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  1. I've actually really enjoyed this season, but I do agree that it was kind of dumb how they all got arrested at the end of last season only for it to be explained away in the first five minutes of this one.
  2. Gonna edit this as I think of the shows I've watched this year... Dark S1 Curb Your Enthusiasm S9 The Deuce Stranger Things S2 The Last Kingdom S2 Game of Thrones S7 Better Call Saul S3 Rick & Morty S3 Silicon Valley S4 Vice Principals S2 Mr. Mercedes Billions S2 The Punisher S1 Fargo S3 Veep S6 Bosch S3 Mindhunter S1 The Defenders S1 Ozark S1 Big Little Lies S1 Iron Fist S1 --- Still in progress: Peaky Blinders S4 Shameless S7 --- Currently watching: Hap and Leonard --- On deck: American Gods
  3. Yeah, this is my first one too, so it's going to hit the hardest I think.
  4. So my boxer (the one in my profile pic) was diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier this week. Took him to an oncologist and he's been given one to two months to live with treatment. This came as a huge shock, as I didn't even know he was sick until a week ago. He basically went from totally fine to on death's door in the span of a couple of days. He's apparently got a massive tumor in his bladder, and the cancer has spread to his lungs as well. The main issue is that the one in his bladder started blocking his urethra, making him unable to urinate. He's spent the past few days in an animal hospital with a catheter in. It's just been really devastating because it came on so fast. I've had this dog for ten years and basically seen him every day in that span, minus maybe four or five months total. He starts his chemo tomorrow, and the oncologist was optimistic that he'd have a decent quality of life for at least a month or two, which was important to me. I didn't want to just keep him alive for my benefit, although I think I probably would have done that for at least two or three weeks just so I would have some time to say goodbye. The timeline is the worst part. If they had given me six months to a year, I could accept that, but one to two months? How do you come to terms with that when you didn't even know the dog was sick eight days ago? On the plus side, they think I can bring him home on Saturday, which would be great because it's been really weird being here without him. I have another dog (German Shepherd), but the boxer is usually the one that sleeps curled up next to me (even when the girlfriend is here, he usually just wedges himself between us at night), whereas the shepherd is usually at the foot of the bed or off in the other room. Strangely, I've been taking my mind off of this whole ordeal by looking at puppies. I do plan to get another once Loki passes, and my parents have already told me they're going to pay for it. Unnecessary, but appreciated. At any rate, I've been doing anything possible to not think about the inevitable. Finding out I could have another month or two has helped. I broke down a couple of nights ago when I wasn't sure if I would even get that much time, but now I'm at least optimistic I'll have time to give him a proper goodbye. I'd love to be able to give him a last meal...I want to cook that motherfucker the best steak I can buy the night before I inevitably have to say goodbye for good, and I'm hopeful that I get to do that.
  5. If I owned the Browns, I would have fired the inept coach who clearly has no idea what the fuck he's doing and kept the GM who has drafted more talent in two years than basically the other GMs have done since the team returned in 1999. Just doing those two things, I feel the Browns would be a solid team next year. I think they could have won 3-4 games minimum this year with a halfway decent coach.
  6. Finished it a few days ago. Loved it. Thought the last two episodes were weaker than episodes four through eight, but still really good. Without thinking too hard about the other shows I've seen this year, I'd probably rank this as number one. Just a fantastic show from start to finish. Loved the writing, the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous (feels more like watching a film than your average TV show), and the casting seems great as well. They did a great job of mostly finding kids/teens who looks enough like their adult versions to sell it. Wasn't true in every case, but it was some very nice casting on the whole. Thought that stretch from episode four to episode eight was one of the best stretches of television I've ever watched. Just a constant series of WTF moments, enough answers to satisfy me, but enough new questions to keep me fully invested.
  7. Pretty much how I felt about it. Fun and enjoyable, and great action, but not as good as the first. Then again, the first one was such a surprise that it would be hard for any sequel to recapture that magic.
  8. Reminds me of when LeBron came back to Cleveland and I thought it would be fun. It wasn't. He brought all of his drama with him in year one, and the entire season was one giant bitch fit from various players on the Cavs, along with tons of shade on Instagram and Twitter. I remember when the team added Frye and Jefferson and they basically just called out everyone on what a bunch of dumb fucks they were being. Team is fun right now, though. Only took four years for them to not be a joyless mess in the regular season.
  9. Every time I think Hannah can't get any crazier, the show one-ups me. Reminds me of this gif:
  10. Drake was good, but not good enough to beat my team that apparently decided they didn't suck this week. Team has been pretty garbage since losing OBJ, but they got their shit together this week.
  11. Well, Brady being hot garbage tonight gave me an unexpected win in one of my leagues. Ended up advancing in 5 out of 7 leagues after making the playoffs in all 7. Solid year, and both money leagues are still on the table.
  12. Apparently the Pats without Gronk are even worse than the Cowboys without Zeke.
  13. Yeah, I agree that a great aspect of this show is that it doesn't just constantly keep asking more and more questions without answering any of them like Lost always did. Instead, it gradually answers questions while asking new questions to keep you invested, but I rarely felt like the show was just dragging things out like I did with Lost. I just wish the first two big twists weren't so telegraphed. It's not a huge issue, but the show treated them as big, episode-ending reveals when anyone who watches a decent amount of TV probably called them both way ahead of time. The later twists are a lot better, though, and most of them are either not or less predictable.
  14. It had major Stranger Things vibes the first few episodes, with the first episode in particular feeling like it was a German remake, but I thought it had shrugged them off entirely by episode four.
  15. Just finished episode six. This show has gotten very good very fast. Only complaint is that, thus far, two of the big twists they've done have been really easy to see coming from a mile away. Probably because I watch too much TV.