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  1. Jon will become King. R+L=J Stannis will die. I actually believe he will lose the Battle of Ice, but we'll see. Arya will return to Westeros. Tyrion and Dany will meet. He'll act as her Hand. Sandor is the Gravedigger Ramsay will kill Roose. Sansa will go North with the Knights of the Vale and LF at ther back (and likely, Harry) Cersei will kill the HS. Daenerys will leave Daario. Barristan Selmy will die at Mereen.
  2. People seem to hate Season 5. I don't think it was that bad. It was one of the weakest, but had 3 extraordinary episodes. I found Season 2 to be my least favourite. I'd say Season 4 and 6 were top notch for me. Season 1 and 3 I loved as well.
  3. Yeah. Dance would be my pick if I had to choose one. It would be the closest of the two to GOT. I believe the Blackfyre Rbellion is also a good possibility.
  4. Tywin was 19 when he said that. He matured with time, like every one of us do. His ruthlessness though did not. He simply matured, he knows he cannot threaten Lords who have hostages like he did in those years, but Tywin feels caged in any of these kind of situations.
  5. I wouldn't guess the fate of any character because no one is safe...but I'm fairly certain that Dany will die.
  6. Two big things: -The Dorne plot. Once you leave fAegon out of the Show, it doesn't make any sense to film and spend time with Dorne. -The Sansa-Ramsay plot. It's clear to me that D&D took a shortcut and put Sansa with Ramsay and the Vale army in th North because that's what's going to happen on the books: Sansa will marry Harry and they will ride North to take it back for the Starks. If they had made Sansa be just Alayne and kept her as our viewpoint of the Winterfell plotline it would have been far better. Make the Northern Conspiracy with Karstark and Umber in Season 5 and Jon rescuing her in Season 6, but without the marriage between Ramsay and Sansa and LF and playing their schemes agianst the Boltons..
  7. To me it's clear something (or someone) has awaken them. Maybe it's Jon Snow, maybe it's Dany, the dragons...maybe it all even started way back with Summerhall and Egg. On the other hand, maybe all of those things are an answer to the awakening of the Others. It could be very well the other way around. We still don't have enough information to know it for sure.
  8. Oh, this is simple. because incest is a thing, and more common than many of us believe it to be. In Western World incest is no longer as widespread as it was during the Middle-Modern Ages, but marriage between cousins, even brother-sisters, is quite common on some parts of Africa and Asia. Incest has always been a thing though. I'm Spanish. My own country had one of the most famous examples of incest the world knows: the Habsburgs, and the Catholic Monarchs before them. But dinasties throughout all Europe have examples of incest. By the way, if you believe Martin is actually endorsing it, you haven't been paying attention to the books.
  9. I'm always amazed at how sparcely populated Westeros seems to be. Going by the 1-2% rule, it seems to have half of the density Europe had at the end of the Middle Ages (pre Black Death I mean)
  10. They could try the True Detective way of making a show: anthologies. IIRC, HBO is already making plans for TD Season 3. They may want to do the sme with these spin-offs: each season, a new story. They have plenty of them at their disposal.
  11. Nice. I look forward to this. It's either a completely new story, or one of these four: -Robert's Rebelliion -DOTD -The Conquest -Dunk and Egg.
  12. Arya, Tyrion, Sansa, Sam.
  13. IMO, House Arryn, House Greyjoy and House Martell are doomed.
  14. Tyrion's trial Oberyn becomes Tyrion's champion Stannis.... ' can't just pick one. Stephen Dillane f*cking nailed it. Tywin and Jaime, their first scene. Varys and Littlefinger "chaos is a laddah" Jon Snow's death. They all did an amazing job. GOT has many things wrong...acting is not one of them. Kit Harington, for example, has really grown as an actor playing Jon. The same for Maisie or Sophie. The only actor I think got worse is Aidan.
  15. Why people keep saying he had a bad accent? Robert Aramayo was born 30 miles away from where Sean Bean was...they have the same accent.