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  1. I don't think it was so much that the drafts were atrocious but more that the team composition was bad. They put a ton of weapons around Luck, but never gave him a competent offensive line or a great defense. Also, didn't he win executive of the year in 2012? I mean, I know he got Luck that year, but he also drafted Fleener, Allen, and Hilton. Actually, that draft kind of summarizes his tenure as GM. Lots of offensive weapons, not much else.
  2. Eh...Grigson to me seems like a classic case of the Peter Principle. He got promoted one rung higher than he should have. He won't be a GM on the Browns. He'll essentially be a glorified scout, which is what he did that got him promoted in the first place.
  3. It doesn't really make any sense to do a Venom movie without first introducing him in a Spider-Man movie first given that basically all of Venom's iconic powers are ones the symbiote stole from Spider-Man when Spidey was wearing it.
  4. Interesting stat...the Cavs haven't won a series at home since 2015. Chance for them to continue that streak against Boston tomorrow.
  5. Yes, I'm sure every professional athlete uses all the products they endorse.
  6. How did it boomerang on him? If his goal was to play like crap to wake up his team and the Celtics won as a result, I think it had the exact effect he intended it to. I doubt LeBron cares if they have to play five games instead of four. Toronto took them to six last year and it didn't end up mattering. He's going to have almost a week of rest regardless, and now his team gets to go into the Finals comfortably the underdogs (which means people will be giving him bulletin board material), which I am sure is what he would prefer.
  7. So they're making a movie based on young Nathan Drake? That sounds kind of awful.
  8. No doubt. I was at the girlfriend's place watching the game and she asked me if I was upset my team didn't win. I just said, "Not really. Series is over."
  9. Either way, I'd say it's at least possible that's why he played so poorly after like ten straight games where he was absolutely unstoppable.
  10. I'd be more inclined to believe that LeBron intentionally played like shit so his teammates were forced to face some adversity and not go into the Finals overconfident after sweeping all three rounds. Seems like the type of thing he'd do, and he knows they can put away Boston whenever he wants.
  11. One hundred percent chance that's what happens, or at least something similar.
  12. I still remember the injury report. S. Curry (shook) - Questionable span data-node-flag="true">a
  13. Hey, at least Beal was smart enough to talk shit when there was no chance of it coming back to bite him. Well, at least not this year.
  14. Honestly, this Celtics/Cavs series was over already. I actually expect the Celtics to be a bit better without Thomas against the Cavs. I mean, they can't be any worse than last night, right? Right? By the way, if I were a team playing LeBron in the playoffs and the media asked me a question about it, I think I'd just decline to answer. It seems like other teams keep giving him bulletin board material and it seems insane to me that people keep doing that. I know people want to look tough and say they aren't afraid of LeBron, but maybe just keeping your mouth shut and hoping he goes easy on you is the better option at this point.
  15. Thomas is officially out for the duration of the playoffs.