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  1. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    Absolutely loved this show. They nailed the 80's feel. The cast was awesome, all the kids, especially Eleven. She didn't have many lines, but nailed it with her eyes and facial expressions. Glad we're getting a season 2.
  2. The next Olympic sport?

    True. You can even throw in the Netherlands. They have had some pretty good guys through the years.
  3. The next Olympic sport?

    Besides the US, I'd say that baseball is pretty popular in Canada, Puerto Rico, Japan, Venezuela, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. I would definitely want to see jousting. That would be awesome.
  4. I'm guessing you already have the answers to all these random questions you keep asking in different threads about that, since you're probably the one who made it. Make a thread and tell people what you're trying to promote instead of trying to trick people.
  5. Vikings X: Halfway Through the Madness

    I haven't seen anything yet. Only sometime this Fall.
  6. Vikings X: Halfway Through the Madness

    First photo of JRM https://www.instagram.com/p/BGwHlidhFbD/ No idea who he's supposed to be.
  7. How can Jon be King when Bran is still alive?

    Couldn't Jon just take the Dreadfort for himself?
  8. Aejon Targaryen???

    Looked like she said Aerys.
  9. “Harwin!” Squirming, she threw herself forward, trying to wrench free of Lem’s iron grip. “It’s me,” she shouted, “Harwin, it’s me, don’t you know me, don’t you?” The tears came, and she found herself weeping like a baby, just like some stupid little girl. “Harwin, it’s me!” Harwin’s eyes went from her face to the flayed man on her doublet. “How do you know me?” he said, frowning suspiciously. “The flayed man . . . who are you, some serving boy to Lord Leech?” For a moment she did not know how to answer. She’d had so many names. Had she only dreamed Arya Stark? “I’m a girl,” she sniffed. “I was Lord Bolton’s cupbearer but he was going to leave me for the goat, so I ran off with Gendry and Hot Pie. You have to know me! You used to lead my pony, when I was little.” His eyes went wide, “Gods be good,” he said in a choked voice. “Arya Underfoot? Lem, let go of her.” “She broke my nose.” Lem dumped her unceremoniously to the floor. “Who in seven hells is she supposed to be?” “The Hand’s daughter.” Harwin went to one knee before her. “Arya Stark, of Winterfell.” Gets me every single time.
  10. The next big HBO show

    I don't think this is really the correct place for this, but I can't find an unlocked True Detective thread and didn't want to start a new one... McConaughey wants back in on True Detective. Season 2 was a disaster compared to season 1, but somehow Pizzolatto got HBO to agree to a third season. This would be awesome. I would love to see Rust and Marty back again. http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2016/06/matthew-mcconaughey-true-detective-season-3?mbid=social_twitter
  11. Fuuuck you, HBO Now. After 45 minutes of trying to play the episode on 2 different devices, I finally quit and watched something else. I had to spend Monday quickly scrolling past anything GoT related on Reddit to not spoil myself until I was able to watch Monday night. Rickon definitely should have zigged and zagged. That was just stupid. If Jon was able to have 200 arrows magically circle around him and not get hit, Rickon should have been able to dodge 1. Why did Wun Wun not have a weapon? That made zero sense. He finally picked up something and Barry Bonds' MF'ers towards the end, but if someone was like, "here Wun Wun, take this tree" he could have wrecked shit. Where is the Karstark? He just disappeared.
  12. Post show Battle analysis

    What happened to the Karstark?
  13. Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

    I've never read the comic books, but I'm really enjoying the show. Yeah, there is a bit of stuff that seems out of place and confusing, but I expect them to explain it eventually. I really like the actors playing Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy. I'm definitely hooked.
  14. Like said above, UK Netflix releases some shows an episode per week. I saw this recently while browsing Netflix on a UK VPN. I'm almost positive that there are some U.S. shows that Netflix does this for as well. This could be the same. If not, I would bet that they delay the U.S. release for a few weeks like they did with the latest season of Peaky Blinders. I don't know if they will continue showing it on BBC America though. This sounds like it will only be on Netflix for the U.S. Awesome news though. The show was already great, so some Netflix money can only add to it. I hope they add more episodes per season. I know the BBC loves it's mini series, but I really wish they would do more episodes for them.