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  1. S2E09 This episode was just outstanding. None of my previous critiques on the writing or pace apply here. Everything on point. Also, I see where this is going for Hogarth. It won't be pretty. S2E10 Twelve minutes in: Wow. That's impressive. Malcolm may be my new new hero. Twenty minutes later: Nvrmnd.
  2. Like you and @HelenaExMachinaI have very fond memories of TRU. I loved going to Toys R Us as a kid and bringing my kids there years later. K&B Toys was a smaller version, but they went under a while ago, too. They were often overpriced compared to Wal-Mart, but there's still something completely awesome about a giant store dedicated solely to toys and kids. It made you feel special going there as a kid because you knew it was just for you. A lot of blame is being put Amazon and the convenience of online retail competition, and rightly so. And the handling of the debt by the company is also to blame. But I think, in part, the parents are to blame, too. Shopping for kids is too often "just another hassle." These parents have forgotten the truly magical experience of being a child and spending time with their parents or grandparents in a physical place literally filled with endless possibilities for play and imagination. Even if you only came out of the store with a $5 toy, the time spent there with people who cared enough about you to spend time with you there was priceless, It's not just a retail chain of stores that's closing because for a lot of Americans it's an entire cultural experience that's going away.
  3. I just finished S2E8 and I'm definitely more mixed on this season thus far than I was on S1. For my money, JJ S1 was one of if not the best overall seasons of TV Marvel has put out. Tennant's Purple Man & introducing Luke Cage had a lot to do with that, but I felt the overall arc and flow of S1 was more on point. To be reductive in my critique of the writing, S1 had a few "filler episodes" but S2 feels like it's got more filler "per episode." On the plus side for S2: I like the lead actress's performance a lot more. Ritter's Jones was hit or miss for me in S1, but in S2 she's really reaching a more honest, layered performance for me. And even though I don't really find the growing supporting cast of characters as interesting, the acting is so solid it's saving some writing and pacing issues I'm having with the episodes thus far. Even Hispanic David Mack, which is written thus far just about as cliched as you can get, is coming across as tolerable thanks to the performance. Trish and Malcolm (associate status unlocked!) are having a really interesting season thus far. Hopefully that doesn't go south in the last five episodes. Some spoilery comments on S2E1-8: * Kudos to the writers for making IGH a much more layered "villain" thus far & not just another "evil corporation of mad scientists." Malus & Hansen were trying to do legitimate good. Koslov took the science and applied it to the military, but even he didn't seem to be malicious in his intents with the tech. *RIP Whizzer. Gone too soon! *Kudos for S2 continuing the theme of addiction and relapse from S1 (technically more obsession in S1, but that's mostly semantics) with Trish & Malcolm. I'm liking how their stories are intersecting as of S2E8. I always thought Trish had a selfish side to her, but it never made me actually dislike her until that moment she pushed the inhaler drug on Malcolm. And of course he caved because he's in love/lust with her, in pain, and an addict. It was a very well done scene. *I'm not hating the Hogarth/IGH nurse plotline, but it's just not the characters I sat down wanting to see so much time spent with. I wish I had Claire or Luke or even moar Foggy. *So, maybe I'm being overly nit-picky here. But the plot twist of the female protagonist's villain turning out to be her mother who was thought dead but ended being a murderous assassin that the protagonist is conflicted in reconciling with is STRAIGHT UP lifted from the show ALIAS. I mean, considering the original comic book the show is based off of was named ALIAS, I gotta call shenanigans. *I love the mention of Cap & The Raft, but why no DEFENDERS talk thus far? I'm still not through with S2, so maybe it does get mentioned later, or maybe it's revealed JJS2 takes place prior to DEFENDERS. I'm not calling this a criticism yet unless the whole fighting an army of ninjas thing isn't addressed at all. No way someone like Jessica would go through the DEFENDERS and not at the very least bring it up as a sarcastic comment.
  4. Glad to hear that about BR2049. I saw it in IMAX3D in the theater and absolutely loved the look of it. Roger Deakins deserved that Oscar so hard for this film. It wasn't just a "gimme" for his past work. Z for Zachariah was just okay in my book. The cast is great, but the story didn't really live up to its potential. It was meh.
