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  1. Finally getting around to watching the Fastlane main event. Jesus...Zayn and Styles are just so goddamn good. They're in a match with Owens and Ziggler, both good workers, but they are just next level good. It's criminal that Zayn hasn't held a singles title on the main roster. He might be the best worker in the entire world.
  2. They had a few other story lines besides the Purple Man, but there just really wasn't a lot of meat there. Unlike the other members of the Defenders and Punisher, Jones doesn't have decades worth of material to fall back on. Still, you'd think they could pretty easily lift ideas and characters from other comics.
  3. I think they really need to figure out if they want to make long movies or TV shows with these Marvel series. If they want to continue making long movies, they need to drop the episode count to more in the six to eight hour range like Peaky Blinders so that they don't wear out their welcome. If they want these shows to be more like a TV series, then they need to start integrating "case of the week" style storytelling like most cable TV shows. You can still have season-long story arcs, but you need to make the episode to episode trek a lot more engaging if you want people to not get burnt out by the end of thirteen hours. As you said, Justified always did a great job of marrying long-term storytelling with case of the week simplicity. No reason these Marvel shows can't do the same. Basically every one of these shows outside of Jessica Jones has an absurd amount of comic lore and characters to draw from and they use practically none of it, and even Jessica Jones surely has access to a lot of the characters and story arcs that have taken place in the comics of other members of the Netflix Defenders.
  4. Chase Daniel is a perfect example of how a backup QB can earn a ton of money by just not rocking the boat or being an asshole. If you're just willing to positively work with the other QBs on the team, you'll earn money in the NFL.
  5. That 205 Live match between Alexander and Strong was one of the best in the show's history. Strong was working a bit of a heel style, so I hope they flip him soon. He was always better as a heel on the indies because he's just not a good enough promo to be a face. I'm guessing the finals will be Alexander versus Gulak, which should be a fantastic match. I hope they put the title on Alexander. Dude deserves it. He's one of the most entertaining in-ring guys they've got and he's over with the fans.
  6. The Jolie movies were godawful too. Really, basically every video game to movie adaptation has been absolute shit. I'm not even sure what the best one was because they've all been so awful. Mortal Kombat maybe? That was bad but at least had a fun cheese factor.
  7. Joe Thomas decided to call it a career today. Really sad that he didn't come back for one last season, especially since the Browns look like they could be halfway decent this year. From what I've read, it sounds like he's in a lot of physical pain and probably needs a knee replacement, though, so hard to begrudge the man for calling it quits. Crazy that he went over ten years without missing a game prior to last season. Greatest LT of all-time. He's probably in line for a broadcasting career, but if I'm the Browns I offer the man a permanent front office position out of respect.
  8. I think they should have named the women's battle royal after Chyna. She had some personal problems, but she was a real pioneer for women's wrestling, and one of the fist female competitors to be treated as an equal to the men. She was also the first woman to enter the Royal Rumble, so naming a battle royal after he would make perfect sense.
