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  1. Some of the best comic Daredevil stuff occurred after he found out Matt was Daredevil. I think Bendis was the writer during that period, but there were some awesome comics.
  2. Yeah, he's been by far the best bad guy in any of the Netflix shows. I wonder if they want to primarily keep him as a Daredevil villain.
  3. Two games into the season and Boston fans are already turning on Irving. "IT would have won that game" Fan 1 "WTF is this man? This isn't Kyrie Irving." Fan 2. "This is Kyrie without LeBron." "Should have kept IT and Crowder over bitch ass Irving"
  4. Team Fortress 2 getting a long-awaited update this week. Also, a new video!
  5. I have to think that's season ending. Even if he were theoretically able to come back in the playoffs from a physical perspective, I don't think he'd be ready mentally.
  6. Lue did damn near everything he could to lose that game for the Cavs, but it just wasn't quite enough.
  7. They gave up all of their depth to bring in two star players and one of them was lost for the season in the first quarter of game one. Not going to be an easy season for them at all.
  8. Yeah, no chance he comes back from that this season. He'll be lucky if he's back at 100% next season. Paul George still hasn't really recovered from his broken leg. He's still really good, but he's yet to get back to where he was before the injury.
  9. Let's be real...that was gonna happen anyway unless LeBron got hurt.
  10. At least there's one injury tonight we can laugh at.
  11. I love that they're really letting these directors just go batshit insane with these movies now. Just watched Doctor Strange for the first time tonight and it was a hell of a lot of fun, and Black Panther looks like it'll be equally nuts.
  12. I've also spent entirely too much time analyzing that finale scene.
  13. You can see the shoes the killer is wearing in the final scene of season one. They are regular black boots. Not platforms or heels. Now, granted, they could retcon that, but going by what you see in the finale it's almost certainly not Lee's mother in law. As for the hair...I'm fairly sure that was part of the mask, not the shooter's actual hair.
  14. The shooter was tall, though. Taller than Gamby. Lee's mother in law is too short. That's provided they are going to bother with those details, of course. But I always thought Gamby wasn't really considering what the shooter looked like when he's been eyeing suspects. It was a tall, thin person, and yet most of the people he's targeted haven't looked anything like that.
  15. For a few seconds I was convinced it was Tuesday after reading his post.