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  1. Ditto. When I saw Tara wash up on some beach in last week's upcoming episode preview I was surprised to see her. With all that has been going on since S6E16 I genuinely forgot about her. Curious to find out what she's been up to.
  2. Tarsem Singh's Emerald City (NBC) - not in Kansas anymore!

    This looks a lot more interesting than I expected. I'll show up to check out the first episode for sure.
  3. S7E5 - "Go Getters" aka "Skater's Paradise" *This episode also could've been titled--The Wrath of Rhee. I dig this girl power thing going on with Mags, Enid, and Sasha. *Huzzah for more Steven Ogg, aka Lil' Negan. *Gregory is such a douchebag. *I like how they're going to go there with the Carl infiltrating the Savior's base arc from the comics. Adding Jesus to the mix makes Carl's survival more plausible and gives a twist for comic fans--something this show excels at. Looking forward to those Negan and Carl scenes from the comic showing up. Especially now knowing some of Negan's backstory in the comics , it gives a new dimension to how Negan relates to teens. (Not in that way, you pervs!) The ratings drop isn't surprising, and although S7E5 was the lowest rated episode since S3, this EW article explains ratings are down across the board for all shows in the USA--even our beloved NFL is seeing a ratings dive. I'd imagine TWD was hit harder because most Americans want an escape to a happier, non-dystopian world in their TV viewing after the election.TWD is bordering too close to reality for roughly 64 million Americans at the moment. As for me, I'm loving this season. It's pretty damn interesting seeing these four different communities existing in the same TV world. I can see how this would be a turn-off for some viewers like @Free Northman Reborn --our main characters spread out yet again over four different areas, and possibly this is contributing to the ratings decline, too. However, I'm loving it. Four realms to keep up with ain't shit to any GoT fan.
  4. South Park: Member Season 20? [SPOILERS]

    Too soon. I finally got to see S20E7 and it was brilliant. The whole Clinton/Cosby Gentleman's Club routine is some of the most brilliant satire I've ever seen. And the "pressing pickle" line killed me. Fight the power, Butters!
  5. Well, that's four for four with the one location/storyline per episode. Maybe episode five will break the pattern, but it looks like we'll just see Maggie and the Hilltop next episode. As for episode four--it was a tough one to see Rick beaten like that. I'm not calling him "broken" like the producers of the show do in all the interviews because we know in the comics he comes back in a big way. I like how Michonne and Rosita are being poised in this episode as the ones who will likely break the subservience to Negan & the Saviors and spur Rick to revolt against Negan. I don't see them convincing Rick to rebel until mid-season at the earliest though. My guess would be All Out War won't happen until next season. They really seem to be following the comics much more closely since Gimple became showrunner, so I'm guessing these first 8 episodes will be vol 18 of the comic, "What Comes After." Then the back 8 episodes of S7 will be vol. 19, "March to War." And S8 will be "All Out War Pts 1 & 2." Of course we've got Carol playing the Michonne role with Ezekiel and Michonne playing Andrea's role in the TV show along with Daryl and Sash thrown into the mix, so there will be deviations form the comics as there always have been, but I think the major beats will still follow closely to the four volumes of the comic.
  6. Yeah, the moment he said, "What door?" I knew for 100% he was a host. It was definitely a big giveaway. Kudos to those who called it like after episode two though. I'm guessing that's a host copy of the woman Bernard killed being made down there, no? I wonder why Ford chose to kill her and not the board member? This is one fantastic, creepy ass performance Hopkins is giving. I just hope we get some sort of payoff with his new narrative this season. I still think Hopkins is underestimating this board and how badly they want him gone. Plus that whole speech about control that he gave was basically something a Bond villain would spout. So I feel like his arrogance and overconfidence in how much he is in control of the park and hosts will be his downfall. I see him dying by season's end. I thought for sure it'd be Maeve that killed Ford, but now I wonder if Bernard may end up doing it.
  7. Watch, Watched, Watching: The San Diego Sneak Preview Version

    I just watched Dana Carvey's Netflix comedy special Straight White Male, 60, and it was disappointing. Very much so. He had a lot of very hackey jokes and bits. And he didn't let the special end without very weak callbacks to his two most famous SNL characters--Garth & the Church Lady. I say weak because I've heard him tell both stories before. I can't recommend this one at all, unfortunately. :/ Also watched on Netflix The IT Crowd Manual mini-doc on the series. Maybe it would've been more interesting if I'd known who any of the non-cast talking heads were. But I'm not British, so I didn't. Best part was the set tour. Worth a watch for die-hards of the series.
  8. @polishgeniusWell done with that link! I have to remember to check back at EW each week. That website was a must read for me after pretty much every episode of LOST back in the day. That interview also answered my questions about the connection to he previous Westworld incarnations and the one about Maeve having control over the butcher boys. Apparently next episode will shed light on that.
  9. US Elections: If you experience a painful election...

