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  1. I'll quote myself from the Discussing Sansa thread If you ask me there are three ways you can look into this, and the thing is...they are not mutually exclusive: -She lies because, as ever, LF is cunning enough to poison her ears, and makes her have doubts about her position and her power. That's why he mentions his "half-brother's army". And right before that, he reminds her of her Tully side, mentioning the Blackfish. He's trying to get her away from Jon, making her suspicious of Jon. This is somethig I was expecting since I saw the preview. LF wants Sansa all for himself. He cannot handle that she puts his trust on another man, even less so if that man is her brother. -She lies because she's actually the only one who knows LF, and knows Davos, Jon and Tormund are not worthy opponents of LF regarding the Game of Thrones. LF has always been shady as fuck, so the Vale army is just a double edged weapon that could turn against them (LF could easily use the Vale after the battle to destroy Jon's army). She doesn't want it, and she doesn't want anything related to LF. She wants to get the North on her own terms, with her brother. -She lies because she doesn't want the others to know about her meeting with LF. Also, as I mentioned before...Sansa's got used to lies. It's basically what LF taught her. You can feel it and see it on her face right after Brienne calls her on it...she's not feeling good about Jon. She couldn't give a fuck about the others, but not Jon. Either way, these lies are going to be adressed in the future episodes. I'm sure Jon will find out Sansa knew about the Vale army all along. Probably after E.9, maybe even before it actually shows up. Their dynamics are pretty interesting already, so, I'm excited about how this will pay off. Sophie Turner said this this: She doesn’t tell Jon because -- it’s difficult because she doesn’t have that Stark way about her anymore. She’s been broken down; she no longer feels like she can be completely honest with anyone, even her own family. Also she doesn’t want to tell Jon, I think, because she wants all the information and all the power in her court when it comes to Littlefinger. Because [with] Littlefinger she can kind of do whatever she wants with him now. He owes her big time and she wants the ball in her court.
  2. So Brienne is being sent to Riverrun...

    Of course LF wants the North. We know that for a fact. It's the reason behind marrying Sansa to Ramsey. So he could make the Boltons look like traitors, wipe out the North forces with the intact Vale army, and be Warden of the North. The way the made this is a bit silly (like Cersei already agreeing to this without even knowing for a fact that Sansa was there, or that she had married, or that it was Roose's idea), but LF's plan is clear. He may have not known Ramsay was a psycho (in fact, Aidan says he didn't), but that's his plan all along.
  3. Bran heads to CB, tells John about his linage?

    I don't know...but Show LF knows everything, and I'm also pretty sure Book LF knows about R+L=J. Varys does as well. He may not know it 100% for sure, but he suspects it at least. When Sansa mentioned how Rhaegar had kidnapped and raped Lyanna, LF made a funny face, like "I know what truly happened". I's not that complicated, for someone like LF. He probably knows what went down at the TOJ, so it's 2+2.
  4. Heresy Branch Office E05

    Sure, but that's not the same guy as the book Night's King. Show Night King is not a former LC of the NW. Timelines do not fit. I mean, we don't truly know that's the first White Walker ever created, but it's 99% likely it is. Also, the place shown on the flashback is the same cave Bran and Bloodraven are. But there's no snow. In fact, it looks quite warm. That means the Lands of Always Winter were a consequence of this magic. Like the long and lasting seasons. It's impossible for the Show Night King to be a member of the NW. The NW didn't even exist at that time, as the Wall. The Long Night hadn't arrived yet. What I believe now it's that the CotF broke the "magic balance" of the world. I'm sure the creation of the WW is the reason behind Dragons and fire magic. They are also a consequence of the CotF, although this wasn't planned.
  5. Heresy Branch Office E05

    I think the Show WW and the book ones are quite different. I am sure both were created by the CotF, I'm sure that part is canon, but the Night King of the show is a defferent character than the Night's King of the books, their timelines and backstory do not fit. The actor who played the man sacrificed is the Night King actor. I just think the Show simplified things regarding the Others. So, I think many of the book theories can still be right.
  6. Bran heads to CB, tells John about his linage?

