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  1. I don't think you'll last long on this board with comments like that.
  2. Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    I believe it is January 31st, the close of the transfer window. I've used mine to shuffle the pack ready for a late charge up the league...
  3. Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    Giroud was sacrificed so I could buy Suarez this week, a nice haul already with Özil and Ramsey still to come.
  4. Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    Me too, when Sturridge had to go I didn't have enough to bring in Suarez either. Luckily Aguero Toure and Ozil all chipped in tonight
  5. Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    So... anyone have Suarez tonight?
  6. Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    A par score of 54 this week for me, Captain Aguero let me down for once this week, Ramsay Zabaleta and Yaya saved me though. Özil has just kept his place in my team thanks to 2 assists. Sturridge out now for 6-8 weeks so drafted in Remy as replacement, Rooney was out of price range.
  7. Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    Jumped a couple more places this week thanks to Captain Aguero, 7th place and nicely placed to make a challenge for the top 4 in the second half of the season. After an exciting start I'm starting to question the value for money of Özil though, over £10 million is a big chunk of the budget.
  8. Turn Quotes From Characters Into Innuendo

    Oh god, my poor eyes, this cannot be unseen!
  9. Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    I'd like to fit Suarez in also, but I can't really leave out Giroud, Sturridge or Aguero with their form.
  10. Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    Captain Özil got me the big points which was handy with RvP missing and Benteke going off injured, need to find a good replacement for the big man as he's out for a few weeks.
  11. Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    53 so far with Mignolet and Sturridge to play, Van Persie, Benteke and Whittingham getting goals for me, Özil getting an assist on debut also.
  12. I liked it overall. Struggled to get in to it at the start but I'm like that with most books, and the fact that POV characters are dotted around the world at the start didn't help, but once things get underway I really enjoyed it. Although the style isn't unique, it had some nice ideas and the execution was good enough to make this an enjoyable read.
  13. Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    Anyone with a Kindle I would recommend having a look for Rob J Hayes and his trilogy The Ties That Bind. It's self-published so there are a couple of typos here and there, but the definitely worth a look if you're an Abercrombie fan, similar style of character driven gritty fantasy. The first one was 77p when I bought it and the whole trilogy came to less than £5 so well worth a try.
  14. Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    58 points for me, lucky my back 3 and keeper all kept clean sheets as my midfield and strikers only mustered 1 goal between them. (Sturridge)
  15. Fantasy Football - English version 3.0

    Disappointed Bony hasn't been starting for Swansea so may have to reconsider his place, Benteke has been banging the goals in again...