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  1. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    It didn't really seem like Thomas took a side as to whether or not what Kaepernick did was right or wrong. He simply said that teams don't view Kaep as a starter, and that teams accept no distractions from back-up QBs. Which makes sense. Nothing derails a team quicker than a QB controversy. He also mentioned that the idea of distractions is highly overrated by non-players. It didn't seem like an indictment of Kaepernick, at any rate. Just him musing on why teams have been hesitant to sign him.
  2. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    It's pretty obvious that Thomas hasn't been the problem in Cleveland over the course of his career. He's been arguably the best player at his position over that time, but there's only so much one left tackle can do when the rest of the team sucks.
  3. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I just finished Abzu while incredibly high. That was a pretty amazing experience.
  4. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Yeah, it ran pretty flawlessly for me as well. I'm fine with that, though, because I was one of those people who basically found Arkham Knight unplayable at certain points when it became a fucking slideshow. I was due to get lucky with one of these shoddy PC ports.
  5. NBA 2017: The Kings of Comedy

    Yup, although LeBron himself has been pretty lazy defensively this year. I know it's the regular season, but in their last game he watched a guy dunk. I'm not sure I've ever seen that before from him.
  6. Fargo 3: not until 2017

    I have literally no idea what season three is about based on that trailer. Still, first two were great. No reason to stop now.
  7. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    I personally am uninterested in any QB whose best skill is their rushing.
  8. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    I love him for that, but I don't want him as my team's QB.
  9. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    I'm a Browns fan. Our team has no QB. I don't want any part of Kaepernick, and it has nothing to do with his protest. I couldn't care less about guys kneeling during the anthem. He's just not a good QB, and he plays a style that has largely been exposed across the league and is no longer terribly effective.
  10. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    Your ability to protest successfully in a situation like this is directly tied to how good you are at your job. If Aaron Rodgers took a knee during the anthem, he'd still have thirty teams willing to offer him a free agent contract. Unfortunately for Kaepernick, he's a replacement-level back-up QB, and so he may not be signed. Is it hypocritical? Sure. But Kaepernick opted to take a stand and now he, like many before him, is dealing with the consequences.
  11. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    When I said headaches, I meant more from a PR and fan perspective than a team chemistry issue.
  12. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    I don't disagree that it's ridiculous he was atop that list for what he did, but this is a consequence of free speech. You can say whatever you want, but people don't have to hire you if they disagree with your message or think you'll cause them unnecessary headaches.
  13. NBA 2017: The Kings of Comedy

    Well, New York has had the variable of absolutely terrible management. Even if you're a destination city you need to exhibit some type of success to lure the best players to your team.
  14. NBA 2017: The Kings of Comedy

    To be honest, I think your average NBA player was far more interested in living in LA than in New York. It matters a lot less now than it did ten years ago, but I'd say the same is still true. LA has much better weather, hotter women who wear a lot less clothing, probably equivalent if not better's just a better place to live if you're young and rich like the average NBA player. I don't disagree about leveraging your location and reputation. I just think times have changed a lot to the point where location largely doesn't matter. I mean, Cleveland is a hotter free agent destination right now than Los Angeles. The Lakers have had buckets of money to throw at guys the past few years and can't get anyone good to take it. Meanwhile, guys are lining up to take less money in shittier cities.
  15. NBA 2017: The Kings of Comedy

    The Lakers did it by leveraging their location and their reputation, and also through their beloved former owner. The owner died and left questionable children at the helm, their reputation is mostly negative now, and location just doesn't seem to matter as much to players today as it did ten years ago since the rise of global media means stars can get paid wherever they go. As for Boston, they didn't do it with any consistency after the eighties. There were largely irrelevant for like two decades after Bird left, and got one title out of their big three squad.