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  1. Sherlock

    Agreed about S4E2 being the most Sherlock-y of S4. S4E1 was rather meh. Too much Mary. and S4E3 was indeed rushed at the end. Euron Eurus' big reveal reminded me too much of that last Daniel Craig Bond film, Spectre. And the ending montage of her with the violin and visits did seem a bit rushed and...odd. And that last DVD spiel by Mary was out of character for her and a total masturbatory moment by the writers. It came off as rather corny.
  2. A-FUCKING-MEN! This whole, "The Avengers can't know I'm dead for the good of the team" BS is no longer relevant after Civil War. Coulson needs to be back in the films and we need some answers about Fury either in the show or films soon!
  3. ^Speaking of R1, I just put this in the most recent R1 thread but I thought I'd drop it in here as well since they spend a good bit of time talking about connections from Rebels in the film.
  4. Rogue One....Brings a New Hope. Full Spoiler Discussion

    Ya boy Pablo Hidalgo and a couple other Lucasfilm story group dudes officially put two of the more way out there rumors to bed. Also, a lot of other R1 Easter eggs are discussed and a few questions answered. [Like why didn't they label mustafar?!?! -- they had an arguably good reason.]
  5. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: On the fringes of the MCU

    Agreed on both the higher degree of cheeze in the CW/Arrowverse shows as well as too much Fitz-bitching. Good point about that the last few episodes.
  6. Sherlock

    We're teetering between spoiler tags and no spoiler tags in here. My guess is someone should put "SPOILERS" in the thread title. Anyway, I'll ere on the side of caution... My guess with the therapist... Yeah, to me it was no question she did it.
  7. Pip? Naw, man. Puck! However, I'm not sure if Dinklage in a unitard with a giant "P" on it would be the greatest or worst thing ever...
  8. 2016 Survey: Your Year in Entertainment

    I have a friend who is really on me to give Samantha Bee a try. I thought she was meh on The Daily Show. Maybe since John Oliver is on hiatus I'll finally give her a shot... I mostly use it with wi-fi on an iPhone 6s, and I can't recall it ever crashing on me. I have had one or two times when it got stuck on loading. I had to close the app and try it again. However, it's not a regular problem for me at all. :/ I find myself downloading an album, listening to it, then deleting stuff I don't like and keeping the songs I do like for when I drive so I don't eat up data.
  9. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: On the fringes of the MCU

    I liked the Ghost Rider arc well enough. It was better than most of the Nic Cage films. They just don't have the budget or time to do the FX on the character real justice, I guess. I don't like the Reyes character really in the comics, but I dug him and he retooled origin story in AoS. And I'm not generally a Mac fan (he's just kinda blah), but his one-liners about the robocalypse throughout the episode had me laughing. I dug the reveal about Aida (sp?) and the new Inhuman at the end, too. Speaking of which, anyone got any idea if this new Inhuman is from the comics? And if so, who is he?
  10. Year in Movies: 2016 edition

    I'd have had Revenant or Hateful 8 on my list but they were technically 2015 films. (Damn you, limited December releases!) So I stuck to just films released in 2016. I did include a list of all the 2016 films I actually did see for reference/context at the bottom though. I watch a lot of movies, BTW. 10. Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them 09. Dr. Strange 08. The Nice Guys 07. Captain Fantastic 06. Finding Dory 05. The Witch: A New England Folktale 04. Arrival 03. Zootopia 02. Deadpool The best superhero movie of the year and it came from Fox. That has to make WB/DC & Disney/Marvel hang their heads in shame. As a certified geek the best compliment I can give a superhero film is this: it exceeded or met all expectations. This also had to be the best audience experience I had in a theater all year, which says a lot considering the #1 film on my list… 01. Rogue One [14 films] Honorable Mentions: Batman v Superman, Capt. America: Civil War, LALA LAND, Hail, Caesar!, The Jungle Book, X-Men Apocalypse, Central Intelligence, Star Trek: Beyond, Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates, Kubo & the Two Strings, Lo & Behold: Reveries of the Connected World, The Accountant, Hacksaw Ridge, & Passengers [36 films] All the other films from 2016 that I saw:
  11. Brooklyn Nine Nine [SPOILERS]

    I don't get the Gina hate. She's a great character. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to work with or even know her--but she's a damn entertainin characterg. Like a poorer, millennial version of Karen from Will & Grace.
  12. 2016 Survey: Your Year in Entertainment

