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  1. I'm not so sure. LeBron is going to be extra motivated to send a message in that series, whereas last year Boston was just a speed bump en route to the Finals and the primary goal was to just not get anyone injured.
  2. I think they cut Barnidge because they had just drafted Njoku and they drafted DeValve last year (in the third I think...may have been the fourth) and wanted to clear room for him to be the primary TE this year while Njoku learns the position. Both guys are young and stellar athletes, whereas Barnidge didn't break out until like his age 29 season and had a limited shelf-life. He just didn't make sense for a team in year two of the rebuild. I am surprised he hasn't caught on anywhere else yet, though. Yeah, starting Kessler might make more sense, but ultimately I think they'd start the best QB, and that appears to be Kizer right now. He's easily outplayed Osweiler thus far to the point that they just announced he's starting week three. And given that Kessler has been the third QB throughout the entire process, it's pretty clear that he's not winning the job either. I think they see Kessler for what he is...a career back-up. He's a guy you have on your roster because you know that, if your starter gets hurt, he's decent enough to come in and manage games, but he's not good enough to win them for you either.
  3. 1. Gary Barnidge no longer plays for the Browns. I assume he's gone back to his true calling: replacing sprinkler systems and landscaping. However, Seth DeValve looks like he's going to be pretty good, and should be a big part of the Browns' passing game this year. 2. I think Kizer would probably end up being the QB. He already won the Browns job, and he's got a big arm that would be ideal for throwing to all the Jags receivers, plus Britt and Coleman. He also doesn't have the stink on him that Bortles and Henne do. We know those guys suck. We don't know if Kizer sucks yet.
  4. The better question is who on Boston defends LeBron. They sent away their two best defenders this offseason. We already know they have no one who can guard Love. Love and Thompson just abuse Al Horford, who by the way probably has the second worst contract in the entire league (Noah is first without question). They also don't really have anyone who can defend Thomas, as once again they shipped out their two best perimeter defenders. It'll be interesting to see if Thomas gets any better by playing next to LeBron, who will take a lot of the focus off of him. He was the guy in Boston, but that also made it pretty easy for him to be game-planned for in the playoffs. If you take him out of the game, Boston had no one else who could beat you. Now he's got LeBron and Love, one of whom is arguably still the best player in the NBA and the other is easily a top thirty player. Teams won't just be able to focus on defending him, because any time you double him it leaves somebody wide open, be it JR Smith for a three (and mind you, he shot exactly 50% from three in the playoffs last year) or Tristan Thompson for a free dunk. Mind you, Kyrie benefited from all of that as well. The obvious question, though, is whether or not Thomas can answer the bell in the playoffs, provided he's still on the team at that point. We know Kyrie shows up when it matters. We have yet to see that with Thomas, although again he's only ever been his team's best player in the playoffs, which is no longer the case. I guess it's also fair to point out that he may have been injured, although I'm still a little dubious as to the timing of it.
  5. I will say, kudos to the Cavs' new GM Altman for pulling this deal off considering that the Bulls and Pacers got the equivalent of a bag of wet dog shit for their stars, both of whom are better than Kyrie Iriving.
  6. Might get the first overall even if he stays.
  7. Gonna be weird cheering for two guys I hate. Then again, I got used to cheering for LeBron again, so whatever.
  8. Not a fan of Thomas by any means, but that pick is a great asset. Still can't believe that Ainge refused to open up the war chest for George and Butler but then went all in on Kyrie. He could have had Kyrie and Butler if he had been willing to budge a bit more in the previous trade talks with Chicago.
  9. Kessler can't even win the starting job on the Browns. My money would be on Kizer. Bortles is godawful. Henne isn't much better. Osweiler made one of the best receivers in the league look like absolute dog shit last year. I don't even know who the Jets' starting QB is, but I assume he's terrible. Kessler is just the QB equivalent of a shrug. Probably better than anyone I've listed save Kizer, simply because he's a game manager who makes limited mistakes (unlike Bortles, for example, who is a walking mistake) Kizer has looked good in the preseason and is likely to win the starting battle for the Browns. If not in week one (they may hold him back to give him more development time while Osweiler loses them some games to secure another high draft pick), then certainly after the bye week.
  10. Hoyer is a decent back-up QB who can start games and not be embarrassing, but he's not much more than that. If you give him a good receiver, he's capable of locking in and targeting that guy like mad, though.
  11. I wouldn't mind if they dropped all Netflix Marvel shows from eight to ten episodes rather than thirteen. Seems like it really helps with the pacing. Much less filler and a more focused plot.
  12. I'd consider Thielen too. Dude is legit.
  13. Finally got around to watching the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. Liked it a lot. It wasn't quite as good as the first one, and some of the comedy felt a bit more forced, but all in all it was a fun, enjoyable film. I love that films like this can actually be made and find an audience these days, because it's basically just nerd nonsense masked with humor. I can't imagine this movie (or the original, obviously) being made ten years ago. Batista continues to fucking kill it as an actor, by the way. Dude just steals scene after scene.
  14. Yeah but that was back when NFL teams were even more stupid than they are now.
  15. I mean, they drafted a kicker...A the second round of the NFL draft. And he sucked! If you take a kicker that high, he better be possessed by the ghost of Janikowski, who I'm not even sure is dead but didn't feel like googling it.