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  1. Dang, looks like I'm going to have to add S1 & S2 of Gomorrah to my ever growing queue of shows to watch. Should I bother with the film first or can I just get right into S1E1? Right now I'm four episodes deep into GLOW, and if it keeps up this level of quality until the end of the season it'll likely crack my top 10. Fargo S3 & Last Kingdom S2 are next on my watch list.
  2. Dreamland was a great season, the best since Vice, and one that's great to binge. According to creator Adam Reed there are two more eight episode seasons in the works, which would end the series at ten seasons. Hopefully they do another "theme" season like this one. I enjoy seeing all these characters in a fully realized "What If?" season.
  3. I kinda hope it's George. Or Martin. Because why not.
  4. Chicken katsu bahn mi with a side of Cajun crack fries and mint chocolate chip ice cream from Cold Stone for dessert. Cheat day done proper!
  5. Henry Winkler to do mocap for new droid, F0N-Z.
  6. Ok, I saw at least two people mentioned Preston Jacobs' breakdowns, so I went to youtube to check out the first trailer breakdown. Um, I'll just say his type of analysis isn't my cuppa tea. I'll stick to New Rockstars. (I hope Filup Molina comes back for the S7 breakdowns though. Loved his stuff last season.) Anyway, I was thoroughly hyped by the second S7 trailer. HBO Go even put up a bunch of White Walker/North of the Wall clips and I watched them all, so hyped was I by this new trailer. Looking forward to seeing how this seven episode season plays out. Sidenote, I wonder if each episode will have a name of one of the seven new gods?
  7. Yes, they had me at LEGO. My gf at the time also took some convincing to see it, but once she did she saw the light. Had "Everything Is Awesome" stuck in her head for weeks. Repent and rent the film, ye sinner!
  8. You had me until Dash Rendar. smh Why the hell not? Were you traumatized by LEGO as a child? If not then see this movie. It's one of the best films of the last decade. No...just no.
  9. Dude, this is a message board. Taking stuff like this seriously is literally the reason for this site's existence. Stan is the Godfather of Marvel, much respek, but why would you take his word on it? He don't know jack about this stuff. Stan just shows up to set like a rockstar, puts on the wardrobe they give him, says his one or two lines, says his goodbyes, and then hops back in his limo to his mansion full of supermodels. At least that's the way I picture it...and I'm running with it until Stan says otherwise.
  10. Alan Moore live tweeting during S1E1 of Watchmen on HBO would be a sure sign of the apocalypse. But worth it.
  11. I'm with you here. The more I think about this latest season of AoS, the more I like it. I'm putting together my third list update now, and I gotta say, I think AoS S4 is going above Better Caul Saul S3. I know that's crazy for some people since BCS is so critically acclaimed, but overall I enjoyed the characters & stories of AoS S4 more. Plus that final arc with the Matrix Framework really pushed things to a new level for the show. The Framework stuff alone puts this season as some of the best TV Marvel has done yet.
  12. *sniff*sniff* Anyone else smell a dumpster fire?
  13. Stan Lee is Snoke, who is also Rey's father!
  14. Yeah, I think we'll see BCS go to S5 unless the ratings get truly abysmal in S4. In show continuity they're in 2003 at the end of S3. Jimmy still has another 5+yrs before becoming the "Saul" Walter White calls in S2 of Breaking Bad. As for Chuck's kicking of the lantern, I think it was definitely intentional. Chuck would rather die than accept the truth about who he is and how it's really his own fault that he ended up where he did--literally alone surrounded by the destruction he wrought. The only person who will have anything to do with Chuck is Jimmy, the little brother he used to read books to by the light of the same lantern he kicks over to kill himself with. And Chuck probably realizes he hates himself as much as he hates Jimmy, so that's likely a big part of why he kills himself.
  15. I'd say the S3 finale was pretty on par with the season as a whole. Best scene for me was Jimmy saying goodbye to that wall he painted. (I'm guessing the "better wall" line was a reference to the one in his office in Breaking Bad.) But the WM wall represented Jimmy's dream, a dream he worked very hard to see happen and it's gone. Thanks, Chuck! Okay, it's not entirely Chuck's fault--but it's a goodly portion that rests on his shoulders. Chuck is conceited, envious, judgemental, and spiteful. I never liked him more than when I saw him kicking that lantern over. I liked how they finally started showing some affection between Kim and Jimmy this season. I still think their physical affection on the show is rather understated considering how much Jimmy loves Kim though. Several times on Talking Saul it was mentioned how Jimmy's world would crumble without Kim and how it was the accident with Kim that made Jimmy decide to postpone his Sandpiper settlement payday in exchange for making things right with poor Irene. (What a great job that actress did. Seeing that sad face of hers when Jimmy walked into the chair yoga class almost broke my heart.) But I'm just not seeing that love on screen. Hopefully there's more of that in S4.