  5. S8E10: Damnit. I actually like Jadis now. Oh Simon, you're so fucked. I'm beginning to think they might kill Negan in the show. Or at least they're trying to make us think it's possible. I hope they don't; the comic gave him such a great story post-AOW. The S8 mid-season premiere (S8E9) was the highest rated show on TV for that night. Its closest competition was Talking Dead. TWD is still a hit show. Is S8 as good as past seasons? Nah, not in most people's opinion. But ratings in general are down for TV & Cable. The Internet has changed that permanently. To compare TDW's ratings to 8 years ago is like not adjusting for inflation when talking about box office receipts for films--it's an inaccurate portrayal of the facts.
  6. Anyone catch up with the latest episode, "Comforts of Home"? I found the main story to be rather...disarming. Eh, the MCU & Agents of SHIELD definitely still dwell in the same universe, and if Infinity War is as epic as it's promised to be then the impact should be significant on AoS, just like Winter Soldier was.
  7. I binged S1 on HULU this week and found it surprisingly funny and dramatic. I didn't expect such a whimsical and irreverent tone to the show's humor. ("Montague" episode and "Tha Club" episode with the invisible car are good examples of what I'm talking about) Looking forward to S2.
  8. Caught up with S4 now and these last four episodes have been quite the doozies. WTF up with this time traveling Jedi temple? Ahsoka returning was what I immediately thought of when I heard them mention "doorways through time" because "AHSOKA LIVES!" But for how long? And Bridger, too? All the Jedi save for Obi-wan and Yoda should be dead in the timeline by ANH, right?
  9. I addressed that in the second part of the post you quoted, which you deleted in your response. Anyway, BP<Thor. 'Nuff said.
  10. That was glorious! Thanks for sharing.
  11. I almost put Dr. Strange on my Top 10 list instead of GotGv2. The ending of Dr. Strange is indeed great and arguably makes Stephen Strange the greatest hero in the MCU. However, the film as a whole felt rushed. It needed a bit more: a bit more background on the villain, a bit more training for Strange, a bit more of the Ancient One & other masters. Istill enjoyed the heck outta it. Thor 2, however, I found myself actively bored. It has some great scenes, but it's probably tied with Iron Man 2 as my least favorite MCU film.
  12. First, kudos for appreciating the first Thor film. Second, you probably liked BP so much because the basis for much of its plot is derivative of Thor. I'm 100% sure BP is not a better film in no small part because its plot lacks originality. Not that Thor was overly original, but we're discussing in terms of the MCU here and not in cinema in general, and in terms of MCU films Thor broke a lot of ground.
  13. I heretofore genuinely, honestly, & seriously list 10 films of the MCU that I find superior to Black Panther : Avengers, Cap1-3, GotG v1-2, Thor, Thor Ragnarok, Wonder Woman*, Iron Man, and Spider-Man Homecoming. *Just seeing if you're paying attention.
  14. Totally agree with @Bastard of Boston that despite being in only two scenes Sterling K, Brown might've given the best performance of the film. This guy is the real deal. Danai Garira also fucking killed it. Forget Black Widow, get her character a spin-off film NOW! Probably my favorite thing about this film was Wakanda. I wish we could've gotten some more time exploring the place and its people and tribes. That opening scene explaining the history of the nation really made me want a movie totally about the first Black Panther. Or even better, a TV show just called WAKANDA. Maybe if SyFy's KRYPTON is a hit then Marvel will take that into consideration. The way Killmonger went out was weak for me. That entire battle felt anti-climactic compared to their earlier waterfall battle. I also feel like ya guy from Get Out was conveniently overlooked at the end regarding his fate. He betrayed T'challa & the rituals of his people to basically start a mini-civil war. So what was his punishment? And could Okoye really love him after what he did? Seems like a big cheat to not address those issues. Actually, W'Kabi's his death would've been a much more impactful and layered one to the story rather than Killmonger.