    Yeah, I made sure to clarify that as much as possible in my response to mormont. Something tells me though it won't make much difference because... Yes, but chromosome anomalies in people like Klinefelter's syndrome are very rare. And that's not what we're really talking about here anyway, is it? And even if it is in your POV, then it's all about democracy and majority rule, and the majority of human beings are either XX or XY. Can that at least be agreed upon?
  10. US Elections: If you experience a painful election...

    I'd concede that the "dawn of time" bit as slightly hyperbolic if you've got some links to scientific anthropological studies that show "many, many cultures" that believed a person born with XY chromosomes and not XX chromosomes really was a "fluke" and should have never been born with that Y chromosome based solely on how the person felt they identified as more "feminine" (whatever that is) as opposed to more "masculine" (whatever that is) or vice versa. But you conveniently neglected the statement that preceded it--the one about Western civilization. If you genuinely believe someone is a bigot in America in 2016 based on the single fact they adhere to beliefs about basic concepts of gender that span centuries of collected cultures then that's the sad thing. I'm not saying those beliefs are right, but they're steadfast and proven over time and cultures. It's how we do things in Western cultures--especially in America. For a very few remaining things there is separation of XX & XY (I'm loathe to use gender or male/female as those words have been appropriated and convoluted.) For various reasons we've come to acknowledge and accept as a society it's okay segregate XX & XY for things such as certain athletic teams and sports, degrees of public nudity (controversial), and restrooms (very recently controversial). That's about it, right? It's been a long day, so I'm probably missing a thing or two there, but I think I got the major three, no? And it really isn't the same as race when it comes to things like XX vs XY. And the whole rape thing is a thing and it's legit. It's an XX thing and not a race thing. So all those XYs out there that don't want an XX to legally roll up on them legally in a small, secluded space while in a state of extreme vulnerability are justified to say the least in voicing concern. Calling them bigotted for that is ignorant and hypocritical. Again, if you really want change it's a conversation, a dialogue--not an ultimatum--that needs to happen.
  11. Your opinion or did you read an interview/article somewhere you can link to?
  12. This episode really had some great plot reveals. I love how it blended those reveals with a deepening mystery. Maeve's control over the butchers is a bit of a stretch, but Thandie Newton nude is a win no matter what. I'm now pretty sure Ford will end up dead by season's end. I'm curious to see if there's a "host" Ford out there that somehow has Arnold's intelligence and will take over as a doppelganger for Ford if/when he's killed. Also, I just found out there was a brief TV series called Beyond Westworld that aired only three episodes in 1980. According to Wikipedia it was about a scientist named Quinn trying to use hosts to take over the world. Apparently hosts were integrated into society and the show involved a WW security guard finding them and capturing them. I wonder if this is in HBO show cannon or if it will come up in future episodes. I feel like this could be something Arnold is either trying to stop or secretly set in motion. Oh, and did anyone notice an extremely WW film Yule Brenner looking figure in the shadows of the Gen 1 basement where Bernard went to retrieve the data about the rogue host? Is the film somehow in the HBO show's canon!?!?
  13. US Elections: If you experience a painful election...

    (A) Oh God, I so hope he's overlooked. He's just struck me as such a sleazeball politician from Day One. The only thing better than him not getting a cabinet position will be him getting a position and then having to resign it because he's convicted in a "Bridge Gate" trial. (B) Yeah, that kind of one-sided, myopic view of people is just the kind of liberal hypocrisy that helped get Trump elected. Since the dawn of time if you were born with a cock you=man and if you were born with a vagina you=woman. And in the past decade or so a growing number of people, who are still in a minority, started to think differently about gender. So now everyone who's having trouble completely adhering to a minority viewpoint which has been around comparatively for a VERY short time in the history of Western civilization much less recorded time, are now automatically labeled as bigots. Geez, and ultra liberal and SJW types wonder where Trump's support came from? Damn, talk about a cause in need of lessons in self awareness. A mom* not wanting her daughter to go into a public restroom with a grown adult who has a penis does not make that mom a bigot. It makes her a scared and concerned mother. It's not the same as racial discrimination at all. It's a fear of rape thing, not a racist, bigoted thing. Try meeting that mom on that level and maybe you'll actually make some progress in transgender rights. Call her a "Redneck!" or "Bigot!" and you get an eight year Trump presidency. *Disclaimer: the same goes for a dad. I'm not trying to show gender bias-- just using one gender for sake of brevity to illustrate a point. /disclaimer
  14. US Elections: If you experience a painful election...

    I feel like people on this forum and GRRM/GoT fans in general will be better equipped to handle the next four years in America, aka Trumperos. Even Joeffery got what he deserved in the end, so there is hope...
  15. To Hell With you 2016!!!

    That's perhaps the cruelest, most sadistic "would you" scenario I've ever heard, you sick bastard!