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  1. I feel that in the name of accuracy I should clearly state, right here and now, that I am no right-winger. I am a political pick n mixer- I love Trump but despise Pence. I generally disdain Republicans unless they are also libertarians. I despise the welfare state but I'm not sure what could replace it. Above all I hate political correctness and feminist Leftist propaganda, which these days is absolutely everywhere. We're saturated with it. I believe government's role is to maximize freedom not reduce it. Many Trump voters are the same, is my guess
  2. Yes it does - is not an argument. As for offensive - the language doesn't alter the point- whether 'have allowed' or not, whether we ascribe any agency or not to society's most unfortunate- being an addict or mentally unwell doesn't prove anything about capitalism.
  3. Don't be fooled. Many homeless people have allowed drug habits to ruin their lives. Many are mentally ill. All deserve compassion and charity. But their plight doesn't justify the nightmare of a Leftist state dominating an entire nation- a steel hand in a velvet glove, crushing the peoples freedom even as it saves them from the evils of capitalism.
  4. Not an argument, folks. Insults are not an argument. It's a shame that Cubans also have no freedom. And I'm sure cost of living is easily reduced by government-enforced consumer choices. Tell them what to eat, what to wear, what to think, how to live.
  5. Hitler's criticism of the capitalist democracies was based on socialist values. He saw capitalist democracies as decadent systems that allow great masses of their own people to remain poor and exploited. He just happened to believe only Germans were worthy of full citizenship in his socialist Utopia - with everyone else a vassal, a slave, or dead. But the system he wanted for his own people was socialist.
  6. I'm not sure this is about vising Sweden. We're not writing a Lonely Planet tour guide. You don't need to timetravel back to Nazi Germany in order to denounce Hitler. Acquiring knowledge is about more than being a tourist. Wasn't Hitler a socialist?
  7. 1. No. 2. Not war torn, just a nightmare of well-intentioned feminist lefties ruining everything. Low crime rates except sexual violence has skyrocketed thanks to migrants. 3. Sweden's problem is its immigration policy and a culture so mired in political correctness that no one can deviate from the government narrative without feeling guilty or being labelled as a racist or a nazi.
  8. You mean well-functioning countries like Sweden, where the women are afraid to go out at night and free speech is a distant memory.
  9. Watergate Fondue? Sounds delicious.
  10. I'm not convinced that GRRM is into punishment of characters. He's more into punishment of readers. But he certainly makes Sansa suffer. However other characters suffer far worse. The direwolf's demise is a logical consequence of Sansa's inability to bear true witness, her cowardice dooms the beast. I'm not sure it's meant to prove anything philosophical.
  11. I thought the real hate was for Dany. The Sansa haters are amateurs, pretending to hate but really just nit-picking.
  12. As for the Others, I would imagine they are best understood as a bio-weapon or an elemental force, as opposed to Evil.
  13. I agree that the final standoff between good and evil is boring. It's only been done in a million fantasy novels already. I would rather have Littlefinger and Sansa on the throne at the end, or Gendry Baratheon, just so long as it's not Jon or Dany. I also want Tyrion and Arya dead at the end as they are the author and authors wife's favourite characters - they need to die.
  14. When Stannis Baratheon's cavalry deserted, after Shireen was burned, did they defect to Ramsay? Was the cavalry that Ramsay used against Stannis the same cavalry Stannis used against the Wildings?
  15. Dany dying in childbirth makes sense, she is a great conqueror, but a woman's battles are on the birthing bed and Dany may find sacking cities easier than birthing a baby. It's a shame but at least the baby will have Tyrion looking out for her. Of course Tyrion will wisely advise against diluting Targ power with the chaos of democracy.