  9. Picked up Vermintide 2 over the weekend at the behest of a couple of my friends. I didn't play the first game, so went into this one mostly blind. Watched a video or two of a streamer I like playing the original, but that was the extent of my exposure to it. The sequel is a lot of fun. I was surprised by how pretty it can be. Some of the levels are absolutely stunning. One of the levels takes place in a destroyed city where a massive chasm has opened in the center. You fight along the edge of the chasm, with buildings ahead of you sliding down the side to provide you with a path forward. It was one of the coolest moments in any game I've ever played just because it felt so damn epic. This game is also the closest I've ever felt to playing as a Lord of the Rings character. The massive battles really bring to mind the set-piece fights in Jackson's trilogy, especially when you've got an elf, dwarf, and human in your party and are fighting through one of the mine levels. I've been playing as the elf primarily, and one of her weapons just allows some frankly absurd arrow output. There's something really satisfying about facing down a wave of several dozen enemies rushing at you single-handedly by firing off a massive stream of arrows in a matter of seconds. There are some issues, though. I feel like the game is very inconsistent from a difficulty perspective. On the standard difficulty level, some missions are laughably easy, while others find you fighting tooth and nail for survival. I'll go a mission or two without getting downed a single time, then another mission on the same difficulty level will find me constantly getting my ass handed to me. I think this is mostly due to the AI director. It just doesn't seem properly balanced and doesn't seem like it does a great job of catering to your party's needs. I'll go five to ten minutes without finding an ammo cache some levels despite being completely out of arrows, and in others we'll find dozens of health packs despite no one being hurt. Technical issues can be an issue too. There's a bug when doing deeds in the game where some players in your party may not get the reward at the end of the mission. Similarly, if the host of a game quits or his game crashes, everyone is disconnected rather than kicking the game over to someone else in the group. So, if I were to host a game and leave right before we got to the level's exit, no one gets any payout for the mission. Just poor design, especially since the game does crash from time to time. The missions themselves similarly have some design issues. I've largely played with friends who had been playing the game for a couple of days before me, so it's been easy to follow their lead and just focus on murdering rats. However, the levels often don't give you a great idea of where you need to go next, and the marker that shows you your objective tends to come and go. Sometimes it will be a constant on-screen reminder. Other times it will disappear and you'll be left wandering. Overall, it's a solid game and I think I'll get a lot of mileage out of it.
  10. I like Barkley a lot, but this draft is so deep at the RB position that, if I'm the Browns, I take the QB I like best at one, the best defensive player available at four, and then a RB at the top of the second with either their pick or the Texans' pick. Should still be several NFL-caliber backs there at the top of the second. I'm not even convinced that Barkley will have the best career in this draft. He's an absurd athlete, but his vision leaves me a little concerned.
  11. I think Shelton will be fine there, and he's probably a better fit there too. However, he is who he is. He's not a pass rusher and he never will be. He's a guy you play on rushing downs but can't play on passing downs, which is why he was available. Also, the Browns had other capable players at the same position, and very well may add more through the draft. If he weren't in a contract year they probably would have held on to him, but given that he never lived up to his draft pedigree and will be looking for money next spring, I can see why they were fine with moving on. Also worth noting that, since they don't need more draft picks this year, they did add another pick next year, and I am always for teams stacking draft capital for the future.
  12. Spoilers for one of the last four episodes (don't remember which one):
  13. I think one of the main issues for the Browns the past twenty years has been that, any time they've had a halfway decent QB, they've either had an abysmal line, awful offensive weapons, or both. This year, they've got a solid, middle of the pack NFL QB, a good line, and some actual good receiving weapons. I assume they'll either end up with Barkley (if he falls to four) or take a RB with one of their second rounder picks to pair up with Duke, which should give them a quality run game as well. The real question is how Hue Jackson fucks it all up.
  14. He strikes me as a perfect bridge QB. Good character guy. Manages games. He's got a decent arm, too, so if Josh Gordon doesn't smoke himself out of the league again, that could be a fun pairing. He also leaves Hue Jackson without any excuses. The Browns have more than enough talent to win games this year. If they don't, it gives the front office every opportunity to blame Hue for it and get rid of his backstabbing ass.
  15. Eh...Shelton is a solid player but he never lived up to his draft pedigree. He's basically only useful on running downs, as he's not good at getting to the QB and he's not good in coverage. Again, solid player, but it's a passing league now and he wasn't even playing on 50% of downs last year. Plus, the Browns have a lot of other talented guys on that defensive line. And if you want to know why the Browns are making a lot of moves now, this is it: They went from being the NFL's version of a Siberian labor camp to a reasonably enticing free agency destination. Now, they have a QB that is solid and other players respect, a good receiving corps, a solid overall defense, and the draft capital to add a starting RB (they've still got Duke as their change of pace back, and Duke is awesome), probably a future QB, and more defensive help.