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  1. Of course! That's an even better comparison.
  2. Agreed, but how is NOT killing Alfie playing by those rules? Bad people betray and do fucked up shit. Tommy should be no different and have pulled the trigger.
  3. In my mind this is what I'm gonna do, too. But in my my heart I know I'm gonna watch it five times in a row as soon as it hits the web.
  4. Was anyone else thinking to themselves in the theater during the love scene with K, Joi, & the replicant prostitute that they've seen this exact scenario in another film recently? It was driving me crazy and when I got home I finally googled a bit and found I was right. Spike Jonze did something similar with Portia Doubleday & Joaquin Phoenix in HER. I should've thought of it earlier because a lot of Joi and K mirrored the relationship in HER. But there wasn't a lot of new ground plot wise or thematically in Blade Runner 2049 to begin with. The Battlestar Galactica reboot gave us four seasons exploring AI, sentience, and what it means to be "human." West World also had a great season with the same concepts. But despite not breaking any thematic new ground, I really enjoyed BR2049. It's sum is greater than it's parts, and it was much more enjoyable than I expected it to be. I saw it in IMAX and will probably see it again in 3D before it leaves theater. I agree with all of those bullet points except for the third one. I think the autoimmune disease is a cover to keep her protected from humans like Madame and Wallace. I also agree the CGI in this was amazing, especially Sean Young's Rachel. But is BR2049 really noir? I don't think so. At least not in the same way the original was. I thought the end of the film was all about emotion. I agree it was a kind of weak ending seeing as it was obviously leaving things open for a sequel. And I probably would've like the last shot to have been of K or Deckard's daughter. But I guess if you look at both Blade Runner films as Deckard's story then that last shot works.
  5. Yeah, the attempt to put rom-com tropes on its ear is easy to see, but it's not successful. There's just two terrible people at the end of this film who really didn't change at all. As for the article itself, yikes, there's just so much contradiction going on in that piece that I don't know where to even start. If it was a film worthy of debate then I might try, but it isn't, so I'll pass.
  6. Just saw Colossal, which has a very interesting premise, a great cast, and one clusterfuck of a narrative. Seriously, just a rambling pile of garbage where motive and theme don't matter. If anyone else saw this, can you tell me what arc is there for any character in this film? Exactly! Of course the Lucas & Spielberg friendship is the stuff of legend, but I didn't know Coppola, DePalma, & Scorsese went to school with them, too. It's amazing they all were classmates at one point and remained friends after each of them got so wildly successful.
  7. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the person with the Tom Hardy avatar might be a tad biased. We'll just have to agree to disagree on Tommy not pulling the trigger. Regardless, still looking fwd to S4.
  8. Battle of the Sexes was disappointingly formulaic and "on the nose." Stone and Carell are great performers and Bill Pullman does a great job at basically embodying male sexism, but I cannot really recommend seeing it in a theater. My gf and I only kept ourselves entertained by MST3K-ing it throughout in a theater that was empty except for us. Saw HBO's documentary on Steven Spielberg tonight and it was great. It was over an hour into it before they even mention Indiana Jones and I didn't even notice. Highly recommended for any film buff or cinephile. He foisted me! Not the best CYE ever, but still pretty, prettyyyyy, pretty good. I never got around to finishing S1 of Vice Principals, I need to do that and jump on S2.
  9. Agreed about the trailer being too spoilery. Don't agree about... Other than the premise, I remember little from reading the book back when it was first published in paperback ages ago. But the trailer looked interesting enough, so I added it to my Netflix queue. King really is experiencing a resurgence. I know there's a show called Castle Rock based on his characters coming out on Hulu in 2018 I believe.
  10. I like the new S4 trailer. Did not like that brief look of Polly walking to the gallows. Maybe it was from a nightmare sequence? Adrien Brody as another mobster? He's not my favorite actor, but he could be interesting. Still think Tommy should've killed Alfie at the end of S3, and the only reason his character is still alive is because he's played by Tom Hardy. Plot armor is thick when you're a major movie star on a show like this.
