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  1. This is highly likely. Everyone is saying he's going to start cutting characters and tying up plots left right and centre but thats not going to happen. We have the Battle of Ice, Battle of Fire, Dany with the Dothraki, Dorne and King's Landing with Aegon in the middle, all the northern stuff, then north again beyond the wall, the Iron Islands, the Reach and lets not forget the Riverlands, oh and Arya, did I miss anyone?. The next book will be just as bloated as AFFC/ADWD judging from the released chapters and amount of converging and diverging plot lines. Its the following book where stories will begin to tie up.
  2. Nonsense? Have you even read the books? It couldn't be any more obvious that the show cut his parts and gave them to Jon. They left his death open ended so they had the choice. This is GOT. "They burn little girls alive on this show".
  3. ^And they could have been chapters that were penned as far back as AFFC's release. Its clear the man has very little interest to get the next book out.
  4. Just wait until they spoil the whole ending and nobody knows whats from the books and whats not. I've said it many times on this forum that George let slip he hadn't even wrote Shireen's death yet so it is way into TWOW. Its completely up in the air what happens but all we know for certain is that he's got big things planned for Stannis.
  5. Didn't George also say he wasn't taking on anymore projects so he could concentrate fully on Winds………yeah he stuck to that plan.
  6. Well this just killed any chance of TWOW coming out this year. 2018 would be a stretch too.
  7. If anybody thinks Winds is coming out in the next 2-3 years they need to read this blog post. George is going to be heavily involved in all these shows. I'd confidently say that this is it, done, no more books, just prequel shows and expanded universe books. 5 prequels? I think HBO are thinking way too big here! I am excited. Hopefully something completely away from the books that we haven't seen before so its new to everyone.
  8. From the looks of it we are getting: Roland chasing and catching up with the MIB(The Gunslinger) Jake having visions and coming to mid-world via the haunted house(Mix of the Gunslinger and Wastelands) Lud or Tull but with Taheen(Mix of Wastelands and The Dark Tower) Roland coming to earth(Mix of Drawing of the Three and Wolves/The Dark Tower) Hard to see where Susan and Eddie will fit in if there are even plans to.
  9. With D & D not being directly involved I could get really behind a prequel spinoff. Robert's Rebellion, Iron Born Rebellion, Targaryen rule etc there is a lot of potential. More work for George though which pushes future book releases further and further away.
  10. ^TDT is looking like if in LOTR Frodo had to try and convince Gandalf that the ring needed to be destroyed.
  11. I wonder how they will have anything from the "Drawing of the Three" if there is a next film. If Roland already goes to earth and Jake already goes through the Haunted House it doesn't leave much room for the plots of Drawing of the three or even Wastelands. The more I think about it the messier it gets.
  12. There is a reason he's called White Knight Tyrion. They force a plot of Stannis burning his daughter and only heir over a few days of snow but wouldn't dare have Tyrion fight with Jaime or rape the slave girl. It sucks a lot of the greyness out of the story. I've said it so many times but I wish the TV adaptation had been made by someone that approached it neutrally instead of being so biased towards certain characters.
  13. Not sure why they had to twist the source material so much. There was already a great story that would have translated well to film instead of mish mashing the first 3 books together into a new story.
  14. This show is getting so boring, any slower and we will be going backwards. I wish they wouldn't waste so much time and cut it down to less episodes instead of the Netflix approach of dragging it out.
  15. Even with 60-80 million a season Game of Thrones has struggled massively with budget limitations. Hence why a lot of huge or magic scene had to be cut. WOT would need something similar which could only be funded by a big network.