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  1. Lyanna Stark

    Bracken looks great for the part. I'd say her and Kaya Scodelario are the best candidates.
  2. Best/Worst Named Characters

    the cheesiest names have to be Bronn and Mance Rayder. Seriously the complementary character to Tyrion the "brain" is someone whose name is pronounced "brawn" And a member of the free-folk (eMANCipated people) who is also the leader of those same Wildling Raiders just happens to be named Mance Rayder. GRRM should have just named Jon Snow "Ryan Snow"
  3. Lyanna Stark

    That would be awesome. Flesh out the back stories and what not without having to do forced dialogues. Obviously the Tower of Joy and Jaime Killing Aerys would be cool to see but even a scene like perhaps Tytos being saved by the father of the Cleganes from the Lion. Or a teenage Barristan riding as a mystery knight in tournament would make for an amazing set up to future episodes.
  4. Lyanna Stark

    I did one page ago!
  5. Lyanna Stark

    How do I not know who that actress is? She is amazingly hot! I'd start a war for her.
  6. The Grand Small Council

    Positions: -Hand of the King: Davos, loyal almost to a fault but would still be guided by his own morals in the end, would be able to see things from the view of the Smallfolk -Lord Commander of the Kingsguard: Brienne Tarth, one of the few true knights in the series -Master of Coin: Tyrion Lannister, I wouldn't want to give Tyrion a position with too much power, but he is very intelligent, pragmatic and is less likely to be corrupted by the position since he is already a very wealthy man. -Master of Laws: Jon Snow, has a strong sense of justice taught to him by Ned but also is capable of compassion and mercy. -Master of Whisperers: Doran Martell, prudent and calculating -Master of Ships: Asha Greyjoy, the Ironborn sure know sailing and Asha is the most reasonable and respectable of the lot -Grand Maester:Pylos, young but has a good heart. All my fave maesters (Aemon, Cressen, Leuwin) have already died :(
  7. Lyanna Stark

    Don't think I've seen her suggested yet but I think Kaya Scodelario would be perfect. She is 20, has the Stark colouring, is very attractive but but also has a lot of character in her features (not really a classic beauty per say) and actually looks quite similar to Maisie Williams which is ideal since Arya is supposed to resemble Lyana. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2546012/
  8. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    Love that part too even thought it's such an asshole thing to say. "I seldom fling children from towers to improve their health" :laugh:
  9. Whats the most unintentionaly funny moment to you?

    For me it's a tie between Tyrion getting pissed off with Jaime after finding the truth about Tysha. Hits him, them angrily storms off in a big dramatic huff. Only to walk smack into the gate. Jaime is right behind him with the keys. The other moment is Sandor trying to convince Arya to end his suffering and kill him and he's like "Avenge your Michael." and Arya just screams completely exasperated "His name was MYCHA!"
  10. If Jon Snow becomes king who will be on his council and kingsguard?

    Lol, at everyone who is putting Tormund on Jon's KG. Tormund would be unlikely to take a vow of celibacy methinks. I think the makeup of his KIngsguard would also have to do a lot with whomever he marries. Just as a hypothetical I'll use Dany as an example of a future wife, and assume that Varys and Illyrio will be exposed for their self serving ways: King: Jon Stargaryen (cheesy I know) Queen: Dany Hand: Tyrion Justiciar: Mance Rayder Master of Ships: Asha Master of Coin: Willas Tyrell Master of Whispers: Doran Martell GrandMaester: Samwell Tarly KG Lord Commander: Barristan Selmy (with Tumcho Lho as his squire) Jorah Mormont Grey Worm Iron Emmett Grenn Brienne Tarth Gendry of the Hollow Hill