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    Oh boy, I really need to go back over that section. So Freerider, what you are saying is that the person that Theon knew as Reek was always Ramsey...I completely missed that. So when he took his helmet off, he named him as Reek, but it was Ramsey all along...
  2. BobPhxville added a post in a topic Meaning of what Reek says   

    Any idea why Theon states that it is Reek when he takes his helmet off? I don't understand why he thought it was Reek if it was Ramsey that he saw.
  3. BobPhxville added a post in a topic Meaning of what Reek says   

    Thanks so much for your responses. I completely missed that. I really must be getting old!
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    Meaning of what Reek says
    When Reek comes back to Winterfell to meet Theon, he makes the following statement: "The wretch is dead. The girls fault. If she had not run so far, his horse would not have lamed, and we might have been able to flee. I gave him mine when I saw the riders from the ridge. I was done with her by then, and he liked to take his turn while they were still warm. I had to pull him off her and shove my clothes into his hands - calfskin boots and velvet doublet, silver chased swordbelt, even my sable cloack. Ride for the Dreadfort, I told him, bring all the hel you can. Take my horse, and here, wear the ring my father gave me, so they'll know you came from me. He'd learned better then to question me. By the timethey put that arrow through his back, I'd smeared myself with the girls filth and dressed in his rags. They might have hanged me anyway, but it was the onlly chance I saw."

    I understood pretty much everything else in this book except this section. Who is he referring to as he and she? What is he talking about? I went back and re-read a few times when Reek left, thinking I may get a clue, but I did not.

    Thanks for the help.
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