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  1. Cersei created a power vacuum, but she's Queen of nothing at the end. She has KL, the Crownlands, and with luck, the Westerlands. Let's not forget Jaime is the head of House Lannister on the Show, he is no longer a member of the Kingsguard. And Jaime doesn't look happy about Cersei being the Queen. NCW has said there'll be friction between Jaime and Cersei next season. So, basically, this will be the Show version of the Jaime-Cersei breakup. The Reach, Dorne and the Iron Islands are fighting for Dany now. The North just became an independent Kingdom again, and the Vale will end up supporting them as well. The Riverlands are a ravaged mess, and they just had the head of House Frey murdered.
  2. I don't believe that's really the case. Sophie herself mentions in the interview she gave that Sansa doesn't trust LF anymore. She may or may not use him to get what she wants, but I don't think she has any romantic feelings towards him. Also there's the fact that their interests are no longer the same. She wants to be Queen, or, at least, being recognized as the true heir to Winterfell. She wants to feel the respect the name Stark should command. That's why I think Sansa won't go far with her possible "schemes". She's pissed off (and she has reasons for it) with Jon and the Northern Lords. Many of them wouldn't be alive if it weren't for her, and Ramsay Bolton would still be Warden of the North. On top of that, they declared her bastard brother King in the North. I would be angry as well. On the other hand, LF wants the Iron Throne, and wants Sansa as his queen. And she doesn't want that, I can assure you. She may want to rule the North, she may want her birthright, Winterfell...but she doesn't want to be Cersei. That doesn't mean she will try to kill Jon as some her suggest. I don't even think she will betray him. We all know Jon isn't going down till he fights the Night King, and Sansa is a fan favourite. LF is the one dying next Season, I don't have doubts about it, and it will be 100% related to this matter.
  3. That's really not true. She does not have the scripts, that's right, but she has many ways of getting this information. D&D surely talk a lot with her about her character, she's one of their favourites. So she must know, more or less, which way her character will evolve. She probably doesn't know the exact plot of Sansa in Season 7, but if she says she will have a feud with Jon...I'd put my money on that.
  4. Naah, I don't really think she'll betray him. LF will try to create a wedge between them, there'll be tension, etc...but at the end of the day, LF will end up dead and Jon and Sansa will be both fine. If she does betray him, which would honestly surprise me...she's dead. Jon's the main character. She's not going to get the Throne unless he wants her to.
  5. No, she doesn't. She said they get the scripts two weeks before the shooting starts. So, what she says is just her own thoughts about the future of the character.
  6. Sophie Turner is in Madrid right now, where I live (she's even prettier than she looks on screen), and she is at a fan meeting event right now. She said Sansa wants to be Queen in the North, and the fact that no one truly acknowledges she saved everyone or her Stark blood pisses her off. She also said she doesn't trust Littlefinger, but she knows he's partially right about Jon stealing her right to WF. She's jealous of him. She also believes Sansa will never betray Jon. He's the link to the article, from Los Siete Reinos. It's in Spanish but you can use Google translator I guess haha
  7. Queen of Dragons Marrying King in the North

    I think it's too obvious to happen. My bet is that D&D will troll us with this.
  8. Aejon Targaryen???

    I really doubt Rhaegar would name his two sons Aegon. I go for Aemon. It's what makes most sense. Maybe even Aeron.
  9. Ambiguous Looks

    There's a reason for the 6x06 flashback scene. We saw Aerys being slayed by Jaime, and right after that, we have the wildfire scene from this episode. Parallels. Cersei is mirroring the Mad King, and I think that's on Jaime's mind.
  10. Rewatched it again. I still think this episode is nearly flawless. 10/10. Probably my favourite ever.
  11. Robb's will doesn't exist on the Show though.
  12. Littlefinger is GOT's main antagonist.
  13. Not Confirmed

    The baby is Jon. Period. There's no need for debate.
  14. On the show, are Sansa and Jon destined for each other's arms?

    On the contrary, I'd say. As the Season went by, I just kept hearing more and more people talking about their "sexual tension", weird looks, etc. My friends and family have also noticed it. Hell, when my mom told me yesterday she thought Jon was going to kiss Sansa on the lips, I laughed my ass off, because that's exactly what it looked like when he moved towards her. Just look "Jon and Sansa" up on Twitter, Youtube...the Internet, basically, and read the comments. It's been increasing since 6x04. I'm not really shipping them (though I always said I think D&D were going this direction), but I do believe there's some huuuuuge chemistry and sexual tension going on between Sophie and Kit. It may just be them, or maybe it's the way they are supposed to act their scenes together, but it's there, I think it's undeniable.
  15. Totally. When I saw the Inside the Episode, and D&D, Sophie and Liam mentioning this Jon vs. Sansa thing, I thought "maybe I'm not even watching the same Show as they do, that's not what they showed us". LF will try to make Sansa his ally against Jon, and he'll end up dead. Jon vs Sansa will be a short thing, but we all know how it's going to end.