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  1. GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Julian Glover played Scaroth in the Doctor Who Story "City of Death".
  2. References and Homages

    The Guys also have a Longclaw replica by Valyrian Steel hanging next to the entrance door ^_^
  3. The "Bittersweet" Ending

    source relax guys, he won´t go valar morghulis on everyone.
  4. A Younger, More Beautiful Queen

    we can´t, because he is younger than robert and it is never stated that the "Younger and more beautiful" part must relate to Cersei when it is suddenly okay to make the valonqar some one who isn´t Jaime or Tyrion. Stannis is younger and more handsome than late King Robert.
  5. A Younger, More Beautiful Queen

    But this also fits Stannis, therefore it must be Stannis.He is the younger brother of Robert: check … He is Stannis: check It fits perfectly… (Don´t take me too serious, I´m just a humble StanStan)
  6. A Younger, More Beautiful Queen

    Okay that´s the final nail to coffin for the Marg/Sansa/Dany/Fat Walda/etc is the younger queen theories. It is definetely Stannis the Prophecy is about!
  7. A Younger, More Beautiful Queen

    I think Stannis is the younger more beautiful Queen. Okay maybe the Queen part doesn´t fit that good, but who is perfect?
  8. Leathers in the books to come?

    I like this Idea a lot. Edd turns into a goddam Hulk and does a Greg Clegane on Bowen Marshs Head! It is known :lol:
  9. WesterosCraft is the best Minecraft texture pack ever

  10. Introductions

    Hellooooooo new members! I hope you will enjoy it here :)
  11. Bran, the King in the North?

    I think Rickon will end up as the Lord of Winterfell, but Jon still can be the King in the North. He just takes another seat and there are instantly no problems. He could take Castle Black as his seat. After a few generations both lines could be merged through marriage alliances.
  12. It´s quite charming if you think about it, You don´t restrict yourself to a certain group of older people :lol:He was in my top 10 since I read the first Davos chapter and he was definitely in my top 3 after he had his big damn heroes moment aka saving the wall and the realm from the Free Folk
  13. Introductions

    Welcome to the boards all you new users :) Trust me, you will have a great time here.
  14. I want to thank Starfell for liking my posts :)