    I actually think Jon won't find out about his true parents till Season 7. The only one I can see telling him who they Littlefinger. The scene last season between him and Sansa at the crypts of Winterfell wasn't put there for a reason. We know D&D use LF for these kind of things. He tells all the stories. So, either LF tells him at the Season finale, or we'll have to wait. In that case, I'm sure it'll be Bran the one to tell him.
  7. Possible marriage

    Sure, I think Sansa is the most likely option, but I'm still not sure. There's one scene from the trailers in which LF sees someone and seems surprised as fuck. I think it's either Ramsay or Jon. Most likely Jon. That's scene seems to take place in Winterfell, so maybe it's his death scene. I don't know, probably I'm speculating too much. I think (and hope) both Ramsay and LF are goners. But I could easily see D&D leaving one of them alive. They are the main villains right now, and even though Season 7 seems to be the last one, I don't think they'd make the WW the only villains of the Show.
  8. Why? There are many ways in which you could explain this, and all of them make sense. Agreed on LF, though. The problem is that, according to Aidan, he truly didn't know. It's a shame, because it'd be far better if he had known since the very beginning, but many people also forget the true reasons for which LF gave Sansa away. So he could get rid of the Boltons and be Warden of the North as well.
  9. Who is the best actor on the series?

    Charles Dance, Stephen Dillane, Alfie Allen, Diana Rigg, Lena Headey...lots of outstanding actors on this Show.
  10. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    It makes sense for me, but not for the reasons Sansa stated. "The raven could be intercepted" WTF does that mean. It's not like Ramsay has any control over that, he doesn't have archers waiting to bring down any raven they see. I hope. But it makes sense for Sansa to send Brienne there. First of all, any letter can be forged. The Blackfish could not (and likely he would not) believe any letter written by Sansa Stark, for all that matters, she's dead to him. Few people know Sansa is up North, and I doubt the Blackfish is one of them. He needs to hear it from Brienne; he probably knows Brienne served Catelyn so that helps as well. Also, Brienne can explain how things are going in the North far better than any letter would.
  11. Also, Jon was at Hardhome and he killed a White Walker back there. If he hadn't been there, all the Wildlings would have died. Both the Wildlings and the members of the NW know this. Show Jon is more battle tested and capable as a commander than Book Jon. I think that's clear by now.
  12. Possible marriage

    I also believe LF won't make it to Season 7. But I'm not so sure it'll be Sansa the one who kills him, although it's likely it's her. I can see Jon or Ramsey doing it as well. Even Lord Royce. We'll see.
  13. I don't think Meera is important enough, if anyone ends up with Jon, it's going to be a POV character. Also, I don't think she's is his twin sister, but, in that case, it's even more obvious why Jon would not end up with her. Incest between siblings is frowned upon, not between cousins (although I've mentioned many times I believe Jon will stay single till the end) and I don't think Jon would use a "Targaryen" excuse for it. Either way, the chances for anyone outside Dany-Arya (on the books) and Dany-Arya-Sansa (on the Show) to end up with Jon are down to 0 if you ask me. I just can't see it happening. Maybe he could have something with Val, Mel, or Alys Karstark, I honestly don't think so, but who knows...but they are not endgame partners, not when you have the relationship Arya shares with Jon (and the original outline of the series having Arya fall in love with Jon before she even knew he was her cousin) or the parallels and foreshadowing between Dany and Jon.
  14. Varys is the traitor!!!!!

    Nah, it's just confusing because the Show cut Aegon, but they probably handn't decided it till Season 3 or 4. So, it's just a contradiction.
  15. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    Killing Summer (the same applies to Shaggydog) is just a side-effect of CGI costs, I'm sure of it. This Season's episode 9 must have taken tens of millions of dollars, they need to reduce costs. It's sad as fuck, though.