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  1. Did anyone see the leaked set pictures from season 4?
  2. So I think I may have missed something with this big partnership with Jack, Vane and Flint. I know they decided they needed to work together against the Royal Navy, but is that the only reason Flint and Vane signed on? Just to keep Nassau? Flint lost his gold and Vane lost the fort, did either of them get a cut from the gold or anything?
  3. How have you guys seen the episode already?
  4. The 100 - someone had to start this thread

    I needed a new show to binge through between work and on the treadmill, so I decided to give this a shot. I remember I tried once before and quit not even halfway through the first episode. I'm on episode 11 of season 1. The first couple were kinda hard to get through, but I think it's starting to be OK. I really wish it wasn't all teenagers down there from the ship. Some are kinda annoying. I actually don't mind Clarke as the lead though. I had to give up on that Revolution show because I couldn't stand the main girl. I'm really interested in finding out more about the Grounders and the Mountain Men. I also heard Zach McGowan, AKA Charles Vane, is in season 3. Excited to see him, I like that guy. Hopefully he's somewhat like Vane on this show.
  5. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Director's Cut

    Just watched a bunch of Spike's Lip Sync Battle clips on YouTube. Some of these are absolutely great. Definitely gonna check out the actual show.
  6. I'm not entirely sure what he is talking about in the preview. I believe, in either real history or show history, he was a mentor to Vane in the past. They are old friends.
  7. That was awesome, I'm so glad its back. I think Black Sails is the best show on tv right now. The little tease of Blackbeard was perfect. I hope he sticks around for a while. Flint is an absolute mad man, but I love it.  I hope they do a flashback to the meeting between Jack Flint and Vane. Especially since Vane had to be the one to calm down the situation.
  8. MMA & Boxing 17: And NEW

    Cain is so annoying. I didn't really want to see this fight anyway though. I didn't think Cain should have even been given the rematch in the first place. Sucks for Stipe though. Finally gets his title shot but it's a last minute injury replacement. I don't think Cain should be allowed another title shot until he can make it through 2 fights injury free.
  9. It was great. I went into it thinking I wasn't going to like it, but I was completely wrong. Michael B. Jordan was great. I was quite impressed with him. Very excited for the next one and where they take it. And while watching this I finally realized that MBJ was Wallace. Can't believe it took me that long, lol.
  10. Definitely. I hope we get some more of Rollo still learning old French and trying to communicate with Princess Gisla. His scene in the finale after she went off about him and then him trying to say hello and then looking so proud was hilarious. 
  11. Guys, it's back tomorrow! Less than 24 hours away. Fucking excited.
  12. Titan Comics and Cavan Scott are turning the TV series into a comic series. Expected to come out spring 2016. Not really sure what to expect? Is it normal for a comic series to come out after the TV show? Is it just going to be exactly the same? http://www.latino-review.com/news/comics-titan-comics-publishing-vikings-comics-based-off-tv-show Question for you guys on season 4.
  13. MMA & Boxing 17: And NEW

    I had Cruz winning, but it was super close. Glad to see him get his belt back. Definitely deserves it after everything he's been through. Hopefully his foot doesn't keep him out long. He seems to be confident that it isn't anything big, but I guess we'll have to wait for the MRI to come back. Faber is still in a pretty good spot here. If they give him TJ or the third Cruz fight he still gets another big fight.
  14. Marvel Netflix - AKA the Second Thread

    I don't really know anything about Moonknight, but I really hope we get Blade. I feel like Netflix is the perfect place for him and Snipes could jump back into the role tomorrow.  
  15. Marvel Netflix - AKA the Second Thread

    http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/netflix-plotting-punisher-spinoff-starring-856398   Looks like Netflix wants to move forward with The Punisher series.   Also says that Netflix has invested $1 billion into their original series and wants to have a new series to debut every week of the year. That's crazy.