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  1. one of the worst episodes so far. So many many cahnges.. ITs like they went "fuck it, now were going to do it how we want it to". These changes have so so many implications for the plot that, right now, Im not sure how they will stay faithful to the books. Ive always been a defender of the show and their changes, but what they did in this episode is beyond me.. I just dont know what to say right now.. Why?! Im seriously worried about the show right now.
  2. Hello. First Post :) The RW caught me completly by surprise. Some clues i catched and thought ok, that wont propably end that good (grey wind growling, some freys absent),but i didnt expect what then happened, not at all. Also, i was completely unspoiled, i didnt even know the term "Red Wedding" by the time of reading. Other clues i didnt gave too much of weight: - sloppy band, bad food are things that would suprise me in other high houses, but not necessarily from the lord of the crossing. Its just how i thought house frey would be to some extend. Likely so the bad language of Walder. Alltogether things that didnt concern me much. - Bolton marrying a Frey was something i didnt link to the event at all. i thought it just happened by chance and was unrelated. - the overly sad bride i found strange but i did not give it too much meaning. i thought she is just a very shy thing and very uncomfortable in that moment. - Alcohol and general chaos: Hell, its a wedding, getting drunk and chaotic is the purpose of this :) When the rains of castamere started i got the first feeling of this thing ending very bad. But i did still not expect THAT.. When the shit hit the fan i had mutliple times where i put down the buck and loudly said WTF into the room. At the end of the chapter i was completely shocked and put down the book to smoke a cigarette and rething what the hell just happened. I was still in disbelieve. Then the Arya chapter came and i interpreted the last sentence so that the hound had actualy killed her with that axe, although it made no sense, but still. By then i was physicaly shocked and exhausted. I would not believe it, i sat there telling myself that this wasnt true, it just couldnt be. I imagine a similar feeling must have been when ned and supposedly bran and rickong died but those events i allready knew due to the HBO Series, which brought me too the books. All in all this was surely one of the, if not THE most intense piece of reading ive ever had. It was well written and so gripping. I always have pictures of scenes building up in my imagination, like most people shurely have, but i also startesd hearing rains of castamere in my head (my brain made up a tune of its own) and the threatening boom, doom, boom, doom of the drums, i heard screams and fighting nad it was almost as beeing there. So intense, so good! Well played, mr. martin, well played! Absolutely love this event and ASoS in generell was a superb book, so many great things happening. I started arround 150 pages infront of the RW two days ago and Im currently 135 pages into AFfC (bantam paperback edition) and im absolutely LOVING these books so much, im scarcly doing anything else anymore then reading when im havein free time. Im not a fantasy reader normaly and im somewhat turned off by orks and elfs and whatnot, but these Saga is so wonderful and fantastic, it strucks me in disbelieve that more or less one person alone can create all this. A thing that more then desevers the in our times overly used term epic rightfuly! Please bear with my writing, english is not my native language.