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  1. Trailer Thread III

    I'm absolutely loving that BBC dramas trailer. Really excited for the new Line of Duty and The Last Kingdom. Plus, that new series that Edris is in. Not sure if its BBC though. Whould you guys recommend Top of The Lake? I have only seen half of the first episode because I had other shows to watch and just never came back to it.
  2. Leah Remini A&E Scientology Show

    If anyone listens to Joe Rogans podcast, he just reached out to Leah on twitter and she agreed to come on his podcast. It should be absolutely awesome when she does. Her AMA on Twitter was really good. I've been hoping for her to go on the JRE for a while. They're both really close with Kevin James, so it should be interesting.
  3. Floki being interested in Islam and stopping the killings kinda reminded me of how Ragnar first was with Christianity. Should Floki have a lock pick kit on him and know how to pick locks? I really liked the end of the episode how Odin went to all the sons and they just knew. Plus, Ragnars speech. It was weird when Bjorn and Hvitserk see Odin at the end of the episode and Bjorn says "my father is dead". Why not our father? I hope Rollo takes part in the Great Heathen Army.
  4. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    Finally got around to watching and was instantly reminded how much I like this show. The casting on this show is great. The orgy scene did give me some questions when I saw the sensates interacting with the nons, but you guys have cleared that up for me. I really liked the "you look different" joke with Capheus. Definitely think that was a nod to the change in actors. I wasn't sure about the new guy at first, but I'm definitely on board after watching the episode. I was a little worried that they were going to keep filming him from weird angles and stuff, like how they did in his first scene. I really like the actor that plays his friend. I was definitely expecting Felix to get shot after the "I cant get shot again" comment. He did make it, right? I didn't see anyone else standing besides Wolfgang. Or was Felix still on the ground from those kicks to his previous wound?
  5. I think I might be more exited for this than any other show of 2017
  6. A bit disappointed this had absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. I enjoy the Christmas themed specials. When I realized it wasn't, I started browsing reddit while watching, so I will have to do a rewatch to give a real opinion.
  7. Has there been any info on season 2 of Into The Badlands? It's been renewed, but its been over a year since season 1 premired. I would have thought AMC would want this ready to go in between TWD or something.
  8. Trailer Thread III

    Homeland season 6. Premieres January 15th. Carrie is back on US soil. I know a lot of people are over this show because its drop in quality after season 2, but I still enjoy it.
  9. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    If the special is really episodes 1 and 2 and then we have to wait until May for the rest of the season, I think I'd rather wait to watch. Doesn't really seem like a good idea.
  10. That Tara scene where she flips the little girl off was funny. Was their plan to kill her and not actually let her and Heath join them or were they serious until Tara took off running? With the way Tara was acting in the woods and how quick they fired at her when she ran, it seemed like it, but I've seen some people say they were serious.
  11. I'm 2 episodes into Madici and I'm really liking it so far. Good to see Richard Madden again. Berlin Station and Frontier havent been bad either.
  12. Vikings X: Halfway Through the Madness

    History released some short previews for Rollo, Ubbe, Sigurd, Floke, Ivar, and Bjorn from the new season half. Pretty cool, there are scenes from 4B and some commentary from the actors and Hirst.
  13. It's about time someone grabbed up Sanderson's stuff. Super excited for Stormlight Archives, loved the first two. I'm a little worried that this might be to soon for them though. The third should be out next year, but there are supposed to be 10 books. Sanderson finishes books in like an hour, but he also works on multiple projects. I hope there aren't any GoT issues and they end up to fast for the books.
  14. Vikings X: Halfway Through the Madness

    New trailer for 4B from Vikings France facebook.
  15. Quarry - Cinemax

    I watched the first episode today. Fucking hell, I loved it. I had absolutely no idea what the show was about, but I kept seeing people bring it up and say how good it was. I'm so glad I stopped putting it off for other shows. The end of the first episode was just so good. There were no words spoken but it was such an awesome scene.