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  1. Very well put. I couldn't have said it better myself. The scenes with her at work, running the same routine night in and night out really established her apathy so well. Also, this whole time I was thinking she was calling Shadow "Papi" and not "Puppy." D'oh.
  2. Wow, yet another heart wrenching episode. I agree with the previous sentiments about the performances by Coon and Brenneman being award winning. Laurie really has gone from being hated to likeable over the course of this series. I'm glad we got to see the origin of Laurie's involvement in the Guilty Remnant and how the depression/pain/hopelessness brought on by The Departure really has never left her--such a poetically melancholy bookend to the episode.
  3. Ditto. I also wonder if this is going to intro S.W.O.R.D. and/or Abigail Brand into the MCU.
  4. Damn. Imma miss Law as Lenny. But the same creative team is good news. I'll definitely give it a shot.
  5. What a whacked out episode. I liked it though. Not my favorite of the new season as even though we basically got a "Matt" episode, we still learned very little new about him (other than his cancer seemingly returning). I did learn all about Frasier though. Baby I hear the blues a callin'... Oh, and I also found this article that explains the origin of the "God card." He who once was lost has now been found. Hallelujah! What if god was one of us? Getting mauled like one of us.
  6. Yaass!!! Noooooooooooo!!!!!
  7. Yes, that's right! I do remember hearing the alternative facts line in an episode.
  8. Ditto on the Colbert Report and Jon Stewart era Daily Show love. I pretty much got all my news from only those two shows for years. Sad(?) but true.
  9. All the cancellations and renewals for the networks' 2017-18 line-ups. Sorry to see Powerless, Emerald City, and especially Son of Zorn go. Emerald City was uneven at best but a guilty pleasure. There was a bit of a cliffhanger left there at the end and I would've liked to have seen that resolved. Son of Zorn was completely underrated in my opinion. Hilarious show. New Girl is "on the bubble," (click the article link for that list of shows) but my guess is it's money that's keeping them from closing. At least I hope that's it because I could use at least one more season of that show. Dr. Ken is also canceled. It wasn't my cup o' tea, much more aimed at that TGIF audience of tweeners and parents, but I like Ken Jeong and he was only one of two Asian-American leads on a American network show. It's all on your shoulders again, Fresh Off the Boat. :/
  10. I was never a hater on this show and always found it entertaining enough. I think I discovered it somewhere around S3. Huh, now that I think about it, I'm not sure if I ever watched S1 or S2. It all blends. There was a sweet spot there for a while where I was really into the show, but now it's more background while I multi-task. Rarely do I ever sit down anymore just to watch an episode. I'm only on E9 of the current season. Meh. It is what it is.
  11. Yeah, I click on a lot of those Meyers ACL segments, too. And I clicked on Colbert's actual YouTube channel page and they've got a convenient playlist for each night, so there's even more clips from the reunion show there. Huh, the things you learn when you actually don't just scroll through your feed like a zombie. The segments were all great. Especially dug the opening w/ Trevor Noah. Thanks again for posting this!
  12. Binged the last four episodes and they were great. @RedEyedGhost and @SpaceChampion were right about the finale being exciting. Not a lot of laughs (other than the Shawshank references, which always kill me) but definitely an entertaining episode. I also wonder if this new problem the survivors face will change the group's tolerance of Tandy's use of his signature catchphrase? Boom!
  13. Yeah, Ophelia/Aida quickly went Crazy-Ex-Girlfriend in a horrifyingly spectacular way. And I'm not sure I caught a direct dig at the Trump administration either other than the fact the real bad guy behind the scenes is a guy literally named The Russian.
  14. I totally missed that! I'm subscribed to his channel on youtube but usually I only see his monologues in my feed. (Does anyone still watch the late night shows when they actually air on TV at night anymore?) Anyway, I'm gonna check this out now. Thanks for the alert.
  15. Too true. You got me there. I forgot about those Wall-E credits; they're definitely the reigning champ. GOtGv2 is still pretty damn great though.