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  1. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    Oh damn, that dance number is what put this show next level for me. If tonight's finale pays off, then LEGION is the show to beat as best of 2017. And as you may have guessed, much like @Martini Sigil, I'm firmly planted in the "I Love Aubrey Plaza" column.
  2. So Ezra and Kanan battle Vader somehow before he gets to the ship at the end of R1? That could be cool. I get the feeling from the interviews in Rebels Recon with the main writers for Rebels that they'd be okay with this show and the Ghost crew continuing on in the timeline parallel with Episode IV and beyond. However, two jedi that Kenobi knows of being around post New Hope doesn't gel. I think we'll see a S5 of Rebels, but I hope the series goes out with a bang like the crew in R1 did and not just fade away or leave things open ended.
  3. I think it'll end with pretty much how the March to War arc ended in the comics--Negan narrowly escaping sniper fire and a stand-off at Alexandria with the Hilltop & Kingdom warriors also there. (Instead of Andrea almost dying like in the comics, I do think Sasha will die though.) Negan and the Saviors retreat back to Savior HQ, and Negan shouts, "We're going to war!" I think they're definitely setting up little nuggets for Negan to be less "horrible villain" and more "misguided leader" like he is currently turning out to be in the comics. I'm seeing JD Morgan's Negan easily being a part of the series for the next two seasons. I think Gimple and Kirkman's goal is to eventually make viewers pissed at themselves for not 100% hating the guy who bashed in Glenn's head, which is kinda where Negan is at in the comic book now. Predictions for next season, S8:
  4. Oh God, if the series finale of Rebels is the Battle of Scarif form the POV of the Ghost crew and they all die in the battle then that could be one of the greatest finales in TV ever. Evar, I say! As for the S3 finale, it was a bit anticlimactic. And a far cry from the epicness of the S2 finale. It was nice to see a larger space battle, Mando space assault, and get confirmation on the Hera/Kannan relationship. (Herannan? Kanera?)
  5. Regarding S7E15 I just have a question for all the women on the board: have you ever managed to successfully harness the heat from your giant, beachball-sized ladynuts? Because we're really looking for alternate fuel sources in the here-and-now, so please do share.
  6. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    I binged the first seven episodes this weekend and wow! I mean, talk about a fucking terrific show. I binged Iron Fist the week prior and LEGION is just the complete opposite in every possible way--and that's such a good thing. Aubrey Plaza and Dan Stevens are phenomenal. As is the whole cast, really. This show is what I've wanted the X-Men to be like in live action since the first Bryan Singer film nearly 20 years ago. I'm so glad Noah Hawley got ahold of the X-Men franchise with this show. In fact, the only real complaint I have is that it's NOT the real X-Men and in a different dimension/reality.
  7. Damn! You're so right! I can't believe I didn't see this earlier--especially with that hat. Good call. If that's how it plays out I want a story credit.
  8. The new Justice League trailer

    I dig the whole vibe of this trailer. It reminds me of a DCEU version of the first Avengers film--and that's a good thing. However, I'm trying to reign in my expectations for this one because DC has delivered a kickass trailer before and left me hanging on the actual film. (I'm looking square at you Suicide Squad.) I also like that there's zero Superman in this trailer. I hope we don't see him until the third act or last scene of the film, really.
  9. The Great British Bake Off 2016

    I'm just jumping in here because I only discovered this show last week on Netflix and I love it. It's a competition show where everyone isn't a raging asshole to everyone else. Baking! Puns! Brilliant! Not sure why Netflix only has 3 seasons though. I need more technical challenges!
  10. Iron Fist [SPOILERS - after page 3]

    I'm almost in agreement with you here. Finn Jones' Rand was hot garbage, but I'm hoping with some better writing the performance will get better, too. And as much as I am pissed for having wasted 12 hours of my life watching S1, I'd honestly forgive it all if S2 was an adaptation of the Brubaker/Fraction run on Immortal Iron Fist. That's literally the only Iron Fist comics I've ever read, and I love it so much. The history of all the other Iron Fists interwoven with this tournament of all the Immortal Weapons from the other cities--it's just a great arc. Even a loose adaptation of that would be great. So, yeah, I'm still holding out hope S2 will get it's shit together. However, I'm like 70% sure I'm going to be pissed at The Defenders because there's no fucking way all these Hand shenanigans could be going on in New York and not have Dr. Strange at least mildly involved. Well, okay, they've been vague enough on the timelines of the Netflix MCU that possibly Strange hasn't become THE Sorcerer Supreme yet. But Defenders should at least have The Ancient One or Wu or some ties to some characters in the Dr. Strange film if this is all supposed to be one cohesive universe. Maybe Stick will turn out to be a follower of The Ancient one. *sigh* Am I the only one pissed these Netflix shows aren't more connected to the greater MCU? I mean, they refer to the Avengers battle with Loki as "The Incident" only once in the entirety of the series. The Meachums never mention Stark Industries once! Why not throw in that thread? The news reporters could've drawn a thread between Danny's actions and those of Tony Stark when he first become Iron Man. Five seasons of Netflix shows and Jessica Jones gave us one stand alone episode that tied the Netflix NYC to the MCU NYC. That's a pretty low average. I'm hoping The Defenders remedies that, but I'm not optimistic.
  11. Kong: Skull Island