  11. Oh shit, McDonald's is milking the "Mulan Sauce" marketing to their advantage and bringing it back for ONE DAY only on Saturday, Oct. 7. Genius. I've not actually stepped foot inside a McDonald's in ages, and these marketing a-holes figured out a way to actually make me fucking queue to get inside one. Well played, Madmen. Well played. Fair enough, it wasn't just Rick & Sum-Sum on that particular adventure, but that was totally Summer's episode.
  12. S3E2, "Rickmancing the Stone" Howboudat?
  13. Yeah, I saw this on Friday and that was pretty much my exact sentiment. I don't think I'm going to even give this a try with a second episode, and I'm a guy who saw Iron Fist s1 though to the end. Speaking of which... It's no coincidence you see similarities in these two series--both share the same showrunner/creator in Scott Buck. Hopefully Marvel sees the error in their ways and gets rid of this hack. Let's just hope Punisher S1 can get the Marvel TV train back on track. Steve Lightfoot, who I believe ran S1 of Hannibal, is in charge. That coupled with the power of the "One" trailer has me very optimistic.
  14. There are three films I've seen since my last post: Lost City of Z (Amazon Prime) - Um, a bit disappointed in this one given the praise it's gotten in this thread. It was slow paced and the dialogue was a bit cringy in places. The Robert Pattinson character felt underwritten, as of course were Percy's two youngest kids. However, I felt like it did a pretty good job of showing motivation for the three main characters. Tom "Spider-Man" Holland as Percy's elder son was a wonderful surprise, and he was maybe my favorite thing about the third act. It was shot beautifully, and I like the ambiguous ending given that the real explorers did mysteriously disappear. Overall, grade of B-. Jerry Before Seinfeld (Netflix) - Jerry basically does an autobiographical stand-up special with a few filmed cut-aways. I applaud him for trying something different with the format of a traditional comedy stand-up routine special. However, it didn't keep my interest even though it's only about an hour long. It took me three viewings to get through. I'd say this is more for hardcore Seinfeld fans and not just for someone looking to see a full comedy routine like with a Louis C.K. or Chapelle special. Grade of C+. Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two (Netflix) - In the hands of a slightly better director this could've been one of the all time great music documentaries. (For an example of perfection in this genre see HBO's The Defiant Ones). I'd call myself a casual fan of Lady Gaga, I own her first album and her latest, Joanne, which this doc focuses on. The weakness in this doc lies in the feeble narrative structure and the anti-climactic ending of Gaga's Superbowl 51 performance. Gaga is a savvy self promoter, and this doc is no exception. She's shown being vulnerable, but only to a degree. Gaga ironically talks to her "fashion team" about how she wants to tone down the glam for her next promo tour whilst being topless. (Get it?) She talks a lot about her ex-fiancee and the emotional pain of that break up, but never once is the man she's currently dating shown or mentioned. She mentions Madonna's beef with her twice, but not once is the Perez Hilton feud discussed. She is clearly someone suffering from a level of anxiety and stress that would benefit from therapy, but not once is anxiety or mental health treatment ever mentioned in the doc. (However, a place people can go to seek help & info for "anxiety" is mentioned in the credits.) So this doc is a curated vulnerability and not as "raw" a look at her life as it would lead you to believe. The best and most emotionally authentic scene in this doc comes around the 34 minute mark when Gaga and her father visit her grandmother and play her the album's finished mix of the title track, "Joanne." If you don't know the story behind Joanne, I won't spoil it for you. I suggest you watch the doc to find out, as it is a truly emotional story and my favorite part of the whole doc. Overall grade: B+.
  15. Damnit, it's on episode three already? I keep forgetting this is on. Skimmed the posts so far trying to avoid spoilers, but it seems like the general consensus thus far is it's got potential. Looking forward to getting on board with this show in the near future.