    The one celebrity that died in 2016 you’d bring back? (There can be only one!) Carrie Fisher. Out of all the celebs that passed in 2016, she was the one I would have most like to have met and whose work had the biggest impact on my life. Favorite TV show you binge watched in 2016? This is a tough one for me as I binged a lot—like, a lot, a lot—of good TV in 2016. However, this was the year for Stranger Things. All hail. Favorite TV show you watched week to week in 2016? Game of Thrones S6 wins this one with Walking Dead S6.2 & S7.1 a close second. Favorite comedy film of 2016? Deadpool. Favorite action/sci-fi film of 2016? Arrival was the best sci-fi film I saw in 2016, but the best sci-fi/action film was Rogue One. Favorite drama film of 2016? I really should’ve made this category best documentary because looking back, I watched more docs than dramas that were released in 2016. I guess I could put Arrival in this category as it was technically a sci-fi drama. Favorite video game of 2016? I’m not a big gamer (and apparently neither are others on here) but I played a helluva lot of Minecraft and Words With Friends. Favorite musical artist of 2016? Even though they have been around for a while and they blew up in 2015 with Blurryface, 2016 is the year I discovered I really like Twenty One Pilots. Favorite song of 2016? “A Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga. There were a couple of songs I first discovered in 2016 that I liked better than this one, but those came out in 2015. "A Million Reasons" came out in 2016, and I really dig it. Favorite music album of 2016? We Got It from Here…Thank You 4 Your Service by A Tribe Called Quest. This is the comeback album I never knew I wanted. Favorite book you read in 2016? I didn’t actually read any novels that were released in 2016, but I did read and love Castle In the Air, which is Diana Wynne Jones’ follow up novel to Howl’s Moving Castle. (Which is another great book, but one I read in 2015.) Favorite comic book/graphic novel you read in 2016? I have to echo the sentiments of several others here and say Vaughn & Staples’ Saga was the best comic I read in 2016. (Looking forward to reading issue 41 soon!) Favorite app of 2016? Does Siri count as an app? If so, then that. If not, then I suppose my favorite app that was new to me in 2016 would be the Amazon Music app. I joined Prime in August and finally put this app on my phone in November. I don’t use Spotify or Pandora, but I have been using this one quite a lot since downloading it. Favorite talk show host in 2016? This was a tough one as all the hosts put up entertaining clips almost weekly on YouTube. I enjoyed John Oliver a lot, and his was the only show I actually watched entire episodes of. However, Stephen Colbert’s nightly take on 2016 and the election insanity was the winner for me. Favorite YouTube channel in 2016? In summer 2016 I was endlessly entertained by all things Action Bronson on YouTube. However, the majority of Bronson stuff was on various channels and not just the clips on the Munchies channel. I also enjoyed the Hot Ones interviews. But the one channel I enjoyed the most in 2016 was Joe Rogan’s podcast on the PowerfulJRE channel. Favorite thing you saw on social media in 2016? Adele’s Carpool Karaoke was something I watched several times throughout the year just when I needed to cheer up.
  13. 2016 Survey: Your Year in Entertainment

    So what was your year like in pop-culture and entertainment in 2016? The one celebrity that died in 2016 you’d bring back? (There can be only one!) Favorite TV show you binge watched in 2016? Favorite TV show you watched week to week in 2016? Favorite comedy film of 2016? Favorite action/sci-fi film of 2016? Favorite drama film of 2016? Favorite video game of 2016? Favorite musical artist of 2016? Favorite song of 2016? Favorite music album of 2016? Favorite book you read in 2016? Favorite comic book/graphic novel you read in 2016? Favorite app of 2016? Favorite talk show host in 2016? Favorite YouTube channel in 2016? Favorite thing you saw on social media in 2016?
  14. Watch, Watched, Watching: The San Diego Sneak Preview Version

    Saw the film Passengers. Put my two cents about it here. Finished S1 of Fresh off the Boat--finally. I've had so much other stuff that the last few episodes kept getting pushed back in my queue. It's heavy on the member berry juice for the 90s and is basically your standard sit-com tropes but with Chinese family. Now to start on S2.
  15. Trailer Thread III

    Saw Passengers on a double date with another couple and we all enjoyed it. Granted, the CGI and charisma of Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence carry the film--so if you don't like one of those actors then you will probably pass on this film anyway. The ending was a bit cheesy and too vague, but the 30% score on RT is completely unjustified. Performances were on point. The ship was amazing. I dug the characters. Pratt's character's decisions especially made for good conversation/debate after the film for our group. You can't ask for much more after a night at the cinema, so I recommend this one. Regarding that ending...