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  1. He's talking about this:
  2. The North Storyline in S6

    IMO, Sansa will have trouble explaining why she married Ramsay. 
  3. Season 6 - what we know (MAJOR SPOILERS)

    Already my pic. That teaser is nuts.
  4. Winter is coming. There are great chances he won't survive through it, and Roose knows it. Besides, as many of you have already mentioned, Ramsay would kill them.
  5.   Septon Meribald and the Hound nearly confirmed for Season 6.
  6. Season 6 Casting, Sightings and Speculations

      Well, we are really few, at least here.
  7. Why Did LF marry sansa off to Ramsay?

      I think Roose wants to be King in the North. So, the marriage would help him.
  8. Arianne's Omission

    I think both sides here are right.   Arianne without Aegon becomes a pointless character. Sure, I love her, but without him, her arc starts and ends at S5. And that's wasting time.   But, you are all right: the Sandsnakes and Ellaria did nothing at all.   So, the only thing we can say is that D&D did not handle Dorne well. Nothing more.
  9. I'm Spanish, and I can tell you that filming in Spain is extremly cheap. I lived in Tarragona for two years. My uncle was the TV critic of the most important Catalan newspaper. He told me many times that the relative "poor" quality of the average Spanish film was a result of using low budgets
  10. On the show, are Sansa and Jon destined for each other's arms?

      Well, Sansa is not a virgin anymore in the Show.
  11. Power resides when men beleive it resides. That's true. Why do people follow others?
  12. Sean Bean has to look like in did in LOTR. With make up, they could pull it. The TOJ happened 17 years before the 1st season. And Ned was in his middle 40s in that.   And I cannot really complain about the recasting of Bloodraven when the new actor chosen is a legend.
  13. (Spoilers All) Will Val show up?

      Yes, it is.