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  1. Mine are Jon, Arya, and all the Greyjoys (even Asha and the Reek stuff, though I did think that was good writing. I just didn't enjoy reading it, personally). I used to dread Bran's POV too but I've come to appreciate it more with time. It's interesting how wildly opinions can differ. I love Davos and Brienne and it makes me a little sad that they are so unpopular (same with Sansa, but that's a whole different issue, because I feel like people's reasons for disliking her POV usually aren't because the chapters are boring, like with Davos and Brienne). I also like Dany, and for me she seemed to become more root-worthy just when everyone else started hating her. Oh well! I guess people have different expectations and criteria for liking characters (some like ''bad-assery" and heroics, other prefer more subdued personalities etc).
  2. Who are your top four characters?

    1: Sansa 2: Brienne 3: Davos 4: Jaime Honourable mentions: Stannis, Shireen, Sandor, Catelyn, Dany and Osha.
  3. It did help! Thanks! I made four posts, then tried to upload a small sized pic (lj icon size), and it finally worked. I guess you need to have a couple of posts to be able to upload a pic in the first place.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm having an avatar-related problem as well. Every time I try to upload a picture, it says 'failed to set a new photo' and that's that, no matter the size of the pic. Should I just try Gravatar? I'd really rather not but I will if I must. Thanks in advance!