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  1. Kingdoms'Rights added a post in a topic Worst Romance in Westeros...   

    Robb and Jeyne was just awful. I think thats the one i hate the most.
  2. Kingdoms'Rights added a post in a topic Favorite non-POV characters *vote*   

    5 Tormund
    4 Stannis
    3 Blackfish
    2 The Hound
    1 Oberyn
  3. Kingdoms'Rights added a post in a topic Too Many POVs   

    Well, if you believe the whole "we came into this world together, we are going to leave this world together" thing Cersei spits out, then that takes out two POVs at the same time. Not sure if this will happen late in TWOW or in ADOS, but i strongly believe its going to happen.

    Also, Areo will have at least (and hopefully only) 1 POV in TWOW to show us why Darkstar is a badass/letdown. Then, Dorne can go back to being a behind the scenes plot like it was for the first 3 books (when i actually liked them), especially since all their players, minus Doran, are in and around KL or in Oldtown where there are already other POVs.

    JonCon is definitely not gonna be a POV the whole way through TWOW. Between his greyscale and Arianne heading towards Aegon, JonCon may not have a single POV in TWOW.

    Its been confirmed that Aeron Greyjoy is going to resurface, but hopefully with no more than 2 chapters. He is going to drop a bomb or two (Euron is this, Euron is that...) and then will hopefully die off.

    I'm also pretty confident that after the battle for Mereen, Barry will either be dead or just go back to being a non-POV.

    GRRM cant cut all his POVs at once, but i think he will find a manageable way to get rid of them little by little. Mostly by deaths cause he does love to kill.
  4. Kingdoms'Rights added a post in a topic Looking back, what will be the most important...   

    Biggest momentum shift: For this, I'd have to go with Joffrey's death. Everything was going well for the Lannisters (minus the fact that Joffrey was a twat) until he was poisoned. This single event triggered Tyrion killing Tywin, which lead to Cersei's madness and has gotten herself into a terrible position as we see in AFFC and ADWD. I do believe things will swing back for the Cersei Lannister for a short while.

    Most important foretelling: Maggy the Frogs prophecy. I know prophecies can be false at any moment, but I loved it so much when Joff died. I will feel bad for Tommen when he dies and for Myrcella when she dies after being crowned, but I think it will be worth it to see Jamie use his golden hand to strangle Cersei. I'm also very interested to see where this possible scenario leaves House Lannister.

    Most important event: Jon Snow turning down Stannis and his offer to make him Jon Stark. That could have rallied the north much quicker than what Stannis does in ADWD.

    Set up for the End Game: Manderly finding out from Wex Pyke that Rickon is still alive. I still love how that chapter ends, where Davos almost asks to be sent back down into the dungeons. Rickon, to me (so im probably wrong), seems to be the most likely Stark to make it to the end (along with Sansa but when she marries again, she wont be a Stark).
  5. Kingdoms'Rights added a post in a topic Why did Illyrio not just give the dragon eggs to Viserys?   

    I think most everyone agrees that Varys and Illyrio have had meetings and been planing since long before their basement rendezvous in AGOT, perhaps even going all the way back their childhoods.

    I'm confident that Illyrio didn't know the eggs would hatch, otherwise he would not have given all three away. He would have kept one, if not two, for his wild card that comes into play later in the series.
  6. Kingdoms'Rights added a post in a topic Why do people love Darkstar?   

    I'm interested just because I want to see him fight a few more people, one may very well be Areo Hotah. Looking forward to that
  7. Kingdoms'Rights added a post in a topic Outrageous lies about the previous poster V.11   

    Jace actually wasnt deemed real enough by the state of NY to marry Dr. Krieger.
  8. Kingdoms'Rights added a post in a topic Do the others have honestly any chance against Dragons?   

    I think the others have a decent shot against dragons, especially if the dragon is being led by someone who thinks along the lines "OMG DRAGONZ R INVINCIBLE".

    That being said, im hoping a dragon gets taken down north of the wall and we see it come back back to live.
  9. Kingdoms'Rights added a post in a topic This or That V.9   

    Tour Wales.

    Travel around the world by boat or plane?
  10. Kingdoms'Rights added a post in a topic Tyrion vs Victarion is inevitable in TWOW   

    There was the quote by Moqorro that said something about Vic not even being able to see the ten black arms that controlled him, making him dance like a puppet, to which Vic greatly replies, I dont dance! I think this gives a little bit of credit to those who believe Vic is already dead. And the whole "ive your glory in my flames".....pretty sure Victarion is gonna get a five course meal of fire, courtesy of Rhaegal.
  11. Kingdoms'Rights added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    Who named Jon Snow?
    Relatively new here and not sure if this has been discussed, but i see a couple people who could have named Jon Snow. If what we are told is true and Ned is the father, i think we can assume that he was named after Jon Arryn, right? If you believe R+L=J, then either R or L would have named him I imagine. Maybe Lyanna told Ned to call him Jon as a cover up, helping him hide the fact that its not really his child? Or perhaps Rhaegar wanted to name his son after his long time friend (which is done quite often) Jon Connington.

    your thoughts?
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  12. Kingdoms'Rights added a post in a topic Does anybody else actually like Roose Bolton?   

    I am not a huge fan of Roose but i kinda hope that Ramsay ends up killing him, because that would further everyone's hatred/sick desires for Ramsay
  13. Kingdoms'Rights added a post in a topic Why are you a Cersian?   

  14. Kingdoms'Rights added a post in a topic The Ice Dragon   

    Im hoping for only one thing....Dany's dragons fight things that are white/made of ice north of the wall. Only the strong survive (Drogon and Rhaegal) and Viserion it wightified and comes back as the most powerful creature known to man.....

    * * * * * * * *

    atk 3000 def 2500
  15. Kingdoms'Rights added a post in a topic Battle for Mereen Speculation