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  1. Dany and Varys was a really nice exchange, and you could see it was Bryan Cogman the one who wrote this episode by just watching that scene. I really liked the naval battle scene.
  2. poll

    As someone has already pointed out, there were some dialogues that I really felt were necessary (Dany and Varys). Bryan Cogman wrote this episode so it's not a surprise. A good 8.
  3. I'm starting to love Pilou's Euron. He clearly has read the books now, he seems really different compared to last year.
  4. He says the Maesters need to look for information about dragonglass and where could it be. I don't think there'll be much of it in the North though.
  5. 8. Really solid premiere.
  6. Really good episode. One of the best premieres of GOT so far.
  7. In terms of defence and strategic situations, Casterly Rock, The Eyrie or Riverrun are the best. I'd say Storm's End is also really nice.
  8. Arthur Dayne is probably the best swordsman who ever walked on Westeros. Or one of the best, that's for sure. Criston Cole is also top tier, but just not as unique as Dayne is. Still, he could actually beat him. Duels are not maths, there are many different factors at play and Cole could make things quite difficult for Dayne.
  9. He'll be dead by the time Jon finds out who his parents are.
  10. Yes, this is what I mean. ASOIAF will end up being a three-arc story, AGOT, ACOK and ASOS being the first, AFFC and ADWD being the second, and Winds and Dream of Spring the third and last. They were 90% faithful to arc 1 and the War of the Five Kings, but they changed arc 2 quite a lot. But, in the end, it will be a pretty similar arc 3 in terms of the broader plot points.
  11. Oh, that's not what I really meant. I'm quite happy with the Show as it is right now. No adaptation is perfect. LOTR is an extraordinary trilogy of books adapted into a extraordinary trilogy of movies, and they changed the plot and the characters quite a lot. Same happens with GOT to me. D&D have claimed countless times that the ending will be pretty similar so I don't really have doubts about it. They've taken shortcuts, some of them were quite badly done, some of them were better, but we are now in a position I expect will be the same in the books, roughly at the end of Winds: -Dany is sailing to Westeros with the Iron Fleet. She dumps Daario. Barristan is dead, Tyrion is at her side. Battle of Meeren won with the dragons. -Jon has left the Night's Watch and has retaken Winterfell with an army of wildlings and minor Northern Houses. What I don't know is if he'll fight against Ramsay (which I doubt) or Stannis. He'll be King in the North (through Robb's will, omitted on the Show). Davos will end up at Winterfell somehow, with or without Rickon. -Sansa and LF have control over the Knights of the Vale. They march North. -Bran has left the cave after an attack from the Others, Jojen is dead, Hodor probably as well. Bloodraven is gone, He probably knows about the origins of the Others. -Dorne is allied with the Targaryens (fAegon on the books; I don't think he'll last much longer though, and Dany on the Show). -Cersei is free from her trial, and has killed the HS, and probably some Tyrells. I don't know if shel'll blow up the Sept of Baelor, but I'm sure she will use the wildfire one time. -Arya has ended her training and left the Faceless Men. She's back in Westeros. All these plot points are nearly the same on the Show. Sure, I could be wrong, and Winds may not be like I believe it'll be at all, but I think it's safe to assume some of those at least. Now, everyone is free to like or hate the execution of the Show's arc 2, the shortcuts and decisions D&D have made, but when I talk about faithfulness, what I mean is this: the plot, in terms of what happens, when and by whom, are almost the same.
  12. No, it's not. You read the books, then you watch the Show. You draw up your own conclusions, I, for example, have always claimed that, once both books and show are finished, people will realize the Show was actually quite faithful to the source material. Far more than what people think it is now. D&D simply cut out half of George's act 2 because it didn't help their narrative. Sure, they could have done it better, but it's what we got. So, fAegon, Dorne, Boltons vs Stannis, Sansa and LF getting the Vale army, Victarion, the Battle of Meeren, Jon post-stabbing, etc will put the book characters at pretty much the same position they are on the Show right now (and thus, Act 3 should be similar in both mediums): Sansa, LF and the Vale army in Winterfell, Jon as KitN, Dorne and fAegon out, Stannis, Roose, Ramsay, Barristan etc are dead, Dany, Tyrion and the Iron Fleet are allied and going to Westeros, and go on.
  13. Show-wise, yes, he knows about it. I'm not really sure about Book LF though.
  14. Jon will become King. R+L=J Stannis will die. I actually believe he will lose the Battle of Ice, but we'll see. Arya will return to Westeros. Tyrion and Dany will meet. He'll act as her Hand. Sandor is the Gravedigger Ramsay will kill Roose. Sansa will go North with the Knights of the Vale and LF at ther back (and likely, without Harry) Cersei will kill the HS. Daenerys will leave Daario. Barristan Selmy will die at Mereen.
  15. People seem to hate Season 5. I don't think it was that bad. It was one of the weakest, but had 3 extraordinary episodes. I found Season 2 to be my least favourite. I'd say Season 4 and 6 were top notch for me. Season 1 and 3 I loved as well.