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    Looking back at the rebellion
    Hi, first of all, sorry if this is in a wrong section of the forums, not sure whether this qualifies as a re-read or as part of TWOW.

    So after I read all of the books (including Dunk and Egg) and after pressing the 'random' button a few hundred times at work I got to thinking...

    In my opinion, things weren't all that bad with the Targaryans in charge, sure there were kings who were clearly insane but at the same time there were those who would've been fantastic kings.
    In the beginning I was a really big fan of Robert and his rebellion but after reading just about everything there is to read, I just became sad that the Targaryans are no longer kings.

    Long story short, what do my fellow readers think? Was the rebellion a good thing? Did Westeros gain anything by having Robert beeing victorious?

    In my personal opinion, I would've liked to see his rebellion fail, Rhaegar had alot of promise to him, not to mention all those other Dragons.
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