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  1. disappointed with the fight scene. only about 4 minutes long. and where are the limbs of the spectators the mountain took off? could have been much more cinematic
  2. robert strong is the mountain, hes not officially dead
  3. man the unsullied must have been ecstatic when viper put the mountain down. i remember when i was. grrm the troll lol
  4. no tyrion vomit? i think i want to vomit
  5. WTF did i just seeee????!!!!!
  6. "are you going to fight that" well at least they kept that line
  7. no fight? makes sense i guess since 9th episode is always the climax. kind of misleading by the title though...
  8. jorah just got sexhiled forever
  9. it seems all the same although different from book, establishing sansa's new found wit and cunning
  10. saying sister instead makes more since for the nonreaders. are they gonna pick up on "cat" instantly????
  11. the past 2 episodes seemed shorter than usual...
  12. "i only loved one woman...your sister". smooth tagline to end the show