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  1. I'm not convinced that GRRM is into punishment of characters. He's more into punishment of readers. But he certainly makes Sansa suffer. However other characters suffer far worse. The direwolf's demise is a logical consequence of Sansa's inability to bear true witness, her cowardice dooms the beast. I'm not sure it's meant to prove anything philosophical.
  2. I thought the real hate was for Dany. The Sansa haters are amateurs, pretending to hate but really just nit-picking.
  3. As for the Others, I would imagine they are best understood as a bio-weapon or an elemental force, as opposed to Evil.
  4. I agree that the final standoff between good and evil is boring. It's only been done in a million fantasy novels already. I would rather have Littlefinger and Sansa on the throne at the end, or Gendry Baratheon, just so long as it's not Jon or Dany. I also want Tyrion and Arya dead at the end as they are the author and authors wife's favourite characters - they need to die.
  5. When Stannis Baratheon's cavalry deserted, after Shireen was burned, did they defect to Ramsay? Was the cavalry that Ramsay used against Stannis the same cavalry Stannis used against the Wildings?
  6. Dany dying in childbirth makes sense, she is a great conqueror, but a woman's battles are on the birthing bed and Dany may find sacking cities easier than birthing a baby. It's a shame but at least the baby will have Tyrion looking out for her. Of course Tyrion will wisely advise against diluting Targ power with the chaos of democracy.
  7. I started a Milo thread a while back that was locked, but I wasn't banned. Milo apologized for his reckless comments. He is a victim not perpetrator of pedophila. He was talking about his own experience as a willing victim.
  8. Nice to see people discussing Milo. Keep it up folks. His book Dangerous is a really good read. Social Justice Warriors should read this book urgently. They need it.
  9. Nice to see people discussing Milo. Keep it up folks. His book Dangerous is a really good read. Social Justice Warriors should read this book urgently. They need it.
  10. I had agreed to see it with my family but went to see it with a friend before the family thing happened. I was really worried my family would hate it. I was surprised by how much fun we all had. I admit it is odd to have such a change of heart, I went from hating it to loving it in the space of a week.
  11. I'm not sure Aliens is simply an action film, Action is the genre that is defined by films like Die Hard or First Blood. Aliens has equal parts Action Horror and Sci-Fi. I would probably place both Alien and Aliens in my top ten Sci-Fi list, and of course you're right that Alien not Aliens would be in any serious top ten Horror list. But when I describe them as sci-fi thrillers I'm referring to the emphasis on serious plot and characters as we have with Alien and Aliens. Alien Covenant is a different beast, plot and character are largely jettisoned out of the airlock, in favour of horror set pieces and visionary lunacy.
  12. I've seen Alien Covenant 3 times and will go a 4th time this weekend. It's fabulous. Just forget the original Alien and Aliens. This is something completely different, which is why so many fans of the original films hate Alien Covenant. Alien and Aliens were sci-fi thrillers, whereas this is sci-fi horror, in the vein of The Island of Doctor Moreau or any number of classic Hammer horror films. I actually hated Alien Covenant when I watched it the first time. A second viewing changed my mind when I realised the kind of film this is.
  13. I would choose a Greek dish, of course. If the pizza comes with olives and feta, we have a winner.
  14. People are saying it was an anti-Trump conservative group who conspired with the media to co-ordinate the takedown. They were pissed Maher had Milo on his show and decided to act.The Milo tapes have been on ice until now. The tape showing Maher endorsing sex between adult women and 12 year old boys has also been on ice until now.
  15. Milo is under fire. The injustice is palpable. Milo will endure. He has more charisma in his little fingernail than a cathedral-sized room filled to the brim with mainstream journalists. Bill Maher, who boasted that he took down Milo, has been now been busted for the same thought crime that brought down Milo. Isn't that sweet?