces to free the Watch, just like how now the Watch and the Wildlings are joining forces to free Winterfell. It's nice to see that the North does indeed remember.
  11. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    The fact that the publisher let there be not one but two characters called Aenys.
  12. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    I found Ramsay's letter to the Wall hilarious. He basically told Jon that he had killed every ally the Night's Watch had, put it in an envelope and wrote "Asshole" on the front. "Dammit Lord Commander Snow, I WANT MORE PUDDING!"
  13. Personally, i'd go with Tarth or Oldtown. I hate being away from the coast and Oldtown is a hub of wisdom with beautiful architecture, while Tarth is scenic and IMO has the best weather (Stormlands!) In the Free Cities, Braavos or Pentos. Braavos is a lively city without being King's Landing-ish, and again, is on the water. The only real drawback of Pentos is the slave culture and the weird prince-sacrificing rituals. It's beautiful though, relatively peaceful and wealthy. Purely for liveability, i guess the Reach has to be mentioned. Good harvests, nice greenery and such, but overall it seems boring to me.
  14. Ice and Fire Assessment...Theory (Long Read)

    This theory is wonderful! Thank you for putting it all into one post, you basically summed up everything. It was a really good explanation, too :bowdown: Just a thought- and this might be stupid, so forgive me if it is but i'm wondering if anyone else thinks this is possible- what if the Targaryens are to the Dragons what the Starks are to the White Walkers? Assuming that the Starks became the Kings of Winter by driving the White Walkers back beyond the Wall and ultimately defeating them, or at least keeping them out of Westeros, that could be seen as the Starks having "tamed" the White Walkers. What if that's what the Targaryens did with the dragons? We know that the Targs are the only surviving dragon masters after the Doom, which is supposedly because they had left Valyria for Dragonstone... but what if it turns out that the Targaryens brought the Doom on Valyria? Maybe an early Targaryen saw the destructive potential for the Dragons, so they harnessed the power of the Lord of Light to destroy Valyria and the Dragons before they destroyed the rest of Essos/Westeros/Etc? Or it could have been an accident. As Melisandre says, "the brightest flame casts the darkest shadow."CWould that make the Targaryens/AA/the Dragons the "brightest flame" and Valyria the shadow? That would make the Targaryens the equivalent to the Starks because they were the ones to contain the force of Fire (dragons) to Valyria just like the Starks contained the force of Ice (White Walkers) to beyond the Wall. One last thing: you said that Dany and Jon would meet, fight, and then realise that with the White Walkers and the Dragons on each of their sides, they would have to either unite or fall. This draws a strange parallel to the Game of Thrones: the Seven Kingdoms might be at war right now but ultimately, when Winter comes they're going to have to unite or fall as well.
  15. Stannis humor

    Nobody, including any of us, has ever given Stannis the credit he deserves for out-sassing every other character and doing so with a completely straight face.