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  1. All I know is that Windhorst has no sources in LeBron's camp any more. He got cut off at some point when LeBron was in Miami, I believe. And when LeBron did return to Cleveland, Broussard was the only person at ESPN who was told prior to the release of the Sports Illustrated article. Everyone else at ESPN was caught off guard and none of them knew the announcement was coming that day or at that time.
  2. On a related note, I've read an interesting theory that the reason that the Cavs haven't hired Billups yet is because, while he plans to take the job, right now he can legally tamper as much as he wants because he's not technically employed by an NBA team. He can call up guys like Paul George, Melo, and Wade and talk to them and see exactly what they're thinking. He won't be able to do that (without the other team's permission) once he accepts the job with the Cavs.
  3. I think he's a liability if he's your team's best player. But if he joined the Cavs, he'd be their third or fourth best player. He'd also make the Cavs a tougher match-up with the Warriors, because if Kyrie/LeBron/Melo/Love are the one through four, you can't hide Curry on anyone defensively. It's also worth noting that Melo has never in his career been anything other than the best player on his teams. And given that he's a tier two or three star at his absolute best, that's historically been his problem. He's always balled out for Team USA and in All-Star games, though, when he's got other, better guys to set him up for success.
  4. If Melo is bought out, he'd essentially be making most if not all of his New York money, so they'd basically be paying him to play elsewhere. In the likely event that Melo has to leave New York, I think he's a lock to join on with a title contender, and that's not a long list.
  5. Because Butler likely would have been eligible for the DPE, and there was no way in hell Chicago was giving anyone 240 million in guaranteed money. Melo will likely be bought out this summer, as no one is going to trade for him (and he has a no trade clause, so he can nix trades to any team he doesn't want to play for) and Phil has all but ran him out of New York. Once he's bought out, he's likely to either join the Cavs or the Clippers. If Chris Paul leaves the Clippers, he'll almost certainly be joining the Cavs. Same deal with Wade. They'd basically be getting Melo for free. It's not like they're going to trade Love for him.
  6. From Chris Broussard, the only guy at ESPN that LeBron's camp informed ahead of time about his return to Cleveland. They've basically blackballed everyone else who worked for ESPN, especially Windhorst.
  7. It's every bit as punishing and obnoxious as the regular difficulty, but quicker!
  8. The Cavs just don't really have a legitimate route to cap space, though. They're basically at the cap just with LeBron, Kyrie, and Love, who will make about 75 million combined next season. They also have JR Smith under contract, and he's damn near untradeable (he's great on the Cavs, but no one else wants him). Including Smith, that's 88 million on the books, and they also have Tristan Thompson (16.4 million), Iman Shumpert (10.3 million), and Channing Frye (7.4 million) under contract. Probably a few other guys too, but those are the main guys under salary. You can probably deal those last three guys if you have to, but they don't find a path to enough cap space for Paul without completely gutting their team, which is something you don't do if you're the second-best team in the league and just had the best playoff offense ever. You retool in the Cavs' situation, not rebuild. I also assume the Cavs will try to bring back Korver and Williams if they can, which will add further salary.
  9. I don't's just hard for me to see anyone turning down the kind of money the Clippers can potentially offer Paul. Will they offer him that? I don't know. But if they do I think he stays a Clipper. As for the Cavs, I just see no viable way for Paul to end up in Cleveland unless he signs for the MLE or whatever small amount the Cavs are able to offer him. I see that as incredibly unlikely. And I'm not sure how the new CBA has changed things, but I don't think the Cavs can receive a player in the sign-and-trade right now either. This is likely why there has been zero buzz for Paul to the Cavs. The Spurs, on the other hand, have an actual path to the cap space necessary to get Paul.
  10. Depends on if the Clippers offer him the max or not. If they do, he's staying. If they don't, I think he's a Spur.
  11. No doubt there have been more than a few innocents killed. I was just commenting that Ciro killing Imma was a lot different than Pietro killing Ciro's daughter. One of those people was actively involved in the criminal empire. The other was a kid.
  12. I'd say the main difference there was that Imma and Genny were both "in the game," so to speak. Imma was actually running things at the time and Genny was heavily involved as well. Ciro's daughter, on the other hand, was just a kid and wasn't involved in anything at all.
  13. Rubio would be great on a team like the Cavs that have tons of three point shooting but could use some playmaking off the bench. As for the Love comparison, that's why I threw in the word shitty.
  14. Radiant Mode is what you are referring to. The mode doesn't change the core challenge of Darkest Dungeon, as enemies have the same stats and skills as normal mode. However, they made a bunch of changes to facilitate quicker playthroughs. Heroes gain experience and level up quicker. You can bring heroes of up to level four into level one dungeons, whereas before you were capped at level two. This makes it easier to get through dungeons since you can anchor your party with a higher level character. Upgrades are cheaper. The stage coach can be upgraded so that up to level four recruits can show up there. The stage coach has also been changed to give you a better variety of characters and more healers show up as well. Town events trigger more frequently. The amount of region XP (each time you beat a mission, it increases your level in that region, which determines when you can fight a boss) you get for each mission has been increased. Heroes can re-enter the Darkest Dungeon after a successful mission, although it probably isn't a good idea and they're still almost definitely going to die of a heart attack if you bring them back in. So essentially Radiant Mode is the same basic game, but they've made numerous changes to help decrease the grind, especially in the late game. A party wipe no longer sets you back hours of game time, for example, and it's cheaper to upgrade your heroes and treat their various afflictions.