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  1. Justice League (2017)

    I've only seen both films once, but I recall being 50x more disappointed in GL as I walked out of the theater. This is likely due to the fact I'm a hardcore ride or die Hal Jordan fanboy from the Super Friends days, so I had much, much higher hopes for the GL film. (I blocked all of that Parallax bidness outta my mind.) As for Green Lanterns showing up in the new DCCU, I really hope we see Hal or some other GL (but mostly Hal) show up near the end of the JL film to help save the day and intro the characters into the DCCU prior to the GL Corps film.
  2. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    Wow. That was...interesting. But in Barry's defense, Thawn technically was the one who changed the timeline by going back and killing Barry's mom in the first place. He was just setting the timeline "right" from where Thawn put it "wrong." You do have point with the imprisonment of metahumans though. That's a big plot whole for this series and something that's always irked me. But it's something the CCPD (or at least Joe) knows about as well as every single other character who knows he's the Flash, so you can't put that moral flaw on Barry--I'd put that flaw on the show's writers.
  3. Damn. I was pissed off I ddin't get to see Negan play Lucille, but it never made me want to quit the series. Its called a cliffhanger and that ain't nothing new. As for Ezekiel and his tiger, I always thought it was a stretch in the comics (Yes, I appreciate the irony of that in a show set in the zombpocalypse.) so I can't wait to see how they pull it off in the TV show. And I'm not too sure I dig the guy playing Ezekiel. He looks like a younger dude in a bad grey wig and beard and not like an older man.
  4. Justice League (2017)

    Hmm. This does not bode well for your recommendation of Stormwatch. I just looked on wikipedia and it seems Ellis did a decent run on the series and a spinoff called the Authority. As for Ellis, I dug most of Transmet, his Extremis run on Iron Man, and unlike my fanboy friends I dug his stuff on Ult. F4 back in the day. Not too impressed with his Karnak spinoff thus far though.
  5. New Star Trek Series on CBS

    I do not approve of the look of the new STD.
  6. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    Wow. I'm liking that trailer and that they are doing some version of Flashpoint, but it looks like Barry still has his speedster powers. Um, how's that possible?
  7. Justice League (2017)

    Isn't Wildstorm now owned by DC? So we could technically see these characters in a DCCU film. It's probably doubtful we will though, but if Deadpool can be the best superhero film of 2016 then anything is possible. (I'm expecting Dr. Strange to be good, but I don't think it'll achieve Deadpool level perfection.)
  8. Justice League (2017)

    Amen to that. Also, he doesn't need to use swords, and if he did he wouldn't use a back scabbard. That is sadly accurate pre-Khal Aquaman. Also hilarious. Yeah, the CW costume is probably my favorite Flash costume. This one is inspired by the hugely popular Injustice video game, which inspired the comic book series. And this armor does look better than the Injustice costume, thank goodness. And the armor technically makes more sense when you think about it. Even a tiny object colliding with Barry at Flash speeds could do a lot of damage.
  9. Wonder Woman -- 100th reply unlocks Invisible Plane photo

    Michonne wears her katana scabbard on her back and she seems to do fine with it. Also, this thread digressed quickly. Now that Robin Wright is in the DCCU, can we get Francis Underwood Kevin Spacey as SInestro who tries to overtake Themescyria and control the Amazons in an elaborate scheme?
  10. Justice League (2017)

    Yeah, this trailer definitely ha s almore fun, lighter tone than BvS. I think WB got the hint after all the Internet smack that got laid on BvS to dial the depressing, heaviness back a notch or two. I just hope Moma can follow Vinny Chase as Aquaman.
  11. Wonder Woman -- 100th reply unlocks Invisible Plane photo

    I dare you to say that to avocado faced Wade Wilson. I double dog dare you.
  12. The whole Squirrel Girl "phenomenon" is lost on me. Other than a fun character for people to cosplay, I just... smh
  13. Wonder Woman -- 100th reply unlocks Invisible Plane photo

    Naw. That was 100% badass!
  14. Also Maggie because her likeness in this SDCC 2016 display is that of someone who is already 3/4 a walker anyway. Damn.Girl looks rough. Dang, October is such a long way off still. Cannot wait for S7E1!