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  1. Oh snap! That is some cold shit. And hilarious.
  2. Pretty much every line Davos gets this season has been gold, and this episode is just an embarrassment of riches. The whole fermented crab thing had me rolling. And Gilly correcting Sam on the number being about the stps and not shits--that whole scene was so well done.
  3. 10/10 It's the reunion episode! Plus some of the best damn dragon CGI in the history of ever. Maybe even better than last week, as we got a lot of closeups with Drogon this episode. I felt the power of Drogon on screen when Jon was reaching out his hand. Goosebumps! So many great moments for all of our main players in this episode. And two great lines for the fans with Davos' rowing comment and Gilly almost spilling the beans about Jon's lineage to Sam. Also, I never knew Jon meeting Gendry was a scene I wanted, but I'm certainly glad we got it.
  4. Anyone else think "Reunited" by Peaches & Herb should've been the closing credits song? Gendry & Davos Jorah & Daeny Tyrion & Jamie Jon & Tormund Sam & His Balls
  5. Caught a double feature tonight of Dark Tower & Valerian. I have to say, given the horrible reviews for these two films, I was pleasantly surprised by both. Dark Tower: I've never read the Stephen King books, but I have friends that have, so I went in knowing some basics about it. It felt like they were trying to cram in a lot into a 90min film. I remember Ron Howard was trying to get this thing going as a TV series that intersected with films a while back, and I can't help but fell if Howard and his production company would've just developed this as a 10 episode series with this same cast it would've been gold. But as a 90min film it's barely even bronze. Valerian was a big surprise given the absolute ass reaming it's been getting on this board. I really enjoyed the rhythm of the film, and as I expected, it looked fucking fantastic in 3D. Granted, the dialogue was pretty terrible, the characters were cookie cutter (still scratching my head why Besson cast Dane DeHaan), and the plot was meh. However, Cara Delevigne was pretty damn charming as Laureline. And watching her and DeHaan take turns getting into and out of various intergalactic jams was entertaining. Oh, and Rihanna gives maybe the best dance routine in cinema history. Fuck you, Fosse! What the what!?!? Go watch There Will Be Blood now. Like, this second now. Go!
  6. Looking forward to seeing a barista sporting a fresh porg tattoo in early 2018.
  7. Exactly, I think they humanized Pitt's character more to make him misguided rather than dangerously egotistical. I think the awkward scenes in the film with his wife were meant to show how this is a guy who literally can only function properly as a military strategist/leader yet they never actually show him succeeding in any of that stuff--it's just told to us via voice over int he beginning. Thus breaking one of the golden rules of good cinema in "show don't tell." I feel like I could've better spent my time watching a 45 min. documentary on the history of the ineffectiveness of counterinsurgency. Or just this clip: Yeah, Dano is a bit of an indie go-to guy for a while now. My favorite thing he's done though is his performance as Eli in There Will Be Blood.
  8. I'm kinda disappointed this isn't another thread about Risk. :/
  9. Also, you wanna make sure you're in an area that doesn't flood easily. (LOL! Good luck finding that!) Seriously though, take a look at social media to see streets that flooded this past weekend. Oh, and don't forget your driveway needs to be elevated and not just the house. My friends in Lakeview got three inches in their house in the back room, and the neighbors' cars parked on the street out front got flooded. However, their driveway was elevated enough so that their cars were okay.
  10. I see what you did there, but it's still important for her to be a role model. How're we supposed to convince the children of Westeros to wear helmets on bicycles when she won't even wear one while riding a flying dragon? Shame!
  11. Dany is trying, real hard, to be the shepherd, y'all. Seriously, anyone confused or questioning Dany need only watch this scene from Pulp Fiction. Dany is Jules. Westeros is Ringo. Also, ya girl might wanna get some battle armor for the next time she rides into battle on a dragon. Just sayin'.
  12. It would seem so, but Littlefinger has been full of surprises throughout the entire series. I hope that there's some big Baelish scheme cooking in the background he'll unleash this season. My guess is his big plan is to let Dany & Cersei fight at each other then swoop in with the forces of Winterfell (through Sansa and possible marriage) and the Vale to battle the last queen standing to take the Iron Throne. However, I think it's being telegraphed fairly clearly with the dagger and Arya's death stare that his days at Winterfell are numbered.
  13. Spot on analysis there in bold. I agree Pitt did a decent performance. Do you know the reporter who wrote the book this is based on died in a car "accident" at the age of 33? Conspiracy theorists think it was the general's retaliation for getting him essentially fired after the RS article was published. Google it. There is some interesting evidence out there to support the assassination theory.
  14. Er.Mah.Gerd. That's straight up outta some fan-fic...and I love it!
  15. RE first pic of Brolin as Cable: Not bad. They got a lot of what I recall as "Classic" Cable's look in there. The look of the techno virus n his left neck look s straight out of the comics. The gun is big but he needs more of them and at least one comically oversized gun strapped to his back in one scene for me to have a complete geekgasm. Oh, and shoulder pads at some point.