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  1. Decent fight. Rick hit Negan with Lucille, although not with the business end of her. Yet another inexplicably unnecessary suspension of disbelief (of which there were numerous this episode) in order to stretch out the story. Carrrrrrrrrrwwwwwlllllll!!!! Damn, fam. Hate to see that happen. But it makes sense for several reasons hough. One, it's been known for a bit now that the actor playing Carl is going off to college. Two, part of Carl's charm in the comic is he's a kid who is more rational and capable than the majority of adults around him; on the show that's lost since the actor is already basically an adult. Lastly, Carl's post AOW storyline in the comics is his rebellious teen phase and him pursuing independence from Rick. My guess is the time jump on the show post-AOW will be longer and we'll see Judith as an adolescent and taking on the Carl role from the comics like Michonne has done for Andrea.
  2. I'm very much looking forward to seeing this. Trailer was interesting and reviews have been great.
  3. Update v5.0 for my 2017 watch list. I've also rearranged the order for some shows since my last update. New entries are in red. Rick & Morty S1-3 (I had to move this up to my number one spot since my last post. I'm still watching this show and talking about it. I know it's just a goofy pop culture reference laden cartoon, but as I looked back on my review of GOTS7, I realized one show has provided me with more joy and entertainment than GOT, and that's Rick & Morty.) Game of Thrones S7 Legion S1 The Good Place S1 The Young Pope American Gods Fargo S3 Leftovers S3 Big Little Lies S1 Stranger Things 2 (Not as original and impactful as S1, but still a very worthy sequel. I also really liked all the new characters and Dustin curses a lot more. So it's a win.) Black Mirror S3 The Punisher S1 (The action was not as intense or memorable as the Punisher scenes in Daredevil S2, but the character development in this season was just outstanding. As a legit comic fan who used to buy three Punisher titles every month, I'm very pleased with this portrayal of Frank Castle and the cast of characters that orbit him. They also greatly improved on the Microchip character from the comics.) New Girl S6 The Handmaid’s Tale American Vandal S1 (A hilarious and surprisingly emotional satire of both high school and reality-TV style investigative journalism.) Ozark S1 Master of None S2 Star Wars Rebels S3 The Crown S1 GLOW S1 Defiant Ones Peaky Blinders S3 Defenders S1 Archer Dreamland S8 There’s…Johnny! S1 (This Hulu show, co-created by Paul Reiser, is uneven and a bit hokey in places, but it's like a decent network sit-com only with more realistic dialogue. Plus I'm a big Johnny Carson fan, so the nostalgia factor is high and using clips of the Tonight show in each episode helps a lot, too. Plus at only 7 episodes it's over before it can become boring.) The Walking Dead S7.2 Agents of SHIELD S4 Better Call Saul S3 Brockmire S1 The Last Kingdom S2 Last Man On Earth S3 Silicon Valley S4 Catastrophe S3 Brooklyn Nine-Nine S4 Love S2 VEEP S6 Son of Zorn S1 The Tick (2017) S1.1 (I'm a big fan of The Tick Fox cartoon and live action show. So I was excited when Amazon picked this up. I'm not a huge fan of Peter Serafinowicz as the title character though, but he's slowly growing on me. The first half of the season on Amazon is serialized and more about Arthur, and I dig it. Looking forward to seeing how the season ends.) Crashing (HBO) S1 Sherlock S4 Friends From College Sneaky Pete S1 Powerless S1 Emerald City S1 OITNB S5 (I'm a big fan of this show, so it's very disappointing to have to place it this low on my list. In fact, if it weren't for the Frieda & Red flashback episodes I might've put this in second to last place--there's just no way I'll sit through a complete season of anything worse than Iron Fist S1. This season of OITNB got so much wrong from terrible pacing, to unlikable new characters, to stretching the plot past suspension of disbelief, to destroying a lot of the empathy the writers developed for existing characters over four seasons by making them behave in cruel, bizarre, and sick ways.) Ballers S2 Vikings S4.2 Rubicon S1 Man in the High Castle S2 Iron Fist S1
  4. I agree with your criticisms on the S1 finale. (Especially the bit about Jigsaw.) But I disagree with you on Lewis...
  5. Started watching The Orville and There's...Johnny! on Hulu. Both are a bit rough but have a high nostalgia factor (Orville more so because it's basically ST:TNG in an alternate dimension) that I'm enjoying.
