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  1. 7 wounds for 6 stabs (???)

    It's actually ture, I've rewatched the scene, they stabbed him six times. It's not a big deal, anyways.
  2. Tower of Joy is next episode.

    Yes, I'm excited about it, what can I say. It's one of the best parts of ASOIAF, and it looks like the put a lot of effort on it. I just hope it's not a let down. But, well, it may be. We'll see.
  3. Boltons, Freys and Karstarks

    The Manderlys and Umbers are not loyal to the Boltons. Watch the scene again. Ramsay simply says that, with them and their armies, all the other Northern Housescouldn't beat House Bolton. Also, the Karstarks were part of the plot, as D&D explained on the "Inside the episode" video.
  4. How would Davos know what happened to Shireen?

    If they had the upper had, they would burn the body. But, remember, they just locked themselves in that room. Why did they do it? Well, as I said, they are loyalists. They hate Thorne, and I think it's pretty obvious they are willing to die if they can take him out with them. Jon's body was carried to his chambers, they confirmed there was nothing they could do for him, and then, they just waited.
  5. How would Davos know what happened to Shireen?

    Sure, but they don't want to. IIRC, a few of the men that were with Davos are the ones who were with Jon at Hardhome. It makes sense for them to side with him, after what they've seen. Nobody actually likes Thorne. Also, whoy would they leave? That makes them desertors. Better die with honor than live without it.
  6. How would Davos know what happened to Shireen?

    I don't really think he was protecting his body. He just happened to find Jon dead, and they locked themselves on a room...he wasn't protecting his body, he was protecting himself and the rest.
  7. Discussing Sansa XXI: Parting ways...

    I'm pretty sure she gets to CB, and Davos, Jon and her start rallying the Northern Houses against the Boltons.
  8. Tower of Joy is next episode.

    I've seen comments about how bad Lyanna was..."SHE WAS BLOND! OUTRAGE!"...I just don't care anymore about that kind of nitpick.
  9. Tower of Joy is next episode.

    That's the bad thing about TV/Movies...real warfare doesn't look as good on screen. There's a scene in the extended version of Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven (I suggest everyone watching the extended version, completely different movie)in which Guy fights Balian with two was a great scene, although completely unrealistic.
  10. [Spoilers] EP602

    He is Ser Rodrik. Just look at him. Also, credits and IMDB. Also, the vision is maybe 30-35 years old, not 20. Let's not forget the characters were all aged up on the Show.
  11. [spoilers] What You Liked/The Positivity Thread

    The fact that Ned told Benjen the exact same thing Jon Snow told Olly when he trained him, episode 5x01 "Shield up, or I'll ring your head like a bell" That was nice. They even had the same gestures.
  12. Tower of Joy is next episode.

    I think we won't see Rhaegar. I think the scene will be pretty close to the book one; the dialogue Martin wrote for that part was brilliant, and it seems D&D liked it as well. Let's hope. I believe the scene will end with Ned talking to a dying Lyanna abour Rhaegar and everything, holding a baby on his arms, and naming himJon.
  13. Discussing Sansa XXI: Parting ways...

    Yes, I noticed that too. This is the closest Sansa to her book version since Season 4, even maybe 3.
  14. [spoilers] What You Liked/The Positivity Thread

    Tormund is probably talking about Mance Rayder. It's just another line used to mislead on the trailer, like the "do you like games little man?" Ramsay says. The trailer shows Tyrion, but he's speaking to Rickon, that's for sure.