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  1. If a Northern Lord took a Wildling woman to wife, he could make it work as long as she was a clan chief's daughter. Marrying an "enemy", is common place in Westeros. As long as you can justify it by claiming she's the Wildling equivalent of highborn, you'll be fine. I can't imagine any Lord marrying some random woman, a commoner.
  2. They'll roam Castle Black, shouting "The tyrant is dead!" But nobody will leave their homes. Seriously though, this was a shitty plan from the start. You kill the boss it has to be to take over, and you have to kill those loyal to him otherwise you die. These men don't have the juice to take Jon's place. Killing him in the manner they did will prove fatal. Jon has given the Wildlings something they've been trying to get for thousands of years. He brought them through the Wall, without bloodshed saving their lives, to think they won't kill the men who murdered him for doing that is a mistake of epic proportions.
  3. It's one of the safest castles in Westeros once you reach it. It has never been taken by force, flying a dragon up to it doesn't count. And it doesn't require a lot of men. 500 men can hold it easily because it impossible for a hostile force to reach without massive casualties in the attempt.
  4. Robb didn't declare himself King, his bannermen declared him their King. Huge difference. A minor nitpick but it's important in Robb's character. Renly declared HIMSELF king, putting Robb in the same boat as him is unfair.
  5. Ned was a reasonable guy yet he didn't believe it when he was told. It's not the sort of thing you'd believe without seeing. If Jon told Ned, Ned would probably listen, but I agree, if he tells Roose it's dismissed out of hand as a trick. It's the equivalent of being told by someone you've severely wronged, Hey go grab your guns let's go fight a ghost.
  6. These sort of posts always raise an eyebrow for me. Are they serious or tongue in cheek? As for Roose being a hero, are we forgetting part of the reason Robb needed Walder Frey the second go around was because he was low on soldiers. And who purposely bled men from the Army for personal gain? And how was he on negotiations with Tywin in the first place? That was started very early on. Not to mention Robb was on his way back North, and Winter was starting and he said himself once his bannermen restored their dominance over their own lands and rid them of Ironborn it would be almost impossible to get them South again. And part of the reason the North fell so completely to the Greyjoys was because Ramsay betrayed Rodrick who was in the process of taking back fallen castles. He likely got those marching orders from Roose. Book Ramsay is sneaky but unlike TV Ramsay he's no master tactician. I get what you're saying but Roose played a major role in the war going poorly for Robb, so he doesn't get credit for being "politically adept" enough to seize an opportunity. He caused most of the problems to begin with, we can't give him a gold star for cleaning it up.
  7. Absolutely. It would have made Tywin's situation all the more desperate. In my mind the only reason the Tyrells side with the Lannister's is because they see them ultimately keeping the throne. If that was seriously in doubt no way would they choose The Lannister's. Maybe they don't take either side and sit things out, although I doubt that. If Jeyne isn't in the picture, I can see them choosing The Starks. Robb was lacking political skill, something they have oodles of. A Margaery Robb marriage would have been a perfect fit, had he beaten the Lannister's into submission no way she doesn't talk him into sitting the Iron Throne.
  8. If you're smugly going to "correct" someone, do it with proper grammar or else you just look silly. Were, NOT where. That being said, Littlefinger won't survive long enough to meet Dany, and even if he did why would Dany fall for any of his nonsense. It already strains credibility that all of his schemes end up with him getting over on people. If she takes the throne and he wants to be king then, nothing. She'll never marry him, she hasn't been forced to do anything in a long time. AND she's been wary of people offering her the world since she lost her baby. There is no way Littlefinger wiggles his way into her bed, let alone onto her throne.
  9. Littlefinger won't live long enough to meet Dany, let alone see her take the throne.
  10. Early on 10% D&D, 90% Martin. Now it's about 60-40 Martin. D&D did themselves a huge favor with Hardhome And Battle of the Bastards. Even though the director of those episodes is the real star. D&D are still on solid footing because of that in my book.
  11. Conquered most of Westeros, I'm not impressed.
  12. Jaime had every intention of killing her, he said so himself.
  13. It's more likely Sansa marries Robert Arryn and he dies making the Arryn name extinct. Although someone with Arryn blood would simply become heir and start using the Arryn name. Which is exactly what Sansa would do. If she's the ruler of Winterfell any child she has becomes a Stark. Sure her husband would complain but if she's smart shed marry someone a tad beneath her station that she could push around. No way do the Starks disappear. At least not in THIS story.
  14. Saying the North rising to restore the Starks to place isn't realistic, but not thinking everything going against Robb at once is logical and believable, is ridiculous. The North restoring the Starks is just as logical to me as Roose pulling off his coup. Not being suspected of anything by anyone after everything he did is nonsense. He fools the entire North, nobody is suspicious? You put ten people in any room give them any project and the second someone makes a mistake at least a few will label them incompetent. Roose is not a fool, everyone knows this, but he pulls that Duskendale stunt any nobody is tipped off. Nobody? Everyone just takes him at his word? Someone would have made an offhand comment like, Hey, we should watch him. I know he blames it on Glover, but he was in command. You can't pick apart one piece without picking apart the whole thing. You just have to suspend your disbelief .
  15. Harrenhall because I would elevate another house or two to full Lord and utilize the entire castle. Sharing the cost would absolutely help keep it fully manned at all time.