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  1. Hold the Door!

    In the after episode thing, D&D say GRRM specifically told them about this. I need confirmation from him before I believe them though.
  2. CotF and the White Walkers

    So why do the Others want to kill the CotF if they created them?
  3. That Kingsmoot was just terrible. Eurons whole intro sucked, plus he has no eye patch. Nothing he said would make people want him, basically a complete stranger, to rule over Asha. Especially with Theon on her side.
  4. Is this hold the door thing real or did D&D steal someone's Targ fan theory? As soon as Meera said it, I was like, wtf, seriously?
  5. Yeah, but I really just like Kim Dickens.
  6. Chris is still the worst character ever. I wish it was just Nick Strand and Madison 90% and everyone else 10%.
  7. Narratively speaking, we are still in book 4/5

    I didn't mind most of Briennes travel stuff and would love a bunch of Cersie getting drunk, going a little mad and doing stuff episodes. That was the best part of Feast.
  8. Dany???

    So Dany can now walk through fire and grab hot stuff, but wasn't she bothered by the heat in the Red Waste during season 2?
  9. [Spoilers] Criticize Without Repercussion

    Holy fuck, that Dany scene was the worst.
  10. The Path (Hulu)

    Definitely loving this show. Aaron Paul is great, as well as the rest of the cast. Took me a minute to recognize Hugh Dancywithout his hair. Monaghan isn't in The Affair though. True Detective season 1.
  11. MMA & Boxing 17: And NEW

    Great fight with Glover vs Rumble, really excited for it. Holm vs Shevchenko as the co main. I really hope Rumble wins though. I think Jones has 2 fights left that I really want to see after he beats DC, Rumble and the Alexander rematch. Rumble is a scary dude with all that power.
  12. Vikings X: Halfway Through the Madness

    I think Ludwig has stepped up his game and grown as an actor hugely this season. When it's time for Ragnar to step away, I have nodoubt that he willbe able to carry the show. Andersen (Ivar) is definitely a great addition to the cast and will help too. I believe I read that 4B is a big Ivar season, so we will get to see soon. I think Jordan Patrick Smith (Ubbe) will be good too. He looks just like a younger Ragnar. Plus, we've still got Skarsgard and hopefully Winnick. Yeah, I hope they give Donaldson an awesome death. I have a feeling they will.
  13. Vikings X: Halfway Through the Madness

    The reason I don't think JRM will be playing Magnus or Alfred is because I think we will see them both in 4B and JRM won't appear until next year.Alfred will be similar in age to Ragnars other kids and Magnus is 12. The only way he could is if they do another big time jump between seasons and change actors again. If that's the case, I guess that might work for Magnus, but Alfred is now a grown man, so it would be kinda weird to replace th actor. I hope he gets an awesome role though. I checked his imdb page and he's been working hard the past year. Hopefully all his troubles are under control and he nails whatever his role is.
  14. Vikings X: Halfway Through the Madness

    I've seen that Josh Donaldson is playing a new character called Hoskuld. He is listed as a Viking warrior. I hope he gets an awesome death since he only has a cameo appearance. So now that Hirst has said that Jonathan Rhys Meyers isn't playing an older Ivar, does anyone have a guess as to who he could be? I didn't realize that he would be in season 5 and not 4B, so I think it rules out anyone from Bjorns raid in the Mediterranean and Alfred.
  15. There was a huge fire on set and one of the ships burned down. I hope this doesn't cause delays for season 4. http://www.channel24.co.za/TV/News/massive-damage-as-fire-engulfs-black-sails-set-20160505