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  1. [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    9/10 I have not read book 5 yet so Jon's death(?) was an absolute shock to me. Fucking Olly, man. Also everything with Arya and Stannis was cray. Total cray.
  2. Jurassic World- Spoiler Thread

    This was magnificent. I was more entertained scrolling through those pics than I was by the entirety of Tea Leoni's performance in JP3.
  3. [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    I'm curious, could people not rating this a 10/10 list an episode from the series which would rank 10/10 for them?
  4. [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    11/10 Yes! This person knows what time it is. The last twenty minutes...I am still processing it. I was watching it on HBO GO and had to pause it twice just because there was so much going on and I needed time to absorb it. I really thought Jon was gone there for a second, like legitimately then the shattering into a bajillion ice crystals.
  5. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    Whoa. I've been asleep on this one as this is the first I'm seeing it. Now I can't wait for next week. Looks fantastic.
  6. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens ( Thread C-3PO )

    If Serkis isn't playing a blaster wielding chimpanzee riding atop a charging tauntaun in this film I will be sorely disappointed. Sorely.
  7. Halt & Catch Fire - new AMC show

    I found S1 was a bit sluggish at times, but I enjoyed it overall. Great cast and I love the setting. I'm curious to see where this all goes in S2.
  8. Agent Carter

    I liked the first season and I'm looking forward to Agent Carter in L.A. If they do go with an L.A. Confidential vibe for this next season I wouldn't wag my finger at that either. Hopefully Ant-Man will be a hit and S2 of Agent Carter will show us a young Hank Pym or even Janet Van Dyne.
  9. Vikings VII: We'll always have Paris [SPOILERS]

    I agree that this series has steadily improved over the years. Season three and the Paris raid was some of the best TV I've seen this side of GOT. Yeah, from an audience member's perspective I agree the "death" of Ragnar schtick was obvious but it still made for a great scene when he burst out of that coffin in the church. However, from Ragnar's perspective, it did make sense Ragnar would keep those closest to him in the dark in hopes they would confess something to him while he was in his coffin. I also agree those coffin scenes were fairly redundant in terms of character insights but they were overall well written monologues, especially Floki's.
  10. The Walking Dead S5 Finale and Season 6 [Comic Spoilers]

    They sure packed a whole lot of meh into 90 minutes. Chris Hardwick spouted out gleefully this was one of the best season finales of the series on Talking Dead, and just to confirm he was indeed a jabbering moronic sellout, I re-watched the four other season finales on Netflix and S5 was by far (By far, I say!) the worst season finale thus far. Okay, I lied. I already knew Chris Hardwick was a jabbering moronic sellout. I just re-watched the four other season finales for my own enjoyment. S1 and the CDC stuff holds up a lot better than I remember it. I also watched S1E1 and "Clear" from S3 again because Morgan.
  11. (Spoilers) Vikings Season 3 discussion thread

    This season is shaping up to be pretty damn great. I wonder how they're going to keep up the religious conflict theme with Aethelstan now gone? I was getting tired of fanatic Floki though, so if the show eases up on the religious turmoil I'm okay with that. I also liked how they showed the Christian rituals and punishments of the time are just as barbaric as the Danes/Vikings. And I couldn't tell if Ecbert was "acting" or sincere when he heard it was Aethelstan's kid. And I did have to double check online to make sure Ecbert's grandson was indeed that Alfred. And yup, apparently he is Alfred the Great.
  12. Hobbit Movie discussion II - Here be Spoilers

    I have seen all three Hobbit movies in 3-D in theaters and I must say the third film was not worth the price of a theater ticket much less the inflated 3D prices. I liked the first film enough, I really enjoyed the second film in 3D, and thought this third was just as unnecessary as most people had feared it would be. A group of five of us saw it on Sunday and none were impressed. This film did not live up to the cliffhanger left in the second movie. Also, was anyone else laughing at unintentionally funny moments? Most of the dialogue, the whole Thorin's goldfever breaking scene, & Super Mario Legolas fighting Bowser Orc on the crumbling bridge all made us do some legit loling.
  13. Fargo- the TV series

    Malvo's diner scene with the bloody steak could be done with Darth Swanson eating all the eggs and bacon.
  14. Suicide Squad -- A David Ayer Film

    I dropped off the New 52 Suicide Squad comic early on in the series, but this cast has me excited. Jared Leto as the Joker is an inspired choice. I'm very curious to see what this movie turns out to be like.
  15. Fargo- the TV series

    Brilliant! He should play a villain. I'd like to see what Ron Swanson would be like if he gave in fully to the dark side.