  6. Danielle Galligan was cast as Sarra Frey in S8, but has apparently already wrapped. So it was likely only for one episode. Does she meet Arya? *dunh-dunh-dunnnnnnh*
  7. Eight seasons and a movie. Or at least do a theatrical release for the series finale, too. If that shit-show Inumans can get a theatrical release in IMAX no less, then why not GOT? Make it happen HBO! I wanna see Jon&Daeny&Tyrion&Arya&Drogon on the big screen with a buncha my fellow fans.
  8. Saw Branagh's Murder on the Orient Express and it was okay. I never read the book or saw the original film, so the ending turned out to be a pretty good twist for me. I'm not sure if this is a remake of the original film, but Branagh's version had his quirky 1930-40's film vibe to it. No one ever twirled their mustache but if they had it would've been done unironically. Know what I'm saying?
  9. According to an interview Filoni did at SWC 2017, he chose for this to be the last season of Rebels because he felt burned from having Clone Wars cut off abruptly mid production and he didn't want Rebels ending on terms other than his own.
  10. I agree that was the best scene of the film, but by no means was the rest canine feces. I was intrigued by the world Batfleck occupied and think it's sad we likely won't ever see a dedicated Batfleck film. The Death in the Family arc from the comics with Batfleck, Harley, and Leto could've been a great film. :/
  11. So, I just finished S1 and while I liked it, I feel there just wasn't quite enough oomph to that finale. Also, too use a cliched but apt phrase, it was all tied up a bit too neatly. S1E10-13
  12. Impressive list! Many on here recommended BoJack, so it's on my queue. I'm wrapping up Punisher today then on to Mindhunter, so hopefully I can start BoJack after that. I jumped off the Inhumans ship after episode one. Then a few days ago I talked with a friend who watched the whole season and liked it more than I anticipated. So I went back and gave the final episode a look. So, um, yeah, I made the right call. This is not good. Blackbolt deserves better. Karnak deserves better. Lockjaw, they did okay by him. I do still hope that Blackbolt shows up in the Infinity War film because the TV shows deserve a proper crossover into the MCU films. Plus, if you're going to battle Thanos then you need Blackbolt on your side.
  13. Despite Dave Filloni's wardrobe choice at SW Celebration 2017, I don't think we'll see Ahsoka again unless it's a flashback. I mean, never say never and all; I loved the theory of her reincarnated as the loth-wolf, but that doesn't seem to be the case. And with how the front end of this season was handled I'd be very surprised if Ahsoka showed up in any way. :/
  14. This is good to hear as I'm up to episode nine so far and am enjoying it quite a lot. The old school comic book guy in me (ya know, the one who bought Punisher, Punisher: War Journal, annnnnnd Punisher: War Zone monthly) still gets irked when Frank does something badass and he's not in his skull logo vest. I mean, I'm not asking for white gloves and boots here or anything, just the symbol that's literally associated with the character, geez. It's kinda like seeing Batman fight without his cape. I really like how they're tying everything together, even though it's kinda obvious where the plot is headed, the performances and pacing are so good that I don't mind when the predictable happens. Not to mention the writing when it comes to character development. This show has some very well written characters. Even though we should all know the deal with threads about Netflix shows and spoilers by now, there's no SPOILER tag in the thread title, so I'll go ahead and hide these comments about S1E1-9...
  15. You'd think so, right? But you'd sadly be wrong. And as that link illustrates, it's not just the media and public that sexualizes kids, it's sometimes their own parents who participate in it, too.