    Yeah, that's a very good point about the hollow Earth theory. I'm sure that'll play a key role in the two meeting. I think we'll see older versions of the young Monarch scientists from the coda scene in this next film, which I think everyone is just assuming will be called Kong v Godzilla. And you know they'll have one meh fight in the film then team up to fight skull crawlers or a swarm of Mothras or whatever. Regardless, if they stay on track with this third film the way they did the other two then it'll be awesome.
  12. That is one damned unstable limb! Personally, I think this series is a lock for 10 seasons with Rick, Michonne, Carl, Maggie and Carol. That should bring the TV show up to the Whisper War in the comics. Kirkman obviously would let it go for 20 seasons though. If I'm being honest, I'm not looking forward to S8 and All Out War so much as I am to S9 and seeing if they do the time jump in the show like in the comics. Prisoner Negan and Negan's attempt at redemption, interconnected communities, Rick kicking ass with a cane, Whisperers, Carol on the high seas (you know they're giving her the Michonne storyline from the comics in the show the same way they're switching out the Michonne & Andrea storylines)! That's the shit that gets me excited to see on screen. Saviors v Greater DC Area Community Coalition doesn't sound as much fun to me. Part of me is hoping they'll only do 8 episodes for AOW, but seeing how they stretched out the March to War over an entire season, I don't think that's a realistic expectation. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll give us an episode or two in S8 for Negan's origin like they did the Governor. Agreed, it's a slow pace, but I'm mostly okay with it because these character specific episodes in the back half of S7 have been pretty damn great. I'm talking specifically S7E11-14. I already railed on the hot garbage of S7E9, and the intro of the Heapsters in S7E10 was a mixed bag at best. But they've hit four home runs in a row since then...S7E11 - Eugene drops a pair and finally gets a kickass attitude to match that kickass mullet.S7E12 - Richonne apocalyptic Honeymoon roadtrip! Besides the terrible CGI deer and obvious baiting with Rick's death it was a fantastic episode.S7E13 - Morgan unleashed! We've seen the death of his young, blonde apprentice coming basically from the moment it was shown Ezekial cared for him. But telegraphed plot points aside, watching Morgan's mental and emotional journey this episode was great.S7E14-I've really been wishing death on Rosita this season, but finally going into her back story and seeing her get over her bitchiness towards Sasha felt like a solid bit of character development. Sasha's fate has pretty much been sealed since the actress was cast on the new Star Trek series (which will hopefully finally debut this year), and I'm glad they gave these two their own episode to work shit out.
  13. 'Ghost in the Shell' Live Action(?) Hollywood Edition

    Good point about Linda Hamilton. I'm not mad at Brie Laren as the pick for Capt. Marvel so much as I'm furious that Katee Sackhoff wasn't the pick. Basically anyone other than her is a distant runner-up for the role, IMHO. #NotMyCptDanvers I can see that. I watched it for the first time on DVD back in the 90s after a few anime savvy friends told me about it. I liked it but wasn't blown away by it. Same thing with GITS:SAC. I watched S1 but never got around to S2. I also watched GITS 2: Innocence when it hit DVD in the US, but I found it pretty forgettable. GITS was definitely ahead of its time back when the manga came out, but we've caught up with that in American cinema, so I feel like the live-action movie will probably come off as derivative to most audiences. However, all that being said, I love me some Scar Jo action and the trailers look on point. So I'll definitely see this in the theater and keep my fingers crossed that it's more "whoa" than "meh."
  14. The Leftovers

    Agreed, that opening credits scene is proper melancholy inducing yet the singer is really happy, so it sets the viewer up for the emotional journey of the show quite nicely. Also, I feel like Lindelof picked it specifically to quash the haters from the start. Lindelof Hater: New Lindelof show? Hmm. I'll watch, but will you give us answers this time? #lost # prometheus Opening Credits: No. #LetTheMysteryBe Lindelof Hater: Fair enough. But I'll still complain about it on the Interweb anyway.
  15. Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    Big Little Lies is surprisingly good. I binged the first four episodes. I can't believe wealthy white women whining about their lives and kids is so damn compelling. Well done on David E. Kelly and the director, Vallee.