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  1. Well the biggest fear fans have is that when the show ends there will be an enormous backlash from fans towards George. This is the time bomb that will put him off ever finishing the story. Right now he's walking on a very thin rope.
  2. What happened with Allister Thorne and Joffrey (plot hole?)

    When that episode aired George said he hadn't wrote that part of the story yet and refused to comment on it. Take whatever you will from that but he wrote the Battle of Ice years before ADWD was released so that really makes you wonder how, when and where Shireen's death actually takes place in the story.
  3. I'm afraid so. Its Winter 2016 and still no sign of TWOW but season 7 of the show is moving rapidly along with a Summer release. If it didn't come out this year its very unlikely its coming out next year.
  4. What happened with Allister Thorne and Joffrey (plot hole?)

    Where he saves himself in the final Dragonstone scene of S3 by using the letter from the Night's Watch(fans named it the paper shield). Then next season their burning people alive with zero mention of the Wall or Night's Watch making the final S3 scene messy and rather pointless. At least in terms of storytelling it was a complete mess.
  5. What happened with Allister Thorne and Joffrey (plot hole?)

    Just one of the many things they abandoned because 99%+ of the audience wouldn't have picked up on it. A bit like Davos's paper shield. In the book the hand rots because Tyrion makes Thorne wait to long.
  6. Well that's obvious……..wait actually no its not since there are so many Jon + Dany + Tyrion happy together theories. The show has taken a lot of liberties to simplify and happy up the story. No idea how anyone could think this story will have a happy ending. The main reasons: Originally it was meant to be just a handful of POVs and it would wrap up in 3 books. Now we are looking at 7, maybe 8. He got completely lost with the Meerenese Knot and other stalemate plots. He was eventually pushed to release something which ended up splitting the books geographically and ADWD ending on a cliffhanger because a lot of it was cut and pushed to the next book. The show mainly. He took years off enjoying fame/money etc knowing he had plenty of time to get two more books out. However it did set him a deadline which he fell utterly flat on reaching as the show is now way past the books. It will spoil the ending of HIS story and as a result has put him under pressure from constant criticism. The backlash when the show ends will be enormous and only further delay the books. The most likely scenario is he never does finish his story. At this stage there isn't much hope.
  7. I used to check this forum daily, then weekly, now its my first time in a few months and nothing. No news and very little discussion going on. The future is not looking good
  8. All 3 mothers of main characters died giving birth ?

    I never noticed that.
  9. That would be a whole book in itself, nevermind any of the other POVs. I don't want to see the ending rushed with people suddenly packing up and heading to their destination but the story will never end otherwise.
  10. If the snows fully cover Westeros and it takes week on end to travel anywhere like Stannis's death march to Winterfell then we will need 3, maybe even 4 books to finish up the story. The wall is still standing, Dany is miles away and getting even further away from westeros, another contender for the Iron Throne has just started a new war, Arya and Sansa still have a lot of training to do etc etc
  11. Rank the 6 seasons

    Season 1 + 2 are amazing, no complaints there, biggest highlight was the Battle of Blackwater. Season 3 had some problems of dragging out stories because they didn't do much in ASOS but overall good. High points were the Red Wedding and Mutiny at Crasters(mostly because of The Legend of Gin Alley), brotherhood, Arya, low points were dragged out torture porn with Reek, Stannis burning people over stupid reasons, dragging out Ramsey's reveal Season 4 was better than 3 but they messed up a lot of parts and kept changing up the source material for no reason other than to push their own plots which were undeniably worse. High points were the Pink Wedding, Oberyn, Oberyn and Tyrion in the cell, Ride of the Baratheon, meeting the legend of Gin Alley again, low points were Shae, Mereen, Brienne, shirtless Ramsey slaughtering seasoned Iron Born like he was Ser Barristan with a light sabre Season 5 started really well but then went to poop. Way to many plot holes, very inconsistent story telling and characters acting out of character. To many off screen moments to speed up the plot that were literally impossible and full of holes. High points being Hardhome and the wall, low points being The butchering of Stannis, cutting Theon's story to make Winterfell about Sansa and Dorne I didn't watch S6 since the show was getting worse and worse to the point it was infuriating to watch. Main problems the show has are shock moments for the sake of it, overused torture porn, plot holes that are extremely apparent which makes it mind boggling they weren't corrected in early scripts, underused characters, overused characters, swapping story lines but not writing them around the character who is taking them over(Bronn is a good well executed example of re-writing the minor characters he took over, Sansa being the opposite when she took Jen Poole's and Theon's).
  12. Its hard to know. Compared LOTR with the Hobbit and you get two completely different adaptions. They were doing well up until S4 for the most part but they just sound exhausted and bored now only wishing to speed to the ending.
  13. Something about that gap ?

    It wouldn't feel complete. The book would hardly end with a ton of characters frozen in the snow and the future of Westeros up in the air. Although a Winter that never ends that destroys Westeros would be a fitting end.
  14. Something about that gap ?

    The end of the book must have a gap of a few years here and there. The winter is hardly going to last 6 months and then go back to Summer.
  15. Do Lannisters ever pay their debts?

    Tyrion kills Tywin for the abuse he and his wife suffered at his command Vargo Hoat is horrifically tortured for betraying the Lannisters Tywin rewards the Mountain clans greatly for their service and then sent them on their way Margery is married to Joffery for helping or planning to help the Lannisters defeat Stannis at the Blackwater Margery is then married to Tommen, further fulfilling the agreement beyond